Is Kirby Smart going to the Eagles?

Where is Kirby Smart going this week? It seems that’s the question of the day, most days. It’s almost become comical.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution sport editor got the latest rumor started today with this tweet:

But that’s the problem with Twitter. Instant news is neat-o. But as we reported with the Manti Te’o debacle two days ago, journalism in this country is dead. Instead we live in a world of tainted journalism, playing to a fanbase or agenda in lieu of chasing the truth. Oh, and trying to be the first on the scene to say something so later, if it should happen, you can say you were first on the scene to say it.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution feeds a market largely populated by fans who hate Alabama. Mostly Georgia fans, the most underachieving program in America headed by the most overrated head coach. The problem with the Tweet is it reported BamaOnline247 as saying the same thing. And to the best of our knowledge, and those who responded to the tweet here:

…that just isn’t the case.

Look, Kirby Smart will not stay in Tuscaloosa forever. He will either agree to a deal that comes along that he can’t say no to, or he’ll retire in Tuscaloosa following a long coaching career after he’s named head coach, following Nick Saban’s retirement.

I’ve been wrong before, and maybe Smart sees the NFL as the perfect padding for his resume in his quest to become a head coach. But attempting to direct a legitimate defense opposite that Mickey Mouse offense in the NFL doesn’t seem like the best of career moves.

Either way, the Smart speculation is old and tired. Does anyone believe Smart has taught Nick Saban anything in their time together? Conventional wisdom would indicate it’s the other way around. Sources say Smart will interview, and from a career standpoint, that’s, well, smart.

But if he takes it, part of me will be relieved. The rampant speculation by biased media members to give their hate-filled fanbases Bama-hate fodder for consumption has run its course. And regardless of the decision, Alabama football will be fine, either way.

If it does happen, somewhere in Tallahassee there’s a coach by the name of Pruitt that’ll be kicking himself. But according to my sources and the Eagles themselves, via Ian Rapoport…

…and a current recruit that’s talked to him today

…and Rapoport again…

…neither Jeremy Pruitt’s foot or rump aren’t in any danger of bruising.

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  1. 3
    The Conduit

    He’s already the most famous current DC in college football, and maybe the highest-paid as well, and he’s having plenty of success.

    Is it really that hard for some to believe he would want to stay at the Capstone?

    I agree he’ll leave one day. And when he does none of us will be surprised and almost all of us will be happy for him. I worry still about losing Cochran. But both Cochran and Smart I always wish I got to hear more of. They are never, ever boring, always educational, and some of the most entertaining voices in the program….but we barely get anything from them in the media (and most of the stuff we do get is a result of Alabama’s unprecedented success; I hate to think how much less we’d hear from them if we weren’t doing so well).

    I love Kirby Smart. Roll Tide.

  2. 4
    Michael b

    I am a longtime uga fan. First of all congrats on winning the title. As far as the ajc being a pro uga paper, that is just not true! Most real georgia fans hate the ajc. Carvell is a moron.

  3. 5
    Michael b

    Btw, we also came within 5 yards of winning the national championship! Scared the heck out of Satan and the bama nation.

    • 6
      The Conduit

      It looked to me like Georgia was about 530 miles away from winning the national championship, not five yards. Watch the last two minutes again.

      And just remember this sting won’t hurt forever. By next year the rest of the country will forget all about how close Georgia wasn’t to winning the national title. By five years from now, even Georgia fans will have forgotten about it.

      It will go down in history as one of the best SEC Championship games ever. It needs to just stay there so we can respect it and enjoy it, for fans of both teams.

    • 7

      Yep. As soon as they change the rules making games 60:01, ya’ll will be in business.

      We tend to do it the old fashion way. During regulation. And don’t cry about it when we come up short.

      P.S., Notre Dame would’ve killed Georgia.

  4. 10

    beware good free site…but the board admin – a control freak if u disagree one of the biggest puussy adults i’ve ever run across..other than that decent

  5. 11

    Georgia’s DC has 10 more years pro experience than Kirby. I think they will go with him. Anyway I don’t think even the pro’s want to pay a DC over a million a year. Hope not anyway. RTR!

  6. 12
    Ricky B

    I’m not sure what persecution complex is either, but last time I took a hard hit to the melon I ended up running around in my underwear feeling like ninjas were after me…

  7. 13
    # 1 al. fan

    I to hope Kirby stays with the Tide! If anything, I say give the man a RAISE for crying out loud!! He’s certainly earned it and then some! I think most fans woould agree with me, that he’s one of the best and with all the talent we have coming in he is only going to get better at his job. I think it was ‘Bear’ Bryant that said, and I quote, if you are a sucessful head coach, surround yourself with good assistants,the rest will take care of itself, and Saban has done just that, I think the University can afford raises for all of its assistants ….remember these are just my observations.RTR

  8. 14

    I was right about NFL DC salaries. At least in 2011 the highest paid DC was Wade Phillips of the Houston Texans at $700,000. Kirby makes $1,000,0000 and with bonuses I tgink he pulled in around $1,200,000. Ya’ think he’d take a lateral position for less money where his future is tied to an untried NFL head coach, and give up history for a loser of a team? I’d lose a lor of respect for hic common sense if he does. RTR!

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