REPORT: All NFL teams with openings have inquired, Saban says “No”’s Mike Freeman writes today that NFL franchises have inquired about Nick Saban’s services, but that the answer returned is “no.”

“NFL teams that have been inquiring about Alabama coach Nick Saban in recent days and weeks have been told in no uncertain terms: thanks, but no thanks.

“At least so far. Some franchises with vacancies have sent feelers towards Saban and the Alabama coach regarding his seriousness about returning to the NFL. He has told these inquirers that he isn’t coming back.

“It’s unclear which teams have contacted Alabama. Several league sources say most, if not all of them, have reached out to Saban in some unofficial capacity and Saban or his camp has been extremely clear about his intentions.”

Nick Saban can name his price and Alabama will pay it, though it isn’t and never has been about the money.

It’s about Alabama finally getting something right after twenty-five years in the toilet following Paul “Bear” Bryant’s death. They’ve given the best coach of our time the keys to the kingdom and stayed out of his way.

The result? Continued misery for Alabama haters, and continued hardware for Alabama lovers.

And an LSU fanbase that, after watching last night’s debacle, realizes that the glory days in Baton Rouge were built by Saban…and gone forever.

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    make him athletic director. quick, before mal pick another basketball coach!

    mal moore’s football and basketball hires:

    dennis franchione.

    mark gottfried.

    mike price.

    mike shula.

    anthony grant.

    rich rodriguez.

    nick saban.

    and again, if there’s no coal miner’s daughter wifee, there’s no nick saban.

    we are truly lucky to have him.

  2. 2
    Bob Costas' Toupee

    Have to disagree with some of the comments re LSU. I am a Bama Fan, however Les Miles has done a really good job, he really hasn’t had a good QB at the helm since he has been there and his eccentric/riverboat gambler play calling has cost him key wins, he can get over that tendency, IMO.

    Les arguably is the finest coach to ever guide LSU, Fans, students and Alumni need to leave him alone and let him coach.

  3. 6

    Is it possible that ‘Tooth’ is back under the name of Bob Costos? Miles is the finest coach LSU has ever had??? Bwaa Haww Haww? Ok.

    • 7

      I had to LOL at that stupid schitt too. Miles has done little without Saban’s 20+ contributing seniors in 2007. Saban is 4-2 against him since his 1st year at Bama. Both Clemson and Bama losses were due to Leslie putting his team at a disadvantage with stupid plays and 1st grade level clock management. He’s lost control of his clubhouse each of the last two bowl seasons.

      • 9

        How awesome is it when your team is playing for its 3rd National Championship in 4 years? Oh yeah, Idiot Vol, you wouldn’t know. I really don’t think there is a whole lot that you can say or do to Bama fans to dampen our spirits. Your remarks are akin to a gnat flying around the bug zapper in the summer. (That would be Bama as the bug zapper and you as the gnat, because I know that is hard for you to follow). But congratulations on the awesome coaching hire as your team starts over yet again.

        • 10

          I wasnt aware that tenneRsee still played football. They hired a new coach? Wow good for them, maybe they can post a .500+ season in a couple years. Until then they will have to live vicariously for any sense of satisfaction. Truly pathetic I might add for a bunch that deserves nothing better!

  4. 11

    It’s so obvious that the talking heads have nothing to talk about so the pot gets stirred — excrement slinger’s out of Lee County along with the other losers (literally) have nothing else better to do than to admire and gaze upon success while their own CFB team continues to lolli-gag in mediocrity/nothingness.

    It’s a damn shame LSWho and Floridumb (as I type this Louisville is up on them by 20 with 9:10 to go in the 4th) can’t represent the SEC for a game with PLENTY of prep time. So the SEC is embarrassed of some of their top tier teams — hopefully Ole Piss will get us a W — I know we will come January 7th — have any day you want to folks … -d. I.

  5. 12

    There aren’t many LSU or Florida fans that would be rooting Bama on in the game that matters most, so to heck with ’em all. I am not so much an SEC fan as I am a Bama fan. With the crap Bama has taken from the SEC in the past, there was a time where it wouldn’t have bothered me a bit if Bama left the SEC.

    I do think it is funny that LSU lost. Especially with Les Miles stellar coaching at the end (once again), that was comedy gold right there. Florida getting embarrassed? Oh well. Didn’t really hurt my feelings. Maybe those two losses help Bama with recruiting FL and LA. Really can’t stand Auburn or Tennessee either. I really do hope that they lose every game. Georgia, well I can pull for GA when they are not playing Bama. Not because they are another SEC team though. Probably because they dislike Auburn about as much as we do. I can root for A&M because of some of the shared history with Coach Bryant. But the rest of the SEC? Sorry, I have a hard time pulling for them (unless they are playing Auburn of course).

    • 13

      The LSU and Florida losses were both a reflection of their stupid head coaches. It’s hilarious. Leslie’s idiocy is well documented. MuffChump’s is emerging. Over-coaching backfires is the best way I know to describe it. Florida’s failed onside kick to start the 2nd half put them in a hole they never overcame. Even with 4-5 minutes left and down by 2 scores, MuffChump is not even in a hurry-up offense. Lack of common sense is the best way I know to describe it.

  6. 14

    Floridumb’s offense finally screwed the pooch. All year they got the lucky breaks to pull out games against better teams. Only once was their defense unable to bail their asses out as they threw the football into the endzone while in process of scoring the winning td against Georgia. All that needed to happen is fo any team with a decent defense and explosive offense to have a game where the calls went against the Gayturds instead of them. Wala – Louisville (aka Texas A&M lite)! Other than embarrassing the SEC, I don’t feel sorry for the bastards. Was sick of hesring how playing the SEC’s toughest schedule (for the first time in 20 years), made them better and more deserving than Bama. At least out loss to Utah was to the #3 and only undefeated team in the nation not to mention losing our ability to run the footbsll or pass protect just 2 days before the game. As for the Corndogs and their dumbsss coach – whhen you have an RB with 100 yards averaging 14 yards per carry and. 3.5 minutes in the game and 2nd and 2 on your own 37 needing to run the clock – why in fuck do you throw 2 passes and punt????? Talk abou a dumbass. Then again our OC pulled the same shit against A&M from the 6 and cost us the game. Shit happens. But with Miles it’s a freaking habit. RTR!

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