Bobby Petrino trending to Auburn proving “creed” is garbage

You read it first here on April 11, 2012.

Just days after Bobby Petrino was fired from Arkansas for lying to his president, ignoring a stack of resumes in favor of the chance to hire his favorite booty call, I called it right here that Bobby Petrino would be the next coach at Auburn.

In case you missed it, you can read here my incredibly prophetic story outlining the timeline in which a then secure Gene Chizik would undo himself, continue to reveal how inept he was without Cam Newton, and would be fired as Alabama continued its dominance of the Auburn Tigers and the rest of the college football landscape.

The only thing I was wrong about was the timeline. I said it would be the start of the 2014 season that Petrino would be at the helm. Little did I know it would be much sooner.

Not to toot my own horn, but read this prophecy from April 11th of this year:

“If you want to write Petrino off, go ahead. But we live in a society that forgives and forgets A LOT.

“We had a president, ironically from the state of Arkansas, “get serviced” from a White House intern. Like Petrino, Bill Clinton lied about it, then subsequently kept his job as leader of the free world. Today this incredible happening barely gets mention as his wife holds office and he makes his presidential rounds.

“Patrick Fain Dye was caught red-handed by the NCAA shoveling money to players, resulting in another NCAA probation on the plains and the loss of his job. Today, Dye is still a beloved figure down on the farm, has an office in the athletic complex, and even has the freaking field Auburn plays on named after him.

“They say time heals all wounds, and given time, somebody is going to roll the dice on Bobby Petrino again. Somebody is going to allow themselves to be part of his redemption story. Not because they want to help him, but because of the lust for winning.”

And now, just seven months later….SEVEN MONTHS….here we are.

The Aubuhn Fambly, proponents of faith, values and the Aubuhn creeeed are about to step all over themselves and hire a philanderer who hardly exemplifies what they claim to be about in that very creed.

In short, the Auburn fanbase and program continues to illustrate they are nothing more than a cultish pile of garbage, and all the media spin and public relations efforts serves only as cheap perfume covering the ready stench that continues to billow out of Lee County.

Strong indications are pointing to Bobby Petrino, the adulterer who traded his family, integrity and responsibilities for getting his jollies off, as the next coach of the Auburn Tigers.

Heck, Auburn’s true ambassador, the godless Charles Barkley openly called for his hiring over the airwaves just last night.


Because Auburn wants to win….it’s all that matters down there. Period.

Forget the creeds. Forget the “Fambly”. Forget the crap about being “an Auburn man.” It’s all garbage.

Simply put, Auburn sees a cheap hire of the best coach available and from all indications is about to pounce on it.

It’s worth noting that Petrino never beat Nick Saban. In fact, Saban had the knack of making Petrino’s normally potent offenses look rather impotent. So if the hire happens, it isn’t as if any Alabama fans have reason for worry.

It just shows what a sham the preach-speak in Lee County is, and has always been. Forget morals. Forget faith. And forget all the bull crap they’ve been selling down there.

Auburn University would sell its collective soul to beat Alabama. Period. And the hire you’re likely going to see in a few days will be absolute evidence that this is yet another ITK prophecy that will ring true.

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