Alabama will manhandle Johnny Football, waltz into SEC Title Game

Much has been said about Johnny-Come-Lately, er, Johnny Football. Pictures surfaced last week of the Texas A&M quarterback dressed up like Scooby-Doo at a Halloween party. And tomorrow at 2:30 in Bryant-Denny Stadium you might hear the freshman QB uttering “Ruh-Roh!”

The Aggies have been the most impressive among the two SEC newcomers this inaugural season, the welcome surprise being the phenomenal play of their freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Yes, he is electrifying. Yes, he is fast. Yes, he can throw. But yes, when he suits up in Tuscaloosa tomorrow, he’ll be facing the greatest test in his entire life as a football player, at their place, with their championship aspirations on the line.

Never before…hear me…never before has he faced the likes of what he is about to see on the playing surface inside Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Texas A&M is a good opponent, and in my opinion an outstanding addition to the SEC. And I really like Kevin Sumlin, one of the better coaches in the game today.

But future matchups will be more imposing to the well-being of the Crimson Tide’s season than this one. Why? The analysis isn’t that hard:

The Aggies are 7-2:

9/08 – lost to Florida at home, 20-17 (their second toughest foe to date)
9/15 – won at SMU, 48-3 (wow, SMU)
9/22 – beat South Carolina State, 70-14 (didn’t know they had a team)
9/29 – beat Arkansas at home, 58-10 (at the height of the Hogs’ early season funk)
10/06 – won at Ole Miss, 30-27 (the week after Bama crushed their hopes, and team)
10/13 – won at LaTech, 59-57 (A 2-pt. shoot out win…forgetting they weren’t in the Big 12 anymore.)
10/20 – lost to LSU at home, 24-19 (their toughest foe to date)
10/27 – won at Auburn, 63-21 (doing what virtually any team can do)
11/03 – won at Missy State, 38-13 (the week after Bama crushed their beliefs)

So to their two toughest foes this season, playing at home, they lost. And their two most impressive wins (the Mississippi schools) they defeated after these teams were beaten up by Bama. And now they get the Tide, on the road, in front of 101,000+, in the spotlight, with Bama championships on the line, led by a freshman quarterback against Nick Freaking Saban and five years worth of top five recruits.

Sorry Aggie fans, this one ain’t gonna happen for ya. Please don’t take it personally, like Mississippi State fans did a few weeks ago (and what a weird few days THAT was).

The biggest factor tomorrow will be where Alabama is mentally after last Saturday night’s win in Baton Rouge. That game was a slobber-knocker, and like Bama I predict LSU will come out a little flat against Mississippi State.

But Alabama will not face any real trouble in putting the Aggies away in the 2nd half, winning the SEC West and returning to Atlanta for a date with (likely) Georgia. Look for Manziel to make some good plays. But don’t look for it to matter.

Alabama 38
Texas A&M 14

There will be better days for the Aggies in the SEC. But unfortunately for the Gig’em Nation, they won’t start tomorrow.

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  1. 1

    This is true. I totally agree they will stay in it a quarter maybe two. BAMA is gonna have their way with A&M point blank. After last week our defense is gonna be on fire. Our 3rd string will be on the field mid 3rd quarter. I’m callin it.

    • 2
      Punk Buck

      Haha. Not much “Ruh-Roh!” from that Freshman today huh? Johnny Football is better than Johnny Utah without his knee injury. Welcome to the SEC A&M – Pretty sure Bear was wearing his Aggie gear today and not his premature National Championship garb. Have fun climbing your tree bitches.

  2. 4
    Gerry C

    Good high level summary. It could be a rude awakening for the Aggies. However, facing the Alabama, LSU, and Florida all in one season will only help make the Aggies a better team and reach levels never attained while in the BIg 12…. The above teams have real defences. In the Big 12, I think only Nebraska has a real defence.

  3. 6

    Bama wins tomorrow to set the stage for the title game with Gawga. Gawga will be exposed as a weak pretender. Then Bama shoots for an incredible 3 of 4 national titles.
    It will be SWEET!

  4. 8
    A Ganger

    I totally agree with that analysis…But I say the score will be Bama 31- TAMU 21…
    Roll Tide Y’all
    Protect America, Build Submaries

  5. 10

    Correction to this article……..Bama ain’t manhandling anybody, and if they win this second half it won’t be a waltz. This guy is amazing.

  6. 14

    Yes, he is electrifying. Yes, he is fast. Yes, he can throw. But yes, when he suits up in Tuscaloosa tomorrow, he’ll be facing the greatest test in his entire life as a football player, at their place, with their championship aspirations on the line.

    Never before…hear me…never before has he faced the likes of what he is about to see on the playing surface inside Bryant-Denny Stadium…..



    • 17

      Sure do. We believe Bama whipped some MSU ass! Bama still will have a chance to win the SEC, something your team can on dream about. We believe in our coach and team, sure we are disappointed with the loss, but damn. We sure won’t be the whining bitches MSU was after the Bama game. Bama still finishes strong, and guess what? Bama will be in the running for a NC next season, too! So far Bama is 46-5 and counting in four seasons. Who else in the country can say that? Roll Tide!

        • 26

          No Karma here. Bama sure can’t win them all, but at least they played it close and didn’t get embarrassed like MSU has 3 games straight. Bama is still having a great season, and still has a lot to play for. A&M played a great game and Manziel is a special player for sure. I hate that Bama lost, but A&M deserved that win.

          Bama will rebound, no doubt. Lots of young players on this team getting to play, and the future is still looking good for Saban and Bama.

          But these nutty MSU guys, now damn. A&M has done more than your team has in 4 years in just their first season in the SEC. Too bad you can’t brag on your down trodden team and have to celebrate through another team.

          There is really not much any of rival fans can say to get us down. I mean, dang, 2 National Championships in three years, and competing for it every year. What else could you really hope for? It is more than any other team in the country has done.

          So you all get your kicks in. They sure don’t cut like you think they do. Bama will win the west, no doubt about it.
          And the only fans here with bragging right are A&M fans. The rest of you dumbasses are still butthurt because Bama has beaten you, or embarrassed you, or both. That probably won’t be ending anytime soon either.

          So: A&M, great game guys! You guys have a really special player in your QB. The guy is amazing. I have enjoyed watching him play all year (except for Saturday) and good luck the rest of the way!

          The rest of you guys: Please keep on being pathetic. Your whining and butthurt from what Bama has done to you comes through with every post!

          • 27
            The Truth

            “I mean, dang, 2 National Championships in three years, and competing for it every year. ”

            “Bama will win the west, no doubt about it.”

            “The rest of you dumbasses are still butthurt because Bama has beaten you, or embarrassed you, or both. That probably won’t be ending anytime soon either. ”

            These types of comments by you gumps are exactly why you have so many post by opposing fans here when you do lose Brando. But don’t expect a gump to understand that fact.

          • 28

            It’s not because it’s bama. It’s because of ITK’s stupid articles. If your going to say this sh*t. Then you got to back it up. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. I can take that ya’ll whipped our ass. I was disappointed the way we played. The next day I was over it. Your the one that’s butt hurt..

        • 29

          I think we are taking it pretty well. We really have nothing to be ashamed of. After all, we could be in Mississippi States shoes, but we are not. We could have 2 losses like LSU, but we don’t.

          But you guys keep living through A&Ms success against Bama. It has really been the only bright spot for you this season. If that don’t show you how pathetic you are, then you never will really see it.

  7. 32

    Except for the letdown after Yeldon fumbled and then the D gave up those two long passes and the TD, we completely shut Johnny down after the 20-0. Niw sonebody explain why the fuk they couldn’t shut him down before it got to be 20-0? That IMHO was preparation which is the coaching staffs fault. And before all you loser homers go creaming in your jeans you best understand that the 3 undefeated’s still have tough, tough games to play. If any 2 of them lose in the next 3 weeks we are back in as Georgiawil be the highest ranked team remaining on any of the top 10 teams schedules. So fuk off. RTR!

    • 33
      The Truth

      Yea Crimsonite, you tell them! Its Saban and his coaching staff’s fault! They suck don’t they Crimsonite! Baww Waww Waww! LMAO

    • 35
      The Truth

      “embarrassed to be a bama fan” – wow just wow! What a weak ass poor excuse for a fans base bama has if you are any example bamatruth! LAMO

      • 36

        could be worse i could keep a corn dog shoved up my ass and have to take a bite in my own house like you did last weekend!! embarrassed means play calling and execution was a fucking joke!! get a clue fucktard!

        • 37
          The Truth

          Or like you did last year when that corn dog was shoved up your ass in your own house by LSU?! This year it was TAMU doing the shoving! LAMO
          Get a clue and a better play caller fucktard loser!

  8. 38

    Crow tastes pretty good. Still a lot of football left to play. Time to take care of business and see.gow this plays out. ROLL TIDE.

  9. 39
    Crimsonite y

    We’re not 46-5. We’re 57-7 next week we will set the SEC record with 58 wins in 5 years. And by the way loser homers, that 57-7 is the best record in the nation for the past 5 years – but nobody can win them all. So fuk off! RTR!

    • 40

      But Alabama supposed too!!! According to the Capstone Report. You supposed to walk all over Johnny football..Did someone just knock that chip of your shoulder?

    • 41

      The poster above was correct you dummy. The tide is 46-5 over the last 4 seasons:
      2009 14-0
      2010 10-3
      2011 12-1
      2012 9-1 (thru 11/10/2012)

      Add in 2008 (12-2) and the tide is 58-7. Add in 2007 (2-6) and the tide is 60-13.

      Oregon is 63-13 over the same time period.

      • 42

        How many National Championships has Oregon won again? And what conference does Oregon play on again? I rest my case. Next!

        • 43
          The Truth

          That is a typical comment by a gump brando.

          How many National Championships has TAMU won and what conference did they play in before this year? And who did they just beat on their own home field with a freshman quaterback? I rest my case!

          • 44

            Typical response from a butthurt corndog,Tooth. Of course you would disregard National Championships since your team got shut out in the last one.

            A&M is having a great season. Very close to being undefeated. And the guy may be a freshman, but he is better than what LSU or Bama has. They played a great game against Bama, for sure. LSU was lucky to get them early. If LSU played them this week, it would be a different story. But don’t worry, LSU will have to play against him again next season, when he is a sophomore.

            So go back and celebrate your teams 2 losses and try to convince us LSU is the best 2 loss team in the SEC. I say A&M is better than LSU this year, and will pass them next season. Hide and watch.

          • 45
            The Truth

            LSU was “lucky to get them early”! What are you talking about you dumb ass gump (redundant I know), we played them two weeks before bama did and we played them in College Statinon on their own home field.

            And of course LSU will have to play them again next season when he is a sophmore, you dumb ass. Do you think bama won’t have to play them next year when he is a sophmore? And you will have to play them in there house this time. He’s already proven he can beat bama in bama’s house as a freshman.

            I don’t have to convince you LSU is the best 2 loss team in the SEC, you aready know that. You were 51 seconds from being the best 2 loss team in the SEC. We have played 2 of the best 3 teams in the SEC east, bama didn’t play any of those three.

            LSU in not only the best 2 loss team in the SEC we are the best 2 loss team in the nation, and you don’t have to believe me just go read the polls.

          • 46

            A&M is the best 2 loss team in the SEC West. Look at the standings, dickhead. That is where it is counting. Has your team ordered their “3rd in the SEC West” rings yet?

    • 47
      The Truth

      A stupid man once said “What the fuk are you running your cum hole about now”? I think that applys to you crimsonite! LMAO

  10. 48
    Aggie fan

    Dang guess yall look like dumb asses haha walk into the championship game what a joke… Yall do realize this is our FIRST year in the SEC right?

  11. 49
    Aggie fan

    . And now they get the Tide, on the road, in front of 101,000+, in the spotlight, with Bama championships on the line, led by a freshman quarterback against Nick Freaking Saban and five years worth of top five recruits.

    Sorry Aggie fans, this one ain’t gonna happen for ya. Please don’t take it personally, like Mississippi State fans did a few weeks ago (and what a weird few days THAT was).

    ROLLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEE bahahahahahahaha can I buy your tickets to Miami? I want to watch KSU and Oregon play

    • 51

      I met some great Aggie fans today and told them I was glad they were part of the SEC now. (Yes, after the game) Gonna be a great rivalry with great teams that both have great tradition. And you have to admit, that Scooby Doo line is pretty damn funny. But as good as Johnny boy played, we still had a chance to win. With 3 freakin turnovers we had the ball and could have won. So just be glad you caught us when you did, and just hang out and watch what plays out over the next few weeks. We all thought we were out of it last year too. Couple of missed field goals a bang, #14 in the case. Gonna be fun to watch.

      • 52
        The Truth

        And just be glad you (bama) scored with 51 seconds left in the game last week, or both LSU and A&M would be ahead of bama in the SEC WEST! But hey you can’t be lucky every week, can you bama! Geaux Aggies!

        • 53

          Of course I am glad. What a stupid useless comment. Lets deal with reality, which I know sux for any tiger right now.

          • 54
            The Truth

            You’ve got your Reality assbackwards Niner. The ture Reality is LSU beat TAMU on their home field, but bama just lost to TAMU in tuscalooser, which I know sux for any gump, you included right now!

      • 55

        If it weren’t for 3 turnovers we would have won. Now that is a classic bama line. If it weren’t for a&m bitching slapping you all night you would have won.

        • 56

          Where did I say if it weren’t for 3 turnovers we would have won dipshit. I said even with 3 turnovers we had a chance. That’s the mark of a great team. We are -5 in turnovers in the last two weeks. We won one and lost one. And if I have my choice I’ll take a loss to A&M over one to the corn dogs anyway. Now go back to wishing you were us phuck stick.

          • 57

            Dipshit, you implied that without 3 turnovers you would have won. Otherwise what was the point in mentioning them? How do you think you would have done if a&m had not bitched slapped you and had not forced those 3 turnovers? The mark of a great team is one that can go into another stadium as a&m did and do what it did, how did the author above put it… “Yes, he is electrifying. Yes, he is fast. Yes, he can throw. But yes, when he suits up in Tuscaloosa tomorrow, he’ll be facing the greatest test in his entire life as a football player, at their place, with their championship aspirations on the line.” If all of the bs ya’ll have been spewing is true then a&m is clearly the great team. Having an opposing team in your home stadium put 20 on you before you realize that you actually have to play the game is not the sign of a great team. Now if you want to talk about a team being great because they come back from a 3 touchdown deficit then maybe you are talking about that other team from alabama a couple of years in Tuscaloosa, but there was not a great team from alabama playing in Tuscaloosa last night.

  12. 60
    The Truth

    “Ruh-Roh” bama didn’t manhandle Johnny Football like this article predicted.

    For all you goat roping gumps that made comments about LSU barely beating the Aggies in College Station, all I got to say is carma is a bitch, aint it!

  13. 63

    LSU or MSU couldn’t do it. We lost ,we got beat. It happens.Run your smack A&M has the right. Get on that bandwagon,your teams couldn’t do it. ROLL TIDE till I die.

  14. 64
    The Truth

    Hey Fat you gumps deserve all the smack you get over this game because of the way you gumps run your mouths BEFORE games and this article was a perfect example of that! Lesson learned? I doubt it!

  15. 65

    Intheknow!?!? HAHAHAHA!!!!! as a Bama fan I want you to know that you are Delta Bravo! Do yourself a favor and shut the he’ll up…Tool!

  16. 66

    We talk smack cause we can sucka. Ill give credit where credit is due. A&M did their thing and brought the win home with them. Still a lot of football left to play in the season yet. Don’t count the Tide out just yet. RTR

    • 67
      The Truth

      You talk smack because you’re a gump! Anybody can talk smack because “they can”, but they don’t, at least not in the way you gumps do. Yea you can talk smack before a game better (and more) than any fan base in America, but when you go out and lose to a freshman quaterback in your own back yard after talking all that smack you get to enjoy the results of your pregame smack talk. So enjoy it over the next week gump. Enjoy it untill you go out and perform against a team at the same level as your smack talk, like against Western Carolia! LMAO

      • 68

        ^^ Says the smack talking-est, whiniest bitch of them all, The Tooth! Two years running, the Cry Baby Champion! Bama has LSUs number, that is for sure. LSU actually lucked out to beat A&M. I bet A&M puts a pretty good beating on LSU next season.

        The maybe you will go on over to the A&M boards and show them what a retarded little whining bitch you have been.

        • 69
          The Truth

          Your ass and your team couldn’t cover you ass this year brando and you’re already talking smack about next year! YOU REALLY ARE A GUMP!

          I guess we lucked out and beat A&M like bama lucked out and beat LSU, right GUMP?! LMAO

          A&M has some of if not the nicest fans of all the opposing fans no need to go over to any of their boards.

          I am here only because of fans like you and the shyt you gumps talk just like this article did before this game. So get used to it, next year will make three years! So keep whining about me being here and eat your crow like a grown man and not a cry baby gump.

          • 70

            See, like I said, a retarded little whining bitch.

            You are here, two years running now, spewing your hate for Saban and propping Miles up. You have twisted every statistic and every LA sportswriter article you could scavenge and post over here. Yet Bama has beat LSU twice in a row, you still spew your crap over here like it means anything. And you do it SO MUCH. It is kind of hard for you to hide your obsession. So, go ahead and get your “Third in the SEC West” rings ordered soon. It looks like that may be LSUs destiny for the foreseeable future. Looks like A&M is going to be challenging for that top spot in the west along with Bama each year, and LSU will continue to fall away to the middle of the pack, where they have been for most of their existence. LSU peaked last season, and won’t continue to hang. No matter what happens, though, we know we can count on you being the resident BITCH here.

  17. 71
    Crimsonite y

    For every one of you fuk tards getting your jollys off, Bama has scoreboard on every one of your POS teams – including A&M. Where are you bastards going this motherfukers? We win out and worst we get is SEC West Champions, SEC achampions and Sugar Bowl Champions with a win over undefeated Notre Dame which I’ll take any time. So once again fuk off. You’re all our bitches. One game changes nothing. RTR!

    • 72
      The Truth

      Kind of early in the morning for your slurring cussing rant Crimsonite. How early in the moring do start drink everyday Crimsonite? Or are you still hungover from trying to drown your sorrows in a whiskey bottle last night after the second straight poor performance d your Saban coached defense? And what about your offensive line, touted as the best in the nation. You had the ball on the two yard line at the end of the game with a chance to steal another win, and your coach chose not to give the ball to one of your “great” backs and let them run it in behind that “great” line. Was that another coaching blunder by your “great” coach”? Was that a bad decesion like you gumps accused Miles of making last week?

      One game changes plenty, Bama won’t be ranked no. 1 when the polls come out today.

  18. 75

    Sometimes it’s better to humble yourself instead of being arrogant. Now that you lost, you can’t handle it. I know all bama fans are not like this. It’s the few that bring your school down. Writing articles like this does not help your cause. You act like your team can’t be beat. Any team can be beat on any given day. Ya;ll were asking for it imo. So keep talking that smack on how great your team is.

  19. 76
    Crimsonite y

    Being an MSU fan you certainly know about being beat on any day don’t you. In fact the whole State of Mississippi is the authority on that subject. So just drag your pathetic ass back home and quit living out your fantasies through others accomplishments. That goes double foe you Corndog.This loss means little until all regular season and conference championships have been concluded. We were in the same position last year on this week. On the other hand our last two whippings of LSWho sent your asses to the house without shit to show for it. In the realm of all things football this loss means nothingyet except that we don’t control our destiny past the Sugar Bowl. But like I already said we will be content to whip Notre Dames ass and exorcise over 30 years of stored up demons. Great, great cinsolation prize in my opinion. And we would end up at least #3. Once again homer dogshit, where are you goung New Years Day? Stupid coattail riding motherfukers. RTR! And it wasn’t Saban who called those fuking dumbass passplays into a crowded endzone. It was that dumbass spread offense OC we picked up from the fuking Pac 12. McElwain would have run it and nobody could have stopped Bama fron getting 6 yards on four runs. So fuk off.

  20. 77

    Wow, Mississippi St was blown out again, & it looks like LSU’s “prevent” defense has put Alabama in the SEC Championship Game with an outside shot at the National Championship. LSU blew it again! Mississippi St is STILL a pretender. If Dan Mullet couldn’t do it, NOBODY at MSU will.

    Those fanbases who have to resort to hoping other teams beat their rivals when they can’t do it are P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. Hey, do any pussy LSU fans still go to Krystal’s in the French QTR?

    • 78
      The Truth

      Wrong again RC, LSU prevent defense kept you number one and guarnteed you would be in the SEC Championship game and the National Championship game. It was YOUR OWN weak ass defense that couldn’t stop a freshman quaterback on your own home field in front of you and 90K other gumps that caused you and your team to now have to pray some other team loses because now you only have an outside shot at the BCS championship game.

      So take credit for your own teams lousy performance putting you on the outside looking in. LSU’s prevent defense kept your team from being number three in the SEC West right now!

      But it is interesting RC to see you admitting it was LSU defense that screwed up and not bama offense that actually won that game! LMAO you typical gump!

  21. 79


    Alabama still has a shot (although small) at the National Championship. That “team” in T-Town 2 years ago was a 1-man “tainted” wrecking crew. They’re no longer “All In.” it’s now “No More.” Chizik’s book is in the $.99 bin at Barnes & Books-A-Million. LSU blew it AGAIN, MSU is still a pretender & UT is still pathetic. UGA talks tough, but will be blown out by Alabama in the SEC Championship

    • 80
      The Truth

      Wow admitting a “1-man” team coached by Chizik beat your 11 man team who was being coached by someone you think is the greatest coach of all times who you and your fellow gumps bow down to a bronze statute of before every game, is pretty big of you RC!

      “UGA, will be blown out by Alabama in the SEC Championship”, much like bama was going to manhandle Johnny Football, right RC?! YOU must be the dumbest Gump of them all! Comments like that are why your fan base is having to take all the shyt it is having to take today, but you’re too stupid to realize it! Saban deserves fans like you RC!

  22. 81

    You have no shot at the NC..still arrogant aren’t we..Georgia will have a shot to beat you in the sec championship..Even if they don’t, you will not go to the NC game. You just don’t get it do you. Your not unbeatable. But don’t stop believing. !!! Now we are talking about Auburn and how bad they are…SAD..

    • 82

      You don’t get it…It’s obvious we’re mortal, but how arrogant is it of you to post “We Believe” signs while beatng up pathetic teams only to get BLOWN OUT 3 WEEKS IN A ROW!!!! Who’s arrogant now, bitch?

      Second, UA will beat UGA. A&M could beat UGA. Yeah, I’m sure you’ll play the comparison score game, you know, UF beat A&M, UGA beat UF, BUT Alabama beat LSU which beat A&M….Aaron Murray is a Sissy compared to Manzell.

      Auburn is PATHETIC…2-8??? You are PATHETIC for coming on here as an MSU fan. Sorry, your gimmicks ran out….BTW, everyone was saying last year UA had no chance to get back to National Title. Not saying they will this year, but I BET you’ll be watching Oregon and K-State games for the next 3 weeks hoping they don’t lose. BWAHAHAAHAH. DUMB ASS

      • 84

        So it’s arrogant to believe your team has a shot to beat another team. What’s pathetic is IDK’s article, this has really bit him on the arse. If you would not have posted crap like that, I would have never replied on here. In fact this is the only site I have posted on besides msu site. So go cry me a river that your team will not win the NC. Only the state of Alabama and sidewalk Mississppi fans, will be crying…

  23. 85

    Yep, the dipshit sticker still goes. I implied nothing I said what I meant. We spotted a good team 20, that’s pretty tough for any team to come back fom. If we were only good there is no way we would have had a chance to win at the end. Great teams don’t always play great. We have not played great in two weeks. maybe you dont have ESPN in your mom’s basement but everyone else said we were great too, it wasn’t just us. Maybe thats the problem, we had dumbasses asking if Bama could beat a pro team. Thats about the most ignorant thing ive ever heard. And no, that team a couple of years ago was a good team that was lucky all year and had a great player that everyone knows was bought and paid for. And that team is dreading the beat down that’s coming to them, just like the one they got last year. Is it just me or have you not mentioned who your team is. Unless you are an Aggie, you need to STFU. Because you either have been beaten or soon will be.

    • 86

      He’s not an Aggie..If he claims to be now, it’s just to save face….I love our rival fanbases and how butthurt they all are!!

    • 88

      “Everyone else said we are great.” Another classic. And now everyone is saying your not. I guess LSU is a great team, you know because they had a chance to beat the tide last week. And again you clearly implied that 3 turnovers were the difference otherwise there’s no point in mentioning.


      • 89

        You are about a moron. Are you going to tell me that those 3 turnovers WEREN’T the difference in that game? And the point was AGAIN, even with 3 turnovers we were right there with a chance to win. That is the mark of a great team. I am not even going to go so far as to say we should have won, but we certainly could have. We were -2 in turnovers against LSU and we still won. Call it luck, call it whatever you want, we will call it a W. Where is your team sitting, by the way? 2-8 or 4-6, I bet they are not 9-1 and heading to Atlanta. so go troll your own boards and play “guess who our next coach will be”. That’s a fun game.

        • 90

          Shoulda, coulda, woulda. There was only one great team in Ttown Saturday night and that was a&m, that other team was Scooby’s biotch. I don’t think there is a section at the college football hall of fame for all of those great teams that almost won. Maybe there is in Ttown.

          • 91

            Didn’t say shoulda or woulda, you keep adding things that aren’t there. In T Town there is barely room for all those NCs we have. And I don’t blame you for not answering the question of who is your team. It would surely make all your smack talk quite empty and sad. Watch for us in Atlanta. I don’t predict on here what I think might happen, I just deal with facts. You and your team WON’T be there. I bet I am right on that one.

  24. 92

    HEY MSU, AU, LSU, UGA, and all other jealous,butthurt fanbases. Alabama will win another National Title pretty soon, even if it’s not THIS YEAR….Smoke that in your candy ass pipe. BWAHAAHAHAHHAAAH

  25. 97

    Rival fanbases who we have mercilessly beaten over the years. That would be AU, LSU, UT, UGA, UF, MSU, and all others I can’t remember well, because you’re pathetic. You all realize THIS IS A FAN BLOG, CORRECT? MEaning, it’s not supposed to be Top Level Journalism? If you want to be mad at someone, blame your coaches, the working press, and ESPN for making us seem “immortal.” I’ll take our record over your pathetic teams and coaches any day of the week? Now, bring on Auburn and Georgia!!

  26. 99

    No, I doubt AJ cried. If he did, it still wouldn’t rival the predetermined letdown MSU fans felt when their “We Believe” gimmicks were shoved back in their faces. How arrogant of you to ask? LOL

  27. 100

    You got one thing right it’s definitely not “Top Level Journalism.” More like BS to feed your egos. ESPN did not build you up as being immortal. It’s sites like this that has done that. Corso predicted you will be upset on gameday. Don’t worry though you will probably win the sec championship. Just not the NC.

  28. 101


    We probably won’t win the National Title, but it is still possible. Do you know how the BCS works. Alabama is projected as #4 or #5 tonight. Kansas St still has Baylor (great offense, mediocre D), and Texas (improved both sides of ball). Oregon has USC again. Notre Dame has USC @USC. Only 2 of those teams need to lose. I know being an MSU fan, you never have nor will be interested in the BCS. The possibility still exists. You have to be very uninformed to not even recognize the possibility exists. Just the possibility. I bet you were one of thousands who thought it didn’t last year either..

  29. 102

    Wouldn’t it be funny IF Alabama did make it back to the BCS Championship despite its 1 loss and come from behind victory at the stadium where dreams come to die? Even if it doesn’t, the LSU game gave us the SEC Championship!!BWAHAHA

    • 103
      The Truth

      Well IF bama get lucky again this year and makes it to the BCS championship game, you better pray you don’t play Oregon because if you couldn’t handle “Oregon lite” as Crimsonite calls A&M, on your own home field, you sure as hell won’t be able to handle Oregon and then your bama team really will be an embarrassment to the whole SEC.

  30. 104


    In the “guess who their next coach will be”, theyll be heartbroken to learn it will not be Petrino or Patterson. Even if it is Perrino, what’s his record vs Saban? BwAHAHAHA

  31. 105
    Crimsonite y

    Oregon also has Stanford and Oregon St @ Oregon St in the Civil War Classic. I would’t bet $2 of my money on any of those 3 going undefeated. I was thinking K St had the best chance until last night. But TCU beat them 10-0 un the second half and K St only won by 13. Texas and Baylor are much better offensively than TCU. Two losses in 3 weeks is akk we need. This MSU cum slurper is irrelevant. I won’t even read his retarded posts anymore. He said it doesn’t matter to him. Then why the fuk are you here cum depisit? You act like the SEC Championship means nothing. It’s the second most important championship in the nation. . What’s your team won dipshit? I don’t think it really an MSU fan. All these butt hurt fukers are masqueraders from Aubie, LSWho, and Uchea luving out their butt hurt through other teams accomplishments. I’ll admit I was really pissed that we had all those 3 and outs because of dumbass pass plays when we were gaining 5 and. 6 yards on every run. That just kept giving Johnny the damn football. And then trying to pass into a crowded endzone when we had 4 downs to run it. Retarded. That’s what happens when you have a damn West Coast spread option pussy for an OC. Anyway, today I’m not near as upset since we still have two excellent options. The BCSNCG or a Sugar Bowl metting with Notre Dame and a 5 year record of 61-7. Suck in it you homer bastards.

    • 106

      I’m a MSU fan through and through. Ya’ll can beat us every year and I still will be a fan. We will probably never be in the position to win a NC. But I don’t really care. Football is not my only existence in life. I’m not happy when State loses, But I don’t get into a hissy fit when we lose. I can’t help if your sorry ass team can’t beat A&M. Just blame it on your dumb ass overpaid coach LORD SABAN. I could care less about your precious little team. So get a life you piece of shit.

    • 108
      The Truth

      “You act like the SEC Championship means nothing” – You mean much like you were last Crimsonite?! You big fat drunk hypocrit!

      Hey Crimsonite here’s a question for you, WHO hired that “damn West Coast spread option pussy of an OC” anyway? Saban? When a stupid LSU fan made a comment like that last week, you got on here and crowed that LSU fans were calling for Les Miles head. So i guess you are calling for Saban’s head aren’t you? Unless once again you are a hypocrit, so I guess I will go post on the LSU site that bama fans are calling for Sabans head.

      Yea so you will go to the sugar bowl and beat up on a very overrated and possdibly undefeated Notre Dame team and claim you accomplished something. Hell you may even claim another National Championship it that happens. NO Wait Notre Dame beat an undefeated Alabama team in 1973, yet Alabama still claims a National Championship for that year as part of it ficticious 14, even though they finished 4th in the final AP poll that year after losing to Notre Dame.

      Hell MSU and possibly Auburn could beat Notre Dame this year. Hell Pitt almost beat them on their own home field last week. Yes the same 4-6 Pitt team that lost to UConn this week.

      You must be looking at your reflection in the bottom of your whiskey bottle Crimsonite when you use a term like homer bastard.

  32. 109

    Smack talk. Pro BAMA on a BAMA forum. Imagine that. Go to the droppings and all the LSwho faithful ate still crying about the loss to Bama. Seems LSU couldn’t handle their cupcake schedule being they have 2 losses. A REAL team beat them. Last min, last sec doesn’t matter we won that one didn’t we Truth? Fucking right I am a Bama Gump and proud of it. Win some lose
    some. A&M won last night they threw all over our secondary. We got exposed, no excuses here. It is what it is. Kudos to A&M. Awesome team with a Badass Qb. Give that kid the heisman,he deserves it. LSU,not so much. MSU as well cause we worked that ass over. Truth you are our bitch no matter what kind of spew you spill on here. Keep them zingers flying bitch cause you entertain me. Even if we don’t make the NC, no sweat here. We WILL be there again. And that is the TRUTH.

    • 110

      Deep down inside it’s killing you. Just think if LORD SABAN would have ran the ball, Ya’ll could be NC again. It’s not going to get any easier to win the NC next year or the year after that. The sec east is getting better and you still have LSU to deal with. MSU might sneak up on your ass next year..If they think like you, they probably will. So keep drinking that crimsonade. Saban will not be there for ever, then what. Price or shula would gladly take his place

    • 111
      The Truth

      Our “cupcake” schedule you refer to Fat_Head includes 4 of the current top 9 teams in the country. And yes we were 2-2 against those 4 teams, but your weak ass schedule only includes 2 of the top 9 teams and you are only 1-1 against those two teams! And THAT IS THE TRUTH!

  33. 112

    You’re right, HA, the question mark fan of a butthurt Team, BUT, we’re not claiming to go into the Hall of Fame. Other coaches & journalists have made that claim without our help. Now, pay attention, cum guzzler, Bama is STILL POSITIONED to get back into the BCS Championship. Are you paying attention to STILL POSITIONED??!!

    There is really only a handful of teams who can claim Hall of Fame and BEST EVER. 1971 and 1995 Nebraska are 2 of them. Heck, some ppl have placed 2011 Alabama in that conversation despite the 9-6 loss. It’s all OPINION, no matter what a butthurt rival loser fanbase thinks

  34. 113
    Crimsonite y

    MSU you’re goddamn lyin’ sack of shit. Nobody who doesn’t care comes on a rivals team board and writtes the shit you do unless they’re so fuking esten up with envy and hate that they can’t sleep at nigjt. Goddamn I’d hate to be your wife, kids and dog right now. Maybe we should call the police, family services and the ASPCA and send them to your house. How many times in the past 15 days have you beat and kicked them? You stupid stump jumppin’ piece of shit. Well looky, looky, looky, dumb fuk. BCS #4, well ahead of Gawgee. Two teams lose and we go to Miami! You lyin’ sack of shit, your ass will be glued to the tv for every one of those six games that could put Bama back in. That’s just how butt hurt, obsessed, retarded you are. Fuk off morphodite. RTR!

    • 114

      Calm down chief.. The only reason why i replied to this post is because of the articles. ITK thanks he is a genius when his not. and what do ya’ll do eat it up with a spoon. I care about bama as much as I care about ole piss. Do I want you to win another NC? no There is other teams I hate more than Bama. So keep drinking that crimsonade. If ITK would have never ran these dumb ass articles, I wouldn’t have posted on this site. GET OVER YOURSELF!!! and by the way do you kiss your mother with that mouth…

    • 115
      The Truth

      Foul mouthed crimsonite is in rare form tonight.

      After taking the Lord’s name in vain, he gives us a “sack of shit”, a solo “shit”, a “fuking” esten (whatever the heck that is), another “Goddamn”, a “piece of shit”, a “dumb fuk”, another “sack of shit”, an “ass”, a “butt hurt”, and a “Fuk off morphodite”. Clasic example of gump personality and intelligence on display there once again.

      It’s only a matter of time before we read about the person who calls himself “Crimsonite” in the national news, much like we did Updyke and the teabagger. They are a kindred spirit, if not actually related. LMAO RTRATBADTH, RTR!

  35. 116

    What has LSU accomplished over the years corny dawg? Make me a believer. We are waiting. And how does any of this trump BAMA? Spin it!

      • 118
        Crimsonite y

        No, but you needed 5 turnovers to beat them. And you lost to a team that needed a last play blocked punt to beat Louisiana Lafayette. You also lost to the team who lost to the Aggies. And the best you can hope for is the Cap 1 Bowl. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

      • 120

        But you did lose to Bama so how the hell does that trump us dummy. It’s sad when all you losers have to live vicariously through a rival team because your team couldn’t get it done. The bottom line is this, A&M , LSU and Bama are going to be the best in the West for some time to come. 1 of those three teams will be in Atlanta every December for the foreseeable future. We are going this year because we beat you in your house. Had you won, you would be the ones that are hoping for a K St, ND or Oregon loss. But that’s not what happened this year. So go ahead and utter the dreaded phrase that you know can’t get around, ” Maybe next year we will figure out a way not to be Bama’s whipping post”. There is your bitch slap. Boo Ya, And hell, believe it or not I will be rooting for you guys in the Cotton Bowl.

        • 122
          The Truth

          Who won the Bama – Aggie game?

          Who won the LSU – Aggie game?

          Fat asked the question what has LSU accomplished, so I truthfully answered him with the fact that LSU beat A&M this year in College Station whereas bama lost to them in tuscalooser. Who won the bama/LSU game was irrelevant to the question or the answer ITK.

          But to answer your irrelavant queston, LSU won the bama – LSU game 9-6! LOL Oh wait you meant this year’s game, maybe you should be more specific. LOL

  36. 124
    Crimsonite y

    Cornholer, your retarded rant was so full of shit that it doesn’gt even deserve s response – so I won’t. A&M, Notre Dame – still living your fuking parhetic life through the accomplishments of our opponents. Dumbass! MSU, I’m not responsible for what ITK says. And you havn’t been attacking just ITK either. You’ve attacked the football team, the cooaches, the University, the fan base and the people of the Stare of Alabama, all because you were pissed off anout a harmless football smack thread. Now if you think we’re not gonna take exception to that, then you are seriously full of shit. What’s more. ITK had some motivation for what he said. Your people came on to our campus and desecrated our statues. What would you have done if we came over there and painted your fucking Bulldog crimson and white (seeing as how you don’t have any statues to dress up)? Sre we on your boards talkung smack? Don’t think so. When you come on this board you reap what you sow. For instance this dumbass Corndig who we lovingly call Tooth among other things, has been over here instigating hate and discontent for over a year. He’s the butt of so many flames he probably has an asshole growing out of the top of his head. His pists have become weak and worthless in light of the butt hurt we’ve put on his team. Maybe your’re a masochist too? If I were you I’d just forget the whole thing and go home. RTR!

  37. 125

    That was wrong to put a we believe t-shirt on the bear statue I agree. But we didn’t spray paint graffiti on any statue. It not as bad as you say it is, but still wrong. I will leave ya’ll alone now. So ya’ll can live in your on little world. It was probably wrong to post on this site. But you don’t care what ITK says. You just bow you head and agree in the comment section. so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 126
      The Truth

      Hey Crimsonite was it wrong for a awabama fan to put a sing on the Mike the Tiger statute or are you a hypocrite gump? If not let me hear you say that was wrong also, if not just get drunk and pass out again already.

    • 127
      The Truth

      Ok so that should read sign and not sing, but at least I’m smart enough to recognize my mistakes and man enough to admit it. How about you Crimsonite?

  38. 129

    Hey Truth! Why don’t you call me the ‘N’ word again?

    Your LSU team LOST AGAIN to Alabama, you dumb, incestuous Cajun!

    MSU, of course foosball means nothing to you. Your school AND football team are filled with losers! Starkville is nastier than Auburn. Your team won’t sneak up on anyone, & your coach better watch his disses on Ole Miss now that Hugh Freeze is there

    • 130
      The Truth

      RC you can call me whatever you want, like you always do. You see, unlike you, I know what I am and what I am not, so whatever you say has no effect on me. Unlike me, even when somebody merily uses the “N” word in a sentence but doesn’t call you “the N word”, yet your poor reading comprehension skills make you think they did, your lack of confidence in yourself has you still cosumed with it a year later.

      LSU is 7-5 against bama over the last 10 years, relevant history. And yes bama has won the last two. Every game in the Miles vs Saban era have been extremly close and will continue to be so unless Saban can somehow find a way to recruit better or coach better. LOL,

  39. 131

    Alabama beat LSU for the second game in a row and 4th time in 6 years. However, The Truth thinks all 4 LSU losses have “exceptional” circumstances

    • 132
      The Truth

      And LSU is 7-4 over bama in the last 10 years and 9-5 against bama since 2000, anything further back than that is irrelavant to anything relating to the current progams. RC, Saban and the entire gump nation allways have an “exceptional” excuse everytime they lose.

      • 133

        Learn to spell, quit whining, and quit pigeon holing stats. Wait, if you did that, there would be nothing left for you to post!

  40. 134
    Crimsonite y

    First I’ve heard about it and I’ve been on your Rivals site and Tiger Droppings. It was wrong to rub his balls on the Coonass in Krystal. But then again maybe he looked gay? Was it wrong fo your fans to wear all those nasty slogans about Bama. Was it wrong fkr half your stadium to yell “Fuck you Saban”? Ya’ll started this shit in ’07 when your fans were throwing cups of piss on our fans as we were leaving our own stadium. We may be arrogant, but LSWho is nationally famouss for the nastiest most uncouth fan base in the nation. All we hear about is the Teabagger in New Orleans. I watched the first LSWho game from my hotel room in Wyoming. I wasn’t in TTown to see. But knowing your fucking fans I’d bet some real sordid shit went on there after you won 9-6. It’s just that we aren’t whine babies.

    • 135
      The Truth

      And I bet some real sordid shit went on in the hotel room in Wyoming!

      And how about the bama fans throwing bags of real shit at LSU fans when leaving Denny Bryant Stadium after we beat you gumps 9-6! (See I can make up false crap also)

  41. 136
    Indiana Vol

    Hey Bammer,



    I love the dumbass prediction!
    Alabama 38
    Texas A&M 14

  42. 137


    Alabama has a 4-3 record against LSU since Saban arrived and has a 21-game edge in the overall series, you KlanNeck Cajun!! What exactly are your bragging rights, you stupid racist?

    • 138
      The Truth

      LSU has a 6-4 record against Alabama since Miles arrived and nobody give a shyt about ancient history during a period when the bear was allowed to cheat and sign all the players he wanted. That’s what I’m bragging abut you stupid racist, that and the fact that I’m glad Miles is not a ass like Saban and goes in front of the media evertime after a loss and partially blames the loss on them. He NEVER takes any responsibility for a loss. He will never admit he made the wrong offensive calls at the end of that game or that he was wrong for the stupid calls in bama’s 9-6 loss to LSU last year.

  43. 139


    Tennessee and Auburn are 1 and the same. Both are our chief rivals, winless in the SEC, & both, just like in 2008, are about to fire coaches because of NICK SABAN. AU & UT are about to fire their 2nd coaches in 5 Years!!

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