Mississippi State fans don’t believe anymore

What makes college football so great is the passion of its fans. Passion coupled with blind loyalty…the kind of loyalty that will take you over a waterfall of hope if you’re not careful.

Enter Mississippi State. A perennial loser whose fan base has had to settle for Bama’s castoffs both on and off the field (State, again, NOBODY wanted Sylvester Croom as a head coach until we interviewed him. NOBODY. Bama’s interview gave him the cred he needed to land your discounted job).

MSU is a program that looks at an 8-4 year and says to itself, “Hey, that was a great year”, with a fan base that calls the Chick-fil-A bowl a noble goal for any football season.

Utter the word “championship” in Starkville and the locals will think there’s a new kid on the block to give Frito Lay or Golden Flake a run for their money.

Sitting at 7-0, the Mississippi State Bulldogs had achieved nominal success in 2012. Enough success to have them perched just outside the top 10, at #11. Enough success to make their fans believe. Enough belief, in fact, to make them do stupid things like this:

And this:

And inexplicably, this:

But as Dan Mullen made his way across the field to shake hands with the author of the butt-whipping his team had just received…a trek that saw him make his way onto the field even before regulation had ended (as if to say, “no mas”)…that belief died a grisly death.

The only thing that separated the Bulldogs from a shut-out was Bama’s third team defense. Had the Tide wanted to deliver a goose egg to their Starkville friends across the way, they could have.

But 38-7 was enough. Enough to stop ridiculous talk of empty beliefs. Enough to end silly tweets with MSU fans holding signs all around the world. Enough to stop another fan base (for now) taping things to our statues while telling themselves they’re really doing something.

38-7 said we’re better than you, and will be for quite some time. 38-7 said shut up and go back to your state that still ranks #1 in obesity and #50 in education. 38-7 said you can hoop, holler and make dog noises all you want, but nothing can save you when Nick Saban has you in his sights.

As our friends across the state are learning the hard way, there is no substitute for doing things the long and arduous way. Cultish beliefs and efforts to convince yourself you’re something you’re not are of no use.

38-7 said shut up and go back to work if you really want to believe you have a chance against us. And 38-7 said, in unison from those wearing maroon Saturday night in Bryant-Denny Stadium:

“We don’t believe anymore.”

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  1. 2

    I still believe in the university in which I attend every day. I still believe in the football team that has only lost one game out of eight. I still believe I will be ringing my cowbell with pride as those boys come out of the tunnel next Saturday. I still believe that all the true bulldog fans could not be any happier to support maroon and white. I still believe that the SEC is home to some of the worst fans in the nation.

    We understood that it was going to be tough in an attempt to beat Bama but yet we had the entire globe behind those boys. You can’t go into a back to back national champ’s stadium, on their homecoming with a losing mindset. You can’t get anywhere in life with a losing mindset. So keep talking and I know every true Mississippi State fan is still backing those boys 100%. Hail State

    • 3

      You can believe anything you want. But 38-7 speaks volumes.

      Oh, and I believe it will happen again next year. And the next. And the next. And the next…

        • 5

          That is always the answer. Do you know why? Because you KNOW that Saban is really one of the best coaches in college football.

          And did you know another thing? Bama CAN offer Saban enough money! How about that!

          It was highly disrespectful for MSU fans to vandalize our statues. Why would the fans want to piss off Bama’s football team? But anyways, thanks for the extra motivation with all of the #Ibelieve crap. Just like changing the color of your jersey, it doesn’t help.

        • 8
          The Conduit

          I think Mississippi State deserves more respect.

          I like MSU, I like Mullen (you have to at least respect him and their football program coming from a small state school in Mississippi), and I like the culture at MSU.

          Look, MSU doesn’t have problems with tattoos, late hits (can’t we all bash Florida and Georgia for a minute after this weekend?), trash talking, or disrespecting their opponents, including Alabama.

          What should they do? NOT believe it’s possible? NOT try? Alabama crushed MSU Saturday night but we still got some good football out of it and MSU played straight up, no tricks, and they didn’t show any fear. I love the Tide, but from a cultural perspective it doesn’t get much better than MSU. I’m glad we get to play them every year for that reason.

          • 9

            I can’t disagree. It’s just their disrespectful fans that vandalized our campus.

            They’ll believe again next year when we beat them by 40.

          • 10
            The Truth

            Once again arrogance on display, especially considering you didn’t beat them by 40 this year with the number one team and defense in the nation.

          • 11

            Guys…I am an Alabama fan and I want to apologize for the jerks who get on the message boards and cowardly begin making stupid a$$ comments.

            MSU and fans have always been nothing but awesome. You love football no less than [we] do.

            You guys have an awesome team and I’m hoping to see you in a major BCS bowl!

            To my fellow Alabama fans….stop embarrassing us and the program. We have so much to be proud of, yet the comments do nothing but destroy it.

          • 12

            I wish you were a real Bama fan, but we all know you’re not. The only thing more cowardly than threatening someone online is pretending to be a fan of a team so you can speak for them.

            Nothing but awesome? Have you heard their whining since we beat that tail for them, again, for the fifth year in a row? Me thinks thou dost need to look up the word “awesome.”

  2. 17

    Of course they believe. What makes you think they don’t believe? Just ask ’em. They believe that they just witnessed an ass raping, curb stomping, mercy killing, slaughter. Now we turn our eyes from the Bulldogs to the Corndogs. RTR!

    • 18
      The Truth

      “ass rape, killing, slaughter” Typical Crimsonite language, and reflection of his sick mentality.

      Well, come to think of it, I like ass rape.

        • 22

          We don’t care about our reputation. Beating your team’s a** every time we play you makes reputations unimportant. Now bow down and kiss the ring, minion.

      • 23
        Mutt the Hoople

        You won nothing. The yankee coach you hired for $10 million a year recruited players, who would be more at home at schools like Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, or Mississippi State, forced to go there because their mamas or grandmamas might get fired from their shift at the shirt factory.

        • 24

          I wish what you just wrote made even a modicum of sense, but it just didn’t. Hate coupled with envy and frustration can make a person say stupid, incoherent things. Like, well, what you said.

      • 26
        The Truth

        Hey Brando was the bama fan that put the sign on the Mike the Tiger Statute a prick also? Or in your mind only opposing fans are pricks when they do it to Alabama. Lets see if your answer will be consistent with your comment about the MS. State fans or will you be a hypocrite? I think I know the answer to my own question, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and wait for your answer unless you choose to dodge my questions like you usally do.

    • 30

      What would an MSU fan know about blog flaming. You have to have enough interest in football to have fans that want to even comment much less flame. I think on the MSU Rivals team site you have maybe one post this week and after that the kast one was in about 1962. I don’t really have anything against MSU. I mean how can you dislike someone who has con5ributed 75 wins to our record. But the above t-shirt and the statue bullshit was stupid – especially since it pissed off the team. RTR!

  3. 31

    What was the # on your jersey and what position did you play. Keep dreaming though that you had anything to do with it.

    • 32

      Not only is your football a decade behind ours, your smack reaks of the early 80’s. Any second you’re going to pull out the “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me….”

    • 33

      But you sure thought your ‘believin’ would have something to do with it! Who cut the internet on in Mississippi? Are all Miss. State fans such poor losers?

      • 36

        We are just assholes because our team keeps winning. We are supposed to shut up and not respond to the trash talk and vandalism, because if we do, we have no class.

        We should also follow the example of the numerous losing Miss. St. fans here, because they are the shining examples of how to have class during the college football season. In no way should we be happy for our team to the point to where we would gather on the internet to laugh about the losing teams efforts and the vandalism that occurred. Because we are Alabama fans, it makes us jerks if we respond. We should take all the trash talk and disrespect, because responding makes us pricks. Since we have seen our team win so much, we no longer have the right to point and laugh when a team changes their jersey colors, fans doing _____ outs, creates a viral internet campaign, vandalizes property, and any other activity that has no effect on Bamas coach and players.

        We are Alabama fans. To the rest of the SEC, we are assholes. And we don’t care that you think so. Just knowing that every week, there is a team that hates to play Bama is enough for us. We love it. If Bama winning makes you hate us, that is fine. We will be assholes, if it makes you feel better. But don’t expect an apology.

        • 37

          Brad, you are to be commended for knowing and admitting you are an asshole. Of course everyone else around you knew it long before you did, but kudos to you anyway! As for as football programs go Alabama has the best program in the country. Kudos for that as well.

          • 38

            Oh, BamaBrando, I have insulted you by giving your asshole label to Brad. It is by far and away all yours. You earned that name, so be proud.

          • 39

            Don’t worry. You are not insulting me. After all, our coach is an asshole too. Did you not read the part where I said I didn’t care what you think of me? I would rather be an asshole and admit the truth, than to be delusional and whine about reality when it hits, like you guys have been doing here all week.

        • 40
          The Truth

          “We are Alabama fans. To the rest of the SEC, we are assholes. And we don’t care that you think so.”

          Your statement could actually be the motto or creed of bama fans everywhere brando. You should hurry and get that copyright protected so you can have it printed on T-Shirts and banners and plaques and sell all around the your campus on game days or throughout the year. Just think of the money you could make, because I know you think every bama fan thinks like you do and would want one right brando?

          • 41

            And what would you consider LSUs fan base to be? Spitting on the opposing teams band, dressing in drag, shaking the opposing teams bus, neurotic to the core, and alcoholic? Actually being an asshole is pretty tame compared to that. And most of the LSU fans I have actually met were assholes on top of the other dysfunction.

          • 42

            I also said don’t expect an apology for it either. Why would any Bama fan care that an LSU fan like yourself thinks I am an asshole? It is football, trash talk is rampant amongst all fan bases, yours included. After all, you are probably on of the biggest assholes I have seen here.

            Saban is an asshole, Bama fans are assholes, and you only feel that way because we are winning. We are assholes because we are proud of our tradition of winning championships. We are proud of the way our team wins. We are proud of the way our coach coaches. Call us names and hate us.

            But the reality is, if you are from an opposing team, and you come here to trash talk, you are an asshole too. Welcome to the club!

          • 44

            Great idea Tooth! But don’t think we have the monopoly on asshole fans. You could wear an ASSHOLE shirt yourself. Do you really think I am trying to be nice? I am glad all of you opposing fans really get it. Come over to our place, on a Bama site, what are you expecting?

            Tooth has been over here two years running talking smack. Last year was so much fun. He is STILL hurting over that one. After all the talk, statistics, digging for links and otherwise being a complete douche bag, yet he is still coming back for more. Maybe it is just another inherit trait of an LSU fan. You love to be abused. Saban has really messed y’all up.

    • 46


      ” In Starkville, we believe. And it has nothing to do with the numbers on a scoreboard at the end of 60 minutes…”

      Of COURSE you think that way…because more times than not, you’re getting your BUTTS handed to you by the Crimson Tide!

      Losers recreate the rules of the game when they know they don’t have a chance at winning the conventional way!

  4. 47

    See. Here’s the difference.. we don’t need the Nat’l Championships to be fans of our team/University. I would rather be a Bulldog fan at 7 – 1 (or even 1 – 7), than this type of Bama fan at 8 – 0. If this angry, spiteful attitude and TERRIBLE sportsmanship is what happens when your team wins Nat’l Championships, honest to goodness, you can keep it. I really feel bad for your University (if you even went there, as most Bama “fans” that I meet do not).. this type of Bama fan makes your entire University look horrible. — None of your hateful attempt at belittling our fan base or University does anything to take things away from us. It simply makes you look like a sad, sad little person whose identity and happiness is solely based on a shallow little thing that you actually have zero control over. This piece of writing goes to prove that you don’t get it all. You don’t know how to be a true man, because you see, we DO BELIEVE. Even after getting our asses kicked, we believe in our team. – http://visit.starkville.org/archives/2191

    • 48

      Oh wow. Now that was just sad.

      Go play Upward if results don’t matter, loser. You play to win the game. And you can’t when you play Bama.

      BUT YOU BELIEVE!!!!!! That’s all that counts!!!!!

    • 49

      I have been a Bama fan since the day I was born. I have supported Bama, even when the times were rough. So, don’t act like there is a ‘difference’. We are both fans of a football team we hate to see lose.

      Your team lost, after a week of hype from your own fanbase that got your hopes up. You didn’t hear a peep from Bama fans or the team. No fancy slogans, nothing. And you want to get mad because we are laughing at you guys today? Wow. Bama is making such sensitive and whiny fans out of most of the SEC fanbases after a loss. I guess you feel that way because deep down, you really can’t do anything to stop it.

      Sure, we know everyone wants to beat Bama. They have been rolling since Saban arrived. You act like we should be ashamed of it or something. Well, we are not. We are proud of what Bama has done. And we are not going to apologize for it either. Believe all you want. But we already KNOW that Bama has something special going on. They won’t win every game, for sure. But you can bet that everyone hates to play Bama.

      If you don’t like the belittling, don’t read. But you should have know it was coming after the #Ibelieve crap and vandalizing our statues. Since you are so high and mighty, what do you think of the fans that did that?

      • 51

        You are a typical sidewalk Bummer fan. Fat, stupid and bad teeth. Little education and live in a mobile home park. You look for opposing fans asleep so you can take out your rusty balls an rub on their face. You are typical of the Bama nation.

  5. 52

    Was that a threat, Ethan? Would you like me to recite your ip address for you?

    This is a blog. I know the internet is new to your state, but calm down. People talk smack here. Most can take it. You can’t.

    Time to break out the Uno cards your grandmom gave you and go occupy yourself until you can calm down.

      • 54

        The response from Mississippi State fans to this article has been nothing but baffling. Apparently they are the only fan base that can talk smack and not have to pay for it afterwards. Hmmmm.

        • 55
          Denny Chimes

          It’s pretty bad when the Barners seem more rational than the fans of #failstate. The thing I will give the Barners is that at least they somewhat have gone toe to toe with Bama over the years and more often than not have lost but it isn’t a lopsided series. In over 100 years of competition MSU has only managed 17 victories. They also think Mullen is some sort of elite coach. Prior to this season, he never even beat a SEC West team not named Ole Miss. They will bring up this year…well look what they have accomplished this year:

          Sep 1 Jackson State Won 56-9
          Sep 8 Auburn Won 28-10
          Sep 15 @Troy Won 30-24
          Sep 22 South Alabama Won 30-10
          Oct 6 @Kentucky Won 27-14
          Oct 13 Tennessee Won 41-31
          Oct 20 M. Tenn. St. Won 45-3
          Oct 27 @Alabama Lost 7-38

          So you see, everyone with the exception of Bama they have beat had either inferior talent or is having a down year (Barn, UT). Looking at the rest of their schedule, they have aTm, LSU, Arky, and Ole Miss left. The best they can hope for is an 9-3 record. aTm and LSU will beat them, but Arky and Ole Miss are loseable games. In fact, I will predict that they will split Arky and Ole Miss. 8-4 is a decent season by your standards historically #failstate, but it is not the record of an elite team. So quit running your mouth and take your medicine like a man.

    • 56
      The Truth

      Wow ITK, why have you never made this comment to RC when he post physical threats to people who post on this site when he dosen’t agree with them? Again no consistency in your comments to people on your site. ie what you think is good for other fans does not apply to bama fans, right?

      • 57

        It’s not my quest to point out the inconsistencies in all of mankind. We know Crimsonite here, and while I don’t like his approach sometimes, we know what we’re getting when he writes.

        I just enjoy pointing out the impure motives of imbalanced, hypocritical turds like yourself, driven by hatred, envy and little-man’s syndrome. We get it. We’re big and powerful and you’re not, so you hate us.

        I wish I truly cared what you thought. It’d make our interaction so much more interesting for me. But I don’t. So 38-7. BELIEVE!!!

  6. 58

    Guessing you’ve conveniently forgotten the saga of Three Mikes…Dubose, Price and Shula. FYI, the MSU fan base didn’t want Croom either.

    Did your Alabama education not afford you the ability to spell correctly? We will always believe in our football team and always know what asses so many UAT fans are.

    • 59

      Your literacy rate being what it is, one would suppose spelling wouldn’t rank as high a priority from a communication standpoint.

      Nevertheless, I did add the “n” you were so hungry for. You’re familiar with that letter. Mississippi Burning was written in honor of that letter and your state.

      But, I digress. What on earth do former coaches have to do with anything? Nothing, short of trying to divert attention from yet another epic beatdown you took (again) from your friends to the east. Then again, if I were a State fan trying to believe in something unbelievable, I would divert attention as well.

      • 60

        Bama talking literacy? Rich, lol. The rest of the nation doesn’t no the difference in Bummer and Miss. You know Bama was cut out of the ass of Miss aroud 1819? No, you stupid bummer didn’t know that.

        • 61

          Doesn’t “no” the difference Bully? Really? Right after you talk about literacy? You really just need to stop. Just stop. You’re not helping your brethren.


  7. 62

    Would you mind explaining to me what makes Alabama so much better of a state than Mississippi… Historically, other than your badass football team, the Alabama has pretty much been a skidmark on the underwear of America. Tons of poverty and lynchings, but nothing endearing. Every other state in the south has something to contribute except Alabama. Georgia has its peaches, Atlanta, and the Athens music scene. Mississippi gave you Elvis, BB King, and awesome tamales. Tennessee has its country music, blues, and hipsters. Louisiana has New Orleans, enough said. Arkansas has the Ozarks, Kentucky has Bluegrass. What has Alabama given us besides Rosa Parks.

    • 63

      Friend, I think you need to take a step back. This is a fan blog for the University of Alabama, a football team that you dream of beating year after year but that owns you.

      It’s just a blog. This is all in fun. We beat your tails last night, and we’ll likely do it again next year, and until my grandkids are old and gray.

      But you’ll always have 1980; the 9-6 game has to be available on blue ray somewhere for you. Oh, and you’ll always have 2006, when we were at our lowest point in 50 years, and 2007, Saban’s first year coaching the derelicts Shula left behind. Those three years ought to mean something to you. Cherish them.

      But don’t get so defensive. You’re starting to sound like an Auburn fan.

    • 64

      The #1 country group of all time – Alabama, Lynerd Skynnard, Hank Williams and Jr, Hellen Keller, Huntsville home of NASA and all military missle research and development, which keeps your ass alive and protected,nd PCB’s which are used to fill the transformers which control all electricity in this country, Satsumas, Mardi Gras, and Gomer Pyle. What more? Look it up. I’m busy. RTR!

    • 67
      The Conduit

      How about Alabama gives the USA some of the best college football in history? Is that alone not enough? Want to talk about how many championships Alabama didn’t win, or just the ones they did?

      Stay out of Gulf Shores. It’s prettier there without you. Tuscaloosa too. And Birmingham, headquarters of the SEC itself. Roll Tide.

    • 68

      Besides Rosa parks and the greatest country band of all time I am pretty sure the Bammer rednecks are perfectly ok with hanging their hat on their contribution of bad-ass football teams!

  8. 71

    That doesn’t answer the question though. If you are going to shit talk the state of Mississippi, be prepared to defend your own state. What makes your state so much better than Mississippi, football aside.

    • 73

      You are on the internet. You can look it up. In about every category, Mississippi is ranked close to the bottom, if not the very bottom. More than any other state. So, based on that, it really wouldn’t take much to be better, now would it? If Alabama is the ‘skid mark’, what does that make Mississippi? My guess would be the ‘vaginal discharge’ as much as you guys are whining today.

  9. 74

    Thanks random Miss. St. Believer™! That was awesome! Glad Bama could ruin everything for ya! Have a good day!

    • 77

      I loved this song… Journey should sue since the ending of ‘The Sopranos’ totally causes thoughts of random violence to come up every time I hear the words.

      Unfortunately for MSU, Bama’s violence toward them is a regular occurrence and not random…

  10. 78

    Yeah but you’re 3rd in obesity, 4th in poverty. That’s like being a taller midget. Answer my damn question. What makes Alabama a better state, excluding football

      • 80
        The Truth

        LMAO ITK, you obviously didn’t listent to your local radion stations after LSU beat Alabama last year.

        And let me beat you to the punch, yes LSU had a lot of whiny and defensive fans on the radion after bama beat LSU in January, but I’m not the one posting and claiming “we’re not whiny and defensive” now am I?

        • 81

          What’s a radion station? I mean, you didn’t just misspell it once either. I can’t believe you share the same right to vote with me. Scary.

    • 82

      The start of the space program, rockets, missile defense….

      Redstone – Hutsville, Alabama…..Google it.

      Oh, and the best college football on the planet.

  11. 83

    I”m beginning to believe they don”t believe they got the hell beaten out of them and sounds like a bunch of whining bitches..HEY STATE WE JUST BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!rammer jammer bitches!!!!!!! RTR

  12. 85

    I’m not whining about the game, we got our asses kicked. We didn’t execute well, and bama’s O and D line showed how far the gap is between being a better than average team and a great team. I’m just trying to understand why you have to tie in our state’s economic shortcomings with a football game. So our fans may have bit off more than our football team could chew, and we put a shirt on your beloved statue, oh no! Y’all seem like the ones who are butt hurt and whiny. Your inability to answer my question answers my question. Your state has nothing to contribute besides football.

    • 86

      No, not butthurt and whiny. We are POINTING and LAUGHING at the feeble attempts to muster up support because you wanted to win so bad. Bamas team, fans coaches for the most part had a lot of respect for this game. The trash talk and #Ibelieve crap came from you guys. You should have known we would be laughing about it today, because it sure made you guys look stupid.

      You are whining. There is nothing you can say that will seriously bother anyone from Alabama. But your panties are sure wadded up though. And it sure didn’t take much either. Just saying #1 in obesity and #50 in education. That made your face mad.

  13. 89

    Wow! Someone from Mississippi using the social status against another State? Sure you’re not an Ole Miss fan passed out smoking pot in the Grove? Ouch! I’m wounded to the core of my soul! NOT! RTR!

  14. 90

    I feel like I’m arguing with children. Clearly none of you have anything going for you except the Alabama football team that you live through vicariously. I bet most you never even stepped foot in a college classroom, much less one at Alabama. Don’t talk shit about somebody’s state if you can’t cite one redeeming quality about your state that doesn’t involve football. You guys are candy asses for allowing yourselves to get worked up over our fans trying to rally around the team and pump them up, y’all are the ones looking whiny. Grow some balls.

    • 91

      Nasa research and development for the space program, research and development for the nations air/space defense systems. Huntsville with the highest average IQ in the nation. That’s more than enough to smoke Mississippi’s ass.

    • 92

      Says the whiny ass Miss.St. fan. I have an education. I have a college degree. But the point here is WE ARE LAUGHING AT MISS ST. FANS #Ibelieve crap. You just can’t take it. There is really no argument here, except for the one you are trying to make. If it pisses you off so much, you know you don’t have to be here.

      This isn’t about ‘My state is better’n yer state’, but you sure want it to be. That #Ibelieve thing is DEAD. Bama killed it. Get over it.

    • 93

      I don’t claim to be an ambassador for my state, and am certainly not defensive about it like you are yours. I just know that historically, none of your football programs have accomplished diddly. This is a football blog, an Alabama football blog, so trying to take the argument into an arena where you don’t have to face up to ridiculous shortcomings of your “also ran” football program is a sad, pathetic attempt on your part to deflect what the real argument is about.

      We own you. Simple as that. With a 77-17-3 all-time record against the Bullpups, an 81% winning percentage (including the last five in a row), we simply own you. Now, let’s hear some interesting facts about your state’s exports or cotton production.

  15. 94
    Yes We Still Believe

    Wow big talk from a nameless hack blogger. Win with class and grow up. Also a majority of State fans actually attended the university and didn’t just buy a tshirt or hang a flag up in their double-wide.

    • 95

      Ahh the Auburn defense. Saban is making the whole SEC have the typical Auburn fan mentality! We showed class all week, giving Miss. St. respect and expecting this game to be a test. So, according to you, some Miss. St. graduates come over and vandalize Bamas statues, putting 8-0 on them BEFORE the game. That was about as dumb as Tuberville holding up them fingers before a 36-0 beatdown.

      Maybe you guys should learn how to win with class. But thanks for giving Bama’s team a little extra motivation for the game! That worked out well for us!

    • 96

      Are you serious? I didn’t think anybody FROM Mississippi actually went to any school above 3rd grade. Kind of like Mexico. That’s probably why my brother in law who’s a Cartel boss has his base of operations in Mississippi. You people are rated so low that many 3rd world countries outrank you socially. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    • 97

      Class? Your bunch puts crap all over our property, takes pictures to post all over the net, and you’re gonna lecture us now on class? Funny how you get your butt handed to you for 60 minutes and now all the sudden you’re an expert on class.

  16. 98

    Lynnerd skynnard, is from Florida dip shit. Alabama, the band, blows. That NASA shit is boring. Helen Keller only learned that shit from her yankee teacher. Hank Williams gets a pass. Gomer Pyle is fictional. Mardi Gras is way better in New Orleans, and what makes your satsumas so much better… Y’all don’t have shit on Elvis, BB King, Faulkner, and Welty

    • 99

      But we had the Bear, and now we have Saban. Wouldn’t trade that for nothing Mississippi has ever had. You are still a sore loser.

      • 100
        The Truth

        Wow Brando, you had Bear and now you have Saban, and to you that makes YOU a better person than someone else and makes you think it gives you the right to belittle or put down someone else?

        • 101

          No, our football team just kicks your football team’s butts every time we play them. It’s not hard. Are you learning deficient?

    • 102

      jdm, you’re pitiful, dude. Jim Nabors is a real person who could sing like no one else. There are plenty of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals educated in Alabama who save lives every day. Alabama, USA, UNA, UAB, Troy, even Auburn educate people to move upward throughout life. This state has lots of problems, but someone from Mississippi has NO RIGHT to talk. If you think about it, someone from Bama drove across the state line once a while back and sired you. So shut up and appreciate this state. I appreciate Mississippi – have won lots of money in your casinos and had fun with more than a few Mississippi girls. So get over it.

  17. 103

    Your brother in law is a cartel boss? What’s that make your sister? A gang banger, meth head? That’s not something I’d share. Clearly she’s a real winner

    • 104

      No asshole, she was an assassin, now retired and a fine wife and mother, but if you assholes keep up the bullshit threats I might ask her to unretire. Anyway I can’t help what her brother does or what she did when she was 19 or 20, and she suffers wishing she could undo it. But back to the other stupudity – Gomer Pyle was one of the most famous sitcom characters of his time. He was in real life Jim Nabors from Alabama and in his real voice could sing kike an Angle. As for Mardi Gra – don’t fucking worry about New Orleans fool, ’cause it ‘ain’t in Mississippi. And you’re the real dumbass. Lynnard Skynnard was from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, hence Sweet Home Alabama, one of the most famous rock songs if all time. But then anyone who has to sneak in to use his momma’s compututer is too damn young to know any of this. So STFU! RTR!

  18. 105

    Hey ITK, why do y’all keep letting dale or whatever his name is keep posting his ridiculous picks? He picked MSU to beat Bama, and everybody and their grandmaw knew that wasn’t going to happen. The guy is a joke – seriously, you guys should get someone else.
    By the way, ROLL TIDE!

    And if barn keeps Chizik I’m just going to start calling them the Chizik Tigers, because he obviously owns the athletic department from his awareness of all the shady and illegal undertakings of Auburn.

    And free of charge, here’s the Barn Creed, once again:

  19. 107

    Moose, Jim Nabors is also a raging homosexual, never been married and did musicals… But that’s beside the point. I’m not doubting that you have fine universities. If you read the article, ITK made jabs about the state of Mississippi. I was just making a point that while those statistics are true (Alabama’s rankings aren’t much better), Mississippi has contributed a lot culturally to this country, and somebody from Alabama shouldn’t call the kettle black

    • 108

      If you can sing like Jim Nabors you should do musicals. God, you’re a dumbass. So what if he’s a homosexual – he never made a big deal about it – just closet queens like you who typically scream about all that.
      I’ve decided you’re just a loser, so forget about you.

    • 109

      and if Mr. Nabors was such a “raging homosexual” as you describe him I don’t think he would be alive at the advanced age that he is. DUMBASS.

  20. 111

    Well, JDM is sure from Mississippi with his homophobic remarks. Elvis? Vernon Presley moved his family out of that fucking stinkhole racist Mississippi when Elvis was 13, you fucking inbred jerkoff. Memphis claims Elvis, no matter how close it is to Mississippi. Tupelo is fucking inbred. Brothers are pimps to their whore sisters in Tupelo, and that’s a fact, BELIEVE that!!

    BB King?! The Blues?! Oh, I get it…claim the black man when he can help your piece of shut University and State. This is a football blog, not a performing arts blog, you stupid pig fucker. If you have any problems with what I said, we can meet at one of your mobster casinos in Biloxi, you know where you pimp your bitch sister

    38-7, Loser:)

  21. 112

    Let that anger out RC, hate! hate! hate!.. Make all the inbred, white trash jokes you want, because I lived in Houston, TX till I was 14, and I guarantee its bigger and nicer than your hometown. As for my sister, she’s going for her Phd at UNC, nice try though. Really the only thing that you offended me with is the racism/homophobic accusations. If I really wanted to “use the black man” to bolster my argument, I’d have also thrown in Oprah and Morgan Freeman. As for being homophobic, I’m not, I was mainly just trying to argue that Jim Nabors is really not that cool

  22. 113

    No hate here, and you can have Houston. I’ve been there several times AS WELL as between 10-20 other huge metropolitan areas, 6 countries, and 3 continents in my lifetime. Oprah Winfrey? Ok, (giggle) take a lot of pride in that. Besides, nobody in BumFuck, Mississippi gives a crap about the performing arts, so keep beating that drum. Oprah’s money hasn’t been spent to build anything of value to that backwards ass state, and Morgan Freeman caters to the hillbilly inbreds at his blues bar in the Delta. What the hell do the accomplishments of a few African-Americans have to do with Mississippi? You guys are still sloppy mud dogs, and your football teams are gimmicky losers. If Mississippi residents gave a fuck about the arts, they would have become upwardly mobile over the last 50 years instead of ranking 50th in Education and General Hygiene. BELIEVE THAT!!

    I don’t believe your sister even graduated from high school, much less a bachelor’s degree from a reputable University. Just drop the act, Jack. 38-7, BELIEVE THAT

  23. 119

    Ok. I am weighing in as a Mod. (Didn’t want to, but you guys forced my hand.)
    I like Ms. State. I see an improvement under Dan Mullen. This is good. When anyone beats Auburn it is good thing.
    I think were people take offense is when you put sonething on Bear Bryant’s statue. Because HE is our Elvis, and B.B. King.
    So let cooler heads prevail. Also, as a Bama fan, I can attest we listen to tons of trash talk. And this blog makes a sport of it. Its not for everyone. But if you like to talk smack, disagree one week and agree the next. This is a place for you.
    The best thing about this blog is you can say most anything and while folks may answer back, its good natured ribbing.
    And I invite the WHOLE state of Mississippi tocom back and trash talk when a Ms. team whens again. ( I probably wnt be around to hear it 25 years from now anyway.)

      • 123

        I’m not making any excuses. Ya’ll beat us hands down. But why get your panties in a wad just because we believed we could upset Alabama. Nobody likes arrogance. Remember what goes up most come down.

        • 124

          Kevin, it was more than that. Your players were already celebrating what it was going to feel like being 8-0. You were upset over the 24 pt. point spread. Your fans were vandalizing our statues. Bama fans had respect, took the game seriously, and there was no trash talk. But after the game is over, we can laugh and make fun of all the trouble you guys went through, and got beat worse than anyone would have thought. It is pretty funny. And if coming over here to cry about it makes you feel better, by all means do it. But don’t get mad when we laugh about that, too.

  24. 128
    Vanilla Gorilla

    Arguing on the Internet is like competing in the special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

  25. 131

    Look at me! I’m the biggest BAMA fan EVAR! I don’t give to the university, never been to a game, and couldn’t tell you how to get to Tuscaloosa…but by GAWD I got on my Wal-Marks BAMA T-shirt and I watch ’em on TV every Saturday!!! Biggest.Bama.Fan.EVAR!


  26. 132

    hank aaron nat king cole harper lee joe louis kate jackson correta scott king jesse owens willie mays hank sr hank jr carl lewis emmilou harris hell thats all from THE HEART OF DIXIE…….ALABAMA !!!!……. NEXT

  27. 133

    Wow. Mississippi State fans are the winner of the Most Butthurt From a Bama Beatdown Award for the season so far. Who would have guessed?

  28. 135

    I live in North Carolina and I normally pull for Alabama when they’re playing anyone but a small number of other teams I’m a fan of. After this article, I’m questioning whether or not I should continue to associate myself with such a pathetically unsportsmanlike fanbase.

    We get it, Bama. Your football team is good. Really good. But you aren’t unbeatable. You aren’t gods. And you sure as hell aren’t entitled to success in the way your fans seem to tout it. You will lose again, you will have a losing season again. Yes, you’re at the top now… but no team in the history of sports has stayed at the top forever. And I can’t wait to watch your fanbase tear itself apart (again) when it does happen (anyone remember the early 2000s?).

    You see, when you win and have success, you’re also expected to have class. Having that class garners respect, and respect is one of the easiest ways to guarantee continued success. However, when I look at Bama I see very little class. I see fans who bring social/ecinomic factors about opposing team’s states into discussion. I see fans that are so wrapped up in the notion that their team is better that they start to believe that it makes them better people by being fans, too.

    The way you go about attempting to tear down and destroy any opposing fan base who “believes” or has the desire to win is actually completely contradictory to the whole environment of sports. Do you want to play teams that don’t want to win? Do you want Bama to walk their way to a NC every year? How about we don’t even play football anymore. The NCAA can just mail a trophy annually to Tuscaloosa so that all your fans can salivate to it while wondering what to do with their Saturdays. Do you, as Bama fans, even value competition and the sport of football anymore? Or are you so caught up with success that you don’t want games, you just want to see a W so you can brag to your coworkers on Monday that you’re the fan of an “elite” organization.

    Get over yourselves. Its a sport, not an entitlement.

    • 136

      Please disassociate yourself. We don’t want you.

      You’re not a fan, in truth. You’re just a whiner who can’t separate athletics from real life.

      Athletics is a release. A hobby. A side interest.

      Real life is a family with a five year old battling leukemia. Real life is a father losing his job with no way to support his family. Real life is an untimely death, or trying to love and help a family member through their addiction.

      Athletics is a departure from all that, but apparently you’d rather pontificate than accept a blog for what it is and go with it.

      So no, we at Alabama don’t need you. So please associate yourself with Wake Forest, North Carolina, Western Carolina, The Citadel, or one of the many losing programs you have up there.

      Oh, and just remember, whatever program you choose to “associate” yourself with from here, just know your team is in for an ass-kicking when the unfortunate day come that they find Alabama on their schedule.

      • 137

        Please don’t lecture me on disassociating athletics from real life when in my original post I was chastising you for doing the same in your article.

        Its apparent that no matter how well you can point out what you believe to be a distinction between athletics and real life, how you treat other people (even on the internet) is in fact a part of real life. From your view on sports, including your inability to separate rabid fandom from realism, and a truly delusional expectation of guaranteed success, its safe to assume that you’re most likely a terrible human being as well.

        Not that I care. There are lots of people like you. You won’t change, I know it. I just really hope that when you’re swimming in despair from the next Alabama 3-win season, you’ll think of this article and what an absolute scumbag you were for writing it. I don’t want you to change, I want you to sink to unfathomable depths from regret and despair to reach one of the lowest moments in your life. Then, of course, I want you to recover from it. I may be an asshole being an asshole to another asshole, but I don’t really wish anything that bad on you. Why? Because I can talk all the BS that you can, but in the end I’m still a decent human being.

        • 138

          No, but it’s you, Brad, that lacks a grip on reality. Your persistence on this issue, on an opposing fan’s blog, well after your team was beaten, points to the fact that it’s you that are consumed with this issue, not me. Therefore, I’m left with no other choice but to believe you lack the moral compass necessary to make you a decent human being. “Decent” is a relative term to someone like you. A religious-base would give you such a compass, but you curse too much and are too hate-filled for that to be said of you. And when there isn’t a true foundation, the definition of what you’d call “decent” would be scary to most.

          So in a nutshell: FAIL on your part.

          Now quick, write me another dissertation that I won’t read.

          • 139
            The Truth

            ITK does your statement – “A religious-base would give you such a compass, but you curse too much and are too hate-filled for that to be said of you” apply to your freind and fellow bama fan, crimsonite, as well? If so why don’t you say it to him? Don’t have the character to do that do you, because you’re inconsistent and hypocritical in your comments you post here, aren’t you?

          • 140

            Man, it must be EXHAUSTING hating Alabama. I try to care about what you say, but I just don’t have the energy to do it. I’m too tired of being right and superior to your football program, that we own.

  29. 141

    Talk about keeping it classy in Alabama. You can be as cocky as you want but when you lose expect the nation to write a blog bashing your school. Everyones tired of Bama, thats probably also why pledgships got banned. That’s cute.

    • 142

      Must be frustrating being tired of something you can’t do a dang thing about.

      Please give me the name of the gustapo member that put a gun to your head and made you come to this blog.

      Oh wait, you came willingly. Now, who has the problem?

    • 143

      Everyone has already done that. Haven’t you heard? Everyone hates Alabama. Everybody hates Saban. And whether you believe it or not, we really do like it that way.

  30. 145

    These are Auburn fans in a nutshell:

    “We are Family, all of our redneck Skoal chewing fans are graduates and we are All IN except when being beat down, then we’ll just leave after the 1st QTR. Alabama might be ranked higher in every academic category by US News & World Report, but we have astronauts and winners cheat, except every 5 years when we buy a Cam Newton or Bo Jackson. We never vandalized Coach Bryant’s gravesite, rolled Toomers when he died, alienated other Bama grads, placed Cam’s jersey on Bryant’s statue, flamed during the Shula years, stuck six fingers in children’s faces, or any other of the reported mean things. A Bama fan poisoned our tree for no reason because we are a good family Christian fanbase despite Trooper Taylor, Corky Frost, David Housel, Bobby Lowder, Pat Dye, and the other drunks and hillbillies who call Auburn “fambly”!”

    Mississippi State fans:

    Coach Mullen told us worldwide gimmicks win ballgames and WE BELIEVED, even though better talent and better coaching has historically prevailed over gimmicks. Since we are sore losers, we will stoop down to the Auburn level and just throw UNVERIFIED facts around about how great our ass backwards State and University Is. Winners cheat and we forgive Auburn for outbidding us for $cam Newton!

    • 147

      You know when Skynard was at the top there was no interbet. Just what was in the papers. Then when the plane crashed whatever local paper it was that I was reading said the band was from Muscle Shoals. Obviously they were spending a lot of time there. Did they ever move their base there? Did they have 2 bases? To write a song like Sweet Home Alabama, they had to have very strong ties to the State. That was so long ago that I’ve certainly never has a reason or motivation to research them. Honest mistake. So shoot me. But my wife will send her brother after you. LMAO! RTR!

  31. 149

    This snide commentary should’ve never been written. If you want to write a commentary taking issue with the statue thing (and the what, two, four or whatever number of drunk frat boys did it???) then fine, fair enough. But you didn’t do that, did you? You attack our ‘We Believe’ campaign (which was awesome, btw). What, are we gonna NOT believe???…..that on a given Saturday, we might, just might shock the college football world? I don’t know a single State fan who thought we’d win, but you’re damn right, we did believe that we ‘just might’. This piece of trash should’ve never been written. Any decent Tide fan should wear these types of activities from opposing fans as a badge of honor. Btw, ITK, you’re an asshat.

    • 150

      “You attack our ‘We Believe’ campaign” ???????

      I’m not sure a column on a Bama blog making fun of you is quite on the level of an “attack”.

      Man, Miss St fans are becoming such vagina’s.

  32. 152

    This has been quite an eye opener. Through the years, I’ve heard a lot of negative stereotypes regarding Bama fans. I still don’t believe they are representative of the entire fan base, but ITK and a few others here have certainly confirmed a few of them. Either that or you guys are just like, what, 12 years old? Thirteen maybe? Too late to ponder it any longer. Work comes early.

    • 155

      Saturday was an eye-opener for you as well. I have heard a lot of negativity about every SEC fan base. The Fact is: Everyone hates Bama because THEY ARE WINNING. So, it is always good for us when everyone hates Bama. And the more Bama wins, the more people hate. I do believe Bama must be the most hated team in the SEC right now. Life is good for Bama fans. But insults and whining about does little to change the facts. If your team was winning and was playing as well as Sabans Bama teams have, everyone would hate you, too.

  33. 156

    Wow, look at all these Miss St. fans on this blog! The beat down Alabama gave Miss St, must have really been emotionally damaging on them.

    I was at the game and as soon as both teams stepped on the field, I could see Alabama had the advantage.

    2 points…
    1. You are Miss St., you should be used to losing.
    2. Auburn would be 5-2 in the same 7 game stretch that you guys played.

    Point 2, should be the “eye opener”.

  34. 157

    Gee thanks Brando. That’s the first time in my lifelife I’ve been called an asshole añd it seemed like a complement. Can you believe Toothdog showed up? Notice he’s not saying anyrhing about his own team. While it’s true that most everybody hates Bama fans, a lot of it stems from simply tgat everybody hates a winner. However, when it gets down to the nitty gritty it is pretty much a universal opinion that LSWho fans are the biggest assholes and Awbie’s are the most obnoxious. MSU fans are pretty much unheard from. I guess ITK just added too much insult to their injury. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  35. 158

    Gee thanks Brando. I believe that’s the first time anyone has ever called me an asshole and made me like it. Bwaa Haww Haww! However, it’s pretty much a universal oppinion that in the SEC, LSWho fans are the biggest assholes, while Awbies are the most obnoxious. Don’t know what bug is up MSU’s ass cause they ae pretty much unheard from. Guess ITK just added too much insult to injury. LMAO! I see ToothDog is over here minding someone elses business and running his mouth on behalf of one of the Corndog rivals – yet not a word about his own team. Then again LSWho ‘ain’t much to talk about this year. Bama 34 – Corndogs 10. Maybe they’ll get 10. RTR!

  36. 159

    This is what is funny….

    Miss St. considers Alabama a RIVALRY Game!

    I BELIEVE they need to find a rival they can actual compete with to replace Bama.
    Try Auburn for the next few years.

    One more thing…Ole Miss is going to stomp your ass.

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