The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Alabama 33 Ole Miss 14

Alabama moved to 2-0 in conference play with a 33-14 win over the University of Mississippi on a damp, weird night in Bryant-Denny Stadium. The #1 team in the land trailed for the first time since falling behind by a field goal last season to Tennessee. But 14-seconds and 99-yards later, Bama’s Christion Jones erased that deficit on a kick-off return and the Tide would never look back.

First, THE GOOD.

Alabama has now started 5-0 for five consecutive seasons for the first time in its storied football history. Dating back to 2008, the Tide is perfect in September, including five wins over Arkansas, and wins over Clemson, Virginia Tech and Michigan.

Amaari Cooper. I said it before the season, the kid is going to be a star. 8 catches for 84 yards and 2 TDs is the kind of stats that used to make people say Juuuuuullliooo! Cooper is that kind of talent; not as physical as Julio Jones, but physical, and a bigger downfield threat. And yes, Ole Miss fans, that was a touchdown. When the ball crosses the plain, you get six points. Great breakout game for the young man from Miami.

A 19-point home win. It’s a great sign that your program is in the right place when people grumble over a 33-14 win against a conference opponent. Alabama football has taken on a life of itself in the minds of fans and observers. The expectation is that the other team will be rendered impotent on the stadium floor, unable to do anything at all of positive note against the Tide.

Ole Miss. This is a well-coached football team that is clearly getting better, and on a day of 70-63 and 51-44 football scores, the Rebels tackled as well or better than anybody I watched…including Alabama. The Rebs had life, and a plan that worked at times. There is reason for optimism in Oxford under this coaching staff. This team will beat Auburn, drum Arkansas and give Mississippi State and LSU everything they want. I predict they’ll beat one of those two.

AJ McCarron. 22 of 30 for 180 yard and a pair of TDs, and still no INT’s on the year. Two underthrows were the difference in the game not becoming a blowout. AJ has now passed Brodie Croyle by throwing the most consecutive completions without an interception with a new UA record 206 attempts. Every year college football seems to have a Geno Smith (WVU QB) kind of player that has unreal stats. To date AJ McCarron isn’t that kind of flashy player, but he continues to make good decisions with the football and continues to rack up victories.

This wasn’t Towson, it was Ole Miss. On a night Bama had to play a full game to beat an up and coming Ole Miss team, LSU struggled to put away Towson. If you put a gun to my head I could not for the life of me tell you in what state or classification of football Towson plays. This was a hungry SEC West opponent, a team Bama has now beaten nine straight times, leading the overall series 46-9-2.


Game time. Football games were never meant to be wrapping up at midnight. At no time during spring, summer or regular season practice do coaching staffs take to the practice field at 10:30pm. And yet, for the sake of TV contracts, Alabama vs. Mississippi was forced to tee it up at 8:26pm, meaning the second half wasn’t starting until well after 10:00. Why does this matter? By itself it doesn’t play a factor. But when you factor in an opponent with nothing to lose and everything to gain, intensity levels playing at a weird time of day can come back to bite you. I would much rather play an 11:00am game than an 8:26pm game.

The running game. Where did it go? Bama managed just 125 yards on the ground, led by leading rusher Eddie Lacy’s 82 net yards. Alabama could never open the kind of holes its used to, as Ole Miss stacked the box and threw the defensive playbook at the Tide offense all night.

The matchup. Make no mistake, this was Ole Miss’ BCS National Championship game. But then, that’s true of every team Alabama will face. When you’re king of the mountain…and Alabama is that, the gold standard for college football…you’re going to get everybody’s best shot. But factor in a weird game time, bad weather, and a team hungry to knock you off, and you’ve got match up issues. Putting the 19-point win into better perspective.


Injuries. The off week is coming at the right time, but it appears several players sustained injuries during the game. Receiver DeAndrew White, runningback/returner Dee Hart, safety Brad Lester, corner back Deione Belue and defensive end Ed Stinson all left the game due to injury. Lester was the only one among those that returned. It’s unclear of the nature of all of the injuries at this time, but White’s appeared to be the most serious, pertaining to the knee. From all appearances, it was very serious, likely season ending.

Intensity. Factor in the weird game time, an outmatched opponent, yuck weather, and a quick lead, and you have all the makings of a team that can let its guard down and drop its intensity. And when intensity drops, injuries can happen. When I played I heard over and over that if you don’t go 100%, that’s when you’re going to get hurt. I’ve watched football for over four decades now, and I’ve seen it time and time again.

The Student Section. Can we please stop the insanity and take away half the tickets students get to these games? The Greek section rarely if ever stays the whole game, or even fills up their allotted number of seats. Let’s cut the student tickets to 15K, implement a lottery system for tickets, and kill the Greek seats altogether. Then, make the South endzone available at a reduced ticket price. An endzone upper deck ticket does not hold the same value as a 50-yard line lower level ticket, yet they are the same price. Now I realize the Tide Pride factor into even getting to buy the lower level seating, but follow me here. Make those tickets available to the general public at $30 a pop, and make the students earn the right to see the Tide play. This will end the stupidity of empty seats in full view in the third quarter.


Alabama head coach Nick Saban has much to get after his team about heading into the off week, which is always a good thing for him. The Tide is #1, 5-0, in command of its destiny and still head and shoulders above almost every program in America. A 33-14 win over a conference opponent that you haven’t faced under its new coaching staff and philosophy is a win no matter how you cut it. And there are 118 D-1 programs in America that would trade places right now with the Crimson Tide.

But there’s much to be worked on before Bama heads into October, including three out of the next four games on the road.

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  1. 1

    The fact is our offensive line sucked last nite, got their butts kicked all nite by smaller, inferior players, had mccarron running all nite and kept our defense on the field far too long. This was critical against the offense freeze is running. I’m just glad he stupidly started rotating qb’s.

    If we dropped to #2 behind Oregon, wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit. We didn’t play like a #1 team.

    • 2

      you’re a dumbass. i guess you don’t understand that Ole Miss had 8 and 9 guys in the box. That sort of clogs up the running lanes, but I guess that’s beyond your comprehension.
      the o-line gave AJ lots of time other than 2 or 3 plays to pass. I don’t get why we don’t go deep more often. That would loosen up the running game, but I don’t guess you understand that.
      Ole Miss had lost 8 games in a row to Bama. Bama is the defending national champs. Ole Miss has a new coach who appears to have energized the program and more than likely had this game circled all season. but I dont guess you understand that.
      You don’t like being No. 1, 5-0 for the 5th straight year, and the defending national champions go pull for the barn or the vols. You’re a dumbass.

      • 4

        well, Coach Saban must be a dumbass too.

        coming out of the half he stated we didn’t have control of the game.

        and we didn’t have control of the game because of the offensive line being pushed around. i will guarantee you if you spoke with any of the linemen they will tell you they’re embarrassed with their performance.

        first year coach. energized team.

        you koolaid drinkers better pray freeze can’t recruit.

        • 5

          Why don’t you go pull for the Barn dumbass. You only e er show up on here ito to make some dumbass criticism of the team, a player or Saban
          You’re no better than a Barnturd troll. A typical couch potato moron with a keyboard. Goddamn it must be great to be a perfect motherfucker. Maybe we can hire you to replace Saban. Bama’s football players are kids only a year or two removed from high school and their daddy’s paddlings. And if you take everything coach Saban complains about seriously you would think he can find shit wrong with God’s performance
          Nobody here wants to hear your shit.

  2. 8

    I will take a 33 14 win anytime..Coach Saban and staff called a tight game with nothing fancy..Coach knew what to look for against Ole Miss..He said it all week they were a very good team..Did not need to go all out with play calling,just hard nose BAMA football with a defense that will bend a little but not break..Good sec win with off week coming at the right time to get healed up..Nothing easy in SEC games and coming in to the meat of SEC nothing gets easier..Just hard nose football”” RTR[[[[[[[[[[

    • 9
      # 1 al. fan

      I agree JW, the Coach isn’t about to lay all his eggs in one game. I thought they were kinda sluggish at first but then I attribute that to either not having a good practice or that Ole Miss was charged up. But give OM credit they played with a lot of spirit and gave the Tide a sort of challenge at first with their hurry-up offense, but even that proved to be ineffective after the half………. still,after the game was over, it was ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

  3. 10

    Bullshit! Just because we didn’t steamroll another opponent does not mean we played bad. Although a 19 point win over a tough motivated rival could certainly be considered ass rape. What I saw last night was a tough assed well coached football team that was motivated. Those fuckers hit and tackled like Bama did Jan 9th against LSU. In the second half Ole Miss Dbacks broke up 5 well thrown downfield passes that would have made Nick Saban and Kirby Smart proud. The only thing wrong with our running game was Miss speed and enthusiasm. Neither Lacy nor Gelding are scatbacks. We could have neutralized their run defense better if we had utilized our speed runners more, namely Hart and Drake. But aside from that, nobody can say we don’t deserve to be #1. If they do then they don’t know shit about football. Yesterday every single team in the top 15 except Bama nearly got their asses handes to them, and only Texas, West Va, Georgia and Ohio St played opponents who might be considered better than Ole Miss was last night – but not much better. And all four of them should have, could have lost. So who the fuck deserves to be ahead of of Bama? Fucking #2 Oregon who lead a sorry assed Wash St by 4 at half and was damn lucky not to be behind. They finally won by 5 more points than Bama did but I’d take Ole Miss and give 10 against Wash St. Or maybe you think #3 LSU deserves it? They trailed Lurleen Wallace Junior College with 3 minutes to go in the half and struggled to win by less than Bama. Maybe #4 Fla St who struggled the whole game to fight off a pathetic South Florida team. After spending 13 hours in Buffalo Wild Wings in Detroit watching each and every one of theTop 15 yesterday I was just too fucking happy to see Bama dominate – if not anihilate as good o better opponent as everybody else damn near lost to. No sir, if anything Alabama strengthened the fact that they are the class of 2012. NEXT!!!! RTR!

  4. 17

    Number one baby!!! The process continues and works really well when you have the right people in place.And i think we do..RTR””””””’

    • 19
      The Truth

      Is your coach slipping or is there a flaw in his ability to evaluate character issues in who he offers scholarships to? Or does only physical abilities matter and he hopes for the best all for the hope of another win?

      • 20

        Hey, Tooth – your team recruited him, too. Any criticism you throw this way comes right back at you. Go check the fries – the alarm has been going off for 2 minutes.

        • 21
          The Truth

          Pete your comment would be true except for the fact that when Miles learned of the kids character issues he backed off on his recruitment of the kid.

          And there is only one way you could possibily know “the alarm has been going off for 2 minutes”. LMAO you shouldn’t reveal so much about yourself in your post pete.

          • 22

            Truth, that’s BS and you know it. The fact is, Miles was recruiting this kid the same as anyone else right up til the news hit. And he would still be going after him if it all had blown over. Don’t be so naive – it’s about winning, and if they have to take a few bad apples just to keep them off another team, you can bet your mama’s farm it’ll happen, at LSU, Aub, Bama and UAB. No one is getting paid a nickle to build character, unless it also helps win games. The good thing is – character DOES help win games. The sooner other programs figure this out (I’m talking to you, happy valley and village on the plains), the sooner we stop seeing the thug culture trying to take over college sports, with encouragement from the programs themselves.

          • 23
            The Truth

            Hey Pete are you freinds with any of the assistant coaches on LSU’s staff? I am.

            That was more double speak than I have heard in a long time. Are you really saying some of bama’s current players were recruited just to keep them off another team? Would you like to name those players?

            You’re not really that dumb are you petie?

          • 24

            Sorry, Tooth – I’m done talking to you. You live in another world where LSWhoo is all purple and gold wonderland full of good elves and unicorns. You must have taken the blue capsule. Go find someone else to play with.

          • 25

            I guess “being friends” with assistant coaches means he asked one of them a question on a live blog, once.

          • 27
            The Truth

            And Whore those are probably the only kind of friends you have. That and the desperate ones that pay for your services!

          • 28

            Well, I don’t like to brag, but the women do enjoy my services. I don’t ask for money, but they feel like they should pay.

            I guess if you are good at something, you should get paid…..kinda like you are good at being a retard.

            They should pay you to be the head coach at LSU or Auburn!

  5. 30

    Who knows fuck face? Maybe Saban will go ahead and let him come to Bama so he can ass rape LSWho too. Or maybe we can find us a QB who likes to kick people in the spine while they’re lying helplessly on the ground. That would work out nicely. One could paralyze your players by kicking them in the spine and neck and then the other could ass rape them while they helplessly lie there. What do you think Corndog? RTR?

  6. 31

    Doesn’t LSU have a player who tried to ass rape an underage girl? Oh yeah, it’s the starting QB with the porn stache…Didn’t LSU players try to kill a U.S. Marine last Summer?

    • 32
      The Truth

      The factual answer to your first question is No, but facts have never kept someone like you RC from making false accusations.

      And I don’t know the answer to your second question RC. You tell me, have you ever been in a fight before? If so, was your intent to kill the person you were fighting are just to harm him or her (just covering my bases in case you are the type that would hit a woman, I know some of your former bama players were arrested for that)

      I will say this if an LSU player was able to kill a U.S. Marine in a bar fight, it sure dosen’t say much about the training of our Marines.

      • 35
        The Truth

        The only thing overrated is the only two supposedly good teams that Alabama has played so for – Michgan and Arkanas.

        Do ya’ll even play a good team besides LSU this year? I know LSU play two of the top three teams in the East division of the SEC this year, how many of those three teams does Alabama play? Oh yea, NONE!

        If LSU is overrated then Alabama has one of the easiest schedules in all of college football this season, so you better hope Oregon and Florida State don’t go undefeated this year because you know the voters will be looking for any excuse to keep and SEC out of the championship game in order to give some other conference a chance to win. So you keep claiming LSU, the only good team bama has on its schedule this year is overrated, it might just bite you in the ass.

        • 36

          LSU won’t be the challenge. Miss. St. and Texas A&M I am more worried about than LSU. Who has LSU played? You should worry about your own schedule strength, dumbass. They are not last years team by a long stretch. All Bama has to do is keep on winning. LSU, now on the other hand, keeps sliding down that slope. Looks like the only thing that CAN prevent that is a win against Bama. Winning over mediocre teams isn’t helping LSU out at all, so talking about schedule strength, coming from you, makes you look like an idiot.

          • 37
            The Truth

            Yea right you’re more worried about Miss St. and Texas A&M than playing LSU in Baton Rouge. BamaBrando you are either a liar or an idiot.

            And I am worried about our own schedule, because you see we also play Miss. St. and Texas A&M in addition to Florida and South Carolina who bama doesn’t play.

            And your statement “All bama has to do is keep winning” works for LSU also, it just might be a little easier for bama to do with their easier schedule.

          • 38

            Bama keeps winning, and has stayed at number one, gaining more votes every week. LSU is winning ugly, and sliding down the rankings each week. To date, LSU has yet to play an elite team, as well as Bama. I predict LSU takes a loss before they even make it to the Bama game. I think Bama is playing better than LSU so far this season. So does a lot of other people, including people with a vote in the polls.

            And you think Bama is scared of playing in Baton Rouge? Bama has come into Baton Rouge and left with a win more than LSU has in that game.

            Bama destroyed the best that LSU had last season, where you guys were proclaiming LSU to be the beast team EVER.

            Maybe Florida will beat that ass this weekend, and you will go away and take your idiotic logic with you.

  7. 40
    crimson hammah

    agreed on the damn greeks – an embarrassment to bds…robert….too many awful plays from aj on a consistent basis happy feet holds ball way too long no sense of time no sense of rush and too much hot doggy showdog back foot shat

  8. 41
    crimson hammah

    agreed on the damn greeks – an embarrassment to bds…robert….too many awful plays from aj on a consistent basis happy feet holds ball way too long no sense of time no sense of rush and too much hot doggy showdog back foot shat …winners step into the throws and are decisive –

    • 42

      You’re another retarded dumbass hammah who doesn’t know shit about football. I wish there was some way for you internet retards to put on a helmet so you could get out there and get your fucking nuts knocked up in your throats. Every pass AJ threw was catchable and he wad only sacked once when the play moved along the LOS imstrad on back in the pocket. You bastards want to win a Matty so therefore AJ is limited in the chances he can take with running and with throwing late passes that leave him vulnerable to getting plastered. If he goes down this season is fucked. I wouldn’t trade AJ for Geno Smith and a free Rolls Royce to boot. Fuck all you couch potato inbred know it all know nothings. Go root for Awbie.

  9. 51

    If YOOOOOOOOOOOUR best play is 9 blockers in pass protection with one guy going deep, yoooooooooooooou might be a corndog.

  10. 52

    If YOOOOOOOOUR fairweather fans boo Mettengropedher in the 1st half vs Towson, yooooooooooooou might be a corndog.

  11. 53

    If YOOOOOOOOUR dumbass coach doesn’t know the difference between The Gulf of Mexico and an ocean, yoooooooou might be a corndog.

  12. 55

    If YOOOOOOOUR dumbass coach learned to clap by watchiong youtubes of Hoover the Seal, yooooooooooooooou might be a corndog.

  13. 56
    The Truth

    If you cheer for the same team as Harvey Updyke, yoooooooooooou, more likely than not, are a ignorant inbred redneck.

  14. 61

    Poor stupid Corndog. You haven’t played one team who could beat Western Kentucky much less Ole Miss or Michigan. True you still have Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Miss St, Bama, Florida and So Carolina. But at this point who knows how many of those games you can actually win. We still have played Michigan and Ole Miss and still have A&M, Miss St, Tennessee, Mizzou in Columbia and the SECCG. It all evens out. Haha. As for Michigan, they have lost to #1 and #10, Bama and Notre Dame, the 2 greatest names in college football history, and they ran all over Notre Dame. I predict they will fimish 10-4 as either champs or runners up in the B1G. So fuckoff ratturd. RTR!

    • 62
      The Truth

      Well lets see who’s stupid Crimsonite. We’ve played and beaten Washington who is currently ranked in the top 25 and they have beaten Stanford who is currently ranked in the top 20.

      Now tell me who bama has beaten that is currently in the top 25 or who could beat anybody that is currently ranked in the top 20? Exactly you stupid redneck, now go hit your bottle again you ignorant drunkard elephantturd.

        • 64
          The Truth

          Well that’s your opinion Whore and you are entitled to it, but your comment has nothing to do with nor does nothing to to refute my rebuttal of crimsonite’s ignoant comment that LSU hasn’t played one team that could beat Western Kentucky.

          Now Whore, since you like to respond to every one of my post, lets see if you can post something intelligent and relevant to the conversation.

          • 65

            I can’t have an intelligent conversation with you, because you are a retard.

            Every one of my posts have been relevant to the conversation. Do you have any reading comprehension skills? (Never mind…..please see first sentence of my post).

            On a side note….Please never leave this site, it would be boring without you. Just please come back after Bama destroys LSU….don’t puss out.

          • 66
            The Truth

            Yet you respond to every single one of my post regardless if they are directed at you are not, don’t you Whore. That says more about you than it does me!

            You can’t have an intelligent conversation. – There I fixed it for you.

  15. 70

    A SEC opponent is always gonna be a tough game especially when you are the number one team .
    On a funnier note the fanbase at a rivals website is under the influence. It is funny to read they think they are gonna beat the Florida Gators AND win the BCSNC this year.
    Have to get through us corn dogs and from what I have seen ,it aint happenin! RTR!!!!!

  16. 71
    The Truth

    Hey Fat I agree with your first sentence, but do you think a SEC opponent is any less tough when you are the number 2 team in the country, especially when you are playing that SEC opponent on their own home field? The rest your fan base doesn’t seem to think so.

  17. 72

    I’ve seen Bama stomp that Coonass in Baton Rouge too many times in my lifetime to have any fear of playing in BDS West. Bama has a better home field record than any team in the SEC yet with an inferior team you managed to win there last year. We have the better team and the much better record in BDS West so anybody would be a damn fool to not worry that we will beat you there again. What’s more you use typical Coonass fucked up logic when comparingWashington. If they were in any conference besides an AQ they wouldn’t be anywhere near the top 25. They edged a. Ouple of high schools and lost to you by 40. I don’t give a shit if they upset one good team. That doesn’t make them top 25. By your fucking reckoning Towson could beat Eashington by 24 and that makes Washington worse than Western Kentucky who has lost only to Bama. Washington is shit and caught Stanford after they pulled a major upset on USC. It was a trap game. Both Michigan and WKU will probably win their conferences so you can stick your opinion up your Coonass. RTR!

    • 73
      The Truth

      Crimsonite you’ve been on this site long enough, its about time you learn to use the reply button so the rest of the gumps on here know what post you’re replying to.

      So crimsonite you’re telling me you agree with Brando and you are “more worried” about Mississippi St. and Texas A&M than you are about playing LSU at night in Tiger Stadium?

      You gumps are so full of yourselves that you are too anxious to reply to a rival fan like myself’s post without even knowing what one of your own even said. You gumps need to learn how to read the original post before you respond to mine. It wasn’t me who said you were worried about playing LSU crimsonite, it was BamaBrando. To quote the gump exactly he said “Miss. St. and Texas A&M I am more worried about than LSU.”

  18. 74

    Wrong again dummy. I was replying to you dissing what I said aboutWashington and Western Kentucky. I just threw in my two cents on the LSU game in Red Stick because I have a long and happy history there as does Bama. And no I am not retarded. I am not more worried about anybody more than LSU. But then again that depends on what happens Saturday in Gainsville and later against the Gamechickens. A&M is a worry because they are playing well and have a hell if an offense. But offenses don’t scarr the best defense in the nation. We’ll put a stop to that. It’s fefenses that cause the most problems and A&M still has a Big 12 – Conf USA defense. If ya’ll keep winning you will worry the shit out of me. I have a sneaking suspicion that tje Corndogs poor play is because they are boored shitless waiting on the only game that matters to them. And if they are in that frame of mind it is a recipie for disaster not just now but by being too emotional om Nov 3rd. You best concentrate on the Gayturds. They have a fine defense and you don’t have Bama to knock out their top two QB’s for you this year. RTR!

    • 75
      The Truth

      Well then if you were replying to that, as you claim, hit the reply button under that comment. Its reall not that difficult of a concept.

      And Crimsonite your typing skills are terrible when you’re drunk.

      You mean like UL Monroe knocked out Arkansas QB for bama earlier this year?

  19. 76

    The Truth is such an eloquent speaker. Last February when he was “The Flash,” he called me the “N” word. You might as well have knocked on my door with a fucking rope in hand, you cocksucking racist! You are a typical Auburn OR LSU fan. Why don’t we meet up in Baton Rouge November 3, pussy?

    • 77
      The Truth

      I knew it wouldn’t take you long to bring up racsim again RC, even when no one on here was talking about anything remotely to do with race or racisim!

      Tell me RC how is it you pull for a school like Alabama that did what it did to Sly Croom? I mean he was by for the most qualified man for the Alabama job when they hired the less experienced white Shula. Both were former players for Alabama and Croom had played for the Bearand had for more coaching experience! For someone who loves to scream racisim every time the wind blows, how is it you can overlook that most racist action and continue to support Alabama? Hypocrit? Or is it ok to support an institution that commits racisim as long as its not against you?

      • 78

        Once Again, Truth, Why was Croom more qualified? He never sniffed a head coaching job from ANYWHERE in the Pro’s or college before Jesse got his name in the hat for the Bama job. It’s hypocritical OF YOU to A-S-S-UME that I would be pro-Croom because I’m black, you fucking racist!

          • 80
            The Truth

            I will tell you why I think Croom was more qualified and then you tell me why you think Shula was more qulified, and when you can’t then you can tell me why you think he got the job.

            At the time, Croom had 26 years coaching experience, 10 years on the college level at Alabama where he coached on the defensive side of the ball, and 16 years in the NFL, where he coached on the offensive side of the ball, including three years as an offensive coordinator.

            Now you tell me how Shula with only 14 years coaching experiece, none of which was on the college level, and all of it on the offensive side of the ball, was more experienced? And by the way Shula had “never sniffed a head coaching job from ANYWHERE in the Pro’s or college” before he was hired as Alabama’s head coach and probably only got a job coaching in the pros to begin with because of his daddy’s name.

            And I didn’t say, assume or imply that you were pro-Croom. I implied, just like the NAACP did, that the university you cheer for hired a less experienced white coach as it head coach, instead of a more experienced black coach because of racisim. You mean to tell me, YOU RC who see racism everywhere, even when it doesn’t exist, don’t think Croom didn’t get the job because of race? If not, lay out your case why he didn’t get the job.

          • 81

            Who cares? I will take Saban over Croom, Shula, and Miles, put together.

            Shula got the job, for whatever reasons, and he was fired for the same reason Croom was fired at ole Miss: Not winning enough.

            I swear you just look for crap to argue about. It is obvious you hate everything about Bama, you hatred and spite is easy to see. You hate what you fear. We know what you fear: Saban embarrassing Miles again will just about ruin you guys.

          • 84
            The Truth

            Yea I get the point your stupid and white brando.

            You think Miss St. and Alabama are equal? No you know there not and Croom was never going to be successful there, but would have had a much better chance of being successful at Bama. I think Croom was a good coach, hell he beat bama twice, and I know he was a better coach than Shula. Maybe all of a sudden your now a Shula fan?

            And I wasn’t looking for something to argue about, I was responding to yet another one of RC’s racist rants and was giving him a real racist event that he could express his anger towards instead of the crap he keeps trying to make up.

          • 86

            That’s right. If this stupid rat turd can’t win an argument he just changes the subject and digs uo any kind of shit he can find and puts his own fucked up ideas on it. I’m not racist but I’m damn glad we diidn’t hire Croom. He is a good man but shit for a coach. Shula under Sañctions did coach. Us to 2 seasons much better than any season. Croom ever had anywhere without sanctions, and he gave us a recruiting foothold in talent rich South Florida at a time when every scholarship was precious. Cum deposit, you really need to keep. Your fucking nose out of Bamà’s business cause your Corndog ass doesn’t know shit about Bama. By the way motherfucker, how many black head coaches in any sport has LSWho had? That’s what I thought. I don’t tend to keep up with that sort of thing but we have Anthony Grant in basketball and Harvey Glance in track & field. Dumbass Corndog. RTR!

  20. 88

    Arkansas is.missing a hell of a lot more than their QB. Don’t think he wpuld have made much difference deeing as how he had 500 yards of offense against A&M and only scored 10 points. I hate this fucking Android touch screen. It makes so damn many inadvertant errors that I get. Tired of correcting them. So you’ll just have to live with it. Yeah I agree, it would be a shame for him to leave. Not many boards have their oen personal Corndog to bitch slap. As for replying, I hate it and consider it stupid. Some of these threads have 80 – 90 posts
    I’m not going to scan every fucking one of them every time I come here looking for replys that may or may not be there. Just put the motherfucker at the end. Nice simple and quick. If you can’t keep up then take another Coonass English 101 course. RTR!

    • 89
      The Truth

      But you do scan every F-ing post any way crimsonite, how else do you end up replying to a post that was written several day ago that is not at the bottom of the page?!

      And if you think calling me or anyone else a corndog is some kind of an insult well then your just as dumb as the auburn fan who first came up with that because they weren’t smart enough to come up with a moniker that would be considered insulting.

      And you haven’t bitch slapped anybody except maybe your bitch or your dog, which I know is redundant.

  21. 90

    Florida will have their way with LSU. Quote me ,do what you like. Some people think Less Miles is sandbagging but its far from the truth. He enjoys running the score up with a passion. When a division .1 school hangs 22 points on you and sacks your qb that many times , I don’t think the team is bored as hell waiting for a real game. And I did say Less.
    What a difference a year makes, the faithful out here on this oil rig are ready to toss Miles on his ass out on the street. One corndog even told me ROLL TIDE! and he meant it.

  22. 96

    I didn’t say they are sandbagging. I said they may be to focused on revenge to motivate themselves for those high school teams. We rocked their world in January and they will never live it down. If that’s the case then they better get their asses under control by Saturday or any kind of championship will be nothing more than a fantasy. And I do believe they miss the Horney Bastard. He was a great motivator when they sucked last year as in the 1st half of the Georgia and Arky games. Now to the really really important stuff. Guy’s and Girl we finally found Indiana Vol. He was arrested and charged with – can you say it with me without rolling on the floor and pissing your pants – Butt Chugging. He was rushed to the hospital and treated for alcohol poisoning after shotgunning a bottle of wine in his ass. Bwaa Haww Haww. Weknei al along. Indiana Volunqueer. RTR!

  23. 97
    The Truth

    I will tell you this, the Auburn fans were a much better fan base to party and tailgate with compared to the bama fans last year. We did not enconter a single rude, arroganat, cocky, classless, selfrightous fan at Auburn like a good many of the bama fans were last year and two years before at bama. Especially the bama jerks who got up in the faces of the LSU Band members who were in formation outside the stadium and couldn’t nor wouldn’t respond in kind to the classless comments and acts that those bama fan said and did, while other bama fans stood around and laughed or did nothing. Just because you think you’re better than someone else doesn’t mean you are. The thoughts and actions of Updyke and the teabagger could also be seen in the actions of those bama fans. Now let me be clear it was not all bama fans, we did meet some nice ones, but there were far more of the classless cocky bama fans that we encountered than the good ones. Although we were able to disarm some of the bama fans that weren’t complete aholes, by shouting War Eagle when they got in our face and shouted Woll Tyde. Hell it even made some of them laugh, others didn’t know what to say they just had a dumbfounded look on their faces. But to be honest some of them had that look already! LOL

    The Auburn fans were not only fun and cordial, they invited us back in two years and said they would even save us the same spot on campus to set up our tailgate. Not in any of the trips I’ve made to tuscalooser have we ever encountered bama fans like that.

    • 98

      Oh, yeah, Auburn and LSU fans are 2 of a kind working on a FUll House….One fanbase pushes down an African-American Grandmother and says, “Sorry, N–er”, while LSU fans get sloppy drunk in public and throw whiskey bottles at opposing fans. They also worship and celebrate the exploits of their last two morally corrupt QB’s. Jefferson, the attempted murderer, and MettenGropedHer, who tries to anally rape underage girls. You and AU have that in common too, with Auburn fans turning their back on Cam Newton’s bad deeds. Yep, you got a point there Truth!

      • 99
        The Truth

        Worship and celebrate Jefferson? LMAO Acutally most fans couldn’t stand Jefferson, and not because he was black, which I’m sure is what you will think because that is what you always think(although you did just say we worship him). He was not worshiped because he was not a very good quaterback.

        Attempted murder? Anal rape? Underage girls? Wow we know what world your mind lives in.

  24. 100

    Oh yeah last year is still burning their asses big time. I hear about it everyday. The best excuse I have heard on the rig about last year is Miles and Jefferson were paid big money to throw the game. Some crap about vegas and covering point spreads,idk.
    The other good one is how the honey badger was set up. Someone made him smoke the synthetic weed. I am proud to be a gump listening to these cajun fools.

    • 101
      The Truth

      You are also so full of shyt that if you fell of that rig the fish wouldn’t even eat you. You make more shyt up and have such a vivid imagination, are you sure you’re not smoking some of that syntetic weed out on that rig (if you really even do work on a rig or work at al for that matter)?

        • 103
          The Truth

          I never claimed I was good buddies with the LSU coaching staff, I said I was friends with one assistant coach. You must have gone to the same school as Obama. Just ignore what someone actually said and make up what you want.

  25. 105

    And do you really think we give a shit about your opinion or what you think Corndog? And don’t tell me it doesn’t sti k in your craw. I git banned from LSU’s Rivals site for saying Corndog. Just this week Bama was named the #3 best gameday experience in the SEC. So I really don’t think your dumbass is relevant. Aside from that Bama is a serious fan base. The most important gameday experience is winning, not barbequing a chicken. You want fun and bullshit then by all means go to Lee County where everybody is a clown – at least until the games over, then they turn suicidal. You can have your chicken, sausage and burgers. We’ll take Crystal. I was at Bryant Denny in ’07 when you classless bastards were throwing cups of piss on Bama fans in our own stadium. I was in Red Stick in ’08 to se3 the classless. Illboard of Saban on I-10. I was I’m Mew Orleans last January when your fans and football team dissed and yelled obcenities at Bama’s plays when they emtered the Dome and while they warmed up. Don’t ever preach classless to me fool – you’re from Louisiana. The way you people act we should teabag more of you.

    • 106
      The Truth

      It’s kind of early in the afternoon for you to be sluring your words already crimsonite!

      It’s not surprising you think like the bama teabagger. The way you gumps think and act more of you should be sent to prision for two years!

      Lets see, to be called a corndog, which is just plain silly or nonsensical, or an ignorant gump? I’ll take corndog thankyou.

      • 107

        Why was the LSU guy passed out at Krystal’s in the French Quarter in the weee hours of the morning??! Just asking. What a pussy! If I found out some guy rubbed his nut sack on me, I would never admit it! I’m sure the Truth has had plenty of nut sacks rubbed in his face.

        • 108
          The Truth

          Cause he was a drunk college kid RC!! Just answering. He may have been a pussy I don’t know, but neither do you. But what you and I do know is that the middle aged Bama pervert that rubbed his nut sack on the kid and demostrated that he had no respect for his family, wife and child, is going to pay for his stupidity and lack of morals.

          • 109

            The guy wasn’t a middle aged man. Obviously, you’ve never been in the military or even a college fraternity. Not that it was warranted here, that’s not what I’m saying..The kid should have just ran away. I wouldn’t want anybody knowing what happened. If they found out who I was, I would be like, NOPE, not me!

  26. 110

    I find it so comical that the truth (who obviously holds a doctorate in English) loves to call Bama fans redneck gumps yet posts statements like “I fixed it for you” I have also noticed that he will post a comment,thinks about it for a few minutes then post another comment, then waits a few more minutes only to post another. Clearly it takes his little mind time to contemplate his feelings and then express them. An obvious juvenile mindset, it is very possible he is just a child.

  27. 111

    Yes my imaginary Senior Sub Sea job pays me 220k a year plus retention bonuses. I work 3 on 3 off. So more than likely I make more money in 6 mths than you do in a year Truth.My retention bonus is propably more than you make in 12 mths. But this isn’t about me . Keep dreamin corny cause that’s all you got sucka.
    You shouldnt talk shit and get so offensive when people come back at you . Its give and take round here . If you dont like it go back to kittypoopings where people actually will give a fuck about your opinion. Need a loan? I got ya big boy.

    • 112
      The Truth

      The worth of a man is not determined by how much money a man has or makes. The fact that this is what you choose to brag about youself about only shows what a shallow (pun intended) man you are Fat.

      • 113
        The Truth

        And if you don’t give a fuck about my opinion, then why did you choose to reply to my post, not only the ones responding to your post but also to the ones that aren’t directed at you brando. Because you do give a fuck and you know it! LMAO

      • 118

        Once again, MORE experience does not MEAN you are a BETTER coach.. When I was in the Marines before my investigative journalist career, I was meritoriously promoted to SGT in my 5th Year. I was in charge of a CPL who had 8+ years on the job…That’s a MINOR comparison, but it still relates. Using your faulty logic, Croom is a better qualified candidate than Mark Dantonio for a job because Croom started coaching in 1976. Heck, he’s even more qualified than Bill Belichick since his first job was in ’79

        You continue to underwhelm me. Now, what about meeting up in Baton Rouge on Nov 3? You never answered THAT question. I would LOVE to meet you

        • 119
          The Truth

          I agree MORE experience does not ALWAYS MEAN you are a BETTER coach, but none of the bull shyt you just wrote explains why YOU THINK Shula’s 12 years less of experience, made him a better coach and hire for the Alabama head coaching job, DID YOU?!

          I ALSO did not just list Croom’s additional 12 more years of experience than Shula as the reason I think he was the more qualified hire, I ALSO explained that Croom had 10 years of coaching on the college level at the University of alabama that Shula did not have. I ALSO explained that Croom had experience coaching both on the defensive and offensive side of the ball!

          Talk about UNDERWELM, I gave you 4 reasons why I thought Croom was more qualified, (1) More years of Experience, (2) Experience on the College level (3) Experience coaching at Alabama and (4) Coaching experince on both offensive and defenseive sides of the ball!

          YOU, however, did not give ONE single reason why Shula was more qualified to have gotten the bama head coaching job with his less years of coaching experience!! Is that because you know in your heart the only reason he didn’t was because of racisim?! YOU scream racisim about everything that isn’t, yet when it is clearly right in front of your face you don’t want to admit it!?! Is that because you cheer for alabama and to admit it was due to racism and you, of all people, would make you one big hypocrit?

          I have no reason to meet you or anyone of your ilk or in your gang. You want to beat me, beat me with your brain and OVERWELM me with YOUR reasons why you think Shula getting the job over Croom was not due to racisim, because “You never answered that question”.

          • 120
            The Truth

            RC for lagniappe (look it up) let me give you two more reasons, not dealing with experience, why I also think Croom woulld have been the better hire in addition to being more qualifed to be the head coach, BECAUSE he WAS black and because he is from Alabama. With the majority of alabama’s players being black and a good many of them if not the majority being from Alabama, I beleive he could have recruited better and the he could have related to the players better than Shula.

            Now that’s 6 reasons I have given you why I think Croom was more qualifed and would have been the better hire. YOU got anything besides more your bull shyt? You who sees and screams racisim all the time even when it is not there are going to deny it when it exist as clear as can be in front of your face? I mean if I as a white man can see it, you’ve got to be able to see it as smart as you claim to be.

  28. 121

    Truth needs to start writing his own blog. When he gets pissed, it takes up all the space on this one.

    We need some variety. When will the other Aubies come out of hiding?

  29. 124

    I replied because you implied I was fabricating a stoey about what I do for a living. You called me out. So I answered. I still don’t give a fuck about you and that corn dog is THE TRUTH. Have a nice day sucka.The money I make says a lot about me busting my ass in the oil field to get to where I am at and what I have to show for it. So you are right I am proud of the money I make. Do what you do cause I get mine, believe that.

  30. 125

    What’s so funny TRUTH, is the amount of time you wasted on your term paper on Sly Croom. I’m sure Sly would be proud that a hateful, bigoted slimeball racist like yourself is in his corner. Will you still be accepted by your Louisiana “Citizens Council”? LOL, stupid bastard:)

    • 126
      The Truth

      No what’s so funny RC is that your ass wouldn’t spend any time backing up what you mouth said! And Sly would be dissappointed that weak ass hateful black man like you, who screams racism all the time wouldn’t support another black man like him in the face of REAL racism, yet you will bow down to the the university and the white men that kept him and other black men like him from the oppertunity to have success. I KNEW your mind couldn’t back your comments up RC! Cheer em on brother cheer em on!You hypocrit, your NAACP card should be taken away from you. I bet you’re going to vote for Romney also aren’t you? LOL, sutpid bastard :p

  31. 127

    I already answred your dumbfuck questions about Croom way back there where you first brought it up. So go baçk and read it and then give it a rest, cause your dumb Coonass doesn’t know shit about Alabama

    • 128
      The Truth

      First of all I wasn’t talking to your dumbass crimsonite. And second you didn’t answer shit. Your comments only indicate that you are one of the people that RC should be calling a racist. Second a lot of people know shit about alabama, not just the backwoods bama rednecks like you. Even as backwoods as you are crimsonite I know you’ve heard of television, news papers and the internet. Try using them sometime and you want sound so dumb.

  32. 129

    Aww go fuckoff you retarded son of a bitch. You’re the dumbest motherfucker we’ve ever had post here on an extended basis. Besides wanting to kill you everybody here laughs at and is dismayed by your incredible stupidity. Your damn team has already been ass raped by Bama in a form heretofore considered inconceivable and it appears that it is going to happen again un 4 weeks. Are you a fucking masochist dipshit, or just mentally retarded? Wiah I could find your dumbass so we could determine if you’re stupid enough to run that cum hole if yours face to face or only behind the protection of a keyboard. And what was that absurd unsolicited reference to the Mafia all about? You thinnk you’re badass because of that. Pitiful stupid Coonass. I have Mafia in my Italian side of the family also. But who cares about those pussies. What you need to worry about is pissing off the wrong person who has really bad blood at their disposal. Like the Russian or Asian Mafia orr in my case the worst if all, thr Mexican Cartel for whom my brother in law is the US lieutenant/enforcer. Helk my wife has disposed of worse than you when she was only 19. So watch it with the Mafia bullshit Corndog.

    • 130
      The Truth

      “Besides wanting too kill” me? What a typical bama fan comment and feeling and reaction to someone not agreeing with everthing a bama fan thinks. I was joking earlier about you actually being Harvey Updyke, but with that comment I think it might be true now. If not you surely must be releated to him seeing how you have many of the same characteristics.

      Unsolicited? Can you not read? RC was the one that asked the unsolicited question if my family was in the Klan, but I’m sure you didn’t have a problem with that because it came from another bama moron. All I did was answere HIS question with facts about my family. What was the point YOUR unsolicited comment about having Mafia in your family? I don’t remember anybody asking you a question about your family, did they moron?

      “What I need to worry about is pissing off the wrong person who has really bad blood at their disposal”? You mean like a bama fan, somebody like you Crimsonite? You bama fans love to make threats, and propose physical abuse on people who don’t agree with you and there is no doubt that the most small minded of you would follow through with your threats. I’m sure there will be room in the prisions that Updyke and the teabagger will be in for any other bama fans that are too stupid to know right from wrong. Comments like the ones you just made here Crimsonite are exactly what give the rest of the nation the perception that they have about bama fans.

      I sincerly hope the problems in your life, whatever they may be get turned around, so that you may learn true happiness in your life and not just that fleeting joy provided by the outcome of a football game.

      Have a great day!

  33. 131

    I was in the backwoods lookin at one of them there Curtis Mathis e-lec tronic television screens and saw LSU get beet!! YEEEE HAWWWW!!! Time to go make sweet love to my sister to celebrate!!!!!! YOU MIGHT CALL ME A GUMP INBRED ILLITERATE RACIST REDNECK BUT YOU CAN’T CALL ME LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!! RTR!!!!!!!!!

    • 132
      The Truth

      Sure I can Fat. You were a loser last November! LOL So I guess your are wrong again, because I just called you a loser! 🙂 And hey if the “gump inbred illiterate racist redneck” tag fits you, continue to admit it like you just did. That’s the first step to getting help.

      And I’m sure in your fat mind Alabama will never ever lose a football game again, will they fat?

  34. 134
    The Truth

    Wrong again Brando!! Bama may have a good football team, but its fans aren’t to smart and are proven wrong quite often. I think your comment says more about the kind of person you are, and what you would do in a similar situation.

    I’m sure the reason for your misthoughts brando is due to LSU’s loss to Florida in the Swamp yesterday, but you see unlike bama fans, I speak the truth on here. You have never once seen me post that we would go undefeated and never lose another game, like you bama fans always think. You can’t even point to one single post where I said we would win yesterday’s game. See unlike bama fans, all other fan bases while pull just as hard for their teams as bama fans do, and want them to win just as much as bama fans do. we are not delusional enough to think that we will win ever game we play.

    Sorry to disappoint you Brando. But hey just look at the comments for this article alone, if it wasn ‘t for me this site would be boring and you bama fans would be a lot dumber and less enlightened if I wasn’t here. 🙂

    Have a great day! And I hope, not if but when bama loses another game, it wont keep you from coming back here brando.

    Have a great day! I will!

    • 135

      Quit back pedaling and trying to preach your ‘I am a better fan than you’ speech. The fact is, as I have said all along, is you ARE AN LSU TROLL obsessed with Saban-hate. Nothing more, nothing less. I just like feeding the troll, just because you are begging for the abuse. I said what i said about you not coming back as bait to keep you coming. Sure enough, you are stupid enough to take it.

      All of your arguing over ‘LSU beat Washington cuz they beat USC etc. and so on means LSU is better than Bama’ is shot to hell. At least we won’t have to here that stupid crap over and over. It just proves the point of how stupid you really are. What’s funny is you were making those same arguments last year, then your team got its ass whooped.

      And not once have I said that Bama would go undefeated and never lose a game, like you are accusing. All I have said was Bama is in better shape than LSU and Saban is a better coach than Miles. The fun part is your retaliation to those basic FACTS. So, live in denial, convince yourself you were right all along, and by all means, please keep posting here. You are right, your obsession here is very entertaining.

      • 136
        The Truth

        Hey Obama, I mean Brando you need to quit making things up or learn to read, one of the two.

        I never argued LSU was better than bama because we beat Washington.

        Your ignorant fellow gump made this comment “You haven’t played one team who could beat Western Kentucky”.

        My exact response to him was “We’ve played and beaten Washington who is currently ranked in the top 25 and they have beaten Stanford who is currently ranked in the top 20. Now tell me who bama has beaten that is currently in the top 25 or who could beat anybody that is currently ranked in the top 20?”

        NOW maybe it’s your eyes and not your reading ability and I should give you the benefit of the doubt knowing where you come from, but do you see any statement in there where I say or even imply that LSU is better than bama? NO, so why do you have an inferiority complex? So I guess instead of proving how stupid I am, you did just the opposite and proved how stupid you are.

        You say I took the bait, yet admit I’ve been posting here since last year! LOL I’ll never be worried about posting here or need to take some bait from you brando. In fact you might say that is just the opposite also, look how many time you have “took the bait” and replied to someone you call a troll! LMAO

        So, live in denial, convince yourself you were right all along, but please keep responding, it’s more fun and laughs than going to a comedy club. LMAO

        • 137

          I read what you wrote just fine. You are the one back pedaling right now, like I said. You have been criticizing everything Bama and just digging for something to give you hope about LSU. Too bad Florida knocked the wind out of you before the Bama game. Go back and read your posts for yourself. You ARE an idiot. You post on here more than anyone else. You ARE obsessed. You can’t stop posting more than 25 times a day here. You ARE a troll, you just look for an argument here every day that you post. All I said was you were asking for the abuse. You like it evidently. And I really don’t mind slapping you around while you are here. So, keep coming back for more, I love to hear the new lines of bullshit. Your Saban-hate is just so fun to witness on a daily basis.

          • 138
            The Truth

            Bama fans are so full of themselves and you’re just another one brando. Considering I haven’t said a single word about Saban on a single post under this article or in quite a while for that matter, your comments just show how much you worship and infatuated you are with Saban. Is he aware of your man crush. But THE TRUTH is brando you are WRONG once again I do not hate Saban at all, I think he is a good coach, it is bama fans like you that I dislike and why I enjoy so much getting under your skin like I do. It is so easy! JUST go back and read YOUR OWN post to me and you will see what I am talking about if you are honest with yourself, but based on last comments we know you can’t be honest.

          • 139

            This is what I am talking about. The guy posting here 25 times a day telling me I am just a Bama fan full of myself.

            Did I say you said anything about Saban in this article? No. I said I can see your Saban-hate. We know you hate the guy, that is why you are here so much. You come here to argue stupid points with Bama fans. And by your own words you admit you are nothing but a troll.

            You just keep posting here, back pedaling, and bull shitting. You can’t brag on Miles anymore, you can’t talk up your team anymore, so arguing with Bama fans is about all you have left this season. It is pretty funny to watch you work. Does it really make you feel better? At the end of the day, everyday, you are still the sad little internet troll.

  35. 140
    The Truth

    Hey RC LSU lost a game, just like YOU will lose the argument if you can’t support your thoughts about why Croom dud not get the bama head coaching job. I gave you six reasons why I think Croom was more qualified than Shula, supporting the NAACP claims that the reason amabama didn’t hire him was racist. YOU haven’t give one reason to support your comments that imply that you think Shula was more qualifed and that it wasn’t racisim.


  36. 141


    Are you a homosexual? Dudes who are always trying to impress other dudes with their so-called “knowledge” like you are doing to me either want to be buttfucked or are trying to be buttfucked…Something tells me you like to pitch and catch the way you like to grease people’s wheels. On a Sunday afternoon at that!

    To answer your so-called “challenge” (giggle), were you aware that your boy Sly was fired as OC of the Detroit Lions, just like your fantasy boy, Shula was with Tampa Bay? Why didn’t Sly ever get a Head Coaching job BEFORE 2004 with his so-called stellar reputation? As MOST people with a brain know, EXPERIENCE DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE MORE QUALIFIED FOR A JOB WHEN SOMEONE YOUNGER, more energetic, smarter, and in my case, better looking is the other candidate. Why was SLY trying to get the WR/Recruiting CO job in 2011 under Nick Saban at UA? The job that went to Mike Groh?! He’s old enough to be his father!!! Why would SLY leave his great reputation (lol) as an NFL coach to take a Third-tier position at Alabama??

    I’m through with ancient history. Bama is about to win its 3rd BCS title in 4 years. Les Miles cannot win 1 without Saban’s recruits. Florida whipped out their collective ballsacks and accosted the LSU team yesterday! LOL

  37. 142


    Why don’t you call me the “N” word like you did under your other screen name? You limp dick bastard….Name the TIME and PLACE on November 3 PRIOR to kickoff in Baton Rouge, PUSSY

  38. 143
    The Truth


    Are you a homosexual? Dudes with so much “knowledge” about what dudes do to impress other dudes in order to be buttfucked must have been buttfucked themselves before. Guys that use terms like pitch and catch and relate other teams victories to “whipping out their colletive ballsacks” must be gay. And why don’t you get over yourself, nobody ever called you the “N” word.

  39. 144

    Urge Twoith!

    You’re such an easy target…I bet plenty of dudes have rubbed their ballsack on you…Why don’t we meet up in BR on Nov 3, and I’ll show you just the kind of man I am, pussy boy! I’ll treat you like fresh meat right off the bus to boot camp, bitch boy:) DO IT!:)

    • 145
      The Truth


      Wow you’ll “treat me like fresh meat”! Your gayness is just coming all out of you isn’t it!

      You plannng on bringing your “attorney” with you on Nov 3rd as well as the rest of his “office staff” like you did last time you went tp “meet” someone who exposed you and hurt you with there words? LMAO

      • 146

        Only a blatant homosexual equates “fresh meat” with sausage pounding. That is THE TRUTH

        Nope, just me and you big boy…However, I will have some people waiting in the wings in case you bring your Klan-like Redneck, posse my way. God help you and them if you do! Now, put your money not where your mouth has been, Dear God, but put it on the table…Where do we meet at?

      • 147

        Only a blatant homosexual would equate “fresh meat” with sausage pounding. However, that is THE TRUTH’s M.O.

        Where do you want to meet big boy? Yep, just me and you. However, like last time, I will have peeps waiting in the wings to make sure it is a fair fight. Therefore, if your Klan posse shows up like Junkie’s did, the deal is off. Now, instead of putting your money where your cock sucking mouth is, put it on the table and make a meeting place around 10AM that morning!

  40. 148
    The Truth

    RC why don’t you meet up with Harvey Updyke and the Teabagger, ya’ll seem like three peas in a pod who have a lot in common. ie your IQ’s You seem like the perfect match and seem to have the ability to take their actions to the next level. Just think of the additional publicity you could get for the university you care so much about! Is that really what you want, to be famous (LOL) like Harvey and the Teabagger?

    • 149

      Nice try, but every fanbase has their morons. Nice deflection. An Auburn student committed suicide after Alabama won the 2009 BCS Title, and his note said that. Funny, that story NEVER was published. LSU fans are known for their drunken chaotic behavior and fighting even amongst themselves.

      Put up or shut up!

      • 150
        The Truth

        Yea but only bama morons take it to the next level which results in prision terms. But hey maybe you gumps secretly like wearing Tennessee Orange jumpsuits! LMAO

  41. 151

    HA,we might have lost back in Nov but we DOMINATED that ass when it counted the most! BCSNC!!!!!!! #1 preaseason my ass. I LOVE IT.
    As of NOW we are WINNERS. You can brag on your little win last November,I welcome it. ROLL TIDE!

    • 152
      The Truth

      That’s not what you gumps were saying on Nov. 6th 2011, before you knew you would get an undeserved 2nd chance! Brag all you want, TRUTH is you split your games with LSU last year 1-1 and LSU had the better overall record against a much tougher schedule! The real Truth doen’t hurt The Truth, but it will set you gumps free!

      • 153

        The TRUTH is, your but still hurts over that, and it will for a long time to come.

        See, the TRUTH is, Alabama beat the shit out of LSU on January 9th, something you have a hard time acknowledging.

        The TRUTH is, Bama won the BCS National Championship with that beating.

        So what is REAL? BAMA won the NC by stomping LSU. Do you have a hard time accepting that FACT still?

        Just be proud your team lucked out a win against Bama last year, even though your team was outplayed then as well. They likely won’t be so close anytime soon.

  42. 156
    The Truth

    So you think any of those that you reference compare to the things that the bama fans did? Of course you do because YOU ARE A GUMP! But just ask yourself, how come any of those you reference didn’t make the national and international news like the actions of your fellow gumps? And none of them resulted in prision terms like the one your fellow gumps got.

    How about that for acknowledging the truth brando!

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