The NFL is learning what an immature jerk Cam Newton is

Last night the New York Giants destroyed the Carolina Panthers 36-7 on their own field. One of the game’s most dominant, effective quarterbacks in sports today was suited up and on display during the match-up.

Oh, and Cam Newton played too.

But the story wasn’t the final score, nor really was it Newton’s dismal performance in throwing three interceptions and rushing for only six yards. The story was Newton’s sideline demeanor, which apparently has been a continued problem last year and into this season.

After the manchild…with the emphasis on the word “child”…threw his third completion of the game to the other team, the Panthers’ back-up quarterback Derek Anderson began warming up. And Newton, well, he assumed his familiar spot on the bench…away from everybody…pouting…with a towel over his head.

And apparently, his teammates have had enough:

“I watched D.A. and Jimmy (Clausen), they don’t play in 20-something games last year. And they get up and they observe and learn and get those mental reps,” Panther veteran receiver and team captain Steve Smith said after the game. “I told him (Cam), ‘You can get some mental reps or you can sit on that bench and sulk.’”

According to the Charlotte Observer, this isn’t the first time teammates have had their fill of the immature Newton:

“Smith, a team captain, said he used some ‘unchoice words’ with Newton, who was criticized last year for putting a towel over his head and sitting on the bench at the end of losses.

“This is the second time in as many seasons the Panthers’ captains have talked to Newton about his demeanor. Offensive linemen Jordan Gross and Ryan Kalil took Newton aside last year and said he needed to bring more positive energy to the huddle.”

Smith went on:

“Cam Newton has a very unique opportunity to be a franchise quarterback to an organization that needs one,” Smith said. “Statistics don’t lie. Athletic quarterbacks, they either excel or they fail. And I told Cam that.”

Alabama fans got their fill of the bought wonder’s antics in his one year of college action before he, well, took the money and ran. We’ve been sounding the horn for years about how immature the object of Auburn’s passion…their lone bright moment in the Chiz era…has been.

The same player who will go to nauseating lengths to draw attention to himself after a touchdown goes into a hole when things aren’t going his witty, bitty way. And now, as NFL defenses are prone to do, the pouting QB who doesn’t talk to anybody on the sideline but his towel is slowly being figured out, and more notably, found out.

Auburn, this is your god. Your lone beacon of hope to your dismal existence under your incompetent coaching staff. Your only realy ambassador to the state of your current program’s existence.

Enjoy! I know WE are!

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