The NFL is learning what an immature jerk Cam Newton is

Last night the New York Giants destroyed the Carolina Panthers 36-7 on their own field. One of the game’s most dominant, effective quarterbacks in sports today was suited up and on display during the match-up.

Oh, and Cam Newton played too.

But the story wasn’t the final score, nor really was it Newton’s dismal performance in throwing three interceptions and rushing for only six yards. The story was Newton’s sideline demeanor, which apparently has been a continued problem last year and into this season.

After the manchild…with the emphasis on the word “child”…threw his third completion of the game to the other team, the Panthers’ back-up quarterback Derek Anderson began warming up. And Newton, well, he assumed his familiar spot on the bench…away from everybody…pouting…with a towel over his head.

And apparently, his teammates have had enough:

“I watched D.A. and Jimmy (Clausen), they don’t play in 20-something games last year. And they get up and they observe and learn and get those mental reps,” Panther veteran receiver and team captain Steve Smith said after the game. “I told him (Cam), ‘You can get some mental reps or you can sit on that bench and sulk.’”

According to the Charlotte Observer, this isn’t the first time teammates have had their fill of the immature Newton:

“Smith, a team captain, said he used some ‘unchoice words’ with Newton, who was criticized last year for putting a towel over his head and sitting on the bench at the end of losses.

“This is the second time in as many seasons the Panthers’ captains have talked to Newton about his demeanor. Offensive linemen Jordan Gross and Ryan Kalil took Newton aside last year and said he needed to bring more positive energy to the huddle.”

Smith went on:

“Cam Newton has a very unique opportunity to be a franchise quarterback to an organization that needs one,” Smith said. “Statistics don’t lie. Athletic quarterbacks, they either excel or they fail. And I told Cam that.”

Alabama fans got their fill of the bought wonder’s antics in his one year of college action before he, well, took the money and ran. We’ve been sounding the horn for years about how immature the object of Auburn’s passion…their lone bright moment in the Chiz era…has been.

The same player who will go to nauseating lengths to draw attention to himself after a touchdown goes into a hole when things aren’t going his witty, bitty way. And now, as NFL defenses are prone to do, the pouting QB who doesn’t talk to anybody on the sideline but his towel is slowly being figured out, and more notably, found out.

Auburn, this is your god. Your lone beacon of hope to your dismal existence under your incompetent coaching staff. Your only realy ambassador to the state of your current program’s existence.

Enjoy! I know WE are!

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      Nah I disagree. there are a multitude of better player. Brett Farve is one. Emmit Smith is another. bo Jackson. there is a huge list of players who define the game. earl campbell. Troy Aikman. etc….etc….
      Newton was a one hit wonder in college. I am sorry to disagree with you brother. Roll Tide.

  1. 3

    He is the first to give a superman pose after a touchdown and act like a child when it goes bad. Steve Smith is right about Cam’s future going in the wrong direction if he does not put the work in and not more of a positive team mate.

    • 4

      If there is a tradition in Auburn it is not putting the work in. that is because they use cheesy phrases and gimmicks to try to get the job done….Cutting corners and …. well you know….

    • 6
      Pat Dye

      Hello Bear Bryant worshippers.
      Its me. Pat Dye enforcer of the Auburn right.Are ya’ll picking on my boy Cam. I hope not. Cam is an Auburn Man through and through. Dont mess with my Auburn Family.

    • 12

      HAHA, worst Pro Bowl performance in history? That’s like saying someone played the worst game of freeze tag ever. THE PRO BOWL DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL ANYMORE. It’s like the NBA All-Star Game. It’s a fun retreat for the better players who aren’t getting to play in the Super Bowl that year. I do agree that, in order to be considered the best college football player ever, he would have had to start and perform for more than 1 year in a D1 NCAA school. I am an Auburn fan and a Cam Newton FANATIC!! The kid is amazing. And I will be the first person to say, “He isn’t perfect. He needs some work. He needs to mature some more.” That’s all true. He isn’t perfect. He does need to put in more hard work, complain a LITTLE BIT less, etc. As a TRUE COMPETITOR AT HEART, I know what it feels like to lose one of the most important games of your life. I have been at the other end of that HEART BREAKING, GUT WRENCHING loss, the bad end of it. IT SUCKS!! Cam has never had that HUGE disappointing loss where it all came down to one game, and they couldn’t finish. In Florida, he rode the pine. At Blinn, he took them to a Championship and won. At Auburn, he took us to a Championship and won. The kid doesn’t KNOW failure yet. How can you expect him to be so humble about losing, when he’s just getting his feet wet in the losing pool. He’s ankle deep in the losing pool right now. Yes, his losses are stacking up. But, look at how long it took PEYTON MANNING, arguably one of the best QB’s ever, to win a Super Bowl. It took Peyton what, 8 years?, to win a Super Bowl? And people talk about Cam Newton being terrible because he didn’t take a 2-14 team to the Super Bowl? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHO HAS EVER DONE THAT? The Patriots went 8-8 the year before Tom Brady was drafted. They then went 5-11 in 2000, his first year playing for the team. His second season, they flipped that and went 11-5 in 2001 and won the Super Bowl. What if next year, Cam Newton takes Carolina, instead of 6-10, what they finished his year, he takes them to 10-6, to the playoffs, and wins a Super Bowl? What would people say then? It’s not impossible. Cam’s physical talent far outweighs any QB in the league right now, OVERALL. Sure, he isn’t as good of a pocket passer as some other QB’s, but he isn’t bad. Plus, he has an elusiveness about him so strong that people should start calling him a Unicorn of the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. He is RARE!! I think breaking 13 Rookie Records (3 of which have been broken again already, 2 by Andrew Luck, 1 by RGIII), 17 NFL Records (some of those making him the 1st QB to ever do that), and 6 Franchise Records, not to mention winning Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year, AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, Sporting News Rookie of the Year, AP Offensive Rookie of the Month once, Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week three times, and being selected to the Pro Bowl in his Rookie season, I think those are some pretty ASTOUNDING accomplishments by this young man. THE BOY CANNOT DO IT ALONE!! Look at Drew Brees, without his Head Coach and some big names being suspended from his defense, look how well he did this year, and he already has a Super Bowl ring. He went 7-9. ONE WIN more than Cam Newton did this year. Cam Newton has NOTHING of a defense. He does have some offensive weapons, though he can’t always get to them because he has to scramble every single play, basically, BECAUSE his O-Line can’t block for 1 second. It took Peyton Manning EIGHT years to win a Super Bowl. It took Eli four years to win his first Super Bowl (now at 2). It took Drew Brees 8 years to win a Super Bowl. The first two years Steve Young played for the Buccaneers, they went 2-14, STEVE YOUNG!! It took him NINE years to win a Super Bowl. It took Brett Favre SIX years. It took Aaron Rodgers FIVE years. Are you seeing the trend here? DON’T EXPECT CAM NEWTON TO WIN A SUPER BOWL WITH A CRAPPY TEAM LIKE CAROLINA BEFORE THEY GET A CHANCE TO BUILD THE TEAM AROUND HIM, LIKE ALL SUPER BOWL TEAMS ARE DONE!!!! HELL, IT TOOK MICHAEL JORDAN SEVEN YEARS to win his first Championship. Also, if you look at the beginning of Michael Jordan’s career, it’s not too unlike that of Cam Newton. Being known for his ability to score so easily. Doing stuff to be in the spotlight. He even got into a fight or two (Reggie Miller). So, look around the World of Sports and look at other careers that ended up being ASTRONOMICAL. Look at their beginnings. Look at their college years (Jordan left as a Junior as well, I believe). You can’t just point fingers at someone and talk badly about them without first looking at MONUMENTAL PLAYERS JUST LIKE THEM!! You are almost all Bama fans commenting on this. BIG SHOCKER that you guys would be against Cam Newton. I almost fainted I was so shocked you Bammers don’t like Cam Newton. I don’t blame you for being mad at him and not liking him. He lead Auburn to their second National Championship after leading one of, if not THE biggest comeback in Iron Bowl history. I’m done commenting on this now. I’ve said my peace. Take care, all. Oh, and WAR EAGLE!!

  2. 13

    I have a pitch for you this week.
    Ithink youcan knok this one clean outof the stadium.

    “Auburn is this week’s La-Monroe”. I would love to hear your take on it.

    and this is dedicated to the Aubbos who “believed”.

  3. 14

    I agree that this was pretty silly behavior for an NFL QB. It’s almost as silly as when the 3rd String QB for the Jets who’s never even taken a meaningful snap went on a radio show and publicly trashed his teammates. Ok, it’s no where near that freakin’ stupid, but it’s a little silly.

    • 15
      The Conduit

      See Abraham, that’s exactly what we’re arguing against, not for.

      Cam Newton didn’t have to work hard in college and doesn’t want to work hard in pro ball.

      The difference is Greg McElroy (why not just say his name anyway if you’re going to bash the QB with the best W-L record on the team?) was part of a program where he became accusomed to working hard for success. Basically he saw in his team exactly what you’re saying was silly behavior for Cam.

      I side with Greg McElroy. Grow up and work hard. Real men can handle being told to work harder. It’s the Cams of the world that don’t want to hear it.

  4. 16

    Conduit, so you’re saying it’s a good idea for a player to go on tv or radio and publicly bash his teammates? Especially a 3rd string, rookie qb that never took a meaningful snap? I’m sure you’d feel the same way if Phillip Ely called in to the Finebaum show and made the same comments about some of the Bama players. I’m also sure that Saban would be really happy and thank him for his input.

    • 17

      Obviously, Bama doesn’t have that problem. Maybe someone on Auburns team needs to step up and call out the trouble makers. But at Auburn, you get leadership from people that act like Cam Newton and Nick Farley. Now how can people like that stand up and call anyone out for anything?

      This article was about Cam Newton being a sore loser. Nice twist trying to turn it around like Bama done something bad, but you only proved that you are a sore loser too.

    • 19
      The Conduit


      Think about what you just said.

      Would Saban be upset for his game manager calling his team out for not working hard enough?

      Nevermind that Saban wouldn’t let Ely or any unexposed player speak to the media, but bashing his team for not working hard enough is exactly what Saban does himself. It’s also what he says he expects from the leaders on his team.

      You know, like Greg McElroy.

      “Never again” ring any bells?

      So yeah, I’d like to think a guy like Greg would and, yes, should bash a guy like Cam Newton publically for crying instead of working, particularly when he didn’t listen when the same thing was said privately.

      Look, I know you hate Alabama, but the difference between Greg McElroy and Cam Newton is brains vs talent. Of all people I thought it would be Auburn fans that would remember Alabama’s final loss to Auburn. To this day the Alabama coaching staff use that season as an example of what not to do and how talent alone doesn’t make a champion. Except, you know, that one time.

      • 20
        Greg McElbore

        Cam Newton has more talent in one big toe than most of that Alabama roster put together.

        Speaking of bells ringing. Does anybody hear that? Man, those concussions sure do suck.

        Speaking of bells ringing. Does anybody hear that? Man, those concussions sure do suck.

        Speaking of bells ringing….wait, what?


        Greg McElbore

  5. 21

    No brando, just pointing out the hypocrisy of the article. No need to twist or turn anything when it’s blatantly obvious and common knowledge.

    • 22

      No, Abe – you were not pointing out anything of the sort. The article was about Cam acting like a prima donna in the NFL when he hasn’t earned the right. He was a one-hit wonder in the college ranks, and is starting to look that way in the pros. For contrast, you could have pulled Greg McElroy’s name out of the sack and pointed out how he has worked hard for everything he’s gotten, even being a 3rd string QB on a dismal Jets team, but wasn’t satisfied as a person and player with the same Cam Newton/prima donna attitude he saw in the Jets lockerroom. That doesn’t point out hypocrisy, but shows a contrast in player behavior. Now, if you’d pulled, say, Nick Fairly’s name out of your satchel and used him as your example of hypocrisy (it’s not there – don’t go look for it), then that would have made you point. Otherwise, you are sitting there with your wonderful story, but no point – and no amount of you trying to explain what you meant will make your story have a point. Instead, you are sitting there with the same dumb look under a towel that Cam has when the other players tackle him and rush him, and make him look like the one-hit wonder he is. You don’t even take criticism of your poor writing skills well.

    • 23

      You are right about what is blatantly obvious: You are a sore loser, just like your hero Cam. The hypocrisy is you taking an incident involving an Auburn player, and throw a totally unrelated incident with an Alabama player, and say it is the same.

      Fact #1: Cam Newton was moping on the sidelines crying because he sucked, and he is only all about himself.

      Fact #2: Greg McElroy was calling out people who were not being team players, and hoping that his words can bring his team together.

      Two COMPLETELY different situations. You are a dumbass Abe.

  6. 24

    You need to drag your ass back over to the Barnturd boards and take care of your own problems, God knows you have more than you can handle. The Jets had the fuking problem and they knew it. They were just pissed because a new guy had the audacity to air it out. And at the time he was 2nd string. The way the fuking Jets have performed in more than a year since tells me they ought to be trying out the third string QB. On the other hand Scam is a shithole, always has been and everybody knows it. So fuck off with your sorry assed 1-3 team. RTR!

    • 26

      Good stuff Tracie. I agree with you. lets go back tot the foundation and attitudes that would motivate a person toward thier attitudes.

    • 27

      I have tried twice to post on your blog and it doesnt show up. Is their a tutorial on how its done on your site?

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