Auburn, Gene Chizik deserves a lifetime contract

For all the Auburn fans wondering how their once proud program has fallen to such depths that a home overtime victory against a Sunbelt team is cause for celebration, I offer you hope.

Gene Chizik is doing a great job.

His coaching job today was nothing short of magnificent. It’s not everyday you get to see your head coach square off against the likes of LaMonroe’s Todd Berry.

Sure, in his fourth year on the Plains, Chizik’s team struggled to put the game away. Or score when it needed to. Or get first downs. Or get the Warhawks off the field. Or tackle. Or secure the football. Or know what down it was.

But the planned hail marry at the end of the first half, where Frazier was almost sacked twice and then threw it up for grabs as high as he could, was a perfectly planned play. Total luck you say? I think not.

I’ve heard from a reliable source that Auburn practices that play eight times a day, and today all that hard work paid off.

That play, run to perfection, was the difference in the hard fought game against the two unranked teams. Well, that and LaMonroe’s inability to execute field goals.

But the Chiz had to have known that was the case, and in doing so crafted a game plan that got the job done. Seeing him strut around after the game was satisfaction enough for any Auburn fan, knowing that he just gave the great Todd Berry’s Warhawks the business.

Afterall, it was the Warhawks that took the team Alabama obliterated by 52-points into overtime. A couple of times against Bama, Arkansas almost actually came close to having a better than average chance to score. And it was Todd Berry’s bunch that did them in last week.

It doesn’t matter that Chizik’s team can’t tackle. It doesn’t matter that Jake Holland’s helmet doesn’t fit him. It doesn’t matter that Keihl Frazier is due to hit the other team between their numbers at least twice a game.

What matters is that when his Tigers were 0-2 and needed a win, the Chiz gave the 65,000 or so members of the Auburn Fambly who made their way to the game their money’s worth. Winning in regulation by two touchdowns wouldn’t have been the best thing for this Auburn team, or else Chizik would’ve done it.

The fact is, don’t lock in a coach of his caliber and tens of other schools are going to throw thousands at him to try and woo him away. Several schools are going to need coaches at the end of this season. You don’t want to wake up to discover that a Savannah State or Furman has taken your prize.

Gene Chizik is a great coach. He is a championship coach. And doggone it, consider me one impartial observer who believes he deserves a lifetime contract.

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  1. 5

    I want that hypocritical Christian “Hoopie” to post something. I always love it when he throws stones at other fanbases when he graduated from a second-tier agricultural University. “We Auburn people own thousands of acres of farmland that employs illegal aliens. We might only pay them 10 cents an hour, but they owe it to us.” Hoopie is the typical white trash graduate of Auburn University. If “redneck” is not a color, white trash has nothing to do with economic status

      • 7

        So now telling the truth is condsidered racist. What kind of liberal tree hugging hippy scholl did you go to? Shit brother the truth is the truth and sometimes it might say some negative things about people. But that doesnt make it any less true or valid.

        • 8

          Sorry that seemed a tad over the top. And my typing is atrocious. Anyway the point is. If The U.S. is supposed to be a free country (free speech etc.) then let the man say what he is saying. He has not said anything that couldnt be verified as untrue.

  2. 12

    I just saw the picture of the fans rolling Toomer’s Corner after their big win yesterday…..

    Sad and pathetic on so many levels 🙁

  3. 16
    # 1 al. fan

    Hey did any of ya’ll mention that ol Chizik has a Nationl Championship on his qualifications I’m sure that when all the schools start throwing money his way, that want his services, that it will be a clincher!! Its a God thing” and its a sure sign that its all in the Fambly! not to mention that they take their football seriously over there. RTR

    • 17

      I hope Chizik and his porn star DC stay for a long time.

      Auburn has shown good sportsmanship lately, though. Have you seen all the high fives the defense gives the opposing player as he runs for a touchdown?

  4. 27

    The Truth:

    Where is the racist comment? There you are throwing stones after calling me a “N” word last January. 21-0 Loser

    • 29

      I can, but he humors me. A stupid person can be pretty funny in the right context, especially when they are so mad at what they can’t change. It’s kind of cute having him around.

      • 30

        I agree. We should keep truth around. It would be a suck blog if everyone agreed about everything. (See most Auburn blogs.)

  5. 31

    Class? You don’t even know what the word means you retarded fuck. The only class a Corndog has is low class. I doubt if you bastards even score on us. RTR!

  6. 32

    Did ya’ll read that Barnturd Homer, Scabbuttskie’s column yesterday. I damn near fell out of my chair. He basically said this is Saban’s best team and that it it virtually unbeatable. Well I could have told him that, but I never expected him to freely admit it. Guess it must be true then. RTR!

    • 33

      Scarbinsky knows foot ball. There….. now…… I ……cant stop …….laughing my entire ass off……. Still laughing… must stop before something……ruptures…….

      Scarbinsky knows football……Fod Da**it!!! that is still……f*cking hilarious…. I .cant stop laughing………….

  7. 34

    The new Ford F-150 commercials are hilarious. Coach Saban pulls his grill and cooks some groceries. Barner Rubble pulls up with a truckload of toilet paper, mumbling something about tradition and starts hurling rolls of TP.

  8. 36

    The tree-rollers were folks letting their kids have a chance at it and a few folks that had not visited AU for years and wanted a chance to roll the trees before they are taken down.

    Are you telling me that the Bama fans don’t sing Rammer Jammer if they barely beat a sunbelt team? Well ..they surely have in the past. So stop the hypocrisy.

    Heck ..ya’ll sing “we beat the he77 out of you” even when Bama only wins by one point.

    RC has one nasty mouth. I can’t believe ya’ll don’t get tired of it and shut him down.

    • 37

      Tree rolling. That says all that needs to be said. That is what passes for ‘tradition’ at Auburn. More times than not under Saban, that Rammer Jammer is actually true. It sure was last year when Bama played Auburn, that is for sure.

    • 38

      To Capstone Report Readers: In case you are wondering poopie is the official toomers corner doo doo paper throwers monitor and therefore keeps detailed information on each and every person in attendance. He can provide statistics if needed. Poopie is his name throwing crap paper is his game.

  9. 39

    It is nice to have the inside scoop on exactly who was there an throwing toilet paper. Are there any graphs or statistics? Or did Hoopie personally survey the crowd. Coz if he did he should be commended for all the hard work in trying to keep the record straight. Leave it to Lee County to be so “thorough” in the way they collect and dispense information.

  10. 40

    Hoopie is all about someone else’s nasty mouth when he is on here calling other people names. Crybaby. Maybe you should stop calling other people names as well, O Holy one

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