Auburn, Gene Chizik deserves a lifetime contract

For all the Auburn fans wondering how their once proud program has fallen to such depths that a home overtime victory against a Sunbelt team is cause for celebration, I offer you hope.

Gene Chizik is doing a great job.

His coaching job today was nothing short of magnificent. It’s not everyday you get to see your head coach square off against the likes of LaMonroe’s Todd Berry.

Sure, in his fourth year on the Plains, Chizik’s team struggled to put the game away. Or score when it needed to. Or get first downs. Or get the Warhawks off the field. Or tackle. Or secure the football. Or know what down it was.

But the planned hail marry at the end of the first half, where Frazier was almost sacked twice and then threw it up for grabs as high as he could, was a perfectly planned play. Total luck you say? I think not.

I’ve heard from a reliable source that Auburn practices that play eight times a day, and today all that hard work paid off.

That play, run to perfection, was the difference in the hard fought game against the two unranked teams. Well, that and LaMonroe’s inability to execute field goals.

But the Chiz had to have known that was the case, and in doing so crafted a game plan that got the job done. Seeing him strut around after the game was satisfaction enough for any Auburn fan, knowing that he just gave the great Todd Berry’s Warhawks the business.

Afterall, it was the Warhawks that took the team Alabama obliterated by 52-points into overtime. A couple of times against Bama, Arkansas almost actually came close to having a better than average chance to score. And it was Todd Berry’s bunch that did them in last week.

It doesn’t matter that Chizik’s team can’t tackle. It doesn’t matter that Jake Holland’s helmet doesn’t fit him. It doesn’t matter that Keihl Frazier is due to hit the other team between their numbers at least twice a game.

What matters is that when his Tigers were 0-2 and needed a win, the Chiz gave the 65,000 or so members of the Auburn Fambly who made their way to the game their money’s worth. Winning in regulation by two touchdowns wouldn’t have been the best thing for this Auburn team, or else Chizik would’ve done it.

The fact is, don’t lock in a coach of his caliber and tens of other schools are going to throw thousands at him to try and woo him away. Several schools are going to need coaches at the end of this season. You don’t want to wake up to discover that a Savannah State or Furman has taken your prize.

Gene Chizik is a great coach. He is a championship coach. And doggone it, consider me one impartial observer who believes he deserves a lifetime contract.

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