Tyler Wilson not playing doesn’t change anything

For those hanging their hats on Tyler Wilson making a surprise appearance, leading the Hogs to victory, save your hopes for another day.

It isn’t going to happen. ESPN’s Chris Low is reporting that Wilson will not play against Alabama.

The young man received an apparent concussion in last week’s game with Louisiana Monroe, and truthfully it was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to him.

Tyler Wilson is a talented quarterback with a bright future ahead of him. We first saw flashes of his ability in 2010 in relief of Ryan Mallett. He nearly led the Hogs to victory in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Predictable questionable officiating (when have we ever heard of that in Jordan-Hare?) changed that game, or else Wilson would’ve emerged as the hero.

But it wouldn’t have mattered if Wilson was 100% for this game or not, the result would still be the same. The only difference his presence makes is in the margin of victory, and perhaps Alabama’s strength of schedule as it barrels through the grind of SEC play.

Arkansas interim clown John L. Smith has played the shell game with us all week, asking us to guess under which shell lies the truth. But common sense tells you, you don’t put a concussed quarterback in the game against a Nick Saban defense, especially one who hasn’t practiced all week. Let Wilson face the complexities of these kind of defensive challenges next year, when he has a cleared head and is getting paid.

Tyler Wilson wouldn’t have been on the field to stop Bama’s offense from doing what it’s going to do tomorrow. The Hogs gave up 24 points at home to Jacksonville freaking State. And we saw what the Warhawks did to them last Saturday. Are you telling me those UAB-like teams have better athletes on the offensive side of the ball than Alabama?

With his absence there will be much talk of the what-ifs, but the true talk should still center around a selfish, horny head coach who shacked up with a coed when he should’ve kept his nose to the grindstone (instead of something else), earning the millions that the University of Arkansas was paying him to make them the best they could be. You have to wonder what he might have seen to prevent Arkansas’ talented quarterback from being pulverized last Saturday night.

We’ll never know. But what we do know is this: Arkansas needs Tyler Wilson more than Tyler Wilson needs Arkansas. And if they hope to make noise this season, they need to let him sit tomorrow and clear the noise between his ears for another week.

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    sigh, Doesn’t matter because Arkansas is a loser with or without him. Tyler Wilson would do himself a favor if he’d pretend like he is hurt for the rest of the season so the NFL scouts don’t realize he’s nothing more than a kid that is a product of the Petrino system that can take a hit.

  2. 5
    The Truth

    “Tyler Wilson not playing doesn’t change anything”

    What a joke of a headline!

    If McCarron wasn’t playing, whould you bammers be saying it doesn’t change anything? Go ahead and lie and say you would!

    Wilson not playing changes everything. Don’t believe me, check with the professionals in Vegas.

    • 6

      **ALERT** Bama obsession from this deranged LSU fan is still climbing by the day. The scars and bad dreams from last season have continued to de-stabilize The Tooth, and he has detached himself from reality. Please avoid contact with small dogs and little children, as this individual is highly dangerous to them at this time. A beatdown in Baton Rouge by Bama will likely put this individual in a suicidal state, so please, everyone be careful when approaching The Tooth, especially when he is wearing his LSU cheerleader uniform in public. This has been a public service announcement from BamaBrando.**

      • 7

        Whatever the opposite of a wet dream is, that’s what “The Truth” has every night when we dreams about the nightmare that is the Alabama Crimson Tide.

  3. 8

    Dumb fuck, not changes anything simply means they couldn’t win with him or without him. Of course the score might be different. They couldn’t win if they had both Wilson and Petrino. Bama has mase them both our bitches. The only reason there was off season speculation they could contend for a West title is because nobody thought Bama’s defense would be as good as last year. Surprise!!! The fact is Bama may be better overall than last year while Arky lost all of their all-world recievers. Bama beat Arky by 24 last year. This year we are at least 31 better. You can subtract 4 for home field advantage and even with Wilson and Petrino we win by 27. Arky never was going to win this game. So like he said – Wilson being hurt changes nothing. Fuck off Corndog! RTR!

  4. 15

    Phillip Simms had a nice relief game against Georgia Tech after Rocco stunk the place up and lost it. 6-8 and 2 TD’s. Hell, he may have won the starting job. I really hated losing him. He will be a great one even playing for Virginia.

  5. 17

    Worse than that they had their secondary torched by a glorified high school and were only leading by 7 with 30 seconds to go in the first half. Now they get another glorified high school next week against Awbie and then a girls prep school against Towson St? Bet you Bama is unanimous #1 later today. RTR!

    • 18
      The Truth

      I’ve told you before Crimsonite, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

      Really you are going to say something about LSU playing Idaho, when bama is playing the mighty Florida Atlantic, who went 1-11 in the “great sunbelt” conference last year!!! LMAO

      And I really feel bad another one of your predictions didn’t come through late today! No really I do! You seem to misfire alot crimsonite. Maybe you should change elixir.

          • 21

            Obviously, I was commenting on your ‘don’t throw rocks in a glass house’ comment you have overused. Quit crying and whining over what Bama fans think or say on a Bama site, you obnoxious little troll.

  6. 22

    Number one all day long Crimsonite..Corn Dog QB has a cannon arm but has big feet and can”t run..A little pressure and he will rattle.. RTR

      • 24

        Not hardly Corndog. Wouldn’t think of accepting the Crystal unless it has Corndog blood stains on it. Can’t wait to stomp your fucking ass, especially after listening to one of your dumbass cousins in a Little Rock sports pub yesterday. What a typical Corndog dipshit. You’ed have thought they played the Green Bay Packers instead of that embarrassment of a team from a State with less people in it than a small A1labama town. RTR!

        • 25
          The Truth

          “Not Hardly”? LOL After previously saying “Well I guess that pretty much settles the National Championship question.” Way to crawfish Crimsonite! Bwaa Whaa Whaa!

          In Louisiana when you don’t have the internal fortitude to support something you previously said or was boastful about, we call that “crawfishing”! Ask someone to explain to you.

          Crimsonite the redneck crawfish! LOL

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