In response to Saban’s rant, CBS’ Greg Doyel needs a Tampax

They cried when Nick Saban stepped on campus in 2007 and changed the rules. They cried when he closed practices…not some, but all of them…to the media.

And they cry whenever Alabama head coach Nick Saban goes on one of his rants in the media room.

I’m talking about the media, a group largely made up of pussy-footed, sports nerds who’ve never donned a set of shoulderpads themselves. And specifically, about’s Greg Doyel, who today lamented over the utter cruelty those innocent media members had to endure.

Yesterday, Nick Saban went on one of his predictable rants (watch it here) following what he called a bad practice. The first thing you have to understand is, this is a game to the man. This rant wouldn’t have come if LSU were the opponent this Saturday. But they’re not. It’s Western Kentucky.

How do you get a team up to play Western Kentucky? Ask any true leader in any field of business or competition and they’ll tell you, the hardest thing to regain is momentum. Take a day off, miss an opportunity, let down your guard, and getting back to where you were before is twice as hard.

So this week the coach is sifting through his team with a fine-tooth comb, flooding them with complaints and things they need to improve on this young season. I would dare say this week someone has been told their shoelaces weren’t tied correctly by Bama’s football czar.

If you haven’t experienced this in your professional field, you simply haven’t worked for a leader. Leaders don’t have to be as harsh as Saban chooses to be, but leaders do exactly what he does.

The rant yesterday came as a result of the nice things reporters have been writing about the Tide. With eleven games left to go before any championships can be discussed, media from coast-to-coast have polished the crown for the defending national champs. And so, Saban wanted to send a message.

“We haven’t won anything.”

It was one game. Michigan was destroyed under the lights of the Jerry dome, but it was still just one game. There are many more hurdles to clear and hills to climb for this team, and filling their heads with grandiose visions of greatness is the exact recipe that landed the Tide at 10-3 in their 2010 campaign…still humorous to me that anywhere but at ‘Bama that’s a great year.

So, standing at the podium Wednesday evening, Saban did what he does. I’ve been in that room, and I know what it feels like. I’ve heard the chatter before the conferences, and after. And let me tell you, despite Greg Doyel’s whining about bullying and other media B.S. and jargon, there were no victims there.

Every person in that room, save the writers for Bama magazine and fan websites, would turn their pens 180 degrees the other direction to shred the Tide and its head man if the opportunity presented itself. Heck, some don’t even need a good reason; they’ll invent one (I’m looking at you, Kevin Scarbinsky, ala your failed “suit gate” last year.)

The Birmingham News’ beatwriter for Alabama (Don Kausler) is anything but a Bama lacky, unlike the lap dog the same paper sends to Auburn to practically reprint Auburn’s media relations’ talking points. Nick Saban has no reason to trust anyone in that room. Most of them are people who never attempted a high school football practice, let alone the intense exercise of trying to play in college. I’ve seen them…I know. Or at least if they did, you’d want to make sure their team was your homecoming foe.

Remember too that prior to Saban coming to Alabama, he was put through the gauntlet in Miami. Every word, every statement, every chance they had, the press tried to paint Nick Saban into a corner about the Alabama job. Pushing him to the point that he outright denied interest in the job, a denial he later said was in haste. And then, at the first chance, the press grilled him for taking it, going on a smear campaign for his first year in Tuscaloosa.

But one thing shuts the media up, and that’s success. And no one can argue with the success the Crimson Tide has achieved with him at the helm. So you’re right, Greg Doyel, we as Alabama fans, alumni and supporters don’t give a rat’s butt hair about how you and your comrads are treated. Because you can’t be trusted. We don’t trust you, and apparently he doesn’t either. And that’s fine with us.

We remember 2000-2006, how the whole story of what really was going on in Tuscaloosa was never told. No one chased the ambulances that ran us over. No one investigated the dealings that got Tennessee off the hook and Alabama on it. No one told the whole story behind Auburn’s hollow “streak” in the Iron Bowl, or how through circumstance the Tide was forced to hire the most impotent coach in its history in Mike Shula. They just enjoyed the malfeasance in Tuscaloosa, and talked about how a giant had fallen.

Last time I checked, no one dragged you or anyone in the press room yesterday from their homes in the dead of night, forcing them at gunpoint to be reporters. So while you stroll into the stadium on Saturdays, enjoying your press passes, catered lunches and 50-yardline pressbox seats, all at the expense of the University you would lambast at the first chance, forgive us for not giving a rip when you get ripped.

It isn’t our job to care about you getting your feelings hurt. It’s your job to act like a man, take it and do what you’re paid to do. Which is cover the news, not try to make it.

While he was in Baton Rouge I once heard an LSU fan exclaim “Nick Saban may be a son of a b****, but he’s OUR son of a b****.”

I would contend that every Alabama fan feels the same way. And no matter what kind of flimsy, mamsy-pamsy Sunday School answer you want to try and manufacture, I would bet you $10,000 to a doughnut that if Saban were theirs, every current Bama hater would say the same thing.

But he’s not. He’s in Tuscaloosa. He’s got Bama on top, clicking like a machine, and he ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So here’s you a box of Kleenex, Greg Doyel. And from the sounds of it, maybe some Tampax. But save your whining. And before you cry again about the harsh conditions that come with covering Bama football under Nick Saban, there are some Chilean miners I’d like you to speak with. I’m sure they’d LOVE the free buffet and passes this Saturday in exchange for the “cruelty” you have to endure.

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      The Conduit

      I don’t even understand the hating though?

      I get that some of the reporters don’t care about college football and are just doing a job, but some of them have to care enough (or at least know enough) about the sport to respect a guy like Nick Saban more than just calling him a bully in the press room, right?

      Actually, that probably is right. There probably are reporters that respect Saban and the way he works and his competitiveness. They just aren’t writing things like this, so we’re not talking about them.

      I can’t take away the fact that I’m an Alabama fan, and I’m no reporter either, but I honestly think I would really like Coach Saban no matter where he was coaching because of the way he works, not in spite of it. I get some of the hate, but not most of it.

  1. 4

    I watched the freaking video. I dont’ recall hearing Coach Saban referring to them as idiots, SOBs, or whatever. Most of them are lucky they haven’t had their press pass revoked. Screw ’em.
    And why anyone associated with the University of Alabama would even speak with scabs is beyond me. I guess that’s why he never has any direct quotes, though.

  2. 5
    The Conduit

    I just don’t get it.

    He’s comparing Saban to a bully, and trying to saddle Saban’s reaction to the recent trend of trying to prevent bullying against kids.

    But it’s simply not bullying. Comparing Saban’s press conferences to a kid being molested and beaten and teased is the same as pulling the race card when someone doesn’t win some competition. It isn’t just untrue, but it lessens the impact we should feel about real bullies. It does more harm than good. Bullies need to be stopped and bullying needs to be paid attention, but I don’t draw the bully card when my boss tells me something I don’t want to hear.

    I don’t like to complain about reporters. I really don’t. I think their job must be hard sometimes, but I’m not sure I understand why some reporters are sports reporters in particular? They just don’t seem to enjoy it.

    This? I mean, I’d love to be there. I wouldn’t want to have to worry about getting paid based on how many comments I could get out of a coach like Nick Saban, but what does it take to call him a bully and proclaim that he needs to apologize for how poorly the reporter thinks he was treated by the coach?

    I think it means being an adult. I grew up thinking everyone would be that way when I was finally an adult. Of course, I grew up vacationing in Tuscaloosa and learning from my grandparents who never lived anywhere else, but now I know most people often don’t want to be treated like an adult.

    I’m an artist. I crave criticism—-it helps me learn better than any positive comments, and at least I always know it’s honest.

    But nevermind what the middle-aged reporters have to put up with from Saban once in a while—-what about the 18-year-old boys on the football squad? Do you think they have it better?

    Or maybe they’re just more adult because they’re treated like adults and told to grow up to be strong adults? That’s what it takes to win, and I’m not talking about just championships. Frankly, it sounds like this guy just doesn’t like what he does for a living.

    But good grief, the part that gets me the most is this is Nick Saban. Not only is this almost tame by Saban’s standards, but after this many years any reporter shouldn’t be surprised when Saban doesn’t gush and laugh through a press meeting. We’d be surprised if he was smiling the whole time, or helping a reporter find someone to change his diaper.

    • 7
      Hal Bennett

      Of course, the second week of a new football season is no time for a head coach to get sidetracked. That being said (to use the current favorite media phrase — it was for the longest “as well”), the only problem I have with Saban’s indictment is that he didn’t go nearly far enough.

      When Bear Bryant was coaching football, the sports media — and even the national “regular” media was not controlled like it is today by the Democratic Party. A head coach whose hero was George Patton (and Bryant ‘admitted’ this late in his career, in a PLAYBOY article) would be cooked today on the grill of the nerd-media establishment. But Bryant, like Saban, would have a thing or two to say about it, I can assure you.

      Football coaches can’t get into overt politics, for the same reason that Army officers can’t. To do so would be suicidal for their career. So I don’t expect Saban to come out and say what I am about to say. ESPN is controlled by the Democratic party just as sure as most of the rest of the national media is. ESPN is the embodiment of the Democratic Party’s outlook and philosophy. ESPN is the beachhead of the Democratic Party into the young man’s world of sport. As such, no telling what this is doing to national politics for the present and near future.

      And of course Saban didn’t name any names, but I will tell you who the two main exponents of this ESPN philosophy are in Alabama: Paul Finebaum and Cecil Hurt. Now, whether Saban was referring to anything either one of these guys had written lately, I can’t say. But I can tell you that Finebaum and ‘Hurt’ (Cecil loves to refer to himself as ‘Hurt’, I guess because his Buddy Finebaum is referred to by HIS last name) are the Alabama beachhead of the ESPN philosophy.

      As this country has produced more and more ‘nerds’ — I am referring to young men who have grown up with their noses in some mini-machine they are always diddling with, we have more and more lost as a country just what competition on the field is all about. How many of these people have so much as gone hunting or fishing as a kid?When these dudes come into a room where the podium up front is about to have behind it a sportsman such as Nick Saban, then, well, could it be more likely than to see two worlds collide? And don’t tell me, please, that one of these nerds actually played a game of golf the other day.

      ESPN covers up their nerdiness with this rah-rah atmosphere that is laced with graphics (the Arrow on the field is the worst offendr) and rump-tiddy, rump-tiddy canned Jimmy Hendrix rap ‘music’ (hip hop), which is supposed to impress us with the idea that, really, they haven’t dumbed down our viewing of Sport. You NEED that arrow to tell you what down it is, you dummy. Why, those people are into high tech, can’t you see that? When is the last time you were able to turn on a national football broadcast and just watch the game, without all this frenetic, artificial STUFF? Is Saban upset with a localized manifestation of this distractive thing? I think so.

      I think I am on safe ground to say that MANY twelve year-olds today could do what ESPN is doing, what with their graphics, ‘music,’ and nerdy anchor men, who, like their bosses obviously, are ‘directing’ the shows that feature the ex-athletes and coaches who actually know what they are talking about but who are in effect lackeys of the Democratic Party establishment. The same holds true when the Democrats get into power on a national basis. They start telling Wall Street, the Auto Industry, the Housing Industry — you name it — what to do.

      Nick Saban will tell you that he grew up learning his father’s personal philosophy. His father was a coach and service station owner. What does that tell you? It tells me that Saban at heart is a Republican who doesn’t like the Democrats telling him what to do. And if you were able to get most successful football coaches to admit their party affiliation, they, just like most military officers, would tell you the same thing. With Democrats it is all about their power over business and the military; with our little ESPN nerds and their proteges, it is all about controlling the way Sport is presented in this country. No, I say that the only problem with what Saban said is that he didn’t go nearly far enough.

  3. 9

    Coach Saban doesnt rely on positive reporting to cover any shortcomings on the field. These panty wearing reporters just dont understand why he doesnt cater to them and their “feelings”. They dont get why he doesnt hide behind “we’re young, but my media relations are awesome, have seconds at the media luncheon and be sure and write an article to calm the masses (wink wink) bullcrap like some other ahem….. local coaches do. He kicks ass on and off the field. Excuses are, well nothing more than excuses. He lives an all or nothing life, he coaches his players to give all or nothing and the proof is in the most physical football team in college PERIOD! The reason people hate it? Simply because getting your ass kicked consistently is not fun. Stand up and do something about it or sit down shut up and accept it. Coach Saban has clearly challenged all others and now its time for them to shit or get off of the pot. This isnt rocket science hell it isnt even a sociology class (ahem ahem) it is what it is.

  4. 10
    crimson hammah

    do not be deceived – saban was not attacking the media – he was specifically attacking and only the ones who were poopooing wk

  5. 12

    The funny thing about this is Doyel is playing right into Saban’s hands. If Coach Saban stands at the podium and spits out cliches “We’ve got to take each game one at a time, take care of the football, give 110%, cut down on our mistakes, and respect our opponent, blah blah blah” he gets a short soundbite on the local news. Now his message is all over the media. Saban is good for doing this at least twice a season, and the media plays into it every time.

    And speaking of irresponsible journalism, how were Scarbinsky and/or Izzy Gould or at very least their editor not fired for suit gate? Heck, Izzy got a promotion (and I like Izzy). Clay Travis needed attention for his new website so he threw out allegations to what would stick and those guys bit the hook, and Travis laughed all the way to the bank.

    • 13

      It’s all contrived. Saban isn’t slick in regard to delivery, but his timing is impeccable. The man has a plan for everything, and how he uses those press conferences each week is no different.

      The times I’ve been involved with them everyone in the room anticipates what’s coming. No one in the room was taken back by what he said, I can assure you. Doyel wasn’t part of that group, but it made for good article fodder.

      I can say with confidence that Saban will sleep like a baby night, regardless of what Doyel or anyone outside of Terry thinks about him. I’m not saying I’d like to pattern my life and approach to people after him, but he has icewater in his veins, and he likes it.

      • 14

        That’s the thing, ITK. What’s wrong with icewater in your veins in a professional matter of speaking? Why can’t men just be men and be emasculated and forced to hide emotion? He doesn’t give paid to give two sh!t’s and F about what these so called journalists and sports writers think. He gets paid to win and dominate a man’s sport. If the journalists don’t have the heart for a little verbal scorning, too bad. They should kick rocks and realize that this isn’t a friendly sport.

        The kicker is, all of these effeminate journalists judge everything by their lackluster lives. They should let this man be the best at what he does and sit back and do what they do best: take notes and try to make them controversial,

        There’s no career in journalism without controversy or negative connotations. Everyone knows that.

        • 16
          # 1 al. fan

          I’ve got a great idea!! why not tell them all, and that includes ‘Scabby’ to go to green pastures of Lee County and write all they want to about ;the coach there and dead trees and what have you. It would be a win win situation all around!! RTR

  6. 17


  7. 18

    In the civil war Gen.Sherman said something like this “All reporters are spys and need to be hung.” Maybe CNS is thinking along the same l;ines.RTR

  8. 20

    I just love when Nick tears their asses up. I hate reporters. Over the past 50 years their proffesion has evolved from reporting the events as was originally intended, to a giant fucking opinionated soalbox with a free worldwide listening audience. You can’t get facts anymore, just some half educated morons opinion. This shit all started in Vietnam. The dumbass press is what cost us that war by instigating into action the bleeding heart, pussy factions in this country. Saban is 100% in charge of and responsible for tha Alabama football program. He only need answer somewhat to the Bama nation and Mal Moore – sort of. If the fucking press is hindering him and endangering the success of the program – then fuck them and their itsy witsy feelings. They can go to hell or Lee County whichever they prefer. Myself I’d choose hell. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  9. 23
    The Conduit

    But I just don’t buy the part where so many people are saying Saban wants the press to respect Western Kentucky just because it benefits him and Alabama.

    I think Saban is sincere about W. Kentucky. Not only that, but he’s said the same thing before, I don’t understand why it’s both a surprise and, allegedly, a selfish lie? I think Saban sure seems to have good relationships with coaches across the nation both in college and pro football, and I don’t think that’s because all he cares about is Alabama.

    Am I alone (or at least standing with Saban) that I don’t hate every other team? I don’t just respect them, I damn near love them all. Football is a battle. I would be on the ground hoping not to puke if I took a single hit from the smallest player on the worst team in Division 1, and I watch way more than just Alabama football.

    Then again, don’t reporters do the same thing? Don’t a lot of them watch a lot of football and maybe even enjoy it?

    I guess I just find it too hard to believe so many of them probably do hate Saban, but that it clouds their judgement so badly they think he’s doing everything for selfish reasons and he doesn’t actually respect the coaches he plays against.

    Frankly, Alabama’s culture taught me to respect football players anywhere. I don’t think coaches like Saban telling us as fans to support your team and respect your competition is a bad thing, I think it’s part of what puts Alabama on top of just about any other program in any category.

    Maybe I’m just thinking too hard about this. Maybe some of these reporters really are just that sensitive and they have a platform to cry on that they have to use or they don’t get paid regardless.

  10. 24

    I agree that $aban is doing this on purpose to get a message to his team. Doyel knows that also. Doyel also knows that if these local news guys don’t play along and let $aban have his rant, they will get their press pass revoked or $aban will never again answer one of that press member’s questions.

    That press pass revocation or alienation is the intimidation that Doyel talks about. I realize that is too subtle for you neanderthals to grasp, because you haven’t yet grasped it. Instead of understanding Doyel’s point, your arrogance has betrayed you again and caused you to hurriedly jump to spinning up arrogant claims that Doyel needs a napkin.

    Doyel makes another point. $aban can’t get the message across to his team without using the press in this manner and that is why he has to do it every once and a while.

    So ….is this tactic necessary because $aban is weak? I doubt it. Is it necessary because the team is stupid? I doubt it. Is it necessary because the fan base is so irrational and arrogant that they think most every other opponent is not worthy and $aban doesn’t want that type attitude around his team? …hmmmmm.

    • 25

      Hoop, you’re an idiot. Every time you write a word, I just keep hoping you’ll realize that you don’t make any sense and will just stop – but you don’t – which makes you an even bigger idiot. I’d even say you should have your opinion because this is a Bama Football site, but you don’t know anything about Bama or Football, so you just come across as a slobbering jealous goof that doesn’t know when to get off your mother’s computer and go take out the garbage. Maybe one day you can affiliate with a team that has higher ideals about their school, their players, and their team, but until then, why don’t you just STFU and go watch your trees die?

      • 26

        I submit Pete’s post as an example of redneck ignorance.

        Pete, I realize that the library is probably not near your trailer park, but you should really make it a point to work on your reading comprehension skills.

        I didn’t flame $aban or UAT or the players ….I flamed this blog.

        I promise that I’m not jealous of you or the folks on this blog.

        I’m sure that you can’t understand this point either.

    • 27

      Well, in fairness, Western Kentucky isn’t worthy. And truthfully, neither is Auburn right now. He won’t have issues getting them up to play Auburn, but an FAU, Western Kentucky or Western Carolina…those teams aren’t going to beat you, but getting your team to take them seriously is another matter.

      Injuries happen when you take a team lightly and don’t play with the same level of intensity as you do against the “big” opponents.

      Saban could use a good PR lesson, but then again the man doesn’t care. That’s what drives so many people crazy about him. In this politically correct world we live in, here’s a man who says whatever the heck he wants because he has more power than the governor in this state. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I can’t argue the power he wields in getting things done. And you can’t argue with the results.

      • 28

        ITK ….I agree that $aban won’t have a problem getting his players up for Auburn …and unless some major changes happen on The Plains ….he won’t need to. He would be able to beat that AU team that went on the MSU field with the UAT second team.

        Now all you rednecks that for some reason that because I don’t blindly support my team no matter what …well That is one of the differences between your low self esteem, ignorant, arrogant redneck value system and a rational football fan that has enough self confidence to call it like it is.

  11. 29

    I think it’s funny how the Hateful Hoopie uses $ for Saban when his own gutless, spineless coach isn’t worth a plug nickel

    • 30

      Explain Chizik’s actions to support your claim that he is gutless and spineless.

      You can call me hateful if you want, but i’m just pointing out to you what your actions are.

      Change your behavior and my recounting of your actions will change.

  12. 31

    Hoopworm is nothing but a retarded cum sucking homer. Even if what he said is true – who gives a shit. Whatever Saban does is what makes him and Bama numero uno with no end in sight, and every dumbassed homer in the country would kill his mother to change places with us. So fuckoff stupid! RTR!

    • 32

      I would never change place with a foul-mouthed person like you.

      I grew up a Bama fan. I’m glad that I got over that.

      I live in Georgia. The folks over here constantly laugh at you rednecks. Sure everybody wishes they had a team that wins like Bama. If asked ..very few of them would trade for those wins if they had to be associated with rednecks like you.

      I guess all of this winning makes you feel like you have more self worth …..what are you gonna do when it eventually ends? …….hmmmmm.

      I only come on here as a result of you initiating the HATE. Has it ever occurred to you that If you don’t start it, then I can’t respond to it? …Of course you haven’t …that would require rational thought;

      • 33

        I guess all you have to look forward to this season is for Auburn to upset Bama, and it doesn’t look like Auburn can keep up. This is the beginning of the end for Chizik. You know this. I can see the hate is getting stronger with you, considering the amount of time that you spend here. So spew your insults, we understand you need to vent. But to act like you are better than anyone here, well, you need to look in the mirror. None of us want to be associated with a loser internet troll like you. You hate Bama fans I get that. But drop the super hero act like you come on here to ‘defend’ the good name of Auburn LOL!
        You come here to whine and complain about everything said here. You could just leave and not come around if Bammers bother you so much.

        Bottom line: Your team sucks ass this year, and Bama is contending once again. It really pisses you off doesn’t it? And by the way, Chizik is making it look more and more like that 2010 season was the fluke that it was. You would think after four years of recruiting things would get better, if he was this great coach like you think.

  13. 35

    Now dammit, ya’ll just leave those Paper Tiggers alone. Don’t be hurtin’ on ’em. Don’t you know they’re just trying to get us overconfident and distracted so they can sneak up and put a whompin’ on us in Jeerdon Air Northwest. Bwaa Haww Haww! The only problem is them Sum Bitches are hurtin’ our SOS! RTR! Look for Washington to give LSWho a run for the money before they lose.

  14. 36

    Anybody who thinks Western Kentucky doesn’t have a pretty damn good team, just check out the Virginia Tech – Austin Peay score today. Last week Western Kentucky beat the dog shit out of Peay. Much worse score and much better stats both offensively and defensively. Just comparatively, Bama should beat Virginia Tech about 40-0 and that’s a normally top 10 BCS team.

  15. 37

    Jesus USC’s defense sucks. They shouldn”t be ranked in the top 5. Looks like Bama – LSU in Miami. I dare anybody to stack the box against us this year. McCarron’s arm should be nicknamed Instant Death. Well Arky just screwed the fucking pooch. How the hell can you be proud of beating a team who lost to La Monroe. At least we had a losing season and were decimated by sanctions when we did it. RTR!

  16. 38

    Hoopshit go stick your nose up somebody elses ass. You’re not getting any Brownie points here. I’ll put my check against yours that if you visit any Barrnturd team discussion site on or Rivals or the same for LSU, UcheaT, Floridumb and Jawgie and any discussion on national blogs such as ESPN, Si, Bleacher Report, etc where Bama is mentioned, you will find that all of the aforementioned fanbases and especially the Barnturds piss off everybody but their own kind with their irrational obssessed bullshit against Alabama. It’s a fucking fact. So fuck your retarded lies about what Jawgie people think – not that we would give a shit anyway. The real truth is that Jawgie despises Barnturds almost as much as Gayturds and Volunqueers. So don’t come over here with your selfrighteous bullshit writing of how level headed and fair you are. Who the fuck are you trying to convince??? Everybody here knows what a lying retarded dumbass you are. Besides, even if this blog is as bad as you say it is – it’s just one little blog amongst hundreds of giants and no other Bama site is as obnoxious, whereas all Barnturd sites are equal or worse shitholes. What’s more if a Bammer were to go to any Barnturd site and post the kind of shit you bastards post here, we would be blacklisted for the rest of our lives. So go write your olive branch drivel somewhere where somebody might actually give a shit. RTR!

  17. 39

    By the way, where the hell is Ballplay Indian? No way he could get banned again yet we still have Hoopworm, The Truth (er,The Bullshit) and some others.

    • 40

      You know he is cryin himself to sleep at night wearing his cammy jammies. Poor little feller just had his heart broken for the season. They have all been telling each other all summer long that Auburn was in excellent shape for this year, with frazier being the second coming of Cam, and would contend for the sec west.

  18. 41

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