NFL season begins with 34 Tide players on active rosters

As the 2012 NFL season kicks off tonight in New York, the University of Alabama is well represented around the league. All but three AFC teams have at least one Bama player, while half the NFC has a Tide player on its roster.

• The Crimson Tide is represented on 21 of the 32 NFL franchises.
• That number becomes 24 counting former coaches or players now coaching.
• Alabama has 34 players on active rosters around the league, including 21 in the Nick Saban era.
11 players have been taken in the first round of the NFL draft following their tutilege under Nick Saban.
• Bama has placed 4 in the first round of the NFL draft in each of the last two years.
22 of the Tide’s NFL players are on defense.
• Bama has 11 former coaches in the league.

Here is a list of current Alabama players that made NFL rosters this season. Players that left early to become first-round draftees are noted with an asterisk. No wonder top high school talent with NFL aspirations keep finding their way to Tuscaloosa.

Arizona Cardinals
Rashad Johnson (49)

Atlanta Falcons
Julio Jones (11)*
Mike Johnson (59)

Baltimore Ravens
Terrence Cody (62)
Courtney Upshaw (91)

Buffalo Bills
Mark Anderson (93)
Marcel Dareus (99)*

Cincinnati Bengals
Dre Kirkpatrick (27)*
Andre Smith (71)*

Cleveland Browns
Trent Richardson (33)*
Brad Smelley (47) – (practice squad)

Detroit Lions
Lorenzo Washington (73) – (practice squad)

Houston Texans
Antoine Caldwell (62)
Kareem Jackson (25)*

Indianapolis Colts
Josh Chapman (61) – (reserve)

Jacksonville Jaguars
John Parker Wilson (4) – (practice squad)

Kansas City Chiefs
Javier Arenas (21)
DeQuan Menzie (49) – (injured reserve)

New England Patriots
Brandon Deaderick (71)
Dont’a Hightower (54)*

New Orleans Saints
Roman Harper (41)
Mark Ingram (28)*
Marquis Johnson (injured reserve)

New York Jets
Greg McElroy (14)

Oakland Raiders
Rolondo McClain (55)*

Philadelphia Eagles
Evan Mathis (69)
Demeco Ryans (59)

San Diego Chargers
Jarret Johnson (96)
Le’Ron McClain (33)

Seattle Seahawks
James Carpenter (77)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mark Barron (24)
Wallace Gilberry (92)

Tennessee Titans
Alex Watkins (46) – (injured reserve)

Washington Redskins
Darius Hanks (17) – (injured reserve)

Note: The University of Alabama’s official athletic website ( lists the total number of active players at 39, but it appears the page hasn’t been updated since rosters were finalized.

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        • 7
          The Truth

          Don’t look now but Eddie Lacy, who many of you claimed would be better than Trent and your next Hiesman candidate, just got out rushed by your true freshman.

          • 9
            The Truth

            Hey Whore,
            Since the original conversation was about NFL players and it was ITK and Bambino that made comments about Mettenburger, is you comment directed towards them? Is it there statements that were kind of dumb and an attempt to talk trash? My comments were only mocking their comments.

          • 10

            1. I don’t remember ever hearing anyone mention Eddie Lacy as the next Heisman Candidate
            2. Not sure where you got the idea that anyone stated that Lacy is a better back than Trent. Lacy is good, but Trent was elite.
            3. The statement about Yeldon out rushing Lacy….not sure what to say about that. I guess in YOUR mind, it was suppose to hurt someone’s feelings.

          • 11


      • 13

        I’m sorry. I went by and individual team websites. I’m sure a second party news source is more accurate than the teams their friggin’ selves.

        21-0, ass.

        • 14
          The Truth

          Sure you did, thats why you want post a link, right? So you tried to count from each indvidual websites, maybe that says something about your counting skills.

          9-6, bigger ass.

          • 16

            LSU fans like Truth have been badly constipated since the NC game. Having their Sh*t pushed in that far has been painful for them.

          • 17
            The Truth

            Whore how do you know that, is that how you felt after spoting Auburn a 21 point lead and then chocking allowing them to win the game and Cam to win the Hiesman Trophy and Auburn to go on to win the BCS National Championship with an undefeated season, matching tit for tat everything Alabama had done the year before?

          • 18
            The Truth

            Hey John Richard Sucker,

            9-6 was pretty damn big at the time, it even made your sissy frat boys cry on national TV.

            I would rather be champions of the best(SEC) than champions of the rest!

          • 19
            The Truth

            Hey John Richard Face,

            That 9-6 caused your team,Alabama, to finish third in the SEC, the 21-0 resulted in LSU finsishing 2nd in the Nation!

            LSU champions of the best football conference in the Nation (SEC), Alabama champions of the of all the rest of the conferences (BCS)!

          • 20

            Are you saying you are happier with a Conference Championship, rather than a National Championship? I mean, if you had to choose….

            I’m trying to get clarification from your statement, to make sure I understood you right.

  1. 21
    34 Tide Players On Active NFL Rosters : BamaFootball4Life

    […] • The Crimson Tide is represented on 21 of the 32 NFL franchises. • That number becomes 24 counting former coaches or players now coaching. • Alabama has 34 players on active rosters around the league, including 21 in the Nick Saban era. • 11 players have been taken in the first round of the NFL draft following their tutilege under Nick Saban. • Bama has placed 4 in the first round of the NFL draft in each of the last two years. • 22 of the Tide’s NFL players are on defense. • Bama has 11 former coaches in the league. [More] […]

  2. 22

    Well gee, Truth…either way you count them, we have WAAAAAAY more than your swamp donkees (NCs) and, oh yeah, btw….21-0…STILL SORE???? RTR
    Got Saban?

    • 23
      The Truth

      Well gee, bamarolls…either way you count them, you have the same number of BCS trophies (assuming you did replace the one you broke – lol) as you incestuous rednecks. Oh yeah btw LSU is the reigning Champions of the division and conference your team plays in….STILL SORE about losing that on your own home field…to no other than Les Miles!!! GEAUX TIGERS

      Had Saban! You enjoying our sloppy seconds?

      • 24

        It did suck losing to you @ our place and not being able to win the SEC. That is why you got your Sh*t pushed-in in the NC game and we TOOK the National Championship and LSU’s manhood in the process.

        Since you are trolling, it proves your butt is still sore.

        • 25
          The Truth

          That’s right Whore, bama got a rematch it didn’t deserve, and LSU had already proved it was better than bama on bama own home field no less, therefore they were not as motivated as bama was and they one the game. Happens all the time in history. I don’t know how you took LSU’s manhood, weren’t they ranked ahead of Alabama in one of the polls before this season started?

          I was here before the BCS championship game so the fact that I am still says noting about my butt. What bothers me is that my butt in on your mind.

          • 26

            “I was here before the BCS championship game so the fact that I am still says noting about my butt. What bothers me is that my butt in on your mind.”

            HA HA HA HA HA !!!! What the hell was that ?!!!!

      • 27


  3. 28

    Trolls gonna troll and haters gonna hate. The truth is the Flash. Bama envy is eating this guys lunch day in day out. Its all that keeps the old boy motivated in life.
    The hope of honey badger coming back to play and giving the who a chance in the SEC ,helps him get up and get going in the mornings. National champs we are many times over and will be many times to come. LSU is just,meh. You giys hadore than a chance last season and choked on it like a prom queen on the back seat of the high school qb moms 09 grand prix. KEEP thwm excuses coming, we love them. 21-0 nat champs

    • 29
      The Truth

      Cam I think your comments are a perfect example of the kind of comments that Saban was ranting about to the media this week. YOU my friend are a perfect example of what Saban detest.

      You gumps keep calling anybody that is not a bammer fan on this site a troll, is that because you like your sites like your families – all inbred?

      • 30

        truth, how old are you , 10- 12 i bet….. you the one that started this with everbody and you one to be calling somebody inbred cause of the state they live in .louisiana is the most inbred state in the union smarta$$ . you are the one that needs to do fact checking before you start running your mouth. and yall wish “WAY” Les Miles was half the coach SABAN is and just upset we had the cash to get him from the nfl and yall didnt even have enough cash to keep him so get off the computer and just go back to screwing your sister and have more kids just like you

  4. 31

    Sounds like no crystal and 21-0 is really rubbing someone raw. Either that or having to wear purple and gold on Saturday. Oh and did I mention 2 crystals since the who got one?

    • 32
      The Truth

      Chuch seening how LSU has the same number of crystal balls as Alabama, your comment about 2 crystals since LSU got one only highligts the fact that LSU actually had one before bama did. What a fool you are.

      And I would rather wear purple and gold than the color of a used tampon that half of the other schools in the country also wear.

      • 33

        “Chuch seening how LSU has the same number of crystal balls as Alabama, your comment about 2 crystals since LSU got one only highligts the fact that LSU actually had one before bama did.”


        I think the problem here is, is that Bama crushed LSU’s crystal balls in the last NC game. 21 -0

        I can’t remember, did LSU’s offense ever make it across the 50 yard line?

        • 34
          The Truth

          Wrong again Whore, Alabama crushed its own crystal ball! LMAO

          LSU’s two unbroken crystal balls are safe in it’s trophy case, you are more than welcome to come by and see them when bama comes to Tiger Stadium.

          You are exactly right, LSU couldn’t cross the 50 yard line and couldn’t get a first down the entire first half, yet all bama could manage in such a dominant performance when it had the ball most of the time was three lousy field goals, 9 points in that first half. Wow LSU’s offense was terrible that night, but it’s not like bama was that much better until the end of the game when LSU’s defense was worn out from being on the field the whole game.

          What comment about your used tampon color uniforms, whore.

          • 35

            Truth, you are a tard. Your comments make me embarrassed for you. Your vain attempt to be witty is awful.

            What does this mean? “What comment about your used tampon color uniforms, whore.”

            I guess you are asking for a comment? I guess my only comment is that maybe you should change out your tampons more often.

          • 36
            The Truth

            You are the Whore by your own admission, so maybe you shold change your own tampon. You know that thing between your legs that is the same color as your teams uniforms. Your embarassed for me? LOL I’m embarrased for you, your family is embarrased for you. You couldn’t be funny if you tried.

          • 37

            Why are you obsessed with used tampons? This is like the 5th time you mentioned it.

            On top of that, seeing any red uniform reminds you of used tampons?

            I hope you get help….

            LoSer U

          • 38
            The Truth

            So you’re proving to the world you can’t count whore? is that the kind of education you get at bama, if you ever to school.

          • 39

            “is that the kind of education you get at bama, if you ever to school.”

            What does “if you ever to school” mean?

            LOL!! Yes, I went to school and passed 1st grade grammer.

            How about you, Truth? HA HA HA HA!!!!

            LoSer U!!

  5. 40

    21-0 Read em and weep. That s in the game that really counted. Oh and I guess Kentucky can still talk about the time they beat the national champs and maybe the hogs as well. Guess we should have crowned them also in 07. Aren t we five years out since the who got a crystal? Even auburn has won one since then

    • 41
      The Truth

      9-6 SEC Champions! Chuch Read em and weep! That’s the cagme that really counted before the undeserved rematch. Didin’t it Chuch? You know it did. That’s why you make stupid comments about kentucky and hogs, but you know the difference is they didn’t win the SEC or their division that year did they? No they didn’t just like alabama didn’t! Ya’ll finished third in the SEC last year right Chuch? We have two crystal balls Chuch, how many does bama has? 2 right? One whole on and one broken one! Right? Face it you could win your own division much less your conference championship.last year and if your team was as good as the media says it was this year, your coach wouldn’t have to show his ass and try and control them and act like he has a right to tell them how to do their job.

      • 42

        That was one of the dumbest posts ever on this website. I hate that hatred for Saban and Alabama consumes you. Wait, no I don’t. It’s your own private hell.

        • 43
          The Truth

          If you’re too dumb to understand that post ITK that says more about you than it does my post. But then again that’s why the rest of the country calls you bama redneck Gumps, right. I guess the nick name fits, especially in your case, right ITK? YOU GUMP! LOL

          • 44

            Truth, I think we are all a little dumber just by reading your posts.

            Please, quit embarrassing yourself. You are out of your league…..just like LSU will be when Bama plays them this year (and like they found out in the NC game)

            21 – 0 2011 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

            Oh, just to teach you something…

            National Championships are greater than Conference Championships. Even the simplest of minds realize this….

          • 45
            The Truth

            Whore to teach you something, National Champions USUALLY are CONFERENCE Champions, but in BAMA’s case NOT only were they NOT CONFERENCE Champions, hell they weren’t even divisional champions in their own conference and they were only 1-1 against the team they beat. So if in fact the SEC is the best conference in all of college football, then the Champions of the SEC, which is won over a course of eight games, not just one, are the best of all of college football. And then you add on top of that, the FACT that the SEC Champions had a better overall record than the National Champions, well its easy to see why the your statement is not always true, National Champions are not always greater than Conference Champions.

            Hell all you have to do is look at the history of some of the ficticious 14 national championships bama claims to know this isn’t the first time bama was called national champions when they weren’t the best team in the nation. But go ahead and claim them gump nation, just know that the rest of the nations laughs at you when you do because nobody else believes the “14” and we all know how delusional you all are. Hell even your own coach knows, that why he faked that rant with the media last week. That wasn’t directed at the media, that was clasic Saban using the media to get to his fan base and team who’s heads have become too swollen, just like yours WHORE!

            But Whore you are right about one thing, I am definitely out of my leaque with all of you ignorant, inbred gumps, but that can only be viewed as a good thing!!!

            And remember when you play LSU this year it will be a regular season SEC conference game, and if you will remember correctly the last time that happened bama lost to LSU, despite all you similar boast prior to that game. And this time it won’t be in the friendly confines of Denny Bryant and it will be at night!

          • 47
            The Truth

            That’s sounds like what a little immature kid would say when he doesn’t know what else to say or not smart enough to think of anything to say.

  6. 49

    We need to send the damn Razorbacks back to the SWC. The bastards have embarrassed the SEC and given the whole country ammunition to bitchslap us with. It was ugly, ugly! RTR!

  7. 50

    Damn Arkansas anyway! Now we have to stomp shit out of them like last year just to stand pat. Even if Wilson plays if we just barely beat them we get dissed. The homer bastards will say we’re no better than La Monroe. Fucking Razorbacks. RTR!

    • 51
      The Truth

      Not only that Crimsonite but the fact that some of the articles written about the game yesterday also mentioned the embarrassing fact that UL Monroe has also beaten Alabama!! Remind me again where it was you said Alabama needed to be sent after that loss? Oh sure you will come back and say but alabama wasn’t very good when UL Monroe beat them, like that is supposed to convince someone that even in a down year bama isn’t 10 times more talented than UL Monroe. Hell look at all the bad years LSU had, that you like to remind us of, yet never in all of those years did LSU loose to another Louisiana directional school on the level of UL Monroe.

      • 52

        You are right. Bama was definitely not a top ten team when LA Monroe beat them.

        LSU did lose to UAB (under Saban), which is a worse loss IMO. But i forgot, you LSU guys tend to block out the Saban years, or look back on them like they were all bad. Just another fan base in a state of denial, much like you guys were last season.

  8. 53

    Go fuck yourself you retarded piece od shit. Waste your goddamn time humping your sister and quit taking up space on the internet with your childish retarded bullshit. Bama was undisputed, unanimous national champions in 2011. What happened during the 4 months preceeding the championship game doesn’t mean jack shit. You were curb stomped like a cheap Bourbon Street whore. 21-0. Worst beatdown in BCS history. Only shutout in BCS history. 92 yards of total offense. Nobody will ever remember LSU was tainted 2011 SEC Champs. They will only remember that Bama stomped shit out of somebody and won another Natty. Running your goddamn cum hole and making excuses for regular season losses only reinforces the common opinion that LSU didn’t deserve to win shit in ’07 wirh losses to pathetic Kentucky and Arkansas. So fuck off swamp shit. We’re sick of hearing you cry like a baby and grovel like a beat dog with lame assed exxuses. 21-0 motherfucker – FOREVER! RTR!

  9. 54

    You are so goddamn full of shit even your fucking mama won’t claim you. 2002 LSWho finished the season ranked #22 with a record of 8-4. You lost to Florida, Auburn, Arkansas and UAB-UAB-UAB-UAB! Dumbass, UAB is 10 times worse than La Monroe and you were a ranked team. Bwaa Haaw Haww! And it was under Nick Saban when he was rebuilding LSWho just like 2007 when he started rebuilding Alabama. You’re such a dumb motherfucker I doubt if you drop your pants before you shit. RTR!

    • 55

      Truth has got to be the dumbest SOB alive! He sounds like a drunk 10 year old with his logic.

      Oh well, he’s just mad that we are the Defending National Champions and the Honey Badger is a drug addict.

    • 56
      The Truth

      Wow you can tell when their is truth in what I post because it always sends Crimsonite into one of his cursing rages! Hope his dog survived. But not just the cursing rage, but the doging of Saban, too!

      Yes SABAN lost to UAB at LSU, like he lost to UL Monore ant Alabama, but how could that be Crimsonite and Brando, regardless of how down LSU and Alabama were when Saban got there, they both still had more talent than UAB and UL Monroe? You think Saban threw those games on purpose to teach his teams a lesson?

      And we don’t block out the Saban years Brando, we just don’t consider him GOD and errect golden statutes of him. He is not perfect and its a good thing he didn’t have a motorcycle while he was the coach here at LSU.

      • 57

        But come on Tooth, the bitterness you guys have over Saban coming to Bama STILL lingers. It comes out in every hateful post you make. I am not fooled. Say what you want. I am sure you would prefer to have 2 National Championships in the past three years over 1 SEC championship. It must have sucked last year to watch Saban steam roll your team and take that trophy away. Of ALL coaches to have to lose that game to, Saban would have been last on your list. That is what makes it funny! The meltdown of all meltdowns, and it happened to you!

    • 58
      The Truth

      Hey Crimsonite,
      What kind of moonshine do you get drunk on everynight. The kind made in the hills of Tennessee or that made by the rednecks in the woods of Alabama?

      And who cares how bad of a coach Nick Saban was in 2002 win he and LSU lost to UAB and all those other teams you mentioned.

      Do you put on your depends everynight before you get bombed on your moonshine or do you wear the all day long everyday?

    • 59
      The Truth

      And you are right Crimsonite LSU did lose to “pathetic” Kentucky and Arkansas in 2007 as you call them. But if you think Arkansas was pathetic that year, it just shows how petty and pathetic you really are. If Arkansas was pathetic what was bama, since Arkansas finished ahead of bama that year. But you know what Crimsonite, even after losing to Kentucky and Arkasas, LSU still did something bama couldn’t do last year, they won the Western Division, which included an even more pathetic bama team, and LSU also won The SEC Championship that year along with the National Championship!!

      Pour yourself another drink crimsonite while you let that sink in. Next time maybe you won’t bring something up that just makes bama look even worse than how you were trying to make LSU look.

          • 63
            The Truth

            Not this year whore. That road goes through Baton Rouge!

            And as for that 2007 road, that you claim had to go through bama, well that was the smoothest road on the season. Beating a 7-6 team that finished 4th in the Western Division of the SEC, before they had to vacate some of those wins for cheating and rules violation, was one of the easiest games on LSU’s schedule!

          • 64

            Thats why LSU is ranked number 1 right now. The NC goes through LSU because LSU has won 2 of the last 3 NCs and is looking for another one this season. No other coach has won as many games as Les Miles in the last four seasons. Isn’t that right Tooth?

  10. 65

    It doesn’t me feel stupid. The only thing stupid here besides you is that I bother to coment on your dumbass posts. To wit – how did Saban get into the conversation? You were talking about the embarrassment of Bama losing to ULM and said LSWho has ever lost to a hyphenated school from Louisiana. No, but just since you’ve climed up here with the big dogs you’ve done even worse. One of your good ranked teams lost to UAB which is Bama’s poor little sister and Medical Graduate School. May as well be hyphenated. Guess those doctors really know how to play football. Who knows why the Corndogs lost to UAB

    • 66
      The Truth

      Yea and we lost that game even though we were the most talanted team by far on the field that night. Guess it was the coaching. Wait it couldn’t have been because Saban was the coach. What the hell?

  11. 67

    Damn Android. Who knows why Saban’s LSWho team lost to UAB. Maybe just because the Corndogs have a really hard time beating any Alabama football team. Bwaa Haww Haww! But it was Shula’s team who rebeled against Saban and intentionally threw the ULM game. Everybody knew that except apparently you. It was nationally reported after the game that Saban was so mad he told the team that many of them wouldn’t be playing football for Alabama in 2008, and he wasn’t referring to only seniors. Besides dipshit, who cares what happened to a Shula team witb a 7-6 record. You’ll never see another Bama team like that. All you have to worry about is teams that stomp Coonasses asses 21-0, 21-0, 21-0, 21-0, 21-0, 21-0, 21-0! RTR!

    • 68
      The Truth

      Well Crimsonite seeing how LSU is 4-3 in the last seven games played against Alabama, it’s hard to see how anyone but an ignorant inbred redneck moron with a limited vocabulary could say LSU has “a really hard time beating any Alabama football team”. LMAO

      “it was Shula’s team who rebeled against Saban and intentionally threw the ULM game. Everybody knew that” -in the words of a moron “Bwaa Haww Haww” RLMAO!

      I guess that means LSU fans can claim it was Dinardo’s team that lost that game to UAB? But we won’t, we have more integrity than that.

      And no, what was nationally reported after the bama loss to UL Monroe, was saban’s asinine comments abut Pearl Harbor. Come on Crimsonite surely you remember that? And you call yourself a bama fan?!

  12. 71

    Naw the SOB.has been breathing too much swamp gas. The Corndogs had their asses whipped all over the field in ’07 until the 4th quarter and even then it too dumbass Wilson fumbling inside our 20 with 3 minutes left for the Mudbugs to pull it out. And the officials flat stole the Auburn game. I thought Nicky’s Pearl Harbor thing was cute, just like his Coonass thing. Bwaa Haww Haww! You ignorant dumbass. Whoops, guess that remark was redundant. Another thing retard, you don’t get away with picking and choosing what years you’re going to count. Especially since one of those 4 losses came against Shula during a period of Bama’s history that won’t happen again. Nobody started playing football in ’06. And this is a new era now from that standpoint. So forget your fucking selective period. What I said is the statistical and unrefutable truth. “LSWho can hardly beat ANY team from Alabama, eapecially if their name is Alabama. UA 46-25-5, UAB 1-0-0. You do have scoreboard on Aubie although they gave you hell during our probation period. AU 20-25-1. So that makes Bama and our little sister 47-25-5 against the Corndogs and even including those Barnturds on the other side of the state it is 67-50-6 which is just what I said, asshole. The Corndogs have a hard time beating any Alabama team. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    • 72
      The Truth

      Hey crimsonite you forgot to mention how many times the lions beat the Christians. I mean if you are going to try and support your stupid and wrong statement, after the fact, by citing irrelevant history you might as well keep going as for back in history as you can. LMAO

      I could careless what happened between alabama and LSU before I was born or even more than 10 years ago.

      The fact is that Les Miles and LSU is 3-3 against Nick Saban and alabama. And that has been accomplished during one of the greatest periods in alabama football history. Which seems to indicate alabama has just as hard a time beating LSU. Refute that bitch! Facts and the Truth will beat your bullshit everytime crimsonite.

      What an ignorant drunk fool you are Crimsonite!

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