UPDATE: Alabama’s Mal Moore released from hospital

Here is the update from UA via a release:

Dr. James B. Robinson, personal physician to University of Alabama Director of Athletics Mal Moore, announced today that Mr. Moore has been released from DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa. Mr. Moore had been hospitalized since being admitted on Tuesday night due to an irregular heartbeat.

“Coach Moore was discharged this morning,” Dr. Robinson said. “All of the tests we ran on Coach Moore came back negative, and he is doing fine. He can resume his normal work schedule as soon as he likes. His prognosis is very good.”


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    Mal is the University. He probably should have more things named after him besides the Football Complex. Mal also needs to retire and enjoy life outside football. I know his wife passed away last year, but working past 70 at a high pressure job isn’t good for you. Best wishes, Mal!

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