Gloom, despair & agony on Auburn

Why do bad things happen to good people?

It is an eternal question pondered by philosophers, theologians and now football fans. The Jovon Robinson transcript issue will not amount to any serious problem for Auburn, but it is another black cloud hanging over the program. The biased media reporting this non-story should be ashamed!

But bad things happen in this world. Since misery loves company, here are a few philosophers enduring their own troubles.

Watch the video above if you are in need of comfort.


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    Poor barney barn barn. Everbody picks on dem po sad barners. All dey do is bi playurs to try n keep up wid Bama. Watz wrong wid dat? They gotta do sumpin to try n keep up wid dose cheaturz n tuskaloosa. dadgum stories bout barn. folks shud jes shet up.

  2. 2

    Well not many people pick on Auburn, there is really just one element that won’t let us alone no matter what we do. Entire Alabama blogs seem consumed by Auburn, and spend more time talking about Auburn than their own team’

    I happen to know that this blog has had to change the google adsense filters since Auburn was discussed so much that only Auburn ads appeared on the site.

    We had one guy actually come to the Auburn campus and poison trees – felony charges are pending. There are a lot of examples of Alabama fans that are “Aubsessed” and spend most of their time thinking about Auburn.

    Another case is the Bleacher Report who featured an Alabama correspondent in 2010 named Franklin Crittenden who wrote 27 or his 28 stories on Auburn that season. His articles have since been removed for some reason.

    Auburn is a great school and a great place to live. I think it’s better that UAT, but that’s my preference. What I don’t get is your obsession with us. Why do you care? If we are the pathetic school and people you really think we are then why do you care? If we really are the helpless idiot rednecks you say we are then that just makes you look like bullies.

    Most Bama fans think Auburn is obsessed with “Big Brother” First we don’t think of you as Big Brother. Second, find me an Auburn blog that spends as much time discussing Alabama as the Bama blogs discuss Auburn. We don’t care. We aren’t the “Alabama” school, we know that, we are bigger than that.

    We the southern regional school and have more appeal outside our home state than any other school in the SEC. In 2011 a New York Times study showed Auburn as the largest fanbase in the SEC. Now obviously in Alabama the “University” has the largest fanbase, but this was a national study, and it was done by a company with far more Bama connections that Auburn ones.

    I travel the country on a regular basis and I hear War Eagle anytime I wear the colors. “Roll Tide” is not much heard outside the state of Alabama, and when you do hear it, its just as likely to be a joke than yelled by a fan.

    The only thing that makes sense of your obsession with is is our sucess, both on and off the field. Mostly of the field. Alabama is football, we can all agree on that.

    But Auburn is football too. And space. Apple Computers. The Olympics. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. We are your boss. Bo. Barkely. We are Family in a way you are not. Auburn is America.

    Alabama is just, well, Alabama.

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      you continue to lie about the adsense filter. I’ve answered that distortion about three or four times. The truth is, I’ve never filtered ANY ads. I want the most dollars available. Two or three things have changed about how adsense displays ads since someone brought that up way back in 2008.

      First, the website redesign changed the way the content is read by adsense. Essentially, the site is friendlier to the crawler now. Second, Google uses both content and tracking history to serve ads. Third, Google learns what ads get clicked on a site.

      • 4

        Well you owe me some thanks then because I used to click the hell out of the Auburn ads when I saw them. It was me who made fun of it in 2008. I can’t believe it’s still not tracking Auburn as the main subject as we seem to be your main concern! Three of your top last four stories!

        Oh, forgot to mention congrats on your two month anniversary last Friday!

        Alabama football has now been PROBATION FREE for TWO MONTHS!

        • 5

          I actually miss Tommy Tuberville. He was awesome because he made a natural enemy since he was successful and he liked to jab his enemies.

          Life is dull without someone like Tommy. To be honest, I’ve always considered Gene Chizik nothing more than a slightly slimmer and slightly more intelligent Mike Dubose.

    • 6

      “find me an Auburn blog that spends as much time discussing Alabama as the Bama blogs discuss Auburn”. REALLY? Have you ever seen the Never to Yield Foundation website? Give me a break.

    • 7

      The only reason you hear the War Eagle everytime you wear “the colors” is the same reason Volkwagen Beetle drivers always honked at each other in the 60’s and 70’s – they knew the driver in the other Beetle was just as miserable as they were.
      And I also travel out of the state all the time, and I hear Roll Tide even when I don’t “wear the colors”.

    • 8

      Now that is just funny.
      Maybe Auburn should move to the Ivy League. Oh… yeah thats right….The Ivy League doesnt accept institutions with a “sociology” department as esteemed as The University of Auburn.

    • 9

      Oh and BTW JCooper. I am very sorry to hear that the Track’em Tigers got cancelled from SB Nation. Maybe you could still go there.

    • 10
      # 1 al. fan

      You could be right of course, about some of those things, but all Alabama does is keep on winning, and I doubt there will be any apologies for that! I remember quite vividly, a few years ago when ol Bear’ roamed the sidelines and as usual was winning another game, I was in the line at a fast food place and me and another guy was talking about Bear and the Tide winning another championship, when the lady in front of me made the remark that she hated ol Bear and the Crimson Tide! when I asked her why she had such hatred for Bama she replied , and I quote, they win all the time!! they should let other less fortunate teams win once in awhile!! I swear this is true!! I guess that’s one cross Bama will always have to carry………. RTR

  3. 11
    Auburn Revisionist Historian

    Auburn is America and War Eagle is more common than Roll Tide outside the State? Riiiiiiight BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  4. 13
    crimson hammah

    told ya au was skank and did not have anything to lose no matter what max sanctions if ever busted ..every 4 5 star signing bonus salary play bonuses bounties

  5. 14
    A Ganger

    There is something rotten in Barn ville…LOL The NCAA comes calling…Y’all best be worried about the Burn…Your days are numbered…The hammer will drop…They know they blew it with the $cam Newton deal and they are out to make up for it big time…# 3 on the list of all time cheaters is about to get smashed between the NCAA’s toes…Like the cock roaches they are…
    Roll Tide Y’all
    Protect America, Build Submarines

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