Gene Chizik stresses “physicality” concept to AU team

Gene Chizik wants you to think know his team isn’t a bunch of puds.

After practice today, in reference to what they did, the coach who always sounds like he’s trying to convince someone that he’s the actual head man at Auburn…wanted to tell the fambly that:

“Everything we’ve tried to do is build on the concept of physicality.”

Build on the concept of physicality? What the fart does that mean? Do Auburn’s players not know that football is a physical game?

Well, on second thought, looking at some of the manhandlings they were on the wrong side of last season, maybe not. He went on:

“We’re working in that direction. I think today was a good start. There’s so much to learn by so many people at so many different positions, but, overall, I’m pleased with today.”

Birmingham News flunky, errrr, lifetime Auburn beatwriter Charles Goldberg actually wrote in his update that Auburn “got to play tackle football” in Monday’s practice.

I just cannot imagine, for a millisecond, Alabama head coach Nick Saban ever having to stress the “physicality of the game” to his players. Not if he were entering his fourth season. After a shaky first year, under Nick Saban Alabama’s identity has been being the team he envisioned in his opening presser on a cold January 2007 day. A team you don’t want to play, with the kind of nasty, physical presence that makes the other team keep an eye on the scoreboard clock, hoping double zeros get there sooner than later.

But then again, Chiznik is the coach who let the “dipsy-doo, trickeroo” offense live on his campus for the first three years of his head coaching tenure. Where Onterio McCaleb learned to sprint out of bounds. Where the object of the offense was to snap the next play before the defense was ready. Where tomfoolery was the foundation of an offense built for intramural fields everywhere.

Now, four seasons in, Chiznik is in the midst of rebuilding the identity of the Auburn football program. Across the state, Nick Saban is in his sixth season. You know what has changed in his coaching philosophy since day one?


Hence, I give you reason #394 I’m thankful Nick Saban is in Tuscaloosa, and Frank Chiznik is in Lee County.

Just one word of advice for the Chiz. If you want your team to be physical, stop dressing them like ballerinas on the practice field.

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