The Week In Pictures: Photos you have to see to believe

It’s been a wild week, and with practice now underway everywhere in preparation for the 2012 season, things are once again heating up.

But in this information age, I never want to miss the opportunity to share visual information with you. So I’m starting a new weekly segment at simply (and unoriginally) called “The Week In Pictures.”

My first offering takes us to London and the 2012 Summer Olympics. I’m there on my couch, my family gathered around, taking in the evening’s competition. On the tube is the men’s trampoline event. Something about those three words placed together just doesn’t sound right. And then you have this:

Yes, that’s right. Mr. Dong Dong of China made his mark on the Olympics. Some things you’re just not ready for as you’re watching TV.

But then, it just got worse. As Auburn opened practice this week, we had this:

Many of the Auburn players weren’t alive in 1993 when the ’69 Boyz gave us their single “Dazzey Duks” (pronounced Daisy Dukes) that reached #12 in Billboard’s Top 100, but they wear them thangs well, don’t they?

And another:

Who in the world would allow this to happen? But then again, let’s be honest. This is the same university that gave us this:

That’s right Doug Barfield, we’re looking at you. Does the NCAA need to look at what was going on in YOUR showers in the late 70’s?

But getting back to the cute little short shorts the Auburn team is donning in practice these days, a move receiving taunts from other players and recruits via Twitter, you have to think this guy has something to do with it:

It really is new to me every time I see Auburn defensive coordinator Uncle Rico, errrr, Brian Van Porno. The guy just has the kind of look that would place him at a Chick-fil-a last Friday.

Speaking of Chick-fil-a, anybody make it there on Wednesday? It was pretty amazing to see the lines in support of the company’s CEO Dan Cathy, in regard to his comments in support of traditional marriage. But it’s hard to even find fault with his stance when you have this from the opposition two days later:

Eat more Oreos? What does that even mean? Am I to eat Oreos instead of chicken? I like both in their own contexts, but if you’re going to rise up and make a stand on something, just be sure whatever you’re trying to say even makes sense.

And finally, I had this bit of encouragement as I peeked in on the defending national champion’s practice:

That’s right. Dont’a Hightower is back for his senior season! No? Well, actually not. But freshman Denzell Devall looks the part. In fact, this entire class of incoming freshmen are a spectacle to behold. Nick Saban doesn’t offer praise where it isn’t due. The man who doesn’t even take time to celebrate a national championship doesn’t waste time with empty praise.

But when he said this week that this is the best shape any of his teams have been in in terms of summer preparation going into fall camp, that’s more than a little encouraging. Especially when two of the teams he speaks of won the whole dang thing.

At first I thought Bama’s #2 preseason ranking might be a little too high, but now that these hosses have hit the field, maybe not.

More pictures next week, but if you have a pic that you want to share, shoot it my way at I’ll give you the credit for your find here as we continue to look for things to do until Bama contends for #15 this season.

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