The Week In Pictures: Photos you have to see to believe

It’s been a wild week, and with practice now underway everywhere in preparation for the 2012 season, things are once again heating up.

But in this information age, I never want to miss the opportunity to share visual information with you. So I’m starting a new weekly segment at simply (and unoriginally) called “The Week In Pictures.”

My first offering takes us to London and the 2012 Summer Olympics. I’m there on my couch, my family gathered around, taking in the evening’s competition. On the tube is the men’s trampoline event. Something about those three words placed together just doesn’t sound right. And then you have this:

Yes, that’s right. Mr. Dong Dong of China made his mark on the Olympics. Some things you’re just not ready for as you’re watching TV.

But then, it just got worse. As Auburn opened practice this week, we had this:

Many of the Auburn players weren’t alive in 1993 when the ’69 Boyz gave us their single “Dazzey Duks” (pronounced Daisy Dukes) that reached #12 in Billboard’s Top 100, but they wear them thangs well, don’t they?

And another:

Who in the world would allow this to happen? But then again, let’s be honest. This is the same university that gave us this:

That’s right Doug Barfield, we’re looking at you. Does the NCAA need to look at what was going on in YOUR showers in the late 70’s?

But getting back to the cute little short shorts the Auburn team is donning in practice these days, a move receiving taunts from other players and recruits via Twitter, you have to think this guy has something to do with it:

It really is new to me every time I see Auburn defensive coordinator Uncle Rico, errrr, Brian Van Porno. The guy just has the kind of look that would place him at a Chick-fil-a last Friday.

Speaking of Chick-fil-a, anybody make it there on Wednesday? It was pretty amazing to see the lines in support of the company’s CEO Dan Cathy, in regard to his comments in support of traditional marriage. But it’s hard to even find fault with his stance when you have this from the opposition two days later:

Eat more Oreos? What does that even mean? Am I to eat Oreos instead of chicken? I like both in their own contexts, but if you’re going to rise up and make a stand on something, just be sure whatever you’re trying to say even makes sense.

And finally, I had this bit of encouragement as I peeked in on the defending national champion’s practice:

That’s right. Dont’a Hightower is back for his senior season! No? Well, actually not. But freshman Denzell Devall looks the part. In fact, this entire class of incoming freshmen are a spectacle to behold. Nick Saban doesn’t offer praise where it isn’t due. The man who doesn’t even take time to celebrate a national championship doesn’t waste time with empty praise.

But when he said this week that this is the best shape any of his teams have been in in terms of summer preparation going into fall camp, that’s more than a little encouraging. Especially when two of the teams he speaks of won the whole dang thing.

At first I thought Bama’s #2 preseason ranking might be a little too high, but now that these hosses have hit the field, maybe not.

More pictures next week, but if you have a pic that you want to share, shoot it my way at I’ll give you the credit for your find here as we continue to look for things to do until Bama contends for #15 this season.

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  1. 1

    I’m glad my team wears man clothes to practice rather than a metrosexual outfit just like I’ m glad I don’ t have to wear purple and gold or puke orange to a football game.

  2. 5

    I’ll almost bet that someone over in Lee County is laughting their butt off about the crap they started about Fluker. RTR

    • 6

      Has there been an August in recent memory when the barntarded haven’t made up crap on their websites? It’s a disease.

  3. 7

    Oreo is out in favor of LGBTQ rights. And they were selling Oreos that had rainbow colors like in the picture. That is what it means. Support equality over hate. And if you want to diss LGBTQ rights (which is what this entire article does make fun of, bc everything is hyper-masculine and anti-femininity) you might not want to do that on a computer. That was invented by a homosexual. Alan Turing. Just some food for thought.

    • 8

      “Basil Maglaris, a spokeswoman for Oreo’s parent company Kraft Foods, said in a statement that the image was part of a “series of daily ads reflecting current events in a fun way using images of OREO cookies and milk.” Kraft is not planning to sell the rainbow-stuffed Oreo in stores, Maglaris said, as it was created solely for the advertising campaign in honor of Pride month.”

      ““We are excited to illustrate what is making history today in a fun and playful way,” she said in an email to ABC News. “As a company, Kraft Foods has a proud history of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness. We feel the OREO ad is a fun reflection of our values.””

      The rainbow oreo was for June 25th, Gay Pride Day, and was Oreo’s way of commemorating the day as a current event, much the same way that Google presents a different pictorial of their letters to commemorate special events.

      Rob – I don’t know you, but you sound somewhat thin-skinned about the subject. This is a page about sports that are played at the University of Alabama, primarily football. It is a very masculine sport, involving little outside of the cheerleading squad, that has anything to do with anyone’s feminine side. The “entire article” does not make fun of LGBTQ rights, and you are a fool and a tool for making such a blanket statement. If you are attempting to gain sympathy or empathy for this cause, you fell WAY short,
      And the computer was invented by a host of people, one of whom was gay, and many of whom were not. What is your point?

      • 9

        Why is the “eat more Oreos” photo even on this page? If you ask me, that is what doesn’t make sense. Why don’t you stick to football?

        • 10

          We can discuss whatever we wish. The Oreo comment was just one small part of the article. It’s predictable that you’ve camped out on this one small insignificant part, because that’s what shortsighted people do. I look forward to your next protest against someone else who had the right to stand for whatever they wished.

  4. 13

    Did it ever occur to you to google “Rainbow Oreo”!? Just b/c you don’t know what it means doesn’t mean that others don’t.

    • 16

      See the reply below. It applies to you too. Yes we CAN talk about anything we want to here. You put a picture of my daughter and make a DUMBASS comment about it I will defend it. I’m fired up and this jock blog started it with posting that pic with ignorant comments about it so STFU! I’ve got all night.

  5. 19

    Did it ever occur to you that nobody here gives a shit about gay rights protests? This is a football blog asshole so strap it up. And your Fag buddy did not invent computers. The Federal Government and Military were using computers many years before the public even knew they existed. About all your Gay buddy did was modify a monster into a portable. Dumbass!

    • 20

      Why is the oreo pic on this jock blog to begin with? I didn’t put it here but I sure as hell will defend it.

      I happen to be the mother of the person holding the sign. And no I’m not gay. You want to fuck with me? Bring it Ball Brain!

  6. 25

    And now on a much more important note. A previous poster on this thread put a link for information about DJ Fluker. At least on my cell the link had no valuable info at all. However, this morning I recieved a personal email from Charles Hollis, the Bama beat writer with the Birmingham News. He said there is nothing to the DJ rumor and that it was started on an LSU board. He said that all 5 of Bama’s #1 rated offensive line of which 4 are probable NFL 1st rounders remain intact. Bring on the Damn Yankees from Michigan! RTR!

  7. 27

    AND, this may surprise you – but no one who has made comments here is gay, neither is the person holding the sign. You might freak out to know that there are likely closet gays on your beloved football team! And more power to them!!


    • 31

      You, sir, are a fucking douchebag. Sure you can say whatever you want on here. Free speech, I get it. But why are you so adamant on making such spiteful comments like that? Seriously, you’re not proving anything by doing so. In fact, I truly pity you in that you even take the time in your day to talk such shit about other people (whom you don’t even know personally, need I mention). Nobody even did anything to you. PPO was only defending her daughter, what’s the harm in that? I’m pretty sure if you had a kid of your own and I talked crap about them, you would be doing the same thing. I hate to add to the drama here, but people like you really piss me off.

      Now, on the subject of free speech, have fun wetting your bedsheets tonight, you ignorant manchild.

  8. 34

    You stupid bastard. He wasn’t making fun of your damn daughter. He doesn’t even know who she is. He was making a joke about the damn picture which is on the internet and therefore free game. What’s more you lying sack of shit, you aren’t the girls mother. No way in any kind of hell does that girls mother find her way onto this relatively obscure football blog. Regardless, as far as I’m concerned anyone backing the Faggot movement is just as bad as the Faggots themselves. The motherfukers are mentally ill. They should all be locked away in mental institutions and or lobotomized. The sick bastards will turn the whole fuking world into a giant Sodom and Gamorrah if we let them. Piss on what you like or don’t like. You’re fuking irrelevant. You should be exterminated. FO!

    • 35

      Goddamn! Do you act this way outside the internet as well? Anyways, I believe you’re missing my point. REGARDLESS of who’s child it is, it’s still not right to say that kind of shit about someone. Hell, must I repeat myself? YOU don’t even know these people, and already you’re saying they should be ‘locked away’ and ‘lobotomized?’ If anything, you and the other guys are the faggots here. And ‘Sodom and Gamorrah?’ Are we seriously turning this into a biblical issue now? Really? Well, by all means, with the way you’re acting, I sure hope that you burn in Hell for that, mister. How about you just go back to your trailer and fuck your cousin too while you’re at it, you FUKING redneck. You disgust me!

      • 36

        Anyways, I’m done here. Continue, if you’d like, but I have what is called a ‘life’ outside of this sadistic chatbox, so I won’t have any more time for this cruel game that you’re playing. Peace, bitch!

      • 37

        Your trashy mouth is so offensive I can’t hear your message. I would ask if you kiss your mother with that mouth, but I can be assured you’re kissing somebody’s mother.

      • 38

        Wow man, you sound pretty fucking hateful and pissed off about this. People can think whatever they want on the gay/lesbian issue, it doesn’t really matter. If you’re religious, then it’s wrong, if you’re not religious, then it’s not wrong, but, without religion, there is no morality, so if there’s no god or higher power, then there’s nothing wrong with being gay or with hating those who are. Sorry, that’s just logic.

        I’m an atheist btw, and I while I don’t hate anyone, I also realize that morality is relevant to culture and religion, and you shouldn’t judge those who believe something else is wrong, all because you say it isn’t, because you have no basis for your belief other than opinion.

    • 39

      I am her mother therefore I can’t be a bastard.

      The link to this page was on FB. Think bigger, you can do it!

      The best thing you’ve said is that this blog is “relatively obscure”. Thank God!

  9. 40

    First of all, let the world know, “PPO” and “Anonymous” are the same person with the same i.p. address.

    There’s nothing more pathetic than posing as multple people on a blog to try to make your point look relevant. Doing so is deception in the simplest form…a lie, if you will.

    So now that we’ve established that this person is a liar, people of her ilk are so hard to listen to because consistency and logic elude them to the point that eventually they just end up sounding angry and peculiar. We’ve had Auburn fans in here that made more sense, and that’s saying something, as they’ve cornered the market on delusion. Looks like they now have company.

    • 41

      Hahahaha! We live in the same house you dumbass. I am her mother and she is my daughter. Idiot. Duh.

      Still, if this is a jock blog then why is the photo here? WHY? Someone tell me. It makes no sense along with your redneck hating comments.

      The link to this photo was on FB. The stupidity is rampant here. Ya’ll all played football didn’t you?

      So, let me see if I can explain this enough for you to get this:

      I saw the link on FB on the protest page. I took my mouse in my right hand. I moved it over the link address. I waited for the little hand to show up and (are you ready?) I clicked!!! Just like that! And then, guess what happened? I was magically transported to this dung hole of a page. OMG, isn’t that amazing? And what I saw was my daughter’s pic and an idiot statement underneath it.

      “Duh, why chicken and oreos? (scratching crotch) People need to make sure their signs make sense. Duh”

      And then guess what happened? I explained the reason for “oreos” b/c it seemed to be enough of a concern to post it in between all of this mighty testosterone. WTH?

      Seriously, do you get how whack that is? I think you should be pissed at whomever put it here.

      Now go on and scratch your balls and pat each other on the ass.

      • 42
        The Conduit

        Blogs aren’t news sites. News sites have to be strict about their content.

        Blogs don’t. Good grief. Get your own blog if you don’t like it, but if CR wants to write about the price of gravel in Iceland then I’ll probably read it. It’s probably still more interesting than most of the comments.

        • 43

          I didn’t say that blogs are news sites.

          So no one finds it odd that the pic is here?

          At least you’ve given them another idea to write about b/c apparently football is limiting. Hey, even I might read about the price of gravel in Iceland.

          Oh but it is “Brilliant” remember?

  10. 44

    LOL that bitch with the oreos sign probably became a lesbian because no guys would date her because she got fat and ugly off oreos.

  11. 48
    The Conduit

    I love this.

    I’m excited “The Week In Pictures” will be recurring. Fantastic stuff CR. Brilliant.

    Roll Tide.

      • 50
        The Conduit


        No, not at all.

        Being an Internist means I see interesting things every day. I particularly love surgery.

        I also do exciting things in my free time, like live performance paintings at rock shows, and I’m working on a project for a multimedia event about Tuscaloosa in the 21st century. Two days ago I wrote my first article for a magazine and the next day they asked what my new column should be named. I also bought a new SUV Thursday and opened an art studio on Friday.

        Thank goodness though for the Capstone Report for giving me something to enjoy when I’m waiting for a colleague to arrive at our meeting.

        • 53

          Shouldn’t you be writing your article? OH, I mean column?

          What is the name of your art studio so I’m sure not to go there? I’ll find out.

          • 54
            The Conduit



            I don’t understand the animosity at all. I gave CR a compliment, but where does the hate come for that?

            Yes, I said “brilliant,” and I meant it. I also meant specifically that I enjoy the pictures. There aren’t often any pictures here on Capstone Report, and I liked seeing them here with CR’s writing.

            The only thing I don’t like is the out-of-nowhere abrasive response to a compliment meant for someone else.

            As for my art studio, I’m not sure why you would want to go there regardless—-it’s downtown, but it’s a work space, not a gallery, so it doesn’t have a name.

            My articles will come out on Thursdays and Saturdays. Plenty of time to write this week’s columns with a beer tonight.

  12. 57

    PPO’s rant is all about a picture and the comment “What does that sign mean?”

    That is how the “left” is. You say you believe in marriage between a man and a woman, and all of sudden that makes you homophobe, ant-human rights, a Nazi, etc. etc.

    Liberal Logic 101….you gotta love it!

    Compared to this nut, Auburn fans are alright.

    • 58

      It isn’t about what was said about a man and woman marriage. It is the financial support of hate groups b/c people are different that you. Go eat your chick fila and join in the hate. Do your research.

      • 59

        I think you need to do some research on what a “hate” group is. What are these “hate” groups that you refer to?

        Let me know, so I can take your advice and do some research…

          • 61

            Okay, I “Googled” it and looked at your link. Huffington Post, huh?

            Didn’t you notice who was declaring organizations as “hate groups”. One was GLAAD….they don’t have an agenda. The other was “Southern Poverty Law”.

            What is your definition of a “Hate” group? Are you one of those that just blindly follows what the media or biased organizations label as “hate” groups? Do you ever step back and use logic? Do you think for yourself?

            Since you KNOW what a hate group is, then please give us your definition of a Hate Group, and how Chick Fil A supports them?

            Please do, because I’m ready to poke a thousand holes into your “logic”.

  13. 62

    You crazy bitch, if you’re even who you say you are – which I doubt. There was nothing derrogatory said about the girl. There was less said about that picture than any other in the post. You’re overreacting in a derranged manner. I think you’re one of our off the wall Barnturd POS’s or that fuking retarded Corndog “The Flash” just trying to stir shit up. In any case nobody here gives a shit what you want or what you say. Hanging around here running your fuking cum hole will only get you bitch slapped all the more. So Dyke, you and your Dyke daughter just shut the fuk up or continue entertaining me. Doesn’t matter which. Dumbasses.

    • 63

      There was plenty said about “the girl”. This conversation began with me explaining the pic with a link then it spun out from there. And I’m in.

      Oh, so you’re “bitch slapping” me eh? I bet this is how you treat your man friend.

      It’s all coming together. The “Daisy Dukes” (with a cute little pronunciation side note- presh) and then the gay rights poster pic. Soooomebody’s got a seeecret!

      I’m not leaving.

  14. 64

    And to the idiot who said homosexuality is only wrong to Christians but is right if you don’t believe the Bible, and everybody has the right to do and think as they please. You are a DUMBASS! I’ll just make 2 points here. Sodom & Gamorrah had nothing to do with the Bible other than a reference. It was its own entity and a lesson in what happens when society becomes moraless, perverted and degenerate. And it all starts with money, greed and perverted, degenerate, promiscuous sexual liberalism. Homosexuality combined with the rampant criminality and lacschivinous sexuality of this world will eventually doom it to a giant Sodom & Gamorrah which could doom the human race. And it is wrong and sick. It is genetically wrong. No self propogating speicies can say homosexuality is right. If it is right, then it’s ok for everybody to be Gay. If everybody is Gay then the human race ceases to exist. If whoever started our species had been Gay we never would have existed in the first place. So get the fuk out of my face!

    • 65

      Nope, not getting the F out of your face. I’m not sure why you think that gays can help who they are. I am toning it down here and really want to know why you think that.

      Obviously you don’t have any gay friends (that you know of). They are not defined by there sexual preferences. I don’t care what people do in their bedrooms but to openly condemn someone for the way God made them is wrong.

      There in lies the debate or whatever this is *rolling eyes*

      Why are you afraid of gays? Because they are going to take over the world and create another Sodom and Gamorrah? Really?

  15. 66

    So this week in photos features:

    A guy named “Dong Dong” whom I saw during the Olympics and laughed about. Nothing against the guy, just his name is funny in English

    A bunch of stupid stuff from Auburn, but what’s new lol

    and a lesbian girl saying to get fat off of oreos, instead of getting fat off of fast food.

    But as usual, whenever you make fun of someone who is gay/lesbian, all the trolls come out and say it’s “homophobic”, implying we have a “phobia” or “fear” of some girl with a sign. It’s ok to joke about straight people, and I’m sure they’d think it’s ok to joke or laugh about Chick-Fil-A, but the moment you joke about someone who just happens to like other girls, you’re this horrible person.

    Look at guys like Bill Maher. They make fun of Christians or Republicans or anyone they disagree with all the time, often in rather vile ways, but they are excused in the name of being professional comedians, and we’re told it’s ok in humor or satire. But the moment ONE lesbian girl is joked about among a series of pictures of MANY (presumably) straight guys, suddenly we “fear” her. If she was straight and supporting Chick-Fil-A, I guarantee none of these trolls would come on here and defend her. But meh, they’re probably just Auburn fans.

    • 67

      That is how the “Left” is Brian. They are the most intolerant people on the planet. If you disagree with them, all they know to do is attack, burn something, boycott, and call you every vile name they can think of.

      If your personal beliefs are that you believe in God and Traditional Marriage and you say it out loud….then the “Left” labels you a racist, hateful, bigot.

      Again, we are dealing with Liberal Logic 101. For a group that think they are so progressive and smart, they are the most backward idiots alive.

      • 68

        A topic to be debated. “The most intolerant people on the planet” hmmm

        I haven’t labeled anyone here a racist, hateful bigot.

        I’m actually not so “left” as you think. I voted for McCain who’s daughter is a vocal activist for gay rights. I think Obama is desperate for him to come out now and to say he is for gay marriage. He’s grasping for votes. So I think you need to know who you’re talking about before you call me a backwards idiot. We’ve gotten way off topic. It is amusing and entertaining for sure. Keep it coming.

  16. 72

    I’m not afraid of anything or anybody. Least of all Homosexuals taking over the world. Not while I’m alive anyway. That’s for people many thousands of years from now to worry about. But what we do right now has a direct impact on the future of this planet. If nobody gives a shit then that’s fine by me. But I live by logic. Call me Mr. Spock, thank you. If there is a disease that threatens the human race such as Typhoid, Smallpox, Aids, etc., you cure it or you wipe it out. And that include’s if necessary quarantining the affected until they die off if there’s no cure. Now I don’t care what the fuk you think, but Homosexuality in a self propogating spiecies is a genetic defect – a sickness – a disease. Theoretically it could eventually destroy the human race. So it needs to be wiped out or controlled for the good of the many over the few. It ‘aint difficult to understand – unless of course you’re Gay or have Gay family. And God, who by the way was nothing more than an alien geneticist, did not create Gays.

    • 73

      Again, we are not gay and I have no gay family. We have gay friends and they are wonderful people.

      An alien geneticist? lol

      Let’s leave it at this (maybe), you and I disagree about God’s creation. He created all people. ALL people.

  17. 74

    First of all she isn’t a lesbian. Second of all she isn’t a troll. Wow, that word really bites, Brian. Ouch.

    And if you’ve read any part of this thread you’ll understand the oreo reference.

    Third, “presumably” is the best word I’ve read all day in the description of the “straight guys” in their Daisy Dukes. I’ll bet just before the photo was taken someone got slapped on the ass.

    I am not a fan of Bill Mahr. And I’m not a fan of people making fun of Christians either. But I am a fan of making fun of football fanatics. I am a fan of football too but guys, don’t talk with your balls it makes you look stooopid.

  18. 75
    John Mayfield

    LOL at the girl with the oreo sign. I’ve heard of the double-stuffed oreos, but those rainbow oreos have what, 6 layers? What is that like, sextuple? (yes that’s a real word, it means 6-times). Girl gonna get fat if she eats too many of those

    As far as gays and football go though, other than maybe some of the guys in the Auburn photos, the only gay guy I can think of associated with football is that horrible sicko Jerry Sandusky.

    Football and gay rights just don’t mix. They can go to the Quest club in Birmingham, or wherever it is they go, and leave all of us 101,821 Alabama fans inside Bryant-Denny Stadium to scream Roll Muthfuckin’ Tide at the top of our lungs every time we score.

    RTR baby, gonna win another title this year.


    John Mayfield

  19. 76

    Where did you come up with that horse shit? Did you just time travel from the stone age? God created all men? Bwaa Haww Haww! Even the Bible doesn’t go there! It say’s nothing more than God created man. Singular. And created woman from one of his ribs. A play on words that an uneducated, ass backwards, idiot 10,000 years ago could somewhat understand. Geneticis?. Don’t think Genetics would have meant shit back then. Believe man was created by whomever you want too. Believe the rantings of ancient sheephearders who barely knew what fire was if you want too. But whoever it was created one man and one woman and told the to start fucking. After that every damn person on this planet was created by putting a dick in a pussy and ejaculating. It’s our genetic makeup. Has nothing to do with God or creation. And every organic lifeform on this planet is a result of genetics. And everything genetic has anomallies or errors from time to time. When we find anomalies or errors in our food sources we cut or breed them out.

  20. 77

    Crimsonite, God created all men and women.

    So by your Adam and Eve reference with them being the only ones screwing and hence the population was created implies that we are all born out of incest if they were the only two created. It IS how the story goes but no one has ever questioned that. Don’t get me started on that one.

    Marriage doesn’t mean that you have to procreate. I don’t get what you’re defending on that topic. Plenty of people marry and don’t have children.

    So by “cut and breed them out” you mean kill. Nice one, Crimsonite.

    • 78

      PPO, you’re an idiot. The Bible isn’t a document of human history, so therefore there are some elements that are still unknown. God does tell us in scripture “My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

      A deduction such as the one you made about incest gives us the clear five minute picture of investigation you’ve given that truth in your lifetime.

      But the point you’re struggling to combat is simply truth:

      Put all homosexuals on an island by themselves and in 100 years there is no homosexuality left. The only way they spread “their gospel” is through molestation and recruitment. Period.

      But then again, truth has never been your friend, so I’ll just sit back and wait on you to offer some cockimamie response….oops, sorry I used a word with “cock” in it.

  21. 79

    And that is what needs to be done to the Gay radicals who demand the fuking world kiss their ass and throw in jail anyone who says Fag to them. The ones who stay in the closet are fine with me. It’s the radical bastards who need to be eliminated as we would eliminate any genetic defect that could threaten our spiecies survival. If you believe an advanced race a billion years older than us would come here and intentionally create a spiecies with a defect that could mean extinction, then you have a screw loose. Genetic defects come from imperfect design, disease and outside influence. If you believe in the God of the Bible, then you believe he is perfect and without fault. The genetic designs of all spiecies on this planet are far from perfect. Otherwise explain the defects, diseases and deformations. If he’s perfect then his creation should have been perfect. Well I’m here to tell you that he royally fucked up. So it wasn’t a “God”. It was a Terraforming geneticist who no matter how advanced – was not perfect!

  22. 80

    Do you only hate gay radical bastards or all radical bastards?

    Well, I’m sorry that you feel that our survival is threatened by gay people. I’m just not able to get my head around that one, Crimsonite. They can’t breed so what exactly IS your problem with them?

    A terraforming geneticist? Alien geneticist… anymore I should know about?

    “as we would eliminate any genetic defect that could threaten our spiecies survival.”

    You sound a little like Hitler. Lemme guess, you have blonde hair and blue eyes.

  23. 81

    Oh hell no. I’m not suggesting killing anybody. Unless of course they do something to deserve it. Something like a Gay with AIDS hitting me with a bat and butt fuking me while I’m out cold. I’d kill him and laugh. No, I’m talking about simple control so as this day and times dumbassed special interest groups who’s asses the politicians kiss, don’t get the legal right to propogate their sordid and degenerate lifestyles and shove them down the throats of normal people who want nothing to do with them. I’ll say once again that these bodies were designed to propogate the spiecies. A body that wants sex with their own gender and to them sex with the opposite gender is a sickening thought – these people are genetically defective. Hell, a woman who doesn’t want a child for any reason other than economics or health, is genetically defective. Correct me if I’m wrong but I have yet to see a child procreated by a dick in an ass, drinking cum from a dick, or a woman eating a pussy. This was Sod & Gom circa 4000 BC.

  24. 82

    Correct you if you’re wrong? Well I haven’t seen that either and I know I can speak for others that they have not either re: a child procreated from a dick in the ass. You’ve made my point. That is what I’m saying.

    Uh oh, are we agreeing?

    They don’t threaten “survival”. I’m sorry, I have to laugh if you think so.

    I asked if you hated just gay radical bastards or radical bastards of any kind?

    “Hell, a woman who doesn’t want a child for any reason other than economics or health, is genetically defective.”

    You’ve lost me here. I’m getting a p-r-e-t-t-y good profile picture here. Thanks.

    Sod and Gom circa 4000 BC still makes it into your posts. You are cracking me up with it. Stop it! lol

  25. 83
    War Damn Tide

    lol I’m sorry, but I keep thinking of that 90’s rap “OPP” whenever I see “PPO” xD

    But anyway, I don’t get why the libs whine about “hate” so much. I hate Auburn, I hate LSU, I hate Tenessee, and they hate the Tide.

    In the same way, alot of straights hate gays, and yes, alot of gays do hate straights as well.

    As long as there’s no violence or anything, there’s nothing wrong with hate. It’s just a pure dislike of something, and anything associated with it. Nothing wrong with someone hating, just don’t do anything crazy.

  26. 84

    C’mon, republicans whine too. I voted republican last race.

    I agree about not doing anything crazy. The hate groups I spoke of earlier endorse killing gays. I don’t care if people hate gays, just don’t endorse killing them. Chic Fila does.

  27. 85

    Now really. I don’t think anybody can document Chick-Fil-A endorsing killing Gays in this age of political correctness. It would be financial suicide. And you get the picture. Don’t be trying to germinate any social problems here like Right To Life or Right To Choose. I don’t give a fart in hell about that kind of stuff. Although I 100% support Right To Choose. All I’m saying is that it is natural for a woman to want a child barring other problems, and if she doesn’t then the DNA just ‘aint mixed right. Ha ha. I don’t hate Gays who mind their own business and keep their mouths shut. Literally. Ha ha. But I do hate any radical who tries to shove his values down my throat (no pun intended) and force me to live with his rules and penalize me legally if I don’t. Now if I say Faggot or Nigger and that person kicks my ass over it. Or visa versa. I have no problem with that. But don’t even let some fuking special intrest group force a law into being and have the fuking police throw me in jail. Fuk that shit!

  28. 86

    Wow …you rednecks sure have been busy. Now you are arguing with and making fun of gay people.

    Hey RC ..why aren’t you blasting your fellow Bammer rednecks for the bigotry and bias? …Oh …that’s right only play that card when you are losing arguments to support your idiotic comments.

    • 87

      Hoopie, you’re the guy whose team runs around the field in tight little hot pants. Seems like you’d need to jump in this conversation on gays.

    • 88

      Well, there’s our resident hypocritical Auburn University Cracker! How goes it you redneck piece of shit. Are you going to start preaching Jesus to us again, then go all OLD SOUTH redneck on us? That is the Auburn way, preach it but don’t practice it. Is your wife still doing favors for all the poor blacks that work under her?

      There is no bigotry and bias with gay people. It is not a racial minority, Auburn fans. There’s no need to be a hypocrite now about bigotry. You choose to suck another man’s cock if you’re gay, or eat another woman’s muffin if you’re a lesbian.

      Did you guys start back slappin Bo after he won his Heisman? The way I remember it an old Auburn alumnus called him the N word and told me if I didn’t like it he could have me hung from a tree. It was probably a family member of Hoopie’s. That’s right, Hoopie go ahead and use George Wallace against us. That’s fine, I’ll just remind you that the modern era didn’t start until 1982 like you Auburn rednecks preach, so therefore, it didn’t happen.

  29. 91

    Crimsonite, this is why people are in an uproar over Chic Fila. It isn’t that Dan Cathy is anti-gay marriage. we all know that he is a devout Christian. They are closed on Sunday! It is a given. I don’t care who marries, honestly. It isn’t my business but this isn’t right.

    “Winshape annually donates to Family Research Council.

    In 2010, as Scott Wooledge notes in this excellent graphic above, and details in his post at Daily Kos, the Family Research Council, a certified anti-gay hate group run by Tony Perkins, spent $25,000 lobbying Congress to NOT condemn Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill.

    For more details, read: “Media Malpractice: Press And Pundits Get Chick-Fil-A Vs. Gay Story Wrong.”

    Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill, also known as the anti-homosexuality bill, has received worldwide attention for its provision mandating the death penalty for anyone convicted of the “crime” of homosexuality, anyone convicted of same-sex rape, anyone who is classified as a “serial offender,” and even anyone with HIV. Other provisions demand life in prison for being gay or for having same-sex sex. Jail sentences are also mandated for people who simply know someone who is gay and not reporting them to the police within 72 hours.”

  30. 93


    There is no such thing as gay civil rights, and as a black man, I’m insulted. You choose to fuck somebody in the ass, but you don’t choose your race. You and your daughter need to go snack to some Oreos on images of cocksucking and muff diving. It sounds depraved because it is, and it is not natural from the same gender. You ought to be screaming “We are Penn State” in no time

    • 94

      “There is no such thing as gay civil rights” Exactly ! It is a choice. The homo’s and their friends want to people to believe that “Gay” is a race.

      And the stupid people will believe it…..

  31. 95

    I don’t know what that Chick-Fil-A thing is all about nor the Ugandan Law. Don’t spend my time on things like that. Usually it’s more involved and less incriminating than loudmouthed watch groups want you to believe. And I’m not an unsympathetic person. But where was the worldwide outcry against the former USSR and the hundreds of thousands of innocents who die in their prisons? What about China, Vietnam. Cambodia, Thialand, NORTH KOREA? Where was the outcry for Uganda when Edie Amin was having 4 course Chicken Fried African dinners? Why only for Gays? Maybe Uganda is desperately fight for survival. There are African nations with 80% AIDS rates and nobody will quit fucking! Remember what I said about Homosexuality possibly being the extinctiion of the spiecies? I guarantee the threat of hanging is a definite deterent. But that’s not my problem. My problem is being the brother in law to the top Lieutenant in Mexico’s most powerful Cartel. So what was your problem again?

  32. 96

    The gayest part of this post is that picture of the Auburn player.

    No matter what happens, being gay comes with scrutiny. And it will always be that way. Some people celebrate it as a way of life, some people consider it an affliction of the mind. Nothing is ever going to change about that. I feel bad that gay people are persecuted for the lifestyle, but when you try to push it on people that will not ever see it as ‘natural’, people will stand up for what they believe in. I think if God and connections to the Bible can be removed from public schools, and it is the hip thing to do to attack Christian beliefs, I think that any pro-gay agendas in public schools teaching kids that it is an acceptable way of life should be banned as well.

    You have the right to choose how you believe, because this is a free country. But your beliefs also have a right to be scrutinized by everyone else as well.

  33. 97
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    Good grief people what is happenied here over the last couple of years ? The truth is in the Bible Crimsonite. He is perfect, His plan was perfect but SIN (Lust of the flesh i.e. homosexuality, aldultry, fornication, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life) screwed up the perfect place (the garden)…That’s why Jesus came. None of this caught God off guard as it was His plan from the begining. When He created the earth He knew what would happen and already had a plan in place to fix it His Son Jesus Christ came to take the sin away from us and put it on Himself. You see, God wants us to choose Him freely. And to do that, that has to be something to choose from. The things of the world or the things of God.

    No one who calls themselves a Christian should hate anyone. Period. If they do they are not a Christian.

    Homosexuality is not the problem. any more than lying, stealing, fornication (any sex outiside of marraige) hatred, envy, etc. SIN is the problem.

    • 98

      “No one should hate anyone.” PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH IN OTHER AREAS OF YOUR LIFE TOO. I agree, but self-evaluate some of your other hateful posts

      • 99
        That's Mr. Indian to you

        My posts aren’t hateful RC.. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you’re an opinionless prude with no spine or sense of numor. It also doesn’t mean you can’t speak your mind when you feel like it. Also , it sure as heck doesn’t mean you won’t screw up.

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