More thuggery as Auburn players “allegedly” use racial slurs and threaten a girl

I know you’re not going to believe this, but there is still more new cases of thuggery associated with the Auburn football program.

According to CBS Atlanta and other sources, two Auburn football players recently verbally assaulted an African-American girl in a McDonalds, calling her a nigger and a bitch.

When her brother stepped forward to defend her, according to the girl’s father, Auburn center Reese Dismukes became more aggressive towards them, threatening that “he would crush him.” Understandably, this sent the brother into a rage, who ironically was the only one of the three men involved arrested by the Auburn police. Hmmmmmm.

Patrick Miller was named by the girl’s father as the other player. Miller is listed on the Auburn roster as an offensive lineman, standing 6’7″ and weighing in at 273. Dismukes is listed at 6’3″, 300. Both Miller and Dismukes are caucasion.

And these beacons of humanity chose an African-American girl in a McDonalds as their target of aggression, using racial language unconscionable for a young man who plays alongside those who share her race, and offense for the word.

So, let’s review. On Chizik’s watch we had a player (Eric Smith) attack an engineering student in a hotel parking lot, leaving him on the pavement for dead.

We have armed robbery involving four current players (Michael McNeil, Antonio Goodwin, Shaun Kitchens and Dakota Mosley) who will now be girlfriends in a federal prison near you.

We have a fifth current player who anywhere else would be named an accomplice to the crime (Michael Dyer) since the four used his weapon.

We have a shooting and death that happened “allegedly” at a pool party where several recruits were present, a conflict that erupted over a girl.

We have a highly touted recruit (Carl Lawson) sent home from “The Opening” for “detrimental and general misbehavior.”

We have a loud-mouthed quarterback with a history of thuggery in Zeke Pike (the answer, many thought), sent home for the summer…maybe indefinitely…because he can’t stay out of trouble.

We have another recruit (Dee Liner) arrested twice in ten days.

We had a defensive lineman in 2010 who everyone in the league but those wearing orange and blue accused of late hits and possible roid rage.

We had a quarterback whom everyone on the planet knows was paid upwards of $250,000 to play at Auburn.

We have a top recruit whose mom mysteriously got a job in Auburn, moving him from Lagrange, GA to become teammates with Auburn coaches Curtis Luper and Trooper Taylor’s sons, who switched his longtime commitment from Alabama to Auburn, mysteriously.

We have a current coach with rumors swirling that he “allegedly” engaged in funny business with a Tigerette.

We have a former head coach who admitted to cheating, paying players like yard boys who was banned from the program in the 90’s who now is a hero to the fambly, complete with Sandusky-like access and the dadgum field named after him.

And all this is just off the top of my head. But don’t worry. More is surely on the way, faster than Onterio McCalleb can run out of bounds.

You can bleed orange and blue if you want. You can post the Auburn creed on your facebook page. You can use neat-o catch phrases that the program cranks out like Gatlinburg cranks out saltwater taffy. You can insult your own intelligence and pretend like faith plays a role within the coaching staff.

But the bottom line is, if you’re an Auburn fan, you support one of the most godless, dirtiest group of future convicts college football has ever seen.

Leadership starts at the top, and folks, there is none in Lee County. Gene Chizik deserves a shot to be a head coach one day, and maybe he’ll get that chance. But what you’re seeing in Auburn is a band of renegade junkies led by a multi-headed monster of which Gene Chizik is obviously not in control.

How macho of two offensive linemen to verbally assault a girl. What honor. What nobility. Auburn fan, that in the creed??

I guess they have to get their aggression out somehow. Getting your ass whipped on your home field by your rival will create pent up frustration that has to come out somehow. Getting pimp slapped by half the league last year will do the same.

Simply put, if you subscribe to the actions I’ve listed here, glazing over it all because you’re “an Aubuhn man” and looking past the reckless pattern of behavior that Chizik obviously doesn’t have control of on the Plains, you’re no better than Joe Paterno who looked the other way for four decades in Happy Valley.

The crimes are much different, but the intent is just the same. It’s too hard to do things the right way. Ten years removed from one of the harshest penalties in NCAA history, Alabama has proven it’s not so hard afterall, and it’s well worth it, to boot.

So when will Auburn choose to do things the right way in Lee County? Do they operate like fugitive thugs because it’s easy? Or because they just can’t do it with honor and win?

I think we all know the answer to that question. Some just find it too hard to admit it.

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  1. 1

    LMAO@ “faster than Ontario McCallebb can run out of bounds.” BARNERGEDDON is taking it’s toll. Micro-manager Lowder is a 26 billion dollar loser. Cashcow McGregor’s empire has crumbled before our eyes. I’m sure Mr.Green Genes will give these two latest two clowns a stern lecture.

    • 2
      crimson hammah

      told u au was nothing but skank yrs ago did i not? can i get a witness? and au has not had a legit winning season in sec in 4 yrs.look it up.

  2. 3

    So the cops arrest this guy but its the Auburn players that were being mean? And the white Auburn players were saying racial slurs in front of their black teammates?

    Everyone knows the story is BS. Only a Bama fan would run with it as the truth. If you had any common sense at all you could see the kid lied to his daddy because he got arrested. And the dad is crazy as hell too, talking about he has presidents and royalty that can vouch for their integrity.

    • 4

      The article says nothing about Dismukes’ black teammates being present. You must be an Auburn Sociology major.

    • 5

      If you were standing in front of me right now, I would kick your sorry @–. “It had to be a Bama fan.” IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU?! You would be blaming the “REC” if you had an assistant coach fondling boys like Penn State did too

    • 8

      So we are expected to believe this two “Auburn Men” of behemoth size were cornered by this woman and as a last resort used some pretty disrespectful language. And then her brother was picking on them. So he had to be taken away in handcuffs.
      If this true, and I believe it possibly is. This is disgraceful.
      When Tommy T. left it opened up the door for Pat Dye and his cronies to turn back the clock to “win no matter what it costs.”

  3. 11

    That true about Onterrio. He is skinny and protecting his ability to contribute. Does anyone seriously think that he should be lowering his shoulder/head against a 240# LB to try and get 1-2 more yards? If so then you are an idiot. I’ll take his 6-7 ypc and live with his lack of “courage”.

    If these players did this at the McD’s than that is reprehensible. More AU police officers are black than white. Odds are that the arresting po-po were black, so the odds are that the po-po acted correctly. I also imagine that since the players travel in packs, that black players were in McDs also. We don’t know the real story. I absolutely would like to know the truth. Don’t know if I can find out or not.

    For the CR to post this as the truth without having any idea whether it is true or not is just as reprehensible and bigoted as the alledged actions of those players. It’s all bigotry and bias resulting in namecalling.

    • 12
      The Conduit


      No, CR is exactly the place to go for it. The news isn’t.

      And yet the news reported it.

      And just yesterday I listened to 5 eyewitnesses interviews from over the weekend on national radio, including the man who was arrested. Did you hear those interviews?

      Those interviews mean nothing if you won’t settle for anything less than an audio/visual tape.

      But if you care if it actually happened or not, the interviews sure make it sound awfully probable.
      Who lies about football players at the school they attend by calling them racist? What’s the point in going through that trouble if it’s a lie?
      I think that makes even less sense, especially after listning to the interviews, which make it sound like even if you don’t believe anyone could have been arrested (I think they could have for verbal assault), you can at least decide that how they acted is wrong, and probably criminal.

      You can say I’m just hating on Auburn, but I’m all Irish, and I follow Alabama because of just what the article says—–Alabama was in bad trouble a decade ago and fixed that part of their culture, but what will it take for Auburn to WANT to do something about the problems with theirs? I think every example helps, because it should make Auburn fans upset, and it only seems to make them want to call Alabama fans liars, even though this entire story is coming from an Auburn family, including the victims.

      • 14

        Black Auburn players that were there …tweeted that Dismukes did nothing wrong and that it was a setup. Those tweets were subsequently removed. Presumably by the Auburn coaches.

    • 15

      Hoopty, in your second paragraph you just strung out enough “probably’s” and speculation to make a defense attorney sick.

      Don’t even try here. Your team is filled with trash because your program has no leadership. End of story.

    • 17

      Sooner than later the cover ups and antics in Lee County are going to expire. Can’t go on forever. And I know for a fact the NCAA is already perking up over Foster.

  4. 18

    Another great piece of reporting ITK!!!! The aubs can’t even make a decent response , as usual!!!!

  5. 19

    I’ve thought about contacting my representative about this. Bigotry will not be tolerated in my State if I hear about it, especially from those people in Auburn

  6. 20

    If all this is true, and I have no reason to believe its not,as of yet anyway. I just wonder how Miller and Dismukes will feel being on the field this fall with the REST of their team. SOME of the OTHER players might not take kindly what these two said to that young lady. RTR

  7. 21

    I just love all the opportunities Anal U. gives us to bitch slap them. A few more incidents and it may be neccessary to move the State Pen from Atmore to Wire Road. Bwaa Haww Haww! On the other hand I sure would like more info on this incident. It doesn’t make much sense even for dumbass Awbies. I mean in this day and age what white guys would insult a black girl in McDonalds, especially in front of her family and probably other blacks, and even worse use the N word. Either they are two of the dumbest Sons of Bitches on the planet or something is fishy. Now traveling the country I will say that blacks – especially the women are the most reverse racist and smartmouthed ethnic group. And that’s a fact. More than once I’ve wanted to bitch slap one of them, whether it was in a McDonalds or a Winn Dixie or a Valero or a Fuel Stop a Government Services Employee. And I’m pretty much color blind. My main predjudice is Clinical Stupidity. LOL! Sooo, I’d love to know what was said and who started the thing. RTR!

  8. 22

    I’ve lost track of all the bitch slappings I’ve given Finebaum Junkie AKA FBJ Lives. One day he’ll show up to fight me

  9. 23

    I don’t deny that there have been enough issues at Auburn for “coincidence” to explain it away. There are certainly more of these type issues at Auburn than Bama right now, so I guess you will take every opportunity to crow about it. Putting out opinions as if they are truth is very disingenuous and only serves to support your bigotry against Auburn. I will continue to call you out on it.

    There is no particular pattern to the Auburn issues.

    RC always wants to play the race card, yet a white guy was one of the 4 guys that robbed the trailer, so those felon players sure seemed to not have racial issues.

    The ex-players and players that were shot were at an off campus apartment that is next door to my niece’s apartment. She could have just as easily been living in that same apartment …and at that party. Contrary to RC’s beliefs, blacks and whites do get along quite well at Auburn. One would still have to wonder why the players were at the party if known ex-felons were at the party. I have several relatives in school that know many of these players and report that on an individual level each of these players seem to be anything but a thug.

    The only difference I see in the 2 team’s discipline structure is that $aban exacted stiff restrictions in early 2008 on the players to finally stop the thuggery at Bama. $aban throwing the mutinous senor class (see LaMo halftime) under the NFL bus also served to get his team’s attention. It is probably time for Chizik to infringe on these player’s rights and impose restrictions similar to what $aban did.

    • 24

      LOL@$aban using dollar sign, for “S” when COach Chiztick had Chette Williams cut the fake preacher Cecil a check for his son to be sold into slavery

    • 25

      I will continue to call out you as well, Hoopie until you DEMAND a clean football program from your alma mater. Hypocrite

    • 26

      Again, Hoopty – comparing the University of Auburn program to Alabama’s program – who is in who’s head? The comparisons end at the state level. The only thing the Boogs have in common with Bama right now is that they both are in the same state.
      You would have to be blind, with dark glasses and a bag on your head not to see the thug mentality going on at API – from the newspaper headlines to the sidelines. Only someone with their head so far up their respective a$$ (the only appropriate way to utilize the $ sign) can possibly miss the culture war that is going on within the Boog program.
      And the ONLY difference you see in the 2 teams’ discipline structure is – SABAN EXERCISES DISCIPLINE! There is NO COMPARISON with the API program when it comes to discipline. Chiznik and his posse don’t even know the meaning of the word. That would take true leadership and a willingness to possibly get beaten by the LaMo’s of the football world to become real discipline, and Chiznik hasn’t got it in him. Either that, or the real leadership of the Athletic Department, who has a field named after him, truly has the Chiz’s balls wrapped up in foil and placed in a nice safe box somewhere in his on-campus office.

    • 27

      What $aban did wa$ get thing$ in order, and it ha$ $tayed that way. ¢hizik, now on the other hand, ¢an’t seem to stop things from getting out of ¢ontrol, and I wouldn’t ¢ount on him getting things in order before they fire him at the end of the season. As long as ¢hizik ¢ontinues to re¢ruit risky ¢hara¢ter players, (like he has mu¢h of a ¢hoi¢e), this problem will ¢ontinue to get worse.

  10. 28

    If AU had a Penn St-like scandal on its campus, you could sure bet Dye, Jacobs, and Chizik would cover it up too. Both schools even use the same corny “family” slogans. “We are Penn St!” is no different than “All In we’re family” as “Happy Valley” is akin to “Loveliest Village on Plains.” didn’t Chistic just pen a book about his faith like Paterno did twice?

  11. 29

    RC: The Penn St. Scandals did just happen. There are lives that are ruined from that. Put your pride down and your love for Alabama aside in this matter. To all the Auburn fans out there please know that not all Alabama fans are insensitive an uneducated. To all you other Alabama fans please do not speculate about other programs having similar issues to Penn St. We along with Auburn hold a different standard and must present ourselves with class.

  12. 30

    First of all RT, I actually graduated from UA, you fuckin poser. SECOND, NOT 1 FUCKING TIME did I EVER make light of the scandal, you over-sensitive bitch. Auburn would cover up a scandal like that.

    Poser Auburn piece of shit

  13. 31

    RT87 aKA Hoopie,

    Since you’re so overly sensitive, is it wrong for me to think Reese Dismukes would lynch that girl he called a “N” if he got the chance?

    • 32

      Here is tweet from an AU player indicating that today he was travelling on I85 with Dismukes. The tweeter and the other passenger are black players. All 3 of these players were in the McD the day of the alleged event.

      Now …would these 2 players be riding with a racist bigot white boy? Of course not …and he isn’t.

      Emory Blake ‏@EB_TXmade
      on the way to atl with @Dismukes50 @NosaE94 and @i85South

      The CR should print an apology

      …and RC are a redneck bigot. You automatically assume certain actions based on stereotypes conjured up in your feeble mind.

      • 33

        What if I also decide to make up a tweet under Dismukes, or Blakes, or any other of the numerous names of Boog players, or even Coach Frank Chiznik (of the Fighting Chizniks) and throw it out there on the twitter board. You gonna take that one, too, and build up your whole defense of these guys.
        You know, it no longer matters if this is actually a true story or not. No, what really matters is, much of the readers, and some of the commenters, and even some of the Boog backers on this thread thought it was a true story, and apparently so do some of the coaching staff. That, my friend, is a leadership problem, and there is NO LEADERSHIP in API country.
        Get a real coach and maybe you’ll get the respect you crave from your Bama big brothers. Until then, you are our little sisters and always will be.

      • 34

        you are right Hoopty, nothing to see here. Auburn, the home of racial diversity, and every thing good in the world could not have possibly had cult members behaving this way. Everyone at Auburn and its fan base lives by the Auburn Creed, and there just isn’t anything about being a punk or a thug in that. So it could not possibly be true.

      • 35
        The Conduit


        Wait, wait, you want this site to issue an apology? What about the 5 Auburn fans who made these allegations in the first place? You just don’t believe them? You think they actually made it up, for what reason though? I can’t figure it out.

        You’re not willing to believe the alleged victims, but you are willing to believe that a tweet from a black player that they were going to Atlanta together means that what the victims said is a lie?

        I don’t think what the players allegedly said would stop their teammates from necesarily doing anything. But you believe that so strongly that you are demanding an apology from this site, a page that is only reporting what an Auburn family said?

        I think that is the core of the problem—-denial. They don’t want to believe things this bad or worse actually happen with Auburn football players. And yet they don’t just happen, they happen again and again, and they keep happening, and some people can only say it’s a one-off or a lie or their rival trying to smear them? Come on. Expect more from Auburn. They deserve better than this.

  14. 37


    You are the biggest dipshit, backwards goat humping redneck on here. You condone racism, asshole!! I am black, stupid! YOU ARE A REDNECK.

    Why does Auburn University have cows grazing on their campus?

  15. 40

    So a college kid gets arrested for disorderly conduct, and blames the whole thing on somebody else to his Dad? I mean, it has to be true, right? Because no kid has ever made up a BS story when they had to tell their Dad about why they were arrested.

    For God sakes, even Crimsonite acknowledges this has no credibility.

    • 41
      The Conduit


      What do you think actually made him upset enough to get charged with disorderly conduct if it wasn’t being threatened and being called racist names?
      Do you think the man who was arrested just up and decided to try to start a fight with two gigantic football players from his own school that he loves so much? The football players weren’t doing anything, he just up and wanted to fight? I think if that were the actual story, someone would have said something, like the players, or the manager who called the police in the first place, or any of the other patrons there, but so far nobody has said it didn’t happen exactly the way we’ve been told by the victims and eyewitnesses.

      Did you listen to any of the interviews? There was a new one just last night, did you hear it? Why would they lie, just to get their brother’s arrest record cleaned up by calling players from their own school racist and alleging assault? All 4 of them agreed not just to the same story, but to publicise it, just for a clean record? I think that makes the least sense.

      • 42

        That’s a very rational argument, Conduit. It’s common knowledge that every person who has ever been arrested for discorderly conduct was simply responding to racial slurs directed towards themselves. I mean, it’s not like there could be a billion other reasons why the kid could have gotten upset and started acting like an idiot. No, it’s more rational to assume that two white football players who were at the restaurant with other black players, and who are teammates with and work, practice, and practically kill themselves with other black players, are blatant racists and shouted the “N” bomb in a crowded place. To quote Crimonsite, who is unashamedly the biggest Bama homer on this site:

        “It doesn’t make much sense even for dumbass Awbies. I mean in this day and age what white guys would insult a black girl in McDonalds, especially in front of her family and probably other blacks, and even worse use the N word. Either they are two of the dumbest Sons of Bitches on the planet or something is fishy.”

        I’m with Crimsonite on this one.

  16. 43
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    AU has had our share of stupid behavior and bad press for sure, but let’s not pretend we are alone in our programs bad behavior. Let’s see…..
    Rolondo McLain
    Jimmy Johns
    Marcell Darius
    Dre Kirkpatrick
    Harvey Updyke
    Rashan Salam
    The teabagger
    Kristen Saban
    And on and on and on.

    It’s an unfortunate part of the game……But don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house.

    • 44
      The Conduit

      @ “That’s Mr Indian”

      Yes, but we don’t pretend they don’t happen. We don’t decide we don’t care enough to try to fix them. Players get in trouble, then they fix it. Or they’re gone. We see that too—-they’re gone before they play if they can’t fix it. Updyke is a nightmare, but he wasn’t a player. Neither is Kristen Saban. And for nearly every player listed the difference in severity between them and the players from Auburn who have gotten in trouble is at least worth considering. None of the players on your list were alleged racists, armed robbers, thieves, etc.

      But the bottom line is Alabama doesn’t cover it up or try to pretend it is ok. It’s not ok, therefore we punish the players who make those mistakes, including by kicking them off the team. I think there is such a large difference that if we say it’s ok because some things happen everywhere then it’s again ignoring the severity and frequency of the problems with the culture of the players at Auburn, and absolutely Auburn deserves better than that. What it will take for people to not just believe Auburn deserves better but to do something about it isn’t clear, but it clearly isn’t these racial assault allegations.

  17. 45

    @The Conduit: THAT is the exact reason I believe Auburn University would bury its head in the sand if/when a major scandal erupts. They would blame it on “The REC.”

  18. 46
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    Good grief Conduit….Who is saying “it didn’t happen”? It’s a fact that several of the things posted above did indeed happen. And those that got arrested and convicted , are no longer on the team. As it should be. Zeke Pike is sitting in Kentucky right now, and from what everyone is saying , he may not come back.

    As far as the “alleged” altercation at McDonald’s goes……Are you serious ????? If it were on video or audio, or there were more witnesses than the 2-3 that were involved in the “verbal abuse” I would be the first one saying they needed disciplined….No one I know is burying anything in the sand…All I’m saying is your program is not squeaky clean either.. So don’t pretend it is. If you do , you are setting yourself up for a major fall.

    And if these “allegations” are true, as bad as it is, they didn’t break the law. Gene Chizik is trying very hard to clean up the program. Jonathon Rose was sent packing Tuesday for unspecified reasons.

    The backlash from Reuben spurning your Tide has to go somewhere. I guess this is as good a place as any.

    • 47
      The Conduit

      Yes, they did break the law if these allegations are true.

      At the very least they would be charged with verbal assault, but the racial slurs would be enough to make it a hate-based crime.

      To be honest, it’s probably for the best it wasn’t recorded, don’t you think?

      But what would you do? Does it not bother you? If you were an Auburn coach, what would you do about these allegations, specifically with the players themselves?

      I don’t know what this has to do with Rueben Foster, so I will leave that alone. Not sure why you would go there?

      • 48
        The Conduit

        I guess the bottom line for me is it’s hard to relate.

        Yes, Alabama is not squeaky clean like, well, like nobody, really.

        But the problems specifically with Auburn players isn’t new, however it’s gotten worse again lately the past few years. I can’t relate to accusations of racism and armed robbery, and I’m not saying that to be cruel, I’m just saying I don’t understand how I would react. I think I would be mad particularly at the frequency of issues, but I can’t say for sure. I can’t imagine.

  19. 49

    Bwaa Haww Haww! Damn DES, that’s funny! Cows graze on the Barnturd Campus cause Lester Miles won’t! Bwaa Haww Haww! Indian, I actually think Harvey and the Teabagger were funny as hell. Call me a perverted Mullet – I don’t care. You deserved Harvey for all the low down shit you people pulled with the Escalades and Chargers and other shit from your ITAT group, and for the disrespect you filthy bastards have shown to Bear Bryant. As for the Teabagger, I was in New Orleans 3 days for the BCSNCG and I can tell you that the LSU fans got what they deserved. Revenge served cold is sweeter. It’s a miracle I didn’t see it happen ’cause I went to there several times and it was just to damn packed to wait in line. Besides isn’t it illegal to be publicly intoxicated and passed out in a place of business? And no not all of our athletes are perfect. But our episodes are scattered over years. Barnie has had enough episodes since January to last a normal school more than a decade. And Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and LSU aren’t far behind. I guess with Bama taking all the best athletes who are generally morally decent, that leaves little for the rest of you to choose from. Bwaa Haww Haww! Oh and before you add Kirkpatrick to that list don’t be telling me you’ve never danced with MaryJane. As for Krysten, once again I think it’s funny as hell one drunk girl bitchslapped her drunk sorority sister for threatening to cause problems with a boyfriend. Never would have happened a Awbie – right? Look, there’s something fuked up going on in sports right now – High School, college and Pro. Hell, there’s something fuked up going on in the whole country and even the world right now. After spending 10,000 years becoming civilized we are suddenly going native again. Might be time to look seriously into the conspiracy theory. Maybe the ones who run the world are putting something in the water? I mean they can’t take control like they want to unless the populace gets so out of hand that they can justify taking away our freedom with facist represive laws and military control. Think about it. RTR!

  20. 50
    That's Mr. Indian to you

    Crimson, can’t disagree with you about the condition of the world. It’s getting pretty out of kilter for sure.

    And yes , Auburn has had too much bad press in the recent year and a half. I agree. But if you add it all up, Bama and Auburn are pretty much even with the amount of morons on and off the team. Yes, we are certainly making a run as of late, but how quickly you guys forget the flat out thugs Shula recruited.

    Are you guys gonna change Bryant Denny Stadium to Teabagger field @ Harvey Upkyke Stadium ? I know they are the posterchildren for the program already, I was just wondering when you guys would make it official…..

  21. 51

    Teabagger field @ Harvey Upkyke Stadium …now that’s freakin’ funny. I’m just waiting to see the both of them immortalized with bronze statues on the walk of champions. They’ll have to be awfully careful making the plaster cast with the teabagger, though.

  22. 52
    Jason Lee

    Read the headlines Bammers. Your people aren’t angels either……

    “Dre Kirkpatrick Arrested: Former Alabama Football Star Arrested On Drug Charge”

    “Alabama Football Player Arrested In Mobile – Mark Barron”

    “Former Alabama player Saleem Rasheed arrested on charges related to sex involving high school students”

    “Former Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain arrested in Decatur”

    “UPDATED: Alabama football player arrested for pot possession – Brent Calloway”

    “UPDATE: Shots fired on Tuscaloosa Strip Thursday morning; arrests made – Involving Alabama Football Players”

    “Two former Alabama football players arrested on drug charges”

    “Bama Football Players Arrested, Free on Bond”

    Glenwood Razeem Coffee, Jr was arrested on a weapons possesion.

    Alabama LB Jimmy Johns arrested on cocaine charges – USA Today

    So Auburn players aren’t the only players in the state getting in trouble. Yes Bama beat Auburn in last years Iron Bowl but 2010 Bama suffered the worst loss imaginable in a comeback that has gone down in history as the day the bammers choked in T-Town. Remember racism and stupidity are on both sides in this War Eagle/Roll Tide rivilary. The same fans who use the “N” word to people cheer for the same African Americans on Saturdays during football.

  23. 53

    Lee you retarded piece of dog shit, go fuk yourself. Try reading some previous posts before you run your cum hole. When’s the last time you or your friends smoked a joint? Don’t say never you lying sack of shit. Dre’ and Calloway were caught with less than an ounce. Legal in California. Being looked at to make legal in several States. Barron told a cop his cousin wasn’t in the house when he was. I’d have done the same damn thing. The rest are long gone from Bama and spread out over 10 years or so. And all were recruited by dipshit coaches who were run off or ran off. Johns was run off by Saban. McClain kept his shit together his junior and senior seasons or he would have been run off. Give me some names for football players charged in the bar shooting. You can’t dumbass. Your fuking school has had more incidents not to mention deadly incidents since January than all the dumbassed ones you named for Alabama. You’re just the typical Barner retarded homer that infests Bama sites. FO! RTR!

  24. 54

    Just went to the NCAA Hall of Champions. I left and went next door to take pictures of the NCAA headquarters. Since it was around 5pm the employees were going home for the day. I asked one gentleman that came out, if he worked for the NCAA. He stated he did, but was in the dept dealing with Division III programs. Half joking, I asked when they were going to seriously start investigating Auburn. He said “Oh, that is a hot topic around here. A lot of talk with the Division I guys about Auburn. They are definitely causing those guys (Division I staff) a lot of work!”
    I then conceded to the guy that I was an Alabama grad so I had a biased opinion on them, but that I can’t believe they are getting away with so much. The guy just laughed and reassured me that they know something weird is going on down there. He wasn’t privy to all the information, but that word gets around the office.

    Just thought it was an interesting conversation and thought I would post…

    Enjoy your evening and Roll Tide!

  25. 55
    Hate Smurf Coach

    Ralph Cindrich on, is a player agent who has a lot of shit on Saban. Yeah this won’t go away. Reported by The Mullet Nations Beat Reporter, Don Kausler Jr.

    It’ll be interesting how far this goes. Hold your breath for Tatoo.

  26. 56


    Not only does skin color have to do with being a “redneck”, but those who preach religious values then call names to others after attending a cow grazing, goat humping University are frigging rednecks. And players who use racial slurs on young people like Dismukes would hang their victims from a tree if they could

    Hate Smurf–I’ll grow another dick before anything EVER happens to Saban and those weak ass allegations. If Auburn didn’t get hammered from Cecil Newton selling his son to Auburn, nothing will happen from actual real baseless allegations

    Question to Hate Smurf: does your gutless, sack of shit Head Coach have any teeth?

  27. 57

    Bwaa Haww Haww ROTFLMMFAO! That retarded motherfuker sounds like a little kindergarden school crybaby tattling to his teacher about Johnny kissing Salley ’cause HE got caught in the bathroom masturbating. That had to be the most dumbassed crybaby fuking interview I’ve ever heard. And the stupid motherfuker actually called Saban out! Hell, he basically called out Emmert, the NCAA and ESPN. I guess Nick’s at home in his closet curled up in the fetal position. What’s his age, 70? The bastard is probably senile. He’s damn sure whining about his precious Penn St getting hammered. What the hell has Assfuk U’s sanctions got to do with Alabama or Nick Saban? Those sanctions have nothing to do with football. If he didn’t like the sanctions then they should have kept their dicks out of little boys asses. Talk about sour grapes. Goddamn that was one hell of a juvenile interview. Absoultely no credibility at all. The NCAA is probably ROTFLTAO right now. Great for Awbie wet dreams though. Bwaa Haww Haww! ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

  28. 61

    Bevo? Please God tell me we don’t have a Tsipping Whorne infesting our site. Don’t you have an Aggie somewhere that you can be aggravating? Besides, I’m a little surprised that you would make a semiracist remark like that, you being from a majority Mexican school in the Texas Brown Belt. LOL! RTR!

  29. 62

    Ok got to backup here. Got to respond to a couple of posts by Abraham earlier in this thread. No way in hell I let a damn Awbie agree with me. Do not misunderstand my post. I am not giving Dismukes, et al, a clean slate. I’m saying that not being there and seeing the altercation it is necessary to apply logic. It is not logical for 2 white guys representing their school to instigate a situation with 2 black girls in public and then threaten them and call them N*****s. Logic says that the girls did something to piss them off and then a verbal battle got outof hand. Lacking this, the guys would have to be the 2 dumbest sons of bitches on the planet. However, in hindsight you have to remember that these are 2 Barnturd football players and therefore it’s highly likely that they ARE the 2 dumbest sons of bitches on the planet. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  30. 64

    There’s is always 2 sides to every story,&your lop sided opinion of the incident at McDonald is another example of everything wrong with college football, when any wanna journalist/sports personality with a computer can enter the blog-o-sphere and spew rhetoric &propaganda in a most Stalin-isk way to sway public opinion, where &when politics&ass sucking plays a bigger role in college football nowadays than any factor,&u sit there in your own LOL glass house,throwing rocks all you want,$250,000 for Newton, if so it’s worth every penny,but oh no,not my TEAM, yeah right,I’d like to be around to pick up loose change at Alabama, AU,LSU,Texas,USC,or any other major University, if think its not happening in west central Al,u r CRAZY,so get off the keyboard &quit. Being a shit head,ruining NCAA,football, &my life to borrow a phrase from mad Max,thank u &have a good day

  31. 65

    And furthermore to compare any actions at Auburn or any other College recruiting or whatever, to SYSTEMATICALLY STALKING, GROOMING &RAPING 100’S OF YOUNG BOYS is absolutely absurd, &ludicrous, u should be ashamed, but this is America, the great republic&are entitled to your opinion, even speak it or print it no matter how stupid it is

  32. 66
    jimmy todd

    Just the funny thing is that all of those 4 guys who had the weapon charges kicked off the team. Zeke Pike kicked off. Mike Dyer kicked off. Dee Liner, well you can rail on his ass all you want for being a criminal. Where’s he going again? Oh that right Alabama. Just ripping on someone because of what school they go to is equivalent to racism. Earlier in your post you said racism was just as bad as jerry sandusky raping kids in a bathroom. So by my thought about trasitive properties of equality you being stereotypical of all auburn fans, students, players, and coaches are equivalent to someone being racist equivalent to molesting little kids. NICE !

  33. 67

    This has redneck or crimson neck fingers all over it. This seems more like jealous rhetoric than actual journalism or objective observation. If you keep hoping for something just because someone else is succeeding…it still does not make it truth. Keep being blind, its almost as bad as what you are you are preaching. Keep up the hate…it just gives more to rub in your face when you eating shit. Put that in your pipe and smoke it

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