Bama great calls Auburn out for paying Reuben Foster

John Copeland, an anchor on the Alabama 1992 National Championship team is quickly becoming a hero to the Bama Nation yet again.

In a recent interview, where the topic of top linebacker Reuben Foster’s sudden flip to Auburn was discussed, Copeland was very candid about the dirtiness of Auburn recruiting.

John Copeland simply orated what every Bama fan who has watched Auburn through the years knows. Some highlights:

“Coach Saban has proven himself to be a man of high character and integrity. He has certain lines he won’t cross, willingly.” He then goes on to talk about governing things that happen in totality in the recruiting process. Then he contrasts the subject with this statement:

“In Auburn, it’s totally different. In Auburn, the head coach is not running that program. There are about four or five different guys in place that’s running the program.”

Copeland is quickly cut off by the show’s host Aaron Suttles, asking “What does that have to do with Reuben Foster?” to which Copeland quickly replied:

“Because Reuben was paid more (by Auburn) than Alabama was willing to pay him. We got boosters out there that weren’t willing to pay Reuben Foster and boosters willing to pay him in Auburn.”

Suttles then retorts that Alabama wouldn’t give up recruiting a five star prospect like Foster.

Copeland immediately rejects the thought:

“It don’t matter whether they give up or not (on Foster). What are you talking about? The money is in the briefcase.”

Suttles then says “Kids switch all the time. They switch a day before signing day, they switch a month before signing day…”

Copeland then cuts him off with this retort:

“Reuben Foster was from LaGrange, Georgia where he became the number two recruit in the country, then went down to Auburn…for no apparent reason other than his coach left, committed to Alabama his junior year, and out of the blue, now he’s committed to Auburn? Are you serious? Come on.”

What does it mean? Who knows. Why did a top prospect move from his home in LaGrange to attend Auburn High School, out of the blue, with no other apparent ties to the city, where he would be teammates with the sons of Auburn coaches Curtis Luper and Trooper Taylor, where he would be guaranteed to be around the two men and the program they work for? Is there truth to the rumor of a job made available to Foster’s mother for the move to happen? And if so, what are the legalities involved? Time will tell.

If nothing else, a person who would know much more than the common fan or blogger is saying the same things so many have said about Auburn, further alleging the dirty recruiting practices taking place in Lee County. And if it’s true, how long before the game of recruiting roulette backfires? It’s just a matter of time before it all comes crashing down.

Tick, tick, tick…

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