SEC FOOTBALL: Alabama coach Nick Saban, LSU coach Les Miles and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier are top three coaches in the conference

See why some think Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban is the best coach in college football.

Shae Peppler of TCS talks with Sporting News College Football Writer Steve Greenberg about the best football coaches in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Watch the video and below are a few quotes from the presentation.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban tops the list of best football coaches in the SEC. “You know it Shae. We know it, the whole world knows it—Nick Saban is number one. He is not just number one in the SEC, he is number one in the country,” Greenberg said. “We are scared of him and that is because he is one bad dude. He runs the best program in the country. He is the most likely to put together one of the truly all-time, greatest careers in college football coaching. He is already most of the way there.”

In second place on Greenberg’s list is LSU football coach Les Miles. Greenberg places Miles on the list and will rank high on the list of all college football coaches. “Nobody is like Miles in the rest of the SEC,” he said.

Third best coach in the SEC is Steve Spurrier, according to the Sporting News’ Greenberg. “Third place is tougher,” Greenberg said. He added a few reasons why Spurrier ranked in this position. “He doesn’t work as hard as Nick Saban, and he doesn’t pretend to either,” Greenberg said. “He may not have what is the most modern approach to building a program, and yet he has recruited very well at South Carolina. Now the Gamecocks are as good on the field as they have ever been…He is a strong number three on our list.”

For another take on the best football coach in the SEC, check out our interview with Paul Finebaum, where Finebaum says Saban has Alabama atop college football.


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    I would have guessed that there would have been lot of s*** on here by now over this one. But SN got this one right.RTR

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    I’m suprised this isnt full of barneroids calling The Sporting News a bunch of biased bammers.

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    Hoopie and that coward FBJ Lives will act like CR actually wrote it while expousing the complete objectivity of the War Eagle Reader and Inside the Auburn Tigers

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