LIVE: Watch the Alabama Crimson Tide football team’s visit to the White House

The Alabama Crimson Tide meets President Obama today at the White House. You can watch the live feed here. The live feed is scheduled for about 2:20 p.m. EDT, 1:20 p.m. Central.

The White House describes today’s visit as: “President Obama Welcomes the BCS National Champion University of Alabama Crimson Tide to the White House to honor their 14th championship.”

Also, the White House said President Obama “will also continue his tradition of honoring sports teams for their efforts both on and off the field by recognizing the efforts by the Crimson Tide to give back to their community.”

Alabama won the 2011 national championship with a 21-0 victory over LSU in the BCS Championship Game in New Olreans. This marked Alabama’s 14th national championship and the ninth of the poll era. You can watch as the team is honored by the president for this achievement.

Also, later return to the Capstone Report for more coverage of the team’s visit to the White House.


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