RECRUITING: Two things you should know about Georgia Coach Mark Richt

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s recruiting coverage was enlightening today about the state of Georgia football. If you want to know about Georgia’s recruiting and leadership, then listen to what a football recruit had to say about the Bulldogs.

The AJC asked about the most creative recruiting gimmicks, and this was Kenyan Drake’s answer: “There really wasn’t anything too creative, other than the coaches just showing up at my school and coming to see me. I think when [Alabama’s Nick Saban] and [Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson], along with [UGA assistant Bryan McClendon], came to my school and showed me love, I felt like that was one of the most important things in the whole recruiting process.” (See story here.)

OK, let’s look at this.

Alabama’s head coach.

Georgia Tech’s head coach.

Georgia assistant coach.

Notice something there?

Is this an indication that Mark Richt is lazy on the recruiting trail? Is this an sign that Richt delegates too much? Either way, it is an indication that Richt didn’t make an impact like rival head coaches.

The AJC asked Drake which coach was not the nicest, he answered: “Well, I wouldn’t say not the nicest, but I would have to say Coach Saban. But I’m not saying he was not the nicest. He’s really straight forward. You know what I mean? I’m not saying he’s mean but I’m not saying he’s ‘buddy buddy’ with you either. He’s very businesslike. I’m not saying Coach Richt isn’t businesslike but they have two different personalities. Coach Richt is really caring. I’m not going to say Coach Saban isn’t. He’s just real straight forward, to the point and businesslike. And he gives it to you like this, and if it’s not like this, then there’s no other way. With Coach Mark Richt, I feel like he’s more lenient.”

Coach Mark Richt feels more lenient.

Could that be the reason for all the legal troubles in Athens? Fortunately, Georgia has improved its penalty problems from the 2007, 2008 and 2009 seasons—something that was an indication of a serious leadership problem on the field. The Bulldogs were much better in 2010 and 2011 and were among the best of the conference. However, this impression of being too lenient could be a big clue about Georgia’s problems in the SEC East.

What do you think? Are these problems for Georgia or just the chatter of recruits that signifies nothing? I like Coach Richt both as a person and a football coach. He is a man of integrity, but you can’t ignore the problems around his program. Has Richt become complacent like Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville?


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  1. 1
    Indiana Vol

    What, no story about the destruction of the crystal trophy? I thought you Bammers would be more careful trying to fondle and hump that trophy!

    • 2

      Ahh, but the National Championship was still won by Bama. The material thing isn’t the most important part of that. It’s not like Bama doesn’t have a few of those to spare, unlike your team.

    • 3
      # 1 al. fan

      Awww I wouldn’t worry too much about a broken trophy!! heck we’ll be getting a new one next January anyway!!! LOL RTR

  2. 10
    # 1 al. fan

    I also heard they were talking about adding an addition to the ‘Bear’ Bryant Museum,.dedicated entirely for all of the trophies that are there already and for the incoming ones thereafter.kinda makes you stand in awe don’t it? RTR

  3. 11
    LSU Fan

    Question is- why do you really care about UGA and Mark Richt? The worst thing about Bammers is instead of basking in the glow of your team’s accomplishments you worry about what everyone else is doing. If UGA wants to sink with Richt, let them.

  4. 12

    In the first place Corndog, Georgia is much more of an Alabama rival than they are LSWho’s. You worry about your own rivals – maybe your ancient neimesis aTm. Second place this is our blog. If you don’t like what we talk about then drag your ass on back to the swamp. Third place – and this is something you don’t know shit about – Georgia is a hot bed for Bama rectruiting, and right now we are about to pull the recruiting coup of the century, begining with stomping Georgia and Ricth’s ass in their own back yard. Because of this there has been a lot of nasty shit being slung our way from due East. We are fed up with it. So we’ll say what we want about JawJaw, thank you very much. And fourth – you should keep your ass back home anyway cause this is the last place a Coonass wants to come running his mouth. 21-0. RTR!

  5. 13

    Obviously Mark Richt can’t recruit. I mean, Kenyan Drake was a freakin’ star that he just lost out on. Maybe his assistant was visiting with Kenyan because Richt was having dinner with Keith Marshall & Todd Gurley (both better than Drake) up in North Carolina.

    • 14

      That’s what all the dumbasses in Drunktown say. Richt is recruiting someone better than the Georgia kid they let slip away. BTW, I don’t think either Marshall or Gurley have qualified academically. You might check on that before you start bragging.

  6. 15
    SEC Fan

    Whatever the recruiting strategy may have been in the past, Mark Richt has clearly recognized some of the faults that were causing Georgia to lose tough recruiting battles with schools from outside of Georgia. During Mark Richt’s early tenure, the recruiting philosophy was to try and close the borders as much as possible. But after 2 SEC championships in 4 years, the program had grown up on the national stage, and Richt began focusing on more national recruits (see Stafford, Moreno, among others). 2009 and 2010 were bad years in Athens. Over that same time, Alabama and Auburn both won national championships. Auburn already had a strong foothold in Georgia and the last few years have seen a rise in Alabama’s presence in Georgia. Failure to offer local kids early has hurt Georgia, but the 2013 class appears to be different. Georgia has locked down 14 commits for 2013. And while there are still plenty battles left to be fought, they have come a long way from last year when they only had about 4 or 5 commits at this same date.

  7. 16

    For Richt football isn’t first in his life. That may be a healthy perspective for us fans, but you want your head coach eating and breathing this stuff so you have a fighting chance on Saturday. Which is reason why Bama will hoist half a dozen more conference trophies before Richt brings home another one.

  8. 17

    I don’t think Richt is getting complacent, this has always been his style and it’s what works for him. He couldn’t pull off the Nick Saban intensity, it would just seem fake coming from him since that’s not his personality. Georgia is good but they’re still a few good players away from doing anything more than showing up to get rocked in the SEC championship game.

  9. 18

    A little off subject, but for those of you wondering “what the hell” in regards to Duron Carter – an article on Roll Bama Roll quoted Saban as saying that Carter can come back to the team if he wants to. He said all he has to do is what he’s supposed to do and he can come back and that if he doesn’t then he can’t. Obviously there are no specifics, but at least we know there could still be an NFL quality receiver with experience on the team this fall. I think maybe daddy Chris needs to Jack Slap little Duron some. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 19

      Agree Nite. I don’t know what’s the matter with Duron. I watched a few of his “clips” and I think he’s pretty darn good. Also I think that maybe one of his problems is just that-“I”. Come on Duron,get off the pot!!! RTR

  10. 21

    Interesting! The main things I took from this article were that if Richt had not been on the hot seat he would have gone to UGA and that Kirby (UGA product) is the best recruiter Alabama has. I wish the kid well!

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