Who will replace Trent Richardson at Alabama?

National college expert Teddy Greenstein weighs in who could be the biggest playmakers in the 2012 college football season. He examines who takes over at quarterback for Stanford and Baylor and running back for Alabama. Greenstein’s prediction for the next big running back at Alabama might surprise you.

In this video from Total College Sports Melanie Collins and Chicago Tribune college expert Teddy Greenstein examine Stanford, Baylor and Alabama as the programs try to replace important playmakers. Of interest to Alabama fans is replacing running back Trent Richardson.

Jalston Fowler is the one Greenstein expects to be a big contributor at Alabama next year.

“What a giant this guy is at 6’1”, 245 lbs.,” Greenstein said. “Want to try to tackle him? I don’t. I would get out of the way. He did a good job backing up Richardson last season. He averaged 6.9 yards on 56 carries. At Ole Miss, 125 yards on 9 carries, so down there in Rebel country they have already seen enough of him.”

It is an interesting dilemma for Alabama football coach Nick Saban. Alabama will have Eddie Lacy back in the fall along with Dee Hart and the emergence of T.J. Yeldon who posted 179 all-purpose yards in the 2012 Alabama A-Day game.

That is an embarrassment of riches.

The problem becomes getting these guys on the field. A healthy Eddie Lacy starts, but we all know Alabama rotates running backs. Who sees the most touches will depend on how things unfold in Fall Camp, and could likely be highly situational substitutions during games.

What do you think? Is Fowler over-hyped? Is Yeldon getting too much love? Or do Alabama fans have every reason to love what Fowler, Hart, Yeldon and Lacy bring to the table?


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    Rogue Elephant

    I still say they need to work Fowler at H-back so that he can be on the field with (Lacy, Hart or Yeldon) at the same time.

    It would probably drive opposing Ds crazy.

    But I thought we’d see Blake Sims running some wildcat last year too.


  2. 2

    I believe that our new OC will work on some plays that do keep Jalston on the field with any other running backs.As I said in that past I watched his clips from HS was then and is now a pure monster-with body and speed. RTR

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