NFL 2012 DRAFT PROFILE: Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw

Alabama’s Courtney Upshaw is a 6’1 and 5/8”, 272 lbs. outside linebacker with 4.70 speed. He was defensive MVP of the BCS National Championship Game.

Pro Football Weekly’s NFL draft analyst Nolan Nawrocki shared his thoughts on Courtney Upshaw.

“He plays with power and leverage,” Nawrocki said.

Courtney Upshaw’s positives include a bulldog mentality, he is a highly instinctive player, a physical tackler and an emotional leader, according to PFW.

On the downside, “His arms are short,” Nawrocki said.’

Courtney Upshaw’s downsides include that he is short-armed and small-handed, tightly wound and has poor book smarts.

Teams may be concerned about Upshaw’s work ethic, according to PFW.

As for where Upshaw fits, he fits best in a 3-4, but could be a left defensive end in a 4-3.

As for his draft stock, “he has lost a little momentum,” Nawrock said.

However, this could mean middle of the first round with teams like the New York Jets or San Diego Chargers in need of this type of player.