Alabama Football: Players’ maturity spells good news for 2012 Crimson Tide

Forecasting the 2012 Alabama football team.

Over the last two weeks, we have looked at some of the things to watch to forecast just how good this year’s Alabama football team can be. One important thing for any team coached by Nick Saban is attitude. He stresses the importance of motivation to doing the right things. This year’s Alabama team sounds like it is focused on the right things.

In Tuscaloosa Tuesday night, I had the chance to look four players in the eyes and listen to them talk about how they are dealing with Spring Practice. What they said showed real maturity.

Alabama running back Jalston Fowler is blunt when asked how this time of year has him feeling.

“Tired, but you got to push through because it is almost over,” Fowler said. “You’ve got to stay focused to be the best you can be out there. You’ve got to push through. You’ve got to finish.”

Finishing means making it through the final practices and to A-Day.

If that sounds like Nick Saban, it isn’t surprising. After winning two BCS crowns at Alabama, there aren’t many doubters left about Saban’s methodology. His tenure at Alabama shows that doing things his way nets championships—and the 2012 players seem to be responding to the under performance of the 2010 team.

One theme from last year’s national championship team is still around, according to Adrian Hubbard.

“Everybody has come in and is gelling together,” Hubbard said. “Everybody still has the warrior mentality we had from our championship, and I’m glad about that.”

Hubbard has a unique way to contribute to this year’s team both on the field and in a leadership position by helping players deal with position moves in the linebacker corps.

“I’ve tried to mold (the younger guys),” Hubbard said. “When I first got here and got moved around being a young guy, I was kind of confused. It is kind of mindboggling because you get recruited for one position and then get changed. So, I’ve tried to help their mindset.”

Even injured players are showing an amazing amount of maturity and concern for the team.

Fowler had this to say about running back Eddie Lacy, “He is just watching. He is out there trying to coach us up and tell us what to do out there.”

Some of that coaching included advice for Fowler’s running style.

“I can’t do the spin move,” Fowler said. “I tried that at practice, and (Lacy) said, ‘Leave that to me.’”

The players are saying the right things, and trying to do the right things. That should mean good results on the football field for the 2012 Alabama football team.


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  1. 1

    Thank god you got that exclusive interview with a backup running back. I’ve always said games are won and lost by the attitude of the backup running back.

    • 2

      Actually, what everyone on the team says and does matters. You never know when someone will be thrust into being a major contributor. What attitudes someone like Fowler has is a big deal because it shows how things are unfolding.

      But anyway, like I said last week when the focus was on McCarron and Barrett Jones, leaders holding people accountable are key. To me, it sounds like Alabama has plenty of leaders.

    • 3

      I remember Fowler. He’s the third string RB that scored a 30 yard touchdown on Auburn last November.

      But then, there were so many that day, they all kind of run together.

      • 4
        # 1 al. fan

        I remember Fowler also ITK and your rite, as usual, about those touchdowns, funny, they do indeed seem to run together!! LOL But I do hope these guys remember what happened to some of them at South Carolina a year or so ago. They don’t need to start believeing they can’t get beat! RTR

    • 5

      We had to read something while we were waiting around on your exclusive interview with The Pope.

    • 7

      Well, it must be earth-shattering news to you since you are the one who thinks backups don’t matter.

    • 8

      Beats sitting around and having nothing to talk about but Gene Chizik’s ability to run a program into the ground.

  2. 9

    lmao titty must not have noticed how big of a roll the #2 running back has played at alabama since saban has arrived ingram in 08 richardson in 09 and 10 and lacey in 11 also fowler had a noticable roll in short yardage and cupcake games and will play a big roll in 12! i guess ignorance really is bliss sometimes!!!

  3. 10

    lol itk amen brother……AMEN! in case titty doesnt know what amen signifies its ….TRUTH AND THATS THE BAMATRUTH….ROLL TIDE!

  4. 11

    Go back and watch some of Fowlers high school clips. He left a few guys who tried to tackle him just laying there on the field. The roll of the so called back-up guys have always played a big part in football, from pee wee to pro. Anyone ever to strap up knows that. RTR

  5. 13

    Fowler was only a 3* because Fullbacks don’t get much love from the rating services. But he was rated the nations #1 Fullback. He’s apparently pretty smart too since he graduated from high school a year early and sat out waiting for eligibilIty at Bama. He has always run behind the second O’line in games. I’d phucking love to see him run behind Fluker, Kwandijo and Jones. He may not be elusive like Richardson or Lacy, but I bet by the 2nd quarter there would be some of those other teams who like small linebackers, who’s linebackers, cornerbacks and safety’s would be calling for Mama. Gonna be a fun year I think. With Nussmiere and Saban opening up the Passing attack to showcase McCarron who is as good as ANYBODY, coupled with a running game featuring such a variety of styles to confuse defenses. Lacy has power, speed and elusivness and the dangerous spin move. T.J. Yeldon is a Lacy clone. Fowler is a human Bulldozier with speed. Dee Hart, and Blake Sims are speedsters. Our opponents are phucked! RTR!

  6. 14

    I’ve been in Missouri a lot lately. They might have been the Big 12 team that started the meltdown and desired the Big 10 at that time, but they have definitely joined the SEC Bandwagon now. The State is covered with Billboards announcing “A New Begining – Mizzou and SEC”. Wierd as it is to have a MidWest school in our midst and especially in the East. Ha ha! Michigan is putting crosshairs directly on Bama. They are really looking forward to this game. A prestigious school suffering through a bad period and desiring Bama to measure themselves by. Dangerous situation. 11-2 last year. A very good team with the kind of QB who has given Bama problems in the past. Would like for one of our linebackers to ring his bell early so he can sit out a game and ponder his future. Ha ha! RTR!

  7. 15

    I am really happy to welcome Mizzou to the fold. It inhances the SEC that much more. Michigan will be a real test. Let the best team win. Either way the fans are big winners in this one.

  8. 18

    ” Lay the wood to him”,”Nothing but the worse for him”. Sometimes things one say about another comes back to haunt them. What a bunch of haters and sick puppies.RTR

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