Alabama Football: Spring Practice Scrimmage #2 news, injury report & stats

Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban said today’s scrimmage showed “some improvement” from the first scrimmage for the first units.

The team was “crisper” and “faster” in play today, according to the Alabama football coach. However, he said the team “had some work to do, especially with the depth on our team.” Saban said the young players are “enthusiastic” and working hard. Saban said he is not “disappointed with where we are at, but certainly not satisfied either.”

Saban praised quarterback A.J. McCarron’s play and said the offense improved its effort at running the ball giving the team more balance. At least the first offense did. Saban said the second offensive line could not block the defense very well.

“I thought A.J. played well,” Saban said. “We didn’t start out well offensively, but we improved as we moved along. I think we ran the ball a little more effectively today.”

Saban said Jalston Fowler ran the ball better today and T.J. Yeldon gained some good experience in the scrimmage.

Saban also said the hitting “was a little crisper” today.

Saban mentioned the efforts of receivers DeAndrew White, Christion Jones and Kevin Norwood.

Overall, “the first offensive line did a nice job,” Saban said. “Defensively, the first unit played pretty well. A couple of situations they made mental errors in that cost them.”

Alabama Injury Report from Scrimmage #2:
“We had a couple of guys get ankle sprains today,” Saban said.

Caleb Castille, Jesse Williams and Vinnie Sunseri suffered ankle sprains that were not expected to be a serious issue. Robert Lester suffered a knee sprain, but Saban said it was not serious.

On to the official stats released by Saban.

Passing stats:
AJ McCarron: 14-for-29 160 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT

Receiving stats:
DeAndrew White 5 catches for 112, 2 TDs
Christion Jones 5 catches for 61 yards, 2 TDs
Kevin Norwood 4 catches for 55 yards
Chris Black 2 catches for 36 yards

Rushing stats:
Jalston Folwer 22 carries for 151 yards, 3 TDs long run of 68 yards in situational

C.J. Mosley – 8 tackles, 1 PBU
Damion Square – 5 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 sacks
Dee Milliner – 5 tackles, 1 FF
Trey DePriest – 5 tackles, 1 PBU, 1 FR
HaHa Clinton-Dix – 4 tackles, 1 INT
Nick Perry – 4 tackles
Vinnie Sunseri – 4 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 sack
Jesse Williams – 4 tackles, 2 TFL
Tana Patrick – 4 tackles

Punting stats:
Cody Mandell 12 punts for an average of 42 yards and a long of 56

Kicking stats:
Cade Foster 3-for-6 Long of 50

Passing Touchdowns (5): A.J. McCarron – 4 (16 yards, 11 yards, 2 yards, 2 yards); Phillip Ely 1 (2 yards)
Rushing Touchdowns (3): Jalston Fowler – 3 (3 yards, 1 yard, 68 yards [Situational])


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