Safer, faster, jam-proof shredder from #FellowesInc

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The makers of the first personal shredder have a new device to help keep your personal information safe—the Fellowes 79Ci personal shredder. It is a new shredder on the cutting edge of technology with features to prevent paper jams, keep your hands safe, run quietly and still tear that document into 399 tiny pieces.

Fellowes, Inc. knows that jamming is the top complaint from those of us who use shredders to keep personal information from falling into the wrong hands. Jams can be frustrating and even dangerous, so any step to reduce a paper jam is a good thing. Fellowes has 100% Jam Proof Technology that combines a sensor that stops a jam before it happens with power to deal with mis-fed paper. The sensor measures paper thickness to prevent the jam and the shredder can even reverse paper out for safe easy and safe removal. It is a nifty way to deal with the nuisance of paper jams. In addition, an indicator light tells the user if they are nearing the shredder’s capacity.

The 79Ci also features cross-cut technology with blades that cut a piece of paper into 399 pieces. That will make it tough for anyone snooping in your trash! It tears that paper into all those small pieces with its SilentShred technology. The SilentShred means the motor runs whisper-quiet so it won’t disturb the sleeping baby or the person sharing your office.

An important feature from Fellowes on the 79Ci paper shredder is the SafeSense technology. This advanced safety sensor automatically stops the shredder when it senses a hand touch the paper opening. This is a great safety tool.

For more information on Fellowes, visit the official Fellowes 79Ci website. You can also find the Fellowes 79Ci personal shredder at Staples for $239.99.

What do you think about the Fellowes 79Ci? Do you use a paper shredder? What of all the features from Fellowes would you think most useful? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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