SEC Football: Alabama-Tennessee, Auburn-Georgia games appear safe in future SEC schedules

According to the Ledger-Enquirer, the SEC is getting close to settling its football schedule for the new 14-member league. It appears that the rivalry games will be safe under the new plan.

According to the report SEC consultant Larry Templeton said, “I would say that the permanent games are probably as safe as anything that’s on the table,” Templeton said. “I think there is a strong commitment to keep the traditional games in this league. And to do that you have to keep the permanent opponents.”

A 6-1-1 format is most likely at this point, but the article points out that a nine-game schedule while unlikely could still happen.

However, the revenue concerns generated by an unbalanced SEC schedule seem too difficult to overcome.

The basketball schedule was already presented to conference athletic directors, according to the report. For details on that and more on the football schedule situation, check out the Ledger-Enquirer article.


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    Would sure hate to lose the opportunity to give the viles what they deserve every year. However if we didn’t play the barn every year maybe they would give up football. A few more 42-14 beatings and I expect they will ask to move to the East

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