Alabama Football: Trent Richardson impresses with power at Pro Day

This video of Alabama Crimson Tide star running back Trent Richardson is making the rounds on the Internet including mentions on Twitter and Deadspin.

In the video, Richardson is going through blocking drills and sends one NFL scout flying. According to Deadspin, “When Richardson was being put through blocking drills by the Browns, he took Cleveland RB coach Gary Brown off his feet. This is a strong man, and a very good reason the Browns didn’t give Peyton Hillis that contract he wanted.”

The Daily Bama Blog provides this video of Trent Richardson posting some impressive times in the 40-yard dash.

Richardson spoke following the Alabama Pro Day workout and here is a transcript of his comments (courtesy of UA Media Relations):

Running Back Trent Richardson Opening Statement:
“You all are going to make me tear up, because it’s my last Alabama interview.”

On what he wanted to do out here today:
“I did everything for real. Everything I worked on and did went pretty well. I kind of stepped out of my 40, but other than that everything went well.”

On his official 40 time:
“I really don’t know, I’ve been hearing things like 4.43 to 4.46, so I really don’t know what it was. I feel like as far as catching the ball and doing my drills, and showing everybody that I can move with my knee and just showing everybody that I’m ready.”

On working out with NFL teams:
“Yes, my agent has quite a few set up and I know we have Cleveland, St. Louis and Tampa and it’s a lot more but those are the three that I know for sure that I’ll be taking. Hopefully I can do them back to back so that I can sit down and enjoy the moment that I am finally making it to the professional career.”

On knocking a potential coach down one of the coaches during a blocking drill
“You know (Coach Burton) Burns didn’t try to go head up with us to many times cause we probably would have pushed him over too, but anytime somebody is in my way, I’m going to try to knock them over.”

On the idea about being a top five pick in the NFL draft:
“It’s a blessing and nothing more than that. I can’t tell you how it feels inside to come from Pensacola, Florida, and work so hard and to be at this point here. I never thought I would make it out of the place I was a age 18, but I’ve made it through college and now I’m going to a professional career, so it means a lot me and my community.”

On convincing teams that a running back is worth a top five pick:
“Yes it motivates me a lot because there hasn’t been a top ten running back since Adrian Peterson, and I want to set the bar high and put us back on the map. We need to be in the top ten we need to be that high cause a lot of team try to beat up on us, but when it comes down to it they needs us early in our career to try to get a contract and big step with it.”

On being successful in any NFL offense:
“No, I think there’s no NFL offense you can’t put me in. Whatever offense you put me in I will buy into the program and buy into the team and try to build a unit as one. So, it doesn’t matter what offense you put me in or what system you put me in, I’m going to play my hardest and play like I’ve been coached.”

On doing private workouts before the draft:
“Yes, and whoever wants me to come I’ll come. I can’t wait. I know I’ve got Cleveland, St. Louis and Tampa for sure, and probably quite another few, but right off the bat those three. And whoever wants to do a private workout, I’ll be willing to do a private workout for them.”

On what he thought of the scene here today (NFL network, sportscenter, and local media):
“It’s just like a game for real, because even then you have scouts in the press box and stuff. But I just have fun with it and don’t take it to serious, or be uptight, just relax and just be me.”

What did you do today:
“Today I did (bench press) 25 times, I think I could have done better, but it’s all set up in one day.”

What were you hoping to do?:
“At least about 25-27, I could have done better, and so when you have a pro day set up like ours where you have to do it all in one day it’s kind of different from you do it in three or four days when you are at the combine.”

On coming from 2 national championships to being drafted to a team that isn’t winning so much:
“It’s going to be a challenge, but it really doesn’t matter as long as we try to gel and try to get everybody to play as a unit, I think it will all work out. Wherever I go I think we should just bond everybody together and get everybody on the same page. That’s what we had here and we had a lot of success here.”


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