Alabama Basketball: Mitchell and Green out for Arkansas game; Grant talks about suspensions, this week’s games

Alabama Crimson Tide basketball coach Anthony Grant said star Alabama players Tony Mitchell and JaMychal Green would not be back for Thursday’s game against Arkansas in Fayetteville.

“I don’t anticipate them (Mitchell and Green) being available for Thursday,” Grant said during the weekly SEC teleconference Monday.

Alabama faces Arkansas and Mississippi State this week.

Grant said he was in the “process” of holding meetings with Green and Mitchell. He did not provide any information on when a meeting would be held between him and the players. He reserved a decision on their status for Saturday’s game against Mississippi State.

“We will make the decision here,” Grant said enigmatically.

Grant said his team has “moved on” since the suspensions of the team’s leading scorer and rebounder.

“We are just trying to get better with each practice and prepare as best we can for the opponent that is in front of us,” Grant said.

Grant praised the efforts of his two seven footers, Carl Engstrom (Center, 7’1”, 250 lbs., Ystad, Sweden) and Moussa Gueye (Center, 7’0”, 280 lbs., Dakar, Senegal). Grant said both players contributed to Alabama’s recent win against

“I thought defensively they gave us a presence and offensively did a good job of staying active and taking advantage of the opportunities they had,” Grant said. “We are going to need more of that out of them.”

Grant praised Trevor Lacy’s aggressive effort and how this netted him 12 free throws with his attacking play.

“He is a freshman that is learning college basketball and learning what his role is,” Grant said. He added the last game was a positive step for the player.

You can listen to audio of today’s teleconference in the embedded player:


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  1. 1

    “Grant said he was in the “process” of holding meetings with Green and Mitchell.”

    Meaning he’s given them the opportunity to come back provided they meet some requirements in the form of punishment.

    Apparently, and unfortunately, green has met those requirements as it has been announced he will be allowed back and Mitchell not.

    Everyone is of the belief should ‘bama finish the regular season strong, they’re in.

    I’ll say this, should he not make the dance after allowing a three strike knucklehead like green back, it’s not going to look good for Coach.

    • 2

      I tried to update this story yesterday when Alabama announced the status of Green and Mitchell with Mitchell out for the remainder of the season. Having a newborn has not only made me sleep deprived, but apparently, I no longer know how to hit update.

      Thanks for mentioning this development and providing some analysis on Green.

      I’m not yet ready to complain too much about the return of Green. I wish I knew more about the situation with Mitchell.

      However, if things go badly down the stretch, Alabama basketball fans won’t be happy with the promise of a great season going down the toilet.

  2. 3

    My problem w/ green is that third strike. I don’t care what he did to get suspended. For a third time during the course of a season, he let the team down.

    He’s not that good a player and has never lived up to his billing.

    What does letting him come back after three suspensions say to those doing it the right way?

    I think it’s pretty plain to see Grant checked in w/ Mitchell and he hadn’t lived up to the punishment. Fine.

    But Bonehead Green??

    Should have already been gone.

    I just hope Grant hasn’t painted himself in a corner letting the bonehead back.

  3. 4

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  4. 5

    One good thing about this situation is that we’ve got several top notch freshmen and a couple of monster sized centers who would never have seen quality playing time this year if this hadn’t happened. That bodes well for next year. The thing that bothers me is why we suck so badly with a #5 recruiting class playing when Kentucky has been #1 two out of the past 3 years starting 4 freshmen both times? Are Green and Mitchell that big of cancers or are there other factors? On to football. We just got a commitment from Georgia’s #1 RB. We already have Georgia’s #2 player who is also ranked #2 in the country. And we are leading for Georgia’s #1 player who is a unanimous #1 in the country. If he signs with us we will have pulled off a “Coup” and a “Hat Trick” in Georgia. Think CMR might be pissed? The 2013 class might just start ranked #1 instead of Texas for a change. RTR!

  5. 6

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