Grant suspensions the right move, but at the wrong time

As the Crimson Tide’s 2011-2012 basketball season careens out of control, seemingly toward the cliff, one has to applaude Alabama head basketball coach Anthony Grant for his moves to regain control of his team.

After all as it’s been said, a team will never rise above its level of leadership, and this team seems to have very little of that commodity in uniform.

Last week on the eve of the Auburn game, Grant suspended his second leading scorer in Tony Mitchell. Bama responded the following day with a sound thumping of its rival in their gym.

But Friday’s suspensions of JaMychal Green, Trevor Releford and Andrew Steele leaves some scratching their head as to exactly what is going on in Tuscaloosa. This time around Bama wasn’t so lucky, falling to an average LSU squad in Baton Rouge.

In one week Grant divorced himself from 58 of the 66 points per game his team averages per outting. You just have to wonder about the timing.

We’ve all seen that child who is out of control, whose parents have cottled him for his lifetime only to realize where it was taking them. The tantrums that were cute at two aren’t so cute at nine, but by then, with too much water having flowed under the preverbial bridge, their course is set, and it ain’t pretty.

What definitely hasn’t been pretty is this basketball season. The team that won the Puerto Rico Tip-Off tournament, having avenged its loss against last year’s NIT champ (Wichita State), is now in serious danger of missing this lesser tournament. The bigger dance is pretty much a foregone conclusion for Bama, while Wichita State appears to be on a colision course with March Madness.

I don’t question Grant for putting his foot down. I just wish he would have done it when this team was two, so to speak. He lost this team long before the second week in February, and the attitudes and actions that got Bama to this point didn’t just emerge from the depths.

Anthony Grant has made his point, and for that he’s to be commended. I just wonder if it just should’ve been made sooner, when there was still much to play for.

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  1. 1

    green has got to go.

    just suspending them isn’t working. the tournament has to take a backseat now.

    jamychal green is the cancer here and had it been cut out last year (this is his THIRD suspension) we might be in a different situation.

    the real downer here is andrew steele. i think a lot of followers were looking to him to provide the leadership lacking. well, it seems he and releford were just following the piper.

    grant has built this tough guy image during his coaching tenure but now green is bringing the true test.

    regardless, green is pushing grant.

    will grant push back?

    stay tuned.

    • 6

      You sure did. And it only took us suspending four starters and 58 points per game in order to do so. Great work.

      21-0. Crystal.

      • 7
        The Flash

        ITK whats your excuse for the LSU women’s basketball team kicking the Alabama teams? Or do you only care about certain bama teams and therefore you not a real Alabama fan?

        SEC Champs

        • 8

          Cool. LSU women’s basketball won. I am sure that eases your pain over the 21-0 embarrassment. Made you forget all about it. Of course that LSU womens basketball title is more important than the football title is.

          • 9
            The Flash

            No brando the women’s title is not more important that the football title, but as a true fan of LSU all titles are important at LSU. And to beat Alabama in any sport, especially beating bama twice in two days does indeed help to continue to put that loss in the past. But you keep holding on to it and don’t worry about your university’s other programs, just throw that one win out there everytime one of your teams lose to help ease your pain of losing. Touche’!

          • 10

            When you have to resort to bragging about winning a women’s basketball game….Well, that is pretty pathetic.

            But since you brought it up…..Bama softball and gymnastics will beat the Sh*t out of LSU.

          • 11
            The Flash

            You should change your screen name to stupidWhore. First of all I wasn’t bragging, I was askiing ITK what his excuse for Alabama’s LOSS was. Second you say it pathetic and then you bring up women’s softball and gymnastic’s. LMAO
            And you haven’t even won those events yet! LOL at you Whore! It seems a Whore like you would be glad we’re talking about women’s sports.

  2. 12

    You didn’t do shyt you retarded bastard. Your pathetic team had to fight off a high school team – four freshmen who had never started a game in their lives – who were behind by only 3 twice in the second half only to lose by a measly 9. You proud of that? We see where your bar is set. Of course after 21-0 anywhere is up. Bwaa haww haww! Oh by the way dumbazz, from the last post I made I can see you’re still as retarded as ever. Only a crybaby puss like you would try to say the National Champiomns for 2011 were never ranked #1 at anytime during the year. I do believe that is a technicality because of the BCSNCG being played in January. The #1 ranking of the National Champion is retroactive. Only a crybaby wuss would deny it. By the way, how do you like the LSWho implosion? Your QB’s all pissed and second guessing the coaching staff. Explayer and alumni pissed and second guessing the coaching staff. The fan base ready to lynch the way did ya’ll ever get the 50 yardline off of I-10? Bwaa haww haww

    • 13
      The Flash

      You are the retarded bastard Crimsonite, and whoever Flash is, is laughing his ass off at how stupid you are for think Flash and The Flash are one and the same, you igonrant, inbred redneck. LMAO at how stupid you are Crimsonite

      And by the way our QB is not all pissed and second guessing the coaching staff. Jefferson is no longer our QB dumbass. Thank goodness for us, unfortunate for you.

      And of course teabagging is nothing to you Crimsonite, you probably do it to passed out or druged little boys every night. You say “There were a lot worse things than that that went on that week and always down there”. The only way you would know that is if you were there in person either taking part in it or enjoying watching it. Either way it, and your attitude towards it just porves what I have been saying since reading only one or two of your post, and that is that you are an inbred, perverted redneck.

    • 14
      The Flash

      Oh and after the LSU players saw your “high school team” could only score a measely 15 points in an entire half of basketball, I don’t think they were too motivated or worried about actually losing in the second half. In fact the LSU team might have wore themselves out laughing in the locker room during halftime.

  3. 15

    Oh and by the way. All this hoopla about teabagging. What a crock of shyt over nothing. Guess all the crying dumbasses have never been on Bourbon St for a big event before. There were a lot worse things than that that went on that week and always down there. Where’s the publicity for them? I’ll take drunk dumbass fan slapping another drunk dumbass fan with his dick any day over a gawddamn QB at an off limits bar trying to kick an xMarine to death while he’s on the ground or Awbie football players robbing a trailer park at gunpoint. What a bunch of crying titty babies you bastards are. Adios. RTR!

    • 16
      # 1 al. fan

      Dang Crimsonite !! I had a great reply for Flash, but you done gone and said it better than I could ever do!! I’m not even going to try……….. RTR

  4. 17

    To question of when Grant dropped the hammer is BS. It took guts in the extreme to take this action. Somebody suggested “we” are being too casual about a coach taking an action that costs one W. In the long run, whether it is one W or this season, what he’s done is going to set the tone for years, and it’s the right tone. He deserves respect and thanks for stepping up to a bunch of self centered, entitled punks.

    • 18

      Not really. Grant sat on his hands an awful long time.

      And his bad timing has basically deep-sixed this season. Dropping four players in a week seems like an act of desperation and/or tantrum, rather than a plan to right the ship.

  5. 19

    “To question of when Grant dropped the hammer is BS.”

    to allow green the opportunity to come back after three suspensions ain’t “dropping the hammer”.

    begs the question: if ted bundy were 6’10” and had a mean drop step would grant play him???

  6. 20

    Yeah and Kirkpatrick was no longer an Alabama football player when he got arrested in Florida either, and for something a lot less benign than trying to kick an xMarine to death. Still that didn’t keep the criminal Corndogs, Barnturds and UThug fanbases from running their mouths about it. Both Jefferson and Lee were running at the mouth after the game asshole and both have seen fit to run their mouths some more to national publications since then too. Your whole team and fanbase has been in total meltdown since before the game ended. And I find it hilarious that both QB’s thought things were done wrong. What was wrong is that you should have never been there to begin with. You should have lost in November, although you probably would have been there anyway unless things turned out different for OSU also. Your inside and outside running game was locked down. There were no other players or plays you could have used that would have made any difference. Your scrambling QB was destroyed when he tried to pass. Just how the phuck does immobile Lee think he could have made a difference in the game? Oh, I get it. He would have thrown 4 interceptions and then the score would have been 40-0! SEC Champ? That is the most hollow SEC Championship in history. Keep it. You’re still about 15 behind us! Just like you’re 11 behind in National Championships! As for MENS Basketball you have a 9 point win over our JV team vs our 16 point win over your best team just 3 weeks ago 69-53. I’ll take it! We want to see our women win, but there’s a thing called being realistic. Of course a Corndog wouldn’t comprehend that. Our womens BB team has always sucked, so you think you’re doing something by beating them? Not! You Corndogs are now worse than the Aubies in needing to root for your Tiddly Winks and Curling teams to have anything to talk about. We’ll gladly trade you Baseball and Womens Basketball for Football and Mens Basketball. But we’ll also stomp your asses in Softball Women’s Gymnastics and maybe Tiddly Winks too! Plus, I don’t give a shyt if it’s Flash, The Flash or Flush. Any dumbass who comes over here and impersonates you, has no self respect. Probably does self-flagellation too. I’ll treat you all as equal dumb motherphuckers. Glad you found yourself a home, Corndog. How does it feel to be a Masochist? 21-0, 21-0, 21-0, 21-0, 21-0, 21-0, 21-0, 21-0, 21-0. 2009, 2011, BCS National Champs. 2012 and 2013 on the way! RTR!

    • 21
      The Flash

      LSU went 13-0 against the toughest schedule in the nation and included a win against YOUR alabama team on their own home field,and was the ONLY undefeated team in the country and you say “What was wrong is that you should have never been there to begin with”. What an ignorant statement made by an ignorant moron. LMAO

      With stupidity like that coming out of your mouth Crimsonite nothing you say can be taken for anything but incoherent vulgar babble of an inbred perverted redneck who obviously does not know anything about college football.

      And all I’ve got to say about your statement “I’ll treat you all as equal dumb motherphuckers” is that I bet you make you parents and kids proud, if you have any (I hope not) and I bet other bama fans are proud that people like you, Updyke and the teabagger are out there representing their state university of higher education!

    • 23
      The Flash

      Nice try, but your perverted mind and vocabulary gave you away and you didn’t fool anyone, as dumb as they are, on here.

    • 25
      The Flash

      Nice try, but your perverted mind and vocabulary gave you away and you didn’t fool anyone, as dumb as they are, on here

  7. 27

    Wrong! Your semantics are totally incorrect. There is a world of difference in beating a team and in just being the winner of a game. You didn’t even come close to beating Alabama in November. And technically you didn’t win the GAME anyway. You won 1 overtime 3-0 . Certainly based on your regular season performance you deserved to be there. But you should not have won the November game and if you had lost and OSU or Stanford gone unbeaten then it would have been a crap shoot as to who advanced. That being said, regardless of your regular season accompishments – you’re BCSNCG performance showed you shouldn’t have been there. The 21-0 could just as easily have been 42-0 or more. You had 97 yards of offense. You only crossed midfield after the game was already decided and you were immediately bitch slapped back to your own side of the field and turned the ball over on the same play. You were in truth the most domnated team in the history of any National Championship game during 70 years of polls. RTR!

    • 28
      The Flash

      “There is a world of difference in beating a team and in just being the winner of a game” talk about semantics, jutifications or excuses! LMAO

      Wins and losses is what counts in the record books Crimsonite, just like bama’s last win in Tiger Stadium, in overtime counts as a win for Alabama. I bet you weren’t running around after that win screaming that Alabama didn’t really beat LSU!

      And then you are ignorant enough to whine “But you should not have won the November game ” why not? It was a fair game played on your own home field wasn’t it? Or do you want to change the rules of football and say it’s not the team with the most points at the end of the game that wins, its that team that the biased fans think “should” have won the game that shoul be declared the winner. What a moron you are Crimsonite! Get off the bottle you have killed all of your brain cells and you are slurring your speach.

      Then you want to play the “if” game – “if you had lost and OSU or Stanford gone unbeaten then it would have been a crap shoot as to who advanced”. Well news flash Crimsonite WE didn’t lose BAMA did and thats why it was a crap shoot as to who really deserved to be there OSU or bama. What was it, 8 one hundreths of a point that put bama there? Talk about a crap shoot.

      And then the stupidest thing you said – “The 21-0 could just as easily have been 42-0 or more”. Then why wasn’t it, I mean your opponent only got 1 first down the entire game and only crossed midfield ONCE! Wow and all your powerefull team could do against an opponent like that is score 21! What your excuse Crimsonite that it wasn’t more even though it should have easily been more?

      With the way LSU’s offense performed, it should have been 42-0 and could have been, but only if we would have been playing OSU!

  8. 29

    Oh and by the way. Bring on your phucking Georgia reject QB, Mettenberger. I’ll take McCarron over any QB you have or have ever had for that matter. Especially when he’ll be operating behind the best O’line in the country and backed up by Lacy, Dee Hart, Yeldon, Duron Carter, D’Andrew White and one of the best incoming receiver corps in the nation. And don’t worry your little ass about the Defense either. Saban and Smart have it well in hand as always. Even with losing more starters and with less returning experience, in 2010 the defense still ended the year #1 in the nation. See you later in Bryant-Denny West – fool. RTR!

    • 30
      The Flash

      Byant Denny West, where Alabam has won twice in the last 12 years! Who’s the fool.

      (Watch Crimsonite will bring up ancient histroy, but not admit that bama has only won 2 out of the last six games played in Tiger Stadium or he will try and say something about the record in the real Bryant Denny Stadium even though it is irrelavant to the remark he made that we are discussing here)

  9. 31

    History is what it is asshole and you can’t change it by picking and choosing. Yeah we only won 2 out of the last 6 during the best period in your history and while we were decimated by probation and poor coaches. You’re proud of that, huh? Let’s see what it looks like after the next 12 years shit for brains. And you are one dumbass motherphucker coming over here more than any Bama fan and whining and giving your pathetic opinions and more pathetic statistics, which don’t mean a phucking thing to Bama fans. Bama just bitch slapped and curb stomped your pathetic Coonasses in the biggest game in Coonass history. Embarrassed you motherphuckers in front of the whole world. You’ll never live it down. So who gives a shit about your pathetic statisical comparisons? Nobody! Also I never said you didn’t have a great D. It was certainly #2 in the country. Still we had 6 scoring drives and took a knee at the end. We scored about the same as two of the nations best offenses did against you. Oh hell, that’s enough. RTR!

    • 32
      The Flash

      No you’re the asshole you old fart. Slavery is also part of history, but that changed and doesn’t exist anymore didn’t it Crimsonite, just like bama’s “history” of winning in Tiger Stadium has changed and no longer exist. Make all the excuses you want as why you have only been able to win 2 out of the last 6 gams played their, the point is your ignorance of calling it Bryany Denney West is laughable and shows you are a typical gump who lives in the past. I bet you are still a racist also, just ask RC he’ll tell you.
      Oh that’s right he gives a pass to Alabama rednecks.

      So you think you can now predict the future and the results for the next 12 years? You’re not smart enough for that moron. But lets see what people who are smart enough to predict next year are saying:

      That sure makes your “prediction” look like you don’t know what you’re talking about doesn’t it gump.

      No I’m not dumb, I was challanged by you and other gumps who said I wouldn’t be back here if bama won the last game, but here I am only because you asked for it and I’m glad to bring you facts that get under your skin so that you don’t get too carried away with you biased opinions because you only can see things through crimsons glasses while peeking out of Saban’s ass.

      No you never said LSU didn’t have a great D, but you also never acknowledged they did either, did you Crimsonite. Nor have you acknowledged that their no. 2 ranking was accomplished against the toughest schedule in the nation last year nor that LSU’s special teams were better than bama’s and is the reason bama LOST the game in Nov. NO what you said was that LSU didn’t belong in the championship game, proving what a true moron you are Crimsonite.

      Actually you had 8 drives, 7 of which failed and you had to settle for field goal attempts and you failed on 2 two of those attempts. But hey your FG success percentage was at least an improvement over that imbarrasement in Nov.

      You’ve already documented that our offense only had 1 first down all game, meaning our defense was on the field almost the entire game, yet your “mighty” offense failed on 7 of 8 “scoring” drives to put the ball in the endzone for a touchdown despite how wornout that defense was from being on the field the whole time. Say whatever you want about how pathetic our offense was, I’ve said it myself, but if your honest with yourself, yours wasn’t great either. Oh hell, who’s kidding who, you can’t be honest with yourself about bama, you’re a gump. LMAO

  10. 34

    Bleacher Report???? SOB, you are definitely desperate quoting BR. It’s 90% bloggers who write on there. Hell, I’ve been invited to write on there. I don’t know what that link says and don’t care. But ESPN’s Way To Early Top 25 has Bama 2nd and USC 1st. We’re in same position as last year. USC has as much chance as OU had last year and the lack of confidence in Bama is because of our defensive losses. Stupid bastards still haven’t learned that a Saban-Smart defense always has a nuclear backup! I never said 1 first down in the game. 1 in the first half and 5 in the game. Failed scoring drives because we only made field goals? You ignorant bastard. Ok, so then the Nov game ended up tied 0-0 according to football by The Flash. West Va had 3 drives into scoring range. We had 8. Oregon had 5, but the last TD was a gimme with 16 seconds left after the game was over, and 2 others stated in field goal range, 1 at the Corndog 7 yard line. So mighty the Oregon O managed 2 legit drives. I never asked you to come back.

    • 35
      The Flash

      You are full of shyt and a fu*king liar Crimsonite. Previously you said you’ve written for the Bleacher Report, but wouldn’t provide any specifics as to when and under what Heading you wrote something for them, and now you change it to say you’ve been “invited” to write on there. You would never get anything published their with your language skill, vulgar vocabulary and redneck ignorance.

      You want proof that you are ignorant, go look in the recofd books for the final score of the Nov. 5th game, it will say 9-6 not 0-0, as much as you would like it to moron. So the game did not “end up” tied 0-0 acording to anything I’ve said or have ever said you ignorant redneck. When your team was driving the ball during those drives were they trying to score touch downs or field goals Crimsonite? I know based on the Nov 5th game you might say field goals since Saban trotted his kicker out everytime he got to within 45 yrds. My guess is they were tring to score touchdowns, hence they were unsuccessful/failed/stopped and had to settle for field goals. Hell Crimsonite you only claimed 6 drives, I gave you 8 you would think you would be happy and say oh yea we had 8 not six, thank you Flash!

      No you never asked me to come back, you said/bet that I wouldn’t. You challenged me and you lost! So deal with it!

  11. 36

    Ha ha ha! 5th in CBS’s too early poll. Jesus, I hope all the polls end up being that stupid. And even CBS said you’d be crazy to bet against Bama. The worst thing you can do to a Nick Saban Alabama team is disrespect them. The next worst thing is to overlook them. Here’s hoping for all preseason poll’s to rank us #10! Unfortunately, after the spring game they will mostly come to their senses. Even worse, after we stomp shit out of Michigan in the first game we will jump to #1. As for your phucked up analogy of slavery, you dumbass bastard. Slavery ceased to exist in it’s entirety. Would have been difficult to make a future. Bama on the other hand, not only has not ceased to exist, but is more powerful than ever and is in the process of raising a dynasty. You want to slow down Bama, you better shoot Saban. We already have a 2013 commitment for the #2 player in the nation from Ga. We are leading for the commitment of the unanimous #1 player in the nation also from Ga. And also leading for Ga’s best RB. RTR!

  12. 37

    There is no end to Bama. I’m not sure than reloading is even going to apply. To reload suggests that you’ve fire all cartriges and the gun is empty. That analagy for Bama is incorrect. We have not fired all cartriges. We don’t have to reload since our gun is not empty. Bama is a continuous feed Chain Gun! If you want to see an overrated team, you need look no further than Baton Rouge. With the early departure of Shepard and others your losses were as heavy as ours. But realistically Saban and Smart’s defense has a much, much better chance of returning equal to last years than the possibilty that Mettenberger will be another Cam Newton and save your asses. Not that it matters anyway since McCarron is better and has more weapons. Respond how want shithead – I don’t care. I’m waiting with unbridled anticipation for 2012, while you and the rest of the nation is WORRIED! RTR!!!!!

    • 38
      The Flash

      Sure you care Crimsonite, tha’s just another lie by your dumb ass. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t have just posted three reponses to my last post! However, in three post you never refuted once my comments as to the ignorance of your statement/prediction/wishful thinking comment that you think bama will dominate LSU enough in the next 12 years for Tiger stadium to be called bryant denny west.

      I’m not worried, and I doubt the rest of the nation is Crimsonite. We’ve all seen what Saban’s team’s do the follwoing year after winning a BCS National Championship! They lose at least three games!! Now you want to brag about everything Saban does, well accept that and brag about that, because it is history and factual and you can’t deny or refute it. Even though we all know you will try. Like saying, as RC does that those weren’t REAL Alabama teams! LMAO So you better be the one worried Crimsonite.

  13. 39

    You are the most ignorant cock sucking bastard I have ever seen post on any site anywhere. You are the only inbred retarded motherphucker in the entire United States who is brain phucked enough to come on the website of a team that skull phucked your team 5 times worse than the 21-0 score and continually run your cumhole inventing negative things to say about that team. There is nothing negative you can say about Alabama that is valid. Even our so called terrible special teams stomped the shit out your special teams. Alabama was vastly superior to LSU in every phase of the game. If you could speak English instead of halfbeed Coonass you’d see that what I said about BR was not conflicting. And by the way you cock jumping turd breath, Lester loses 5 games the year after a National Championship and 4 the year after that. You were better than 110 D1 teams, but you didn’t belong on the same field with Alabama. You will never win a game from Bama that will make up for the BCSNCG. Bama will embarrass you in BD West

  14. 40


    That racist cocsucking Flash called me the ‘N’ word in another blog. The little pussy hides behind a computer. Didn’t Mettenberger try to expose his junk to an underage girl? He’ll fit well with all the sorry, white trash Cajuns

    • 41
      The Flash

      NO I DIDN’T you cocsucking liar RC! I said and I quote “Yet you call me white trash! I’ve never called you a nigger or even inferred it! And never will, because I’m not a racist like you!” So not only did I not call you “the N” word I clearly said I never would! LEAEN to read!

      But it was ok for you to call me white trash first right RC? I guess you weren’t trained to treat people the way you want to be treated, right?

      Did you say “with ALL the sorry white trash Cajuns”, isn’t that making a genrealization about a whole group of people, based on a few? Isn’t that YOUR defintion of a racist RC? That’s exactly what you accused me and Vol of doing and then called us a racise! So I guess by YOUR definition you are a racist, right RC?

      To answer your question, NO he didn’t. As usual you prove you can’t read or get your facts straight. Following is a summary of what he was convicted for so you can speak factually about it in the future RC. And for the record I never defended his actions are said they were no big deal like YOU and Crimsonite did about the Alabama scum bag who actually did expose his junk in public and then rub it on another man.

      The court also banned him (Mettenberger) from the Remerton area (next to Valdosta) and from seeing the 21-year-old victim. He was arrested on March 7 at the Flip Flops bar in Remerton on charges of sexual battery after allegedly grabbing the breasts and buttocks of the woman. He was also charged with underage consumption of alcohol, disorderly conduct, obstruction, possession of fake identification and was jailed briefly at the Lowndes County Jail. All the alcohol-related charges were later dropped.

      Glad I could once again expose you RC and set you straight with the real FACTS!

  15. 42

    And by the way you stupid motherphucker, I said there were 6 scoring drives, which there were. There were 8 drives into scoring range resulting in 1 missed field goal and 1 blocked field goal. That’s nearly twice the drives into scoring range as the mighty Oregon offense and 3 times as many as the 70 point bowl offense of West Va. And you, you stupid SOB, are the one who insisted that drives which end in field goals are unsuccessful. Therefore they must not really count for anything. Since if they are unsuccessful then it would be impossible to win that way. Therefore by your own twisted reasoning none of the drives in the Nov 5th game were successful and therefore the game actually ended 0-0. Stupid motherphucker. I beg to differ. The 5 field goals we kicked in January were good for 15 points, and 15-0 is a bigtime ass stomping in any language. Go phuck yourself. As I said before, you aren’t worth arguing with. You don’t value dick! See you at ass stomping time in BDS West. 21-0, 21-0, 21-0. 2010 BCSNChamps!

  16. 43
    The Flash

    Crimsonite you say and I quote “As I said before, you aren’t worth arguing with.” Yet you do, so that makes you a liar or ignorant doesn’t it Crimsonite?

  17. 44
    The Flash

    And why don’t you do something about your potty mouth, it doesn’t make you look tougher on a computer!

    You are living so you were born. If you were born you had parents. I don’t know if your parents raised (and I won’t ask because RC told me that was wrong to do) but someone must have raised you. If you can’t try to make them proud of you, then do it for yourself man! Or do it for Nick Saban, I know enough about him that he wouldn’t approve or be proud of you as an Alabama fan.

  18. 45




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