Darius Philon story just another attempt by the media to attack that mean ole Nick Saban

In the never ending effort to try and besmirch the good name of Alabama head coach Nick Saban, the latest soup du jour among the media and Crimson Tide detractors involves former Alabama commitment and current Arkansas signee Darius Philon.

An Alabama commmitment from September, Philon never took another visit. But as Mike Herndon of the Mobile-Press Register would have us believe, Nick Saban just wasn’t as committed to Philon as Philon was to Nick Saban. In fact, on Super Bowl Sunday, four days removed from the horrendous cardinal sin, Herndon devoted another column to exposing that mean ole Nick Saban.

Earlier in the week Josh Moon of the Montgomery Advertiser made a goob of himself on the subject, a personal forte’ of Moon’s. Of course, how appropriate that someone named “Moon” regularly shows his ass. Moon published a downright lie the morning of February 2nd, claiming that Alabama head coach Nick Saban had “yanked a scholarship offer” from Philon. Moon also implied that they “jerked” an offer from former running back commit Justin Taylor, who ended up signing with Kentucky. How that “news periodical” can justify Moon’s employment over this bogus claim is beyond comprehension, and his continued employment there tells me they aren’t serious about reporting the truth.

Kevin Scarbinsky couldn’t wait to tell on mean ole Nick Saban either, his piece coming on Friday morning, again questioning Nick Saban’s commitment to his program’s commitments. Scarbinsky not jumping on that story would be about as unlikely as a rat not taking the cheese. There was no word on whether Kevin wanted to look into the suit Philon wore the day of his signing, however.

This morning on Birmingham’s JOX radio’s “Opening Drive,” Auburn mouthpiece and apologist Al Del Taco Greco wanted to keep the subject fresh. But when asked by Jay Barker why Auburn didn’t then jump on the opportunity to sign Philon (being the family oriented, Christian, help-the-young-man-first University their hypocritical fanbase claims to be), the Tiger balked. Instead of being Good Samaritans, Gene Chizik and crew instead impersonated the others in that well-told story, walking past the fallen Philon as he lay in the ditch. And this from a program with PLENTY of room on their roster–the Tigers had SIX spots open after signing day, only signing 19. What better way to build a foundation for your program than to sign a player spurned by the rival you fear the most? And yet, the crickets in Lee County chirp.

The Bottom Line
Philon’s story is unfortunate, but it’s not a sad one. Not by any means. I’m just waiting for someone…anyone…in the media to understand and communicate this. But then again, why would they? It’d be a departure from their ongoing quest to sling mud at that mean ole champion in Tuscaloosa.

Scarbinsky? Herndon? Moon? Del Taco? Let me drop some knowledge on you:

1.) Nick Saban did not create the rules. He didn’t created caps on signing classes. In fact, just the opposite is true. The rules have constantly been altered by Saban’s competitors because the only man to own three BCS crystal footballs constantly outworks them. Under the old arrangement…that the SEC changed for him, mind you…Darius Philon would be on his way to Tuscaloosa.

2.) College football isn’t Upward Sports. Everybody doesn’t get to play. Everybody doesn’t “deserve” a chance because their momma and daddy signed them up and bought their uniform. Simply, college football is a cut-throat multi-million dollar industry supported by fanbases demanding nothing but the best. It’s simple supply and demand in motion. With the supply of top level athletes climbing over one another to get to Tuscaloosa right now, the demand..and luxury…Alabama has is: “Be the best and you’ll get your shot.” The problem was, injury dislodged Philon from being the best…right now.

3.) Injury is a brutal reality to the game of football, but it’s a reality EVERY SOLITARY PLAYER recognizes and signs off on when strapping it up to play. In fact, on a much higher level, at this moment the great Peyton Manning is about to experience this reality himself. Over what? Injury. If you’re not the best, teams that can afford to pick over you will. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but one we ALL have to learn eventually. That’s called life, the thing college is supposed to prepare you for.

4.) But lastly, and everyone is conveniently missing this point…DARIUS PHILON DID NOT HAVE HIS SCHOLARSHIP OFFER “YANKED”. Darius Philon would have been able to attend the University of Alabama free-of-charge, adjusting to college life the first part of his freshman year, enjoying all the benefits of the academic center. He would have been able to rehab his injured knee for an entire year, assuring himself and coaches that he’d be ready to play in 2013. Oh, did I leave that part out? He was guaranteed a spot in January 2013.

But instead, Darius Philon joined Justin Taylor in signing elsewhere. These members of the microwave generation didn’t want to wait. And you know what? That’s their business; they have to do what’s best for them. But to say their scholarships were taken away is simply a falsehood that I can’t explain coming from journalists paid to produce the facts.

Nick Saban has held the keys to the Alabama kingdom for five seasons now, performing at a level few ever thought they’d see the Crimson Tide program at again. It’s HIS business to ensure the best interests for the University of Alabama football program. And in these instances, grayshirting was what needed to happen.

But state media taking the occasion to kick rocks in the direction of the one they hate the most. It’s just pitiful journalism. But then, with very few exceptions, that’s what they do best.

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  1. 3
    hugh sutherland

    Saban actually gave Philon a favor by not giving him a scholarship this year. It takes about 2 years to get over the knee injury that he had (remember kirkpatric). If he had come in, he would have used up his redshirt year. he certainly would not been able to practice this next year. By offering him a grey shirt and promised scholarship for 2014, he will have a year to rehab and if needed a redshirt to completely recover and have a chance to be very productive.

    • 6

      He hasn’t even had the surgery yet, so he hasn’t even started rehab. And his injury is more serious than it was originally thought. The only recruits that were offered gray shirts were the ones coming off of season ending injury. Kwon Alexander more than likely would have come to Bama if he was offered a scholarship, but he didn’t make it through half of his senior year when he was injured. But he had a gray shirt offer. That is not the same as pulling an offer, which is what Les Miles did at the last minute to a 4-star lineman.

          • 9

            Cool RE.

            Here is a quote for you Flash, since you won’t bother to read his link:

            “I got called to coach Miles’ office. I had no idea it was coming,” Porter said of his being asked by LSU to ‘grayshirt’ this season and re-enroll next year. “He just told me that they didn’t have room for me. I moved out of my dorm today and I am now back home trying to figure everything out. It’s been a rough 24 hours.”
            Porter has received a release from LSU and is free to go to any school he chooses. In order to be eligible somewhere else, Porter has to win an appeal. “I have to win a waiver, but it shouldn’t be a problem,” Porter said. “It’s unfair how they told me at the last minute.”

            So Flash, shut the f*ck up. What Miles did here was way worse than what Saban has done. Dickhead.

          • 10
            The Flash

            You shut the f*ck up Brando. Porter was not a 4 star lineman that ended up signing with Auburn so thanks for the link proving you WRONG!

            Secondly, you ignorant dickhead there is a major difference in the rules that were in place in 2009 compared to 2012, making what Saban did in 2012 to Philon and the other kid much worse and despicable than what happened to Porter in 2009.

            In 2009 there was no signing limit so Miles did not pull Porter’s offer after he got hurt and because he wanted to give one of his limited scholarships to a better player who came along after Porter had committed, like Saban did to Philon and the other kid. In fact Porter actually signed with LSU but couldn’t enroll because all of the 29 players signed that year ended up academically qualifying as well as every existing player already on the team and that would have put LSU over the overall 85 scholarship limit. Therefore at the time Miles offered Porter and on signing day Miles had no way of knowing for certain that there would not be room for Porter and Miles chose not to run off a current player to make room for a new player like Saban has been know to do..

            Tell me smartass how many classes has Saban signed that every single signee ended up qualifying. I’ll tell you NONE!

            Now compare the Miles/Porter situation to what Saban did. Unlike Miles in 2009, Saban knew his hard limit of 25 but continued ot offer players after he had already accepted committments from 25 kids which included Philon and the other kid who ended up signing with Kentucky. Saban asked them to greyshirt so that other last minute non-injured players could sing in place of them. Saban is a sleez bag and you defend him because he wins only.Which makes you also dispicable.

            Also the situation with Porter is the one and only time the situation has happened with Miles, unlike the multiple times Saban has done this.

            Once again the Facts prove what a blind, ignorant, inbred moron you are Brando.

          • 11
            The Flash

            And also for your information brando Elliott Porter is currently on the LSU team because he and his family know Miles did not purposely try to screw the kid by going back on his committment to make room for someone else, like Saban did.

            What to make any wager that neither one of the kids Saban screwed ever ends up playing for Satan…oops I mean Saban?

          • 12

            “As of press time, LSU is currently committed to 90 scholarship players for the 2011 season, including 24 signees for the incoming recruiting class.

            To make matters worse, the Tigers are on a self-imposed two-scholarship reduction resulting from recruiting violations by former assistant coach D.J. McCarthy.

            Consequently, LSU must meet marks of 83 and 23, respectively – which means seven players total, including at least two from the 2011 class, must go before fall camp.

            Who those seven may be remains a mystery. LSU is keeping quiet on the subject.

            “There’s a lot that could change before the team reports to camp and the start of the fall semester,” associate athletics director Michael Bonnette told Dig. “There’s nothing that we can say at this point regarding the number of players on the roster because those numbers are fluid and could change.”

            So I wonder what Miles will do? Surely he will just pay for the kids scholarships out of his own pocket, since he he so kind and really looks after every recruit. But Miles doesn’t over sign, or turn kids away at all, according to your dumb ass.

            But there was a 4-star OL a few years ago, who ended up signing with auburn after LSU apparently had no room.

          • 13
            The Flash

            Well who is this mystery 4-star recruit you keep referring to then? You jumped all over the Elliot Poter name when you thought RE had done your research for you. I still call BS until you can produce a name, becaues you can’t Brando.

            How many players is Alabama currently over the limit on? YOU failed to mention that didn’t you?! Convient don’t you think?!

  2. 14
    The Flash

    First it was Josh Moon that the bama fans complained didn’t like Saban and bama, baww waww waww. Then it’s Kevin Scarbinsky and the Birmingham news that hate bama and Saban the bammers cried, baww waww waww.
    Now a writer for CBSSports.com writes about Saban screwing of commitments, and we get this whining piece that the media is attacking poor ole nick saban! Baww waww waww! If they gave out a National Championship Trophy for the biggest insecure whiners in college football, you bammers would win that hands down! LMAO

    • 15

      Nobody is whining. Everyone who is not a Bama fan is hating the fact that Saban is recruiting at a level rarely seen, and having the type of success he is having. It is LSU fans like you, Auburn homers like Josh Moon, etc. and so on, that grind their teeth at night knowing their favorite teams are at a disadvantage because of having to compete with Saban. Saban will be the coach that pushes Les Miles over the edge. He already did it to Tuberville and Meyer. Miles is already cracking and his success has nowhere else to go but down if he can’t stop the bleeding soon.

      • 16
        The Flash

        Nobody’s whining! LMAO I guess you didn’t read this article did you brando.

        LMAO you fool Brando! Miles just won the SEC championship and went 1-1 against Saban who is recruiting at a level rarely seen, remember. Didn’t Saban and Bama have three no. 1 recruiting classes before this one? Yes they did, but who won the SEC this year? Saban? NO! Miles did with less talent than Saban has. I wonder who the better coach is? How’s he going to push him over the edge if Miles can keeps beating Saban with less talent and winning the leage championship that saban coaches in. LMAO what a gump of a statment.

        I don’t think Saban could match Spurrier’s record if he was at South Carolina instead of Alabama.

        • 19

          *Yawn* Flash. The better coach:

          Last 4 seasons:
          Miles: 41-12 0 National Championships
          Saban: 48-6 2 National Championships

          Answer my question you have been avoiding. Which win would you have rather have? The win on November 5th or a win on January 9th?

          And what does it say when another SEC team beats your ass for the National Championship? I don’t see the ‘2011 SEC Champ’ shirts flying off the shelves. And now, coming off an appearance in the NC game, LSU recruiting is at an all-time low under Miles. And Saban has been getting some of the best players out of LA every year. This year, the top 4 players in LA went out of state, and Bama got two of those.

          • 21
            The Flash

            And yes Saban had to go out of state, including LA to get players because he could only get 4 out of the top 15 in the state of alabama because those closest to the situation know what a jerk Saban is because they see and read about him everyday, unlike the kids and families out of state and further away from the situation.

        • 22

          You choked in the biggest game of your lifetime, and all you can do is claim a puny ass conference title?

          You suck dude.

          NATIONAL CHAMPS, fledgling.

  3. 26

    from a vigor asst coach….philon was told in december a grayshirt was likely and to explore options…philon looked at jucos and community colleges close by and not happy with those options….2 weeks before signing day philon was told definite grayshirt….philon – still thought he could still sign with the tide

    • 27
      The Flash

      If you can’t provide a link crimson hannah your comments are just bullshyt to cover for your coach!

      Darius Philon was processed by Saban.

  4. 28

    way to go on that SEC championship! But that crystal football is much more sweet. Choke much LSU?9-6 pffffffft. That 21-0 SHUT OUT is more like it. 9-6!!!!!!!!!! IN OUR HOUSE!!!!!!! bwahahahaha. thats the only sweet memory you guys have of last season . SEC champions,pffffft. Congrats on that deepthroat choke display in the nat championship game there FLASH! You guys made the whores on Bourbon proud. ROLL TIDE! Damn right Im classless but am a Nat Champ!!!!

    • 29
      The Flash

      Wrong Fat, We have 13 sweet memories from last season, including a great trip to tuscalooser and a 9-6 victory over the BCS Champs. If you’re counting that’s 1 more sweet memory thay you gumps had last year. Try as hard a you won’t but your win in the last game does not cancel out the whole season gump.

      First you gumps were saying bama was the better team, now you’re saying we choked. If we choked then I guess you saying your not as good as you thought your were, right? Make up your minds gumps did you put a beat down on us or did we choke? You cant have it both ways. Either way I don’t care, we had a great season and you gumps can’t take that away, and besides I’ve moved on and am ready to watch you gumps cry again on the way out of Tiger Stadium next year.

      And I believe it was you gumps teabaging any drunk you could find on Bourbon and making the whores and your parents proud! Roll TIED!

      • 30

        Hang on to that 9-6 win. Cherish it. It is really all you have to brag about, since you lost it all in the big game. Whether LSU choked or what ever doesn’t matter. The facts are this:
        In the National Championship game, LSU was completely dominated, the first team to EVER be shut out in a BCS game. LSU couldn’t even make it past the 50. Bama ended the season as one of the greatest defenses to ever play in college. LSUs defense was not as good as Bamas defense. Miles won the first game, by the slimmest of margins. Saban won the NC with a convincing beatdown.

        10 years from now, LSU won’t be remembered for going 13-1, they will be remembered as the team that lost to Bama on their 14th National Championship.

        • 31
          The Flash

          Wrong they will be remembered in the record books as being the Champions of the SEC, the toughest conference in college football at the time.

  5. 32

    LMAO@ FlashInTheToilet. Wasn;t it just last summer Miles gave a perfectly healthy recruit already on campus and in a dorm room his walking papers?

  6. 36

    Flash, the Cajun racist, still making classless comments on my character based on my African-American heritage. Flash, 9-6 does not matter. LSU’s regular season does not matter. 21-0 Curb-stomping, ass-whipping NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP is ALL that matters. Boy, do you know how pathetic you look? One of Your own pussy male fans even let himself be sexually abused at a damn burger joint. Now, go wipe the jizz off yo face and get my damn fries!

    • 37
      The Flash

      I never knew you were African-American, how could I, until you made race and issue RC. You brought up racisim and tried to make things racist when nothing was intended racist at all. That makes YOU the racist! Go look in the mirror dude!

      Did bama curb stomp us or did we choke? I wish you bammers would make up your mind. LMAO

      Talk about pathetic and ignorant, I don’t think a passed out individual “let” nor could prevent another perverted bama fan do what he did. Talk about pathetic, for a 32 year old representive of YOUR fan base to think it was perfectly alright to pull out his genitals in public and rub them in on the face of anybody much less a passed out student, says a lot more about YOU and the people you associate with RC than it does about one of LSU fans.

      And your last statement just shows you are just like the bammer who did that dispicable act and that you are no better than him. Racist and Classess! At least we now know what RC stands for.

      RC=Racist and Classless

    • 39
      The Flash

      And you probably know all about raping someone in the aaass, don’t you RC. Why else would you choose those words over the thousands of others you could have used to describe your win. I’ll tell you why because you are just another vulgar, perverted classless bama fan in the mold of teabagger and Harvey Updyke.

      RC you been to prison too like ledgend?

  7. 40

    We did take that NC championship that everyone even LSU thoughy was in the bag. You guys gave overrated a whole new meaning!!!!! Im proud to be a gump, coonass!!!!! We are and were and will be the better team. And damn right you guys choked. On all 50 yards of the field you played on!!!! Home state and all !!!! The National championship was practically in the hands of the greatest team EVAR!!!!!!! There was NO way Bama was gonna beat LSU and “coach of the year” !!!!!!! damn right you guYs choked!!!!! Wait not so fast!!!!! did I say 50 yards of field? I meant 39!!!!! spin it how you want sucka. LSU got owned in the end.

  8. 41

    We can tell you have moved on !!!! 21-0!!!!!!!!!! National champions!!!!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!! teabaggin gumps!!!!! is that all you got????? 21-0!!
    You guys choked on a BEAT DOWN!!!!!!! 21-0!!!!!! But it’s ok if Miles does it!!!! He is coach of.the year!!!!! Coach of the year got out coached in the end by Nick Saban!!!!!! 21-0!!!!!! Look Flash!!!! 21-0
    Twenty one to ZERO!!!!

    • 44
      Indiana Vol

      Way to show off that Bammer education! You are so stupid you can’t spell all of the names you listed correctly!

      Can’t wait for the NCAA to look further into the Tuscaloser Suit Seller and find multiple violations. I will laugh my @ss off when Bammer has to forfeit the last 2 BCS titles!!

  9. 45

    I still like what Miles said when the game was just about to start, Something like “now we are going to play some big boy football.” And the big boys won. That’s big boy football. That’s ‘Bama ball.

    • 46

      Me too, and let me still say that I like Les Miles a lot. I think he’s a heck of a coach, and has class that most coaches in the business today don’t have. Definitely the 2nd best coach in the best conference in America.

    • 47
      The Flash

      Duh DES, when two teams of big boys play big boy football of course the big boys are going to win.

      Our big boys vs your big boys all tied up at 1-1! Geaux Tigers. Roll TIED.

  10. 48

    I know this should be about Mr. Philon but good Lord, this is just too much. Darius has made his choice. I hope him the best of luck. Now can we just drop it ? (the above ^^) RTR

  11. 51

    The kid committed to a school. The school continued to recruit 2 more defensive linemen after they accepted his verbal committment and took no more visits. If Alabama was going to recruit further players of the same position without the room to take all 3, the honorable thing to do would to at least let the kid know that he should start visiting other schools just in case. I would not be surprised if Saban kept telling Philon he had a scholarship for this year to keep him as a safety net just in case the other two players did not pan out. It’s not like this is the first time Saban has done this.

    As far as him being guaranteed a spot in 2013, that guarantee is no more binding than Saban accepting his verbal in the first place. In other words, if Saban found someone he liked better, Philon was not guaranteed a scholarship and all of this time at Alabama was on Philon’s dime, not a scholarship.

    Please don’t defend dirty, even if they are still legal, recruiting actions. These are student atheletes trying to play football for the schools that they are supposedly signing with, not pro atheletes who get paid (although, with Saban, that’s not beyond a possibility either). If a kid commits, honor his committment, if he starts looking at and visiting other school, then the coach at that time should start looking for other recruits.

    • 52

      Pure speculation on your part. How do you know the gray shirt option wasn’t discussed with him after his injury in November? Saban has been up front with these kids about these kind of issues.

      According to some newspaper articles, this kid is academically questionable, plus he hasn’t had surgery on his knee yet. To me, he is a longshot, and has some serious work to do on two fronts, academics and rehab. A gray shirt year could have been ideal for his situation.

      I hate it for what it is, I think the kid really wanted to play at Alabama. But to vilify Saban because he had to make a tough decision is premature and a lot of speculation on your part. Seeing how Saban thinks, he was just going with the percentages. The players that were at risk because of injury were the ones asked to gray shirt. And if you have academic issues as well, the odds are stacked against you.

      When this kid has to set out at Arkansas for a year or has to go the JUCO route to get academically eligible, you will see Saban made the right decision. It sucks, I know. But the kids that have the least amount of issues coming in have the best shot of not getting a ‘gray shirt’ offer.

      • 53
        The Flash

        So are you saying/speculating brando that Saban tells recruits from the get go “here is a scholarshp offer to play football for Alabama next year, but if you get hurt then this is just a greyshirt offer”? Bullshyt you moron. You’re just defending Saban’s dirty recruiting actions as Nugget called them.

        Being academically questionable didn’t prevent Saban from making the kid an offer to begin with now did it?

        Your just a Saban apologist brando, admit it.

        What tough decision did Saban have to make? All he had to do was honor his commitment to the kid, like the kid did to him and Alabama. What is so tough about that? Oh you mean whether to kick this kid to the curb and sign a better kid who came along later? Well tell me brando do you think Saban made the right (forget tough)? What if the Philon kid was your son and had the same love for Alabama as you do, and Saban had done this to your kid, would you still feel the same?

  12. 54

    how’s it go Flash? Big girls don’t cry? Big Boy football! *sigh* I can still remember the look on the faces of the honeybadger and the coach of the year.And how about the look on Lee face? He looked betrayed yet confused. It is still so sweet ya know. The taste of victory. After all the crap that was talked about the crying Bama fans in the stands .21-0!!!!!! Keep digging Flash ,keep lying to yourself. At least you still have Swamp People.to brag on!! 21-0!!!!!

    • 55
      The Flash

      Hey fat=die go back and read all the post by you and other bammers on this site after Nov.5th and see all the crying you were doing. Despite what you think YOU, as a fan base are no better than anybody eles, if fact most think you bammer tree killing teabaggers or worse.

    • 57
      The Flash

      Another ignorant comment by another ignorant bammer.

      One and done? Which SEC team has the best record over the last 10 years hannah? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not Alabama.

      One and done! LMAO

      Way to prove how stupid you are hannah.

  13. 58

    ITK you have nailed the truth about the asses at al.com, Their strategy for helping au is drip, drip, about CNS and hope something sticks , Great job.

    • 59
      The Flash

      No, what will help AU is Saban only signing 4 of the top 15 recurits in Alabama. What will help AU is Saban doing what he did to kid from the state of Alabama like the Philon kid.

      But hey lets cry and say its all the media’s fault, their all against bama because bama’s on top. Do you know how stupid that sounds? Typical bammers!

  14. 62

    What is painfully obvious to me at least…..

    You hear Flash spew venom about mean ole Saban (who has always employed the same recruiting practices), yet loved him when he was at LSU.

    its not what Saban is doing that pisses him off, it is that he is at Alabama that pisses him off.

    Saban is the same guy now as he was at LSU, and the LSU fans LOVED HIM. I admit, when he was at LSU I didn’t like him either (we had Shula, LSU had Saban).

    It comes down to jealousy…..

    Flash, MIles is a good coach who you should be happy with. Why you are so concerned about Alabama is a little confusing and a little creepy. Quit being so jealous of us.

    • 63
      The Flash

      You got any evidence that I loved him when he was at LSU Whore? Or are you just spouting off at the mouth again about something you know nothing about?

      I’m very happy with Miles Whore. You obvilusly don’t read my post here very often.

      I really didn’t dislike bama fans as much as I do now prior to coming to this site. One of my best friends lives in Alabama and he would tell me how bad the bama fans and I thought he was just exagerating, until I came on this site and experienced it for myself.

      Now before you call me a racist like RC has tried to do to no avail, let me say I know some very good and knowledgable bama fans who enjoy their programs success and does not try to throw in in everyones face nor think they are better than anyone eles because of it. You may in fact be one of them just by the fact that you recognize and more importantly acknowledge the fact that Miles is a good coach. I will have to go back and read some of your other previous post and see if you are consistent.

      • 64

        You are right, I have no proof that you liked Saban when he was at LSU…just an assumption.

        So you can now set the record straight. Did you like Saban when he was the coach at LSU?

        And as far as your “Racist” rant, not sure where that came from.

        I’m still trying to come up with a logical explanation of your deep seeded hate for Bama fans, yet your consistent patronage to this site.

    • 66

      You need to look up the definition of racist and prejudice ? “Taco” is not a racist remark. Prejudice AT BEST.

      We have too many sensitive people here. I didn’t realize there were so many wimps that liked to watch and talk football.

  15. 67

    The scholly was pulled. Show us the proof that it wasn’t. The kid said that it was. A “greyshirt” is a pulled scholly. The kid probably doesn’t have the money to go to UAT without a scholly.

    $aban did this at the last minute when he got his surprise DT commit from up north. Why else would the kid show up ready to commit to Bammer.

    Why didn’t Auburn take him? ..Let’s see. Could have been that after Philon de-committed, bad-mouthed Auburn and committed to Bammer, that we didn’t want him. It could be that since we were no longer pursing him, that we weren’t close enough to his situation to validate offering to him on signing day at the last minute.

    $aban changed the offer to a greyshirt at the last minute. That is pulling the offer. The kid was hurt in November, that is plenty of time for $aban to investigate and change his mind on the kid. HE PULLED THE OFFER AT THE LAST MINUTE. HOW CAN YOU COMPARE THAT TO MANNINGS NECK INJURY. THIS AIN”T THE PROS AND MANNING”S COACH DIDN”T LIE TO HIM.

    • 70
      The Flash

      Like you know bamatruth! LMAO

      Weren’t you the bama fan that was saying we wouldn’t beat ya’ll on Nov 5th and then after we did kept saying we wouldn’t get to the championship game? LOL I guess you didn’t know shyt then and you’re not any smarter now.

  16. 71

    Little flash how stupid. Who has the best record the last 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 years? 21 to 0!!! It should hurt until November and since it could be the last shot at a title it might hurt a lot longer. All this other is just drivel to try and make yourself feel better By the way 14 titles to 3. Not much difference huh

    • 72

      Chuch- You are right. Just the last 20 years will do just fine. You will see that ‘Bama is ahead of LSU in wins and points. But someone (not calling names) will say that’s a lie too! RTR

    • 73
      The Flash

      Oh there’s more than three we just don’t count the invalid ones like bama does. But even if you do have more titles than LSU over the history of the game, what’s your point?
      Does that make you better than anyone else? Did you actually play on any of those championship teams? Did you even go to Alabama or any university for that matter?

    • 74
      The Flash

      Why did you skip 10 Chuch? LSU has the best record for the last 10 years, but I didn’t come on here and post that, except as a reponse to some bammers ignorant post that showing bama’s record over the last four years. It’s meaning less. Hell LSU has a better overall record than bama over the last year if you want to get to the most recent history. 13-1 tp 12-1. None of it means shyt its all in the past. You record and what happened this year want help bama a bit when you come to Tiger Stadium next year, in fact it might just work against you. Of course I know you wont admit or accept that, because you’re a bammer and you’re better than everybody else always and you never lose, you only beat yourselves. LMAO

    • 77
      The Flash

      Are better yet he’ll throw some or all of his kids or coaches under the bus after a loss. Saban is known to have done that several times!

      bino is just another Saban jock sniffer who thinks Saban is perfect and never does anything wrong.

      Funny how many of them were calling in and criticizing him on the radio after Nov. 5th.

  17. 78
    Indiana Vol


    Bammers would apologize for Nicky Satan if he murdered someone. The fact is Nicky Satan is a Son of a B#TCH of the highest order! He yanked this kid’s scholarship as the kid was to sign his LOI in front of his school. Satan cares nothing about the lives of 18 year old kids as long as he can win at all costs!!

    • 79

      And this is from someone that has Vol in his name? Why did you leave White County and go to Indiana? You need to get a life and a IV. Win at all cost? Maybe. Both Tennessee and Indiana are losers. Maybe thats why you choose the names. RTR

      • 81
        Indiana Vol

        Hey dumbass,

        I am here because I have a job, something you and the rest of the tree-poisoning, tea-bagging, toothless, inbred Bammer Morons know nothing about.

        Didn’t have the nuts to answer the question, just spew the usual Bammer drivel!

        • 82

          Did you even ask a question. Yo-yo Vol your name says it all. And as far as Updyke and Downing goes, they should spend time with each other in the same cell And as work goes I have been working since I was 13 yo. Now just kissoff and Roll Tide

  18. 83

    Everybody, it pretty much comes down to this. If we weren’t relevant, we wouldn’t hear any of this venom coming from rival fans.

    Hell, they even make a point to come to a Bama site to voice their displeasure!!!

    I LOVE IT! Its good to be #1!

    oh, and IndyVol…..I’m not sure why you are even attempting to talk trash. Have you even seen a Tennessee game lately? Does Kentucky ring a bell?

    • 84
      Indiana Vol

      Hey ASSHOLE, does tea-bagging ring a bell?

      Weren’t you the one who got arrested for rubbing your nuts on some past out LSU fan?

      Bammer cannot win with class since its fans are total classless morons. Bammers poison trees, sexually molest others, shoot people wearing oposing team attire and are generally the scumm of college football. That and the fact that your coach is a lying SOB!


    • 85
      The Flash

      Who even came close to implying bama wasn’t relevant?

      You are either very insecure or really are in need of better reading and comprehension skills. Maybe just more education. Perhaps after high school your statements here won’t sound so….well for lack of a better word, dumb.

      • 86

        Flash, coming from you….we’ll, you are who you are.

        Mr. “Enough truth to my facts” (I’m still figuring that one out”) and “We beat the BCS Champs at their field, so we are better”.

        Before you start questioning someone else’s education, you may just want to shut up and think about you own.

        BTW, not to get in a pissing match, but I am definitely not ashamed of my educational background. Plus, I can tell how intelligent someone is, just from reading some posts on here. Dumb can come from all kinds of education backgrounds.

  19. 87

    Lol flash come on you’re reaching now!!! You’re just mad because your pastel purple pussycats suck more than a meth whore on a Friday night!! Les Miles will never win another BCS title he backed into thw last one w two losses the rest of the country sucked that year too soooooooo don’t church that title up toooo much ya coonass piece of dog shyt!!!!do we need to send brian and harvey down there to teach your fuktarded. Ass a lesson too???

  20. 89

    Flash flash flash flash,

    your team is a bunch of fukin losers, dude!!!!!!!21-0

    you and Hoopie (“My wife gives dem blacks paid MLK Holidays) must wear matching bed sheets. Hell, throw Indiana Vol in there too with his, “All bammer fans are teabaggers.” if you make sweeping judgements like that, you silently believe that my African-American children should be using separate restrooms and water fountains from your children. If you classify fan bases, you’ll classify ppl based on race too. When we bash Auburn University here, we’re doing that based on their sordid legacy of ethical and integrity violations. Overall, I think most AU people are good but very misguided and biased. It seems most LSU and Tennessee fans like Flash on here are blatantly and unapologetically racist. I’ll be waiting for your apology, Flash

    21-0 you racist bitch!

    • 90

      The only sweeping judgement I make is that you are a liar and an idiot. That judgement is based on approximately one year of reading your lies. You consistently and catagorically mis-state whatever you want just so can possibly hold your own in your pathetic arguments.

      By the way; Nick Saban was awarded the Grant Teaff award for his work to help prevent youth suicides.

      Kudos to Coach Nick Saban.

    • 91
      Indiana Vol

      Rotten Crotch,

      The Bammer Morons have a history of doing STUPID stuff like poisoning trees, tea-bagging unsuspecting victims, throwing bricks through their coaches windows, shooting people for wearing LSU jerseys, etc, etc….! You bozos make it too easy to lampoon Bammer, so there is no “sweeping judgements” when the evidence is clear.

      You stated “When we bash Auburn University here, we’re doing that based on their sordid legacy of ethical and integrity violations.” The Bammer Moron Nation, players and coaches have been cited numerous times for “sordid legacy of ethical and integrity violations.” Pot, meet ketle!

      BTW, race-baiting is a sign of being racist; so don’t even lump me in with the American Looney Left led by #1 racist Jesse JACKASS. Bammer was home to George Wallace, so don’t even try to call someone else a racist you PRICK!

  21. 92
    The Flash

    13-1 SEC Champs! Yea my team is full of losers!

    All someone has to do is read the last post here by bamatruth and you RC and they will see whose fan base has a bunch of losers, dude!!! (did you see how I was able to say that with out all the vulgar language you immature kid. When you grow up you maybe you’ll get it). Your as bad a reflection on the bama fan base as the teabagger.

    There you go again RC bringing up racist comments when nobody else did and when it wasn’t called for. Go read my previous post I made about the bama fans. All you want to do is make this a race thing. What’s the matter you not getting enough freebies?

    I can easily classify fan bases without classifying people based on race! That’s your assumption that I can’t, maybe because you can’t. I guess you still think racism is keeping you down, right RC? The white man still keeping you down, right RC?

    Besides a racist your a hypocrite also right, becaues you do bash the Auburn fan base don’t you? Oh yea that based on “their sordid legacy of ethical and integrity violations”! LOL What a hypocrite racist piece of work you are!

    YOUR statement “I think most AU people are good but very misguided and biased” – didn’t you just clsaaify a fan base with that statement RC? Yes you did and by your own words – “if you make sweeping judgements like that, you silently believe that my African-American children should be using separate restrooms and water fountains from your children. If you classify fan bases, you’ll classify ppl based on race too” – that makes you a racist RC!!!!


    I’ll be waiting for your apology, RC. (by your own words a racist) LOL

  22. 93

    Freebies, huh, Flash. I don’t have to say another word. You just labeled yourself. “White man keeping me down” and “freebies.” YEP, go wash some bedsheets, Flash! You’re EXACTLY as advertises. A hateful, bigoted piece of Cajun trash.

    21-0 BIOTCH!!!

  23. 95

    21-0!!!!!! National Champions!!!!!! And I am mexican!! What now Flash?!!!!!!!”” What’s that? Oh yea! 21-0!! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!! LOVE YA,MEAN IT!!

  24. 96

    To all the Loser rival (and racist) whiny pussy ass fans on this forum:

    21-0, 42-14, 37-6
    21-0, 42-14, 37-6
    21-0, 42-14, 37-6
    21-0, 42-14, 37-6
    21-0, 42-14, 37-6
    21-0, 42-14, 37-6
    21-0, 42-14, 37-6
    21-0, 42-14, 37-6
    21-0, 42-14, 37-6
    21-0, 42-14, 37-6
    21-0, 42-14, 37-6
    21-0, 42-14, 37-6

  25. 101

    twenty one to zero!
    fourty two to fourteen!
    thirty seven to six!

    Alabama Crimson Tide – National Champions!!!!”

  26. 102

    “Yea my team is a bunch of losers!”-The Flash. 2 hrs 33 min ago.
    21-0!!!!!! In New Orleans! National Champs!!!! In New Orleans!!!!! So close yet so far! !!!! Ah well !

  27. 103
    The Flash

    LOL what a bunch of little imature punk kids you bammers on here are! LMAO No wonder you are a bunch of teabaggers and tree killers, you demonstate such inteligence here! Inbred perverted gumps! LMAO

    YES I AM actually laughing at you and your post! Fools, some of you even black fools…em I mean African American fools!

    Hey RC are you ancestors from Egypt, British South Africa, or the Congo? You weren’t clear, you just said African American. And by the way how long will it take for your descendants to call themselves American Africans?

    Just curious you racist gump! LMAO

  28. 104


    With EVERY post, you keep showing your RACIST, no good, white-trash reputation even more. Please, keep it up! Bottom line, Miles is a POS for pulling a kids scholarship AFTER he had signed, and for berating an 18 yr old Notre Dame signee at the Bayou bash after signing day.

    You can keep throwing stats ALL day long on how winning the conference is more important than the National title, but that is a fucking ridiculous position to defend. It just continues to make you look even more stupid even after all your racist remarks about my heritage. Keep em coming though


    • 105
      The Flash

      NO it makes you look stupid RC because I’ve never said that, so inteligent people who can read and comprehend and who read both of our post can see how truly stupid you are and who is the real racist because that’s all you want to bring up all the time even when some comment is the farthest thing from race related. You’re just an angry man. I would be too if I had voted for Obama and he let me down as bad as he has you.

  29. 108

    Corndog Coonazz Swamptrash exposing low sports IQ as usual…regular season only qualifies a team for post-season..post-season determines champion – that is Sports 101 – look it up…told ya LSU 2011 Season-One and Done

  30. 110

    Cudos to Updyke for avenging the vandalism and desecration at The Honor Grass Area, Bear Bryant’s Gravesite, Nick’s Lakehouse

    • 112
      Indiana Vol

      Crimson Bammer MORON Hammer Rammer Jammer thinks Updyke is a hero; i guess the next thing MORON HAMMER will do is sexually molest someone!

      Stupid Bammer Moron TEABAGGERS!

  31. 113

    Cudos to Nick Saban on doing the right thing and offering Philon a grayshirt – the best solution for Philon’s career

    • 114
      The Flash

      Because you an expert on the best solutions for someone else’s career, right lil hannah? What a moron you are!

  32. 119

    Tea baggers and tree killers all have a thing in common though. 21-0 NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!!! Even the inbred perverted punks on here have a one up on you Flash.21-0 National Champs!!!!! Racist gumps,maybe in your eyes. But we do know one thing is certain. 21-0 National Champs!!!!! Even Auburn faithful can be proud cause The National Championship TROPHY is in ALABAMA!!!! Not Lowsyana!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!

    • 120
      The Flash

      Yes Alabama does have the latest National Championship Trophy, which finally catches them up with LSU who also has TWO National Championship Trophies in LOUSIANA!
      And your team was 1-1 against LSU this year and your coach is 3-3 against LSU’s coach, making you tied all the way around. ROLL TIED!!!!!!

      But even with the latest NC Trophy in Alabama, you are still an ignorant ass gump Fat=Die, and you prove it every time you post here. LOL!

  33. 121

    Flash suffers from cranial rectumitis!!! Hes got hos head so far up his ass he has to burp when he farts!!! His wee little mind is made up we do nothing but confuse him with facts…he knows his team is washed up even after coming on second place to the best team in the SEC …..ALABAMA!!! rave on cat shyt rave on!!!!

    • 122
      The Flash

      And your head is so for up nick saban’s ass, if you have a heart attack, they’ll have to give nick mouth to mouth just to keep you alive. But that want be a problem because I’m sure WhoreEagle will quickly volunteer to give little nick mouth to mouth. TRUTH!! LMAO

  34. 124

    I can always identify a Flash post. It will always end with LMAO. (of course he may come back and be douche and starting spouting off about the 10% of posts he didn’t do that).

    Again Flash, I love it that you are here. You have made this site fun! You can really sustain a beating…..and it seems you want it and enjoy it.

    Regardless, keep up the posts. And please come back, even if we do stomp LSU again.

    • 125
      The Flash

      I LMAO because idiots like you Whore (only a motherless idot would name himself Whore) really think you give me a beating or stomp me. I really am laughing my ass off at you everytime you respond to one of my post. I keep posting because you can’t help yourself but resspond to me. Your like a dumb cat that everytime you wiggle a peich of string in front of it its going to chase it. (Just like you are about to do now after this post)

      But hey it’s not just me laughing at you, we all are! LMAO

      Gumps I tell you, Gumps!

      • 126

        Flash, this is a Bama site……who is chasing who, again? Your “Dumb cat” analogy fits well with your favorite team.

        Plus, I think everyone is laughing at you, Flash. Except me…….I don’t laugh at retarded people.

  35. 128

    I feel sorry for retarded people. So Flash I am sorry for you. I am sorry Your team couldn’t live up to all the hype. 21-0!!!!!! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!

  36. 129

    Indiana ballsack ill bet you a months pay that the KKK formed in indiana…go do like you hoopie and flash do anytime you try to seem intelligent aboit something and google that shyt!!!! Flash come on now nick has three of those crystal footballs and a little fyi bama got one in 1992 as well albeit wasn’t the BCS trophy its still a crystal football so once again alabama 3 lswho 2…….rave on cat shyt rave on!!!

    • 130
      Indiana Vol

      Bammer LIAR,

      You are too stupid to make a bet like that because you will LOSE!

      Look it up MORON, the KKK was formed in the South you PUTZ!

    • 131
      Indiana Vol

      BTW LIAR,

      What is the obsession with ballsacks? Have you and your Bammer Moron buds been teabagging recently??

  37. 132

    Good word!! Nick Saban has held the keys for five years….I do think he does know a little bit about college ball..You just have to love all these haters in the world…Wow it is nice to know that Bama football is at the top of its game..And will be for a very long while.. RTR

    • 137

      Here is one response ! LMAO, LMAO, LMAO, LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 138


    • 139

      Flash, you won the bet!!!! What do you win?


  38. 140

    Oh Flaaash,

    what’s up with the Obama voting comment? How do you know I voted for Obama? Because I’m an African-Anmetican? Can I not, as an African-American vote conservative, and still hate racist cocksucking bitches like you, Flash? Suck on my 21-0 cock, bitch!

    Indiana Vol,

    you’re a fucking no good piece of shit too. ANYONE who classifies and projects characteristics on an entire group of MILLIONS based on a HANDFUL like yourself, will do the same things re: race. You’re also a fucking hypocrite because your sorry ass acted so concernEd about the tornado victims on here April 27, then you turned around and started calling people racist names again not 2 weeks later. 37-6 you sorry piece of shyt

    • 141
      Indiana Vol

      Rotten Crotch,

      I have NEVER made nor referred to a racist comment on this site. Please provide proof, which you cannot!

      Have you and your Bammer Moron bretheren been to Walmart to see, feel, fondle, lick and rub your junk on the crystal football?

    • 142
      The Flash

      You COULD be a African-American and vote conservative, but you didn’t RC, did you? (Lets see if you’re honest) 95% of “blacks” that voted last election voted of Obama. Were you in that 5% that didn’t vote for him RC? Or did you even vote at all? You can call me racist all you want, it doesn’t bother me because I know I’m not and I know that you don’t anything about me. So I just laugh at you. If you think me calling alabama fans gumps makes me a racist, well I think that just makes you ignorant, and since you call LSU fans coonasses by your own words you are a racist! But then we already knwe that!

      You must be one ugly gump and hard up to ask another man to suck on your c*ck RC! Or are you just GAY! I guess it a good think you have football to entertain you!

  39. 143


    21-0….all your little pussy whining over being an SEC Champion is fuckin hilarious. Keep coming on here and we’ll keep kicking your ass:) 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0……did I forget to mention we emasculated your Coach and University 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 ….The UA waterboys are better QB’s than Jordan Jefferson 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0. Flash’s mother gives bad head 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0 21-0….and so on and so on, bitch


  40. 145

    Here is number 3 or should I say 14! 21-0!!!!! Hia mother gave me awesome head! 21 times actually, I dunno why yours was bad RC! I guess that makes the head ratio 21-0 !!!!!!!!!!! GUEAX FLASH MOM!!!!

  41. 146

    Flash will retaliate with some stupid comment like, “teabaggin Bama class” after he started the racist hatefest. lol

    • 147
      The Flash

      No RC you were the first one to bring race and claims of racism to this board when none existed before. Your ignorant definition of of racisim or assumptions of racist comments becasue I called you and other bammers gumps, just proves how ignorant you inbred backwood perverted gumps are. Fat=die is not different look at his and your comments, they always include some perverted sexual content or remark. The fact is 32 year old BAMA fan did perform a perverted teabagging act on another passed out male! And it was recorded for ALL that world to see the intelligence and morals of the bammers! (oops I guess that was another racist comment by your ignorant definition, right RC?). LMAO

      And when Updyke goes on trial and it is covered nationaly, everyone will again see on display the intelligence, or should I say the lack thereof, of a typical bammer gump!

      RC you are a gump, accept it and be proud!

  42. 148

    I can’t figure out whats more pathetic!…flashs ill fated attempts to be relevant in the college football blog world? Or the fact that over 75% of all posts on this site comes from its sorry ass!!! Either way it needs a damn job or a hobby!!!!

    • 149
      The Flash

      Truth is my hobby is f*cking with gumps like you bamatruth! And it seems to be working because you can’t help yourself but to respond to my truthfull statements! I am laughing out loud at you! LMAO

  43. 153

    I have Vol and it was fabulous! Maybe one day Tennessee can feel the same joy. Pffft its doubtful though. Maybe in the next 100 years! That’s being generous cause you sound like a faithdul fan. Here’s to hope! Cheers!

        • 156
          Indiana Vol

          Even a Bammer Moron like yourself can figure out the “F”, but the “O” is for OFF!

          BTW, Fulmer owned Bammer’s sorry, CHEATING ASS as coach of the VOLS!

          What about your tubby announcer, he makes Fulmer look small!

          Why don’t you and the rest of your Bammer Moron bretheren find someone to teabag!!

          • 157

            1st – Nobody can make Fulmer look small

            2nd- The only thing Fulmer owned is a stock of Krispy Kreme doughnuts

            3rd – If you are wanting to be “teabagged” so bad, why don’t you just ask cousin?

            4th – Don’t talk trash until Tennessee is relevant. Otherwise, you just look stupid.

  44. 161


    That’s just plain nasty, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a piece of trash, inbred Cajun. LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO, eat my nuts, LMAO LMAO LMAO Racist Gump Cajun LMAO LMAO


    Seriously? Fulmer dominated Bama under Dubose and Shula!!!! You’re proud of that??!! LMAO LMAO LMAO

  45. 162

    Once again FLASH in the ASS, those who take isolated incidents and project it across millions of ppl who had nothing to do it are RACIST when it comes to race relations in America. I work around racist assholes everyday who project liquor store robberies, drive-by-shootings across an ENTIRE race of people. Guess what, FLASH? A MAJORITY of same said co-workers who use the “N” word to describe these hooligans ARE LSU AND AUBURN FANS. Typical, “Go boy go” on Saturday, and “pick that cotton” on Sunday is prevalent at the AG school and Cajun school from their racist supporters as yourself. Keep bringing up the Wallace legacy at UA, but with the exception of a few isolated incidents, race relations are much better at UA than LSU & Auburn. OLD SOUTH hillbillies are prevalent at LSU & Auburn.

    As far as the “national news” the Lee County District Attorney and the city of Auburn are looking like the biggest buffoons in the Updyke case. 13 YEARS in prison??? FOR A FUCKziNG TREE??? What the hell was that deal about no UA football games???! FROM A DISTRICT ATTORNEY??!! IN LEE COUNTY
    Cam Newton’s father is serving NO TIME for embezzlement and slave trading, but give the gump Bama fan 13 years for poisoning a tree the Gump Auburn fans were killing by continuously rolling toilet paper on after crucial wins over Vandy and Ole Miss..

    The drunk, white trash LSU fan who passed out at Krystal ON BOURBON ST?! What was he doing passed out drunk, Flash??! He’s not innocent either, dumb ass. He was asking for trouble. How about those white trash Cajuns who beat up the Alabama fan in the French Quarter?

    Flash, until you start taking responsibility for your own fanbases’ actions, they get what they deserve in my opinion. No freebies, Flash, you fuckin white trash, POS Racist Cajun


    • 163

      RC just remember flash has admitted his hobby (obviously his sole purpose in life) is to obsess with Bama. He cant help it. It is very common for abuse victims to try and antagonize their abuser. Just another ugly facet of penis envy.

    • 164
      The Flash

      Wow what a tirade RC, you are one angry black man (and drunk too I think based on some of this crap you typed that makes no sense what so ever, even to an educated man like myself). Yea boy I bet me calling bama fans gumps projects as a racist when it comes to race relations in America, right RC! Who’s fault is it that you work around a bunch of racist and co-workers who use the “N” word? My advice to you is either not let the “N” word bother you or get another job. When an ignorant person call me a coonass or a racist or a dago because I’m Italian, do you think I let that bother me? No, because I know who and what I am, so I don’t let the words of some buffoon like you or your co-workers bother me.

      And as for as the Lee County DA, he’s from the state of Alabama isn’t he? Redneck Alabama gumps or Redneck Alabama gumps, it doesn’t matter if they pull for bama or Auburn, but its funny how you can see the gump actions of an auburn fan but you can’t see the gump actions of a bama fan.

      I’m not close to the situation, and don’t really care either way, but I didn’t know Cam Newton’s father was convicted of embezzlement and slave trading. If he was it is curious as to why he is not serving time, if he wasn’t then how are you and your comments about him any better or different then the racist type comments you cry so much about. That would make you a HYPOCRITE RC!

      If you in fact have or know of evidence that could be used to charge and convict Cam’s father then why haven’t you given it to the athorities, if you don’t then you are doing nothing but making false accusations, much like your co-workers do that you complain about, right RC! I also find it very hypocritical of you, as a black man, to accuse another black man of and use the words “slave trading”! But I guess it no more hypocritical than people like you complaining about white people using the “N” word, yet it’s ok for black people to use it all the time and you never hear a complaint about it then. And I’m not just talking about the millions and millions of dollars that have been made by rappers who use that word in their lyrics, yet very few black leaders condem it.

      And I’m sure, out of your ignorance, you will call me a racist for my comments above but you see, what you don’t know about me RC is that I grew up a mixed race neighborhood. One of my friends growing up was a black kid named, beleive it or not, George Forman who I would give a ride home to after football practice. I was a leader on our school’s bi-racial committee. I was an athlete who competed with and against blacks both at school and at home in the neighborhood. I found it funny even way back then, when we would play pickup basketball games in the neighborhood, it was the black guys that would say things like “it’s the niggers against the whites” or during the game “the niggers are beating the whites(or honkies) 12-10”. Even back then I found it oddhypocritical for blacks to complain about the “N” word yet use it to call each other that. So your whining about your co-workers being LSU and Auburn fans using that word is really meaningless, if your race is inconsistent on how they think about the use of the word. And again if it bothers you so much maybe you should find a job with Alabama co-workers, because I’m sure no redneck Alabama fan has ever used the “N” word right RC?LMAO

      As for as the LSU kid who was passed out at the Krystal, I don’t know that he was drunk any more than you do (you like to make assumptions about people, but complain when others do), but even if he was, for you to condone what your fellow gump bama fan did, by saying he was asking for trouble, tells me you are as biased as you are racist and your morals are no better than the teabagger himself. And your vulgar language you use in this public fourm confirms that and says a lot about whoever raised you. By the way you never did answer that question.

      You need to find a mirror in you house RC.

      • 165

        Didn’t read. Flash, get your own blog if you are going to take up all the space here. You need to learn to SUMMARIZE. This is not the place to write a thesis on race relations and the affects “tea bagging” has on it.

        Also, you are a douche and probably have a horse face.

        • 166
          The Flash

          Get you own blog Whore if you want to set the rules.

          Stix and stones may break my bones, but ignorant moron whores like you don’t bother me. LMAO

        • 167
          The Flash

          Hey Whore you got a problem with it go somewhere else or get YOUR own blog then you can make up all the rules you want!

          As you children say sticks and stones my break my bones but being called names by an ignorant inbred redneck moron who calls himself a whore will never bother or hurt me. In fact it make me laught at your immaturity.

          • 168

            You should have stuck with your first post. It was summarized. Your second said the exact same thing, yet you chose to use double the number of words.

            Next question…..why did you post the same thing twice? You have Tourette’s?

  46. 169

    I know yellowhammer. I’m enjoying this. Why would anyone take a piece of shit like him seriously. Those who hate, hate different races of people too. I’m enjoying exposing him

  47. 174

    LOL @ Whore…I totally agree, I stopped reading when he started going racist again with the comment, “I grew up in a mixed neighborhood and my best friend was black.” TOTAL BUllshit. Every racist has a “black friend” from childhood. Oh, and he called himself an “educated man.” Flash thinks writing a bunch of nonsensical political bullshit makes him a genius. But he does have a “black friend” named George Foreman from childhood. Fucking poetic. Finally, gotta like the way this prodigy oil rigger closes his e-mail with LOL LOL LMAO, like “Zing, I got dem.” He doesn’t need a teabag, he needs somebody to slurp his useless rod

    • 175
      The Flash

      Your a liar RC you know you know you read it all, but you just as soon have stoped reading it since you porve you can’t read or comprehend with your comments here. I never said “my best friend” I said “one of my friends”. And I don’t care if you believe me or not. Your comments prove you read or hear what you want to see or hear regardless of what was written or said you racis moront. I’m sure you co-workers would agree with that. You have been exposed again you racist pervert.

  48. 176

    george foreman makes some nifty little grills. you can cookba mean burger or some pork chops on that bad boy. I have yet to try a whole chicken leg on the beast. what do you think Flash? the most burgers i cooked in one session was 21. no chicken legs yet. 0 . i did cook.one hotdog till it was well,done. so lets recap. 21-0 one and done. mmmmmm tasty!

  49. 177


    That doesn’t even make sense. You’re just now pulling shit out of your ass to get the “last word.” that ain’t gonna happen, bro. We can do this all year. You got up at 3AM to write this??!! You must be a flunky security guard or night custodian if you’re posting that late….or on welfare with no job…or collecting disability. 3AM and posting hateful garbage. Flash, do you have someone to stroke your rod? You appear to be very lonely. I’m sure there’s some transient truck driver or shemale in New Orleans to accomodate you. Just don’t end up passed out on Bourbon St. You think tea bagging is a federL crime. Some NOLA resident would see your weak, pathetic ass passed out, and you would be instantly identified as a good candidate to get your bore punched.

    21-0!!!! LMAO 21-0 LMAO 21-0 LMAO 21-0 LMAO!!!!

    • 178
      The Flash

      RC is a pervert who probably defends Sansdusky and thinks the kids had it coming to them. Every post has some sick sexual related comment like all the other gumps who post here. Your grandmother wouldn’t be proud of you if she read what wrote now would she RC?
      You appear to be ignorant moron.

      Here kitty kitty (RC read pussy pussy) give us your response. You know your going to. (Think pied piper) LMAO

      13-1!!!! LMAO 13-1!!! LMAO 13-1 LMAO 13-1 LMAO!!!!

      • 179

        Flash, why don’t you and RC pick a place to meet up. If you do, let me know, because I want to see you pee yourself right before he whips your ass.

        Anyways, I’m out….

        Later horse face.


  50. 181
    The Flash

    Another perverted sexual fantasy posted by a bama gump. It must have something to do with the fact that most of you (see RC I didn’t say all, so I’m not a racist like you) are inbred.

    This time it’s little hannah posting her sexual fantasies.

  51. 182
    Indiana Vol

    “1st – Nobody can make Fulmer look small

    2nd- The only thing Fulmer owned is a stock of Krispy Kreme doughnuts

    3rd – If you are wanting to be “teabagged” so bad, why don’t you just ask cousin?

    4th – Don’t talk trash until Tennessee is relevant. Otherwise, you just look stupid.”


    • 183

      cheating? you must be referring to Albert Means. Say did they ever find those tapes of fatboy,roy kramer and roy adams plotting to distort and or ignore evidence in the ncaa’s investigation? no? imagine that. yeah thats one of those pesky little facts you volunqueers love to forget about. 9 short months til you all earn another Rammer Jammer by getting that ass stomped.

      • 184
        Indiana Vol

        Yeller Hammer,

        Means case: CHEATING
        Textbook gate: CHEATING
        Julio Jones on fishing trip: CHEATING
        Mensweargate: CHEATING

        Bammer is a habitual offender in the eyes of the NCAA!!

        Rammer Jammer Yeller Hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

    • 185

      That was a while ago. Who is Fulmer, and where is he at now? Oh yeah, Saban made him piss his pants every time they played. Saban beat him by 20+ every time, until it got him fired. So yeah, Fulmer owned Bama so much, they fired him for it. You are such an ignorant little hillbilly.

  52. 186

    Indiana VOL,

    I’ve already killed the “Fulmer owning your ass comment” by pointing out that he only owned Mike Dubose (4-0) and Mike Sheila (3-1). What happened to them at Alabama?? Ding Ding, THEY WERE FIRED FOR INCOMPETENCY!!
    Fran was 1-1 against the fat piece of shit, Stallings was 1-2-1 (NOT OWNAGE) and Saban kicked fat Phil’s ass 2 years in a row. Are you seriously proud, Indiana VOL of beating poor Bama teams? Is Tennessee and Auburn similar in this respect?

    37-6 LOSER

    • 187
      Indiana Vol

      Rotten Crotch,

      Using your logic from above, how can you wave a 37-6 win against a Vol team with mostly Freshman and Sophomores???

      So, using your logic, the last 3 Bammer wins against a handicapped Tennessee team leaves you nothing to brag about!

      Are you seriously proud, Rotten Crotch, of beating poor Tennessee teams?

      F##K YOU!

  53. 189

    What do you say, FLASH? You have the guts to meet me in Mississippi one weekend to settle this at a halfway spot between Birmingham and Baton Rouge? Nothing but air & opportunity you fuckin white trash piece of shit! Let’s do it!

  54. 191

    lsu backfield rapist tradition – cecil collins jeremy hill,mettenberger,charles scott .look it up corndog coonazz swamptrash

  55. 194

    FLASH? The FLASH? Oooooh, FLASH???




    WATCH Flashy Poo show up on another blog and either ignore and/or discredit my challenge to him to meet up and settle this. Just another LSU Cajun pussy. All talk no substance!


    • 195
      The Flash

      Nothing to settle RC, I admit I’m a racist – Yea I dislike all redneck bama fans, including the black ones. Wait if I hate them all equally regardless of color then that would make me the opposite of a racist, right? Oops I guess I’m not a racist after all and that makes you the only racist on this site RC. Sorry to disappoint you. Guess you’ll have to take your quest and thirst for violence somewhere else. LMAO

    • 197

      It doesn’t sound like there is a lot of happiness around the LSU team these days. Miles has some work to do to keep from losing his team, much less winning it all next season. Jefferson isn’t the only player second guessing and questioning the decisions of the coaching staff. Wait until that first loss next season, and watch the wheels fall completely off.

      • 198
        The Flash

        Quite the opposite Brando, you see Jefferson is in Atlanta and not around the LSU team anymore these days. And the team and fans couldn’t be happier about it. I think you ought to be worried about your own team, didn’t they lose focus and three games the season following the last championship they won and end up finishing 4th in the SEC West. I mean I know that only two places worse than you finised this year, but still. LMAO

        • 199

          You live in a distorted reality. Jefferson isn’t the only player questioning the coaching staff. There are current players thinking the same thing. You know this to be true. And when the best high school recruit in your state went to visit LSU, he said he didn’t think the current players, trying to recruit him, were very happy there. Most of your fanbase (and media) thinks that your backup QB would have turned the game around for LSU. So, to say that the players, the fans, and the LA media aren’t second guessing and criticizing MIles decisions, shows how dumb and uneducated you really are.

          But don’t worry about us, Saban has the Alabama program in fine shape. Some would even say it was the top program in the country right now. No one is second guessing or worried, and this recruiting class looks to be his best yet, top to bottom.

          And see, since Bama didn’t win the west last season, you don’t have to worry about them losing their focus. Saban will use that to motivate, and the pressure is all on LSU next season, not Bama.

          What is going to happen when Bama comes into BR next season and beats Miles again?

          Come on now, I am waiting on you to explain to me why you think this will absolutely could not possibly happen, like you did this past season.

          • 200
            The Flash

            Wrong again as usual Brando, Jefferson and Lee are both gone. MOST of the fans are happy about that and have moved on and have put that game behind us. Almost ALL of the fans think we will have a better QB under center this year. And despite the results of the last game, ALL of the fans realize what special season last year was, going 13-0 for the first time in history, beating Alabama in tuscalooser, winning the SEC West and beating Georgia in the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship! Yes, despite what you might think or hope, MOST LSU fans are happy and happy with Miles.

            You were almost right with your statement “Most of your fanbase (and media) thinks that your backup QB would have turned the game around for LSU” the only correction is that you need to change the words “would havea” with “could have”. No one knows for sure or is saying that Lee “would have” turned the game around for LSU. And as a bama fan I’m sure you are not saying that he “would have” turned the game around. So again even though you were close on that one brando, as usual you are WRONG again.

            I will agree with you that Saban does have the bama program in fine shape. But Miles also has the LSU program in fine shape. I’m sure LSU will be ranked right there with bama when the preseason polls come out next year.

            And speaking of next season and your comment and question, it is possible that bama could come into BR next season, but it is just as possible, and even likely that bama comes in to BR and gets beat.

            So the same question can be asked of you, what is going to happen when bama comes into BR next season and looses to Miles again, putting Miles once again 1 up on Saban?

            Come on now, I am waiting on you to explain to me why you think this will “absolutely” not happen (would have quoted you exactly but the grammar of your statement was so bad I had to correct it).

          • 201

            LOL, or LMAO. You just keep living in the delusional world where the Hat farts rainbows and the LSU fan base has moved on and being extremely supportive of Mr. Hat. This is a world where you are putting the hopes on a child molesting unproven QB, against the best coach in college football. For all that Bama lost after this season, LSU lost as well.

            But call me wrong all you want. I told you Bama was better than LSU this past season, and I was right all along. You live in your delusional world, and tell yourself whatever you need to to make it feel better. But right now, the truth is Bama is in better shape for the future and all the pressure is on LSU for next season. If you don’t win it all, y’all will run Mr. Hat off.

            Saban has his number now. You were lucky to win the first game, but there was no doubt the second time around. Bama is coming for that ‘SEC’ title you are so proud of next. What you gonna do when Saban takes it away from you? LMAO LOL at you, you coonass cross dressing freak.

          • 202
            The Flash

            Saban is 3-3 all time and 1-1 last year vs Miles, but according to you he has his number! LOL

            And why would Saban and bama be coming after LSU’s SEC Title, according to you as you have been constantly telling me the SEC Championship that LSU won and owns doesn’t mean anything. Wbat a hypocrite you are!

  56. 203

    I just read though this string. You lose Flash. And for god’s sake, take a class in basic grammar . Your inability to spell just confirms everything that “Swamp People” wants the nation to believe about people affiliated with the state of Louisiana.

    • 204
      The Flash

      Amaizng skipjock yuo raed thruogh thsi whole thraed adn I am teh olny wiht miseplled worsd heer. Becuase we all knwo waht a bastoin of edcutaion teh staet of Alabam is rihgt?

  57. 206

    Indiana Vol,

    The BIG HUGE FAT difference in your analogy is that Fulmer’s teams could not have beaten Saban’s REAL Alabama teams, but Mike Dumbose and Mike Sheila could have both beaten Dooley’s poor, mangy teams. Therefore, Fulmer didn’t own Jack shit and still has problems finding his dick!

    37-6 GOOBER!!

      • 208

        And Bammer got him fired after all that ‘ownin’ he did. Saban ‘owned’ Fulmer, and that is why Fulmer isn’t coaching anymore.

    • 209
      The Flash

      Funny how when Albama teams lose they are not REAL Alabama teams. They were fake teams so the bama fans didn’t really support them or consider them real teams. I wonder how the former players on those teams feel to hear their supposed or fair weahter fans like RC labeling them as not REAL bama teams or players.

  58. 213

    Indiana Vol, (1) You must be 12, (2) sorry to disappoint you, but Fulmer never beat any REAL Alabama teams. Now, Fulmer did own 2 coaches who were fired for incompetency, that all other SEC schools owned as well. However, no SEC team with the exception of LSU and FL have beaten REAL ALABAMA TEAMS consistently. Consistently is the key. A 1-point win with a purchased player does not count. It was only one season, and AU cannot beat good Alabama teams consistently

    • 214
      The Flash

      Typical bama fan, when their team loses they weren’t a “REAL” Alabama team!

      And then whines about ONE player beating their 22 better players (acording to all the recruiting sevices) coached by the best college football coach in America (according to them), when that ONE player beats them on their own home field!

    • 215
      Indiana Vol

      Rotten Crotch,

      That has to be some of the sorriest excuses I have ever seen in print. The fact that you have the nerve to post such SH*T proves what a DUMB*SS Bammer Moron you really are!

  59. 216

    So Flash hates people with team affiliations but does not hate people of different races. Hate is hate. If you hate people for wearing a DIFFERENT COLOR, you hate people OF different color too. Flash is a racist

    • 217
      The Flash

      Whatever RC! Convince yourself of whatever you like to make yourself feel better about you being a racist, I really don’t give a shyt what you think!

  60. 218

    Ok Flash, I’ll lay off your supposed bias toward rednecks because you’re not used to seeing backwoods redneck corndog rednecks in Louisiana (sarcasm). However, nobody gives a shit about next year until Fall Practice. All that matters is 21-0!!! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!

  61. 220

    I don’t answer it because you’re crossing the line, you gutter racist. Why would that be information you need to know? I’m a dude, so you can’t ask my parents for your hand in marriage? No, we’ve been trained to spot racists like you a mile away. The way you talk to others on this blog besides me demonstrates what kind of sorry piece of shit you are. Who raised you? I’d like to see the people that raised you and give them a tongue lashing for the sorry piece of shit you became

    • 221
      The Flash

      RC its interesting to hear you only read my post on here, because Crimsonite takes the award, hands down without even a close second, with regards to how he talks to people (not just me) on this site, yet you’ve never made a comment to him about it. But I guess it’s ok and you can’t be a redneck racist if you’re a bama fan, right? LMAO

      For your information I first came to this site to post a reasoned opinion/answer to a comment that was posted and linked to here on another site. I had no intention to flame, nor did I in my first post, yet I was mercifully attacked and cursed with vile, biased stupidity. The worse of the bunch being the most ignorant pervert individual who calls himself Crimsonite. So I began to responed in kind, since it seemed to be the only thing he and you gumps understand.

      Since then RC, you have come along and challenged Crimsonite for that title, and even taking it to a different level by crying “racist” at every remark when clearly and honestly none was intended. So again I have responded in kind to you as it appears it is the only thing you understand. I guess it’s the way you’ve “been trained”!

      How is askingyou a simple question like, who raised you, crossing the line? Just saying that it is shows your racist mentality. I guess if you’re “trained” to look for racisim in everyone and everything, you will make yourself find and see it even when it doesn’t exist, as you have demonstrated here.

      I was raised by my mother and father. I have no problem telling you or anyone that. I’m not ashamed nor do I think it would be crossing the line if you had asked me that. Maybe you need to realize it is a different world we live in today, and you need to be retrained and quit blaming others for your problems. I am not better than you because I was born white, I do not have more oppertunities than you because I am white, I am not smarter than you becaues I am white, I am not more successful than you because I am white. And YOU are not better than me or anyone else because you are a bama fan.

      If I am better, smarter, have more oppertunities, or am more successful than you it’s because I don’t blame others for my problems or look to others to solve my problems, it’s because I have been educated, NOT trained and because I look for the good in others, not the bad.

      RC even though you do live in one of the most racist states, you do still live in America where even if you’re black you can do and be what ever you want to be, even President or Sec. of State, a Colonel in the Military or a succellful business man or a social leader. Or you can choose be a trainer of men like Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton or you chould just choose to continue to be one of their trainees.

      • 222
        The Flash

        RC, I’m sure your “training” will cause you to read the previous post and see only what you”ve been trained to see and tell me something like “see that just proves you’re a racist”. YOU will completely miss the real message in that post.

  62. 224

    BTW Flash, the Dumb Ass, nobody gives a shit we didn’t win the SEC Title because it is meaningless when compared to the BCS Championship we did win. However, Saban will find someway to motivate his players to repeat this year, and I’m betting it will be to win both the league and National Title since we gave the league title away last yr like we gave the Iron Bowl away 2 yrs ago

    • 225
      The Flash

      Of course you gave them away, you typical gump, because bama could never be beaten, in your small mind anyway! LMAO

      Because if they do get beat, then what is it you say about them…. oh yeah their not a “REAL” alabama fan!

  63. 226

    Indiana VOL racist,

    tell us again how sorry you were about our tornadoes like you posted on April 27, only to be back on here posting racist gibberish.

    37-6 loser!!

    • 227
      Indiana Vol

      Rotten Crotch,

      Where the hell did you come up with “racist gibberish”??

      I knew you were mentally ill, but now I think you are INSANE!!

      • 228
        The Flash

        Don’t worry about it Indiana Vol, he sees everthing as racist and likes to call everybody racist. It has something to do with how he was “trained” acording to him.

        • 229

          haha Flash and Idiot Vol sure make a cute couple. If their brains, combined, were gasoline, there wouldn’t be enough to fill a piss ants motorcycle enough to drive halfway around a BB.

          • 230
            The Flash

            Aww that’s so cute Brando! Did you think of that all by yourself? You are so smart! Someone should give you a job to be a creative writer for them. What a gump!

  64. 231

    Indiana VOL,

    Why would you offer prayers on April 27 for Tuscaloosa tornado victims, then not 1 month later, start posting gutter remarks about UA

    it’s ver simple: If you classify MILLIONS of people based on the actions of tens or scores of people, you will do the same regarding race. It’s only a difficult concept for the dim witted HYPOCRITE rival fans on this site not to understand. Are you racist if you root against a team? NO. COULD you be racist in other areas of life if you generalize an entire fanbase? MOST DEFINITELY

    • 232
      Indiana Vol

      Rotten Crotch,

      You don’t know Jack SH#T about me; except that I loathe Bammer due to its classless fans and history of CHEATING! Don’t even try toplay the race card, because that dog will not hunt and you know it!

      • 233

        Vol- I don’t think anyone here cares to know anything about you. And talk about classless after reading some of the things you have posted- turn around and smile, while looking in the mirror. RTR

  65. 235
    The Flash

    And you should read my previous post to you RC and open your mind, because its a terrible thing to waste like you are doing.

    • 237
      The Flash

      If they are such a waste of time why did you bother to reply to almost everyone of them after reading everyone of them, proving once again what an untruthful person you are RC.

    • 238
      The Flash

      And I guess by this post you have decided to remain a closed minded person. I guess you fit the saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. I’m sure based on your training you will call me a racist for comparing you to a horse or you’ll come back and make some kind of unintelligent comment and call me a horse’s ass because you can’t handle the truth RC.

  66. 239

    I wonder if this article is getting close to the most comments ever on this site.
    230+? Who would have thought?
    I wonder what article holds the all time record for comments?
    ITK, do you have that information?

  67. 240

    Flash and VOL,

    Have you 2 guys ever considered dating? I do have 2 say I think Flash would be the dude in the relationship since Indiana VOL’s team is the bitch of the SEC!

    Indiana VOL, you are a racist. You make generalizations about MILLIONS of people based on SCORES of them. You & Flash can become the first legalized gay marriage of sissy Klans members

    • 241
      Indiana Vol

      Rotten Crotch,

      Have you been to Walmart to kiss, lick, fondle and otherwise sexually molest that crystal ball?

      ..or have you been out teabagging unsuspecting souls or poisoning trees?

      I would bet my next paycheck that you went to Walmart and rubbed your junk on the crystal football like the rest of the Bammer Morons!

  68. 242


    You responded to 2 of my posts within 9 minutes of each other. I’m in your head, Bitch. Keep trying to figure out what I’m going to say next, LMAO LMAO LMAO

    • 243
      The Flash

      Wow your keeping up with the timig of my post and replying to all of them now. I’m in your racist head, Gump! Keep thinking of what you can say next!

      And I think your record/brain is stuck it keeps repeating “you are a racist. You make generalizations about MILLIONS of people based on SCORES of them”, liket there are MILLIONS of bama fans! LMAO

  69. 244

    Flash Flash Flash,

    The only game that matters is the BCS Championship Game where your coach was emasculated and your team blew its wadd all over the Superdome turf…21-0

    THIS JUST IN: LSU SEC Champion shirts discounted 95% at your local Tiger Rag an Wal-Mart stores

  70. 245

    UM Flash, being that college stadiums seat 100,000+ fans with many more without tickets, alumni, or who just stay home, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that there are at least half a million-million Bama fans around the world, as there are LSU fans.

    Nice spin on you constantly responding to my posts. I’m in your head, BITCH! Now, let’s see if you respond to this. You know you want too

    • 246
      The Flash


      You responded to 1 of my posts twice within 8 minutes of each reponse. I’m in your head, Bitch. Keep trying to figure out what I’m going to say next, LMAO LMAO LMAO

    • 247
      The Flash

      But RC you comment to Vol and I was that we made “generalizations about MILLIONS of people” but now you say there “are at half a million-million bama fans around the world. That’s at most half (assuming you only meant the minimum 2 million when you first said “MILLIONS”, which I doubt) of your original estimate of those YOU accused us of making generalizaations about.

      But it’s not surprising, as a gump you would exaggerate the facts about anything dealing with bama. I can’t speak for Vol, but let me set the record straigt, my comments were attributed toward the inbred redneck perverted bama fans. If you want to claim that includes all bama fans, which may number a half million or millions, or just the few on this borad, I don’t care. That is an assumption you’re welcome to make.

      As for as your out of the blue comment about the BCS championship game, continue to gloat all you want, its what you gumps do. You and most of the gump bama fans are known around the SEC to be worst winners than you are loosers.(notice I said most, so you can’t accuse me of being a racist, sorry to dissappoint you by taking away your most common response). And people like you and Crimsonite prove that with your comments on here and how you treat oppossing fans who come on here, even if it is their first time. You would think as much as bama has won ya’ll would have learned how to win with grace an class. But then maybe that wasn’t in your “training”.

      Ok RC your turn to respond. You know you will, especially since you have been corrected and exposed as the exaggerating gloating gump that you are! LMAO

  71. 248

    Indiana VOL,

    No, I haven’t, but I bet you would like some dude to rub his junk on your hairy chest wouldn’t you, pervert. Please tell us how you can pray for Tuscaloosa tornado victims with the same mouth you’re talking to me with? It’s because I’m an African-American, right? Don’t worry, I know the answer you racist gump

    • 249
      The Flash


      I doubt Indiana VOL has thoughts like you gumps do, and “would like some dude to rub his junk on his hariy chest”, but if he did I bet you would volunteer to do it or know several gumps that like to do that sort of thing. Hell call the gump who did it in New Orleans he mike like to do it on a non passed out person, but probably not. Hell I know Crimsonite would volunteer to do it, especially if Indiana VOL is a young boy.

      And there you go using your training and bringing up race again an using the race card, when VOL didn’t say one thing that had anything to do with race! Proving once again who the real racist is!

  72. 250

    Flash Flash Flash

    there is no way in hell some white trash Cajun piece of shit like you could ever “expose” anyone. I enjoy the fact that you are such a miserable person that you still feel the need to defend yourself every time I expose you for the piece of shit that you are. Seriously, you would have stopped responding like Hoopie and the other racist Auburn gumps MONTHS ago if you had any pride, or if you had taken that beating we delivered to you in the Superdome like a man. I knew you would keep responding, and I think it’s great. You represent your white trash, piece of shit, no good family and gump fanbase very well on here with all your essays on teabagging and its effects on race relations in the South. Really informative journalism there, Lou Grant

    Does it bother you when a black man scores TD’s for LSU since you hate all of us?

    • 251
      The Flash

      RC I DO NOT enjoy the fact that you are such a miserable person that you still feel the need to defend yourself every time I expose you for the piece of shit racist that you really are.

      Despite your wildest dreams RC you nor any other gump delivered any beating to me in the Superdome. The only thing you probably delivered a beating to that night was your black junk! There now you can call me a racist because I called you junk black. Why not you call everthing else racist! Yet you call me white trash! I’ve never called you a nigger or even inferred it! And never will, because I’m not a racist like you! I don’t hate any “OF US” (you words )but I dislike gumps like you whether black, white or red(neck)!

      And you are a Fu*king liar just like Crimsonite, You didn’t know “I would keep responding” in fact you said I would never show up here again if LSU lost. So you are a dishonest racist also!

      Your nothing but a corndog RC!

  73. 254






  74. 255





    • 256
      The Flash

      RC quit acting like you’ve never seen the word or heard it. I didn’t call you one like you called me White Trash, but I guess that’s ok right you hypocrite? I said and I quote “Yet you call me white trash! I’ve never called you a nigger or even inferred it! And never will, because I’m not a racist like you!

      So not only did I not call you one, I said I never would! But obviously you can’t read or comprehend! But intelligent people who read that know the truth and know who the fraud is who wants to call every one on here a racist and get all offened if he reads that word!

  75. 258




    • 260
      Indiana Vol

      Rotten Crotch,

      You have played the race card like Jesse Jackass does every time he gets in front of a camera. He is a racist and SO ARE YOU!

      Go tell your KKK buds that the 40s, 50s and 60s are gone and are not returning. While you are at it, go eat a big ole SHI#TBURGER yourself!

  76. 263




  77. 264
    Indiana Vol


    You should know the Southern Poverty Law Center is a Loonie Left outfit aligned with Harry, Nancy and the rest of the DemocRATic IDIOTS in this nation that dosen’t know Jack SH*T; just like the ACLU!

  78. 269

    You do realize you are arguing with a complete idiot, don’t you RC? But if inbred hillbillies are a race, I must be racist a little myself, because Idiot VOL here makes me hate ALL inbred hillbilly people, and that isn’t fair to the rest of ’em 😉

    • 270
      Indiana Vol

      You do realize you are a complete idiot, don’t you BammerBrando?

      You, as well as the rest of the Bammer Morons are inbred hillbillies; just ask the rest of the college football world!

      • 271

        Ask the rest of the college football world, and they will tell you UT is becoming Alabama-Knoxville. I think it would make me puke if Alabama ever got into a position where they were trying to steal away UT people so we could be more like UT.

        As far as being an Idiot, you have proved yourself so many times here of being mentally challenged. Anyone can go back and read the archives here and clearly see you are a little slow, and are not playing with a full deck, and getting into a battle of wits with you is like beating up a retarded kid. You just aren’t much of a challenge, Idiot Vol. Carry on with you MORON! and name calling, which is all you can muster in the face of Bama kicking VOL ass so much the past 5 years. Will UT ever be able to beat Saban? It doesn’t look very promising in the near future.

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