Alabama Football: National championship celebration planned for January 21 at Bryant-Denny

BCS 2012 Championship Logo; Alabama vs LSU
BCS 2012 Championship Logo

Here is the official information courtesy of UA Media Relations about Alabama’s 2011 National Title Celebration:

National Title Celebration Timing Schedule
12 p.m. – Bryant-Denny Stadium Gates Open
2 p.m. – Program Begins

The University of Alabama will celebrate the Crimson Tide football team’s 2011 National Football Championship on Saturday, January 21, at 2 p.m. in Bryant-Denny Stadium. The event will feature the Crimson Tide football team and head football coach Nick Saban. The celebration will last approximately one hour and admission is free.

The entire celebration will occur inside of Bryant-Denny Stadium. There will not be a Walk of Champions event preceding it. Tickets are not required to enter the stadium, and all seating is general admission and will be first-come, first-served. This event will be held regardless of weather conditions. Items normally prohibited in the stadium will not be permitted in the stadium during the celebration event. Block seating will not be available for students.

Seating will be limited to the West side of the stadium. Fans can access the stadium via the lower bowl entrances by entering through gates 10-13 and 16-19. They also can access gates 5 and 21 for the upper levels and on the West side of the stadium. UA students with a valid UA Action Card can access the field for the event though gate 31 located at the southeast side of the stadium. The first 1,000 general public fans that wish to watch the event from the field will be allowed to enter via gate 30. All gates will open at 12 p.m., two hours prior to the event.

Stadium concessions will be available in multiple locations in the lower level of the stadium, but food vendors will not be located on the Quad. No outside food or drinks will be allowed into the stadium. Officially licensed National Championship products, apparel and more will be available for purchase outside the stadium and in the SUPe Store.

The first 30,000 fans entering the stadium will receive a poster of the championship team. Fans also will be allowed an opportunity to have a photo taken with the BCS National Championship Trophy in the South End Zone Plaza starting at Noon.


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  1. 1

    What do ya’ll think about offensive coordinator? Koeter is no longer available. He obviously did a good job with Cam. Saban has had good luck bringing in Pro coaches. I’m impressed with Schottenheimer as a Pro coach, but I fear he lacks the versatility that McElwain had. Tell me you didn’t love the Pistol, Shotgun, Spread formations and hurryup offenses he threw in to confuse our opponents and spice up the game. I don’t know if Schottie would or could adapt his Pro offense like that. Of the two known candidates still available I’m leaning toward Nussmuiller at Washington. They have had an awesome offense in spite of a shyt program the past few years. If McElwain is an indicator, it is easier for a West Coast – Spread coach to adapt his offense to Sabans Pro Style and keep the wide open option intact, than the other way around. We now know what AJ can bring to the table if allowed, and I for one am hungry for more! Opinions? RTR!

  2. 2

    What do ya’ll think about offensive coordinator? Koeter is no longer available. He obviously did a good job with Cam. Saban has had good luck bringing in Pro coaches. I’m impressed with Schottenheimer as a Pro coach, but I fear he lacks the versatility that McElwain had. Tell me you didn’t love the Pistol, Shotgun, Spread formations and hurryup offenses he threw in to confuse our opponents and spice up the game. I don’t know if Schottie would or could adapt his Pro offense like that. Of the two known candidates still available I’m leaning toward Nussmuiller at Washington. They have had an awesome offense in spite of a shyt program the past few years. If McElwain is an indicator, it is easier for a West Coast – Spread coach to adapt his offense to Sabans Pro Style and keep the wide open option intact, than the other way around. We now know what AJ can bring to the table if allowed, and I for one am hungry for more! Opinions anyone? RTR!

  3. 5

    Off topic.

    What you won’t hear from the sports chattering class today:

    In this weekend’s NFL playoffs,

    (1.) The teams with the best regular season defensive performance won:

    The Forty-Niners

    The Ravens

    The Giants in an upset over the #1 seed Packers.

    (2.) Oh, the rematches!

    The Giants avenge a 38-35 week 13 loss to Green Bay

    The Ravens beat the Texans AGAIN (played wk. 3)

    The Patriots defeated the Broncos in another rematch after playing a month ago.

    The Giants will play the Forty-Niners in another rematch for the NFC title

    (and the Giants are a 9-7 wild card team that didn’t win their division much like the 2010 Packers who were also a 9-7 wild card team that won four road games to win the Super Bowl)

    But you won’t hear any of this today from the anti-SEC, anti-Nick Saban sports chattering class.

    • 6
      The Flash

      Finebammer I know you bammers aren’t too smart so I will try and explain to you the problem with your comments and trying to compare the NFL playoffs to Alabama being in the Championship game.

      Your are right the Giants didn’t win their division, but since there is a playoff in the NFL, unlike the NCAA, the winners of the divisions, including the team that the Giants beat, got their chance to be in the playoffs and make it to the championship game. Now compare this to Oklahoma State they won their conference but didn’t get to play for the National Championship, yet Alabama who didn’t win their conference nor a division in their conference. Using your example that would be more like the Giants getting to the playoffs but not the 49er’s who won their division.

      • 7

        Once again, since you LSU fans and Ok. State fans are being so stupid. OK. State was in the drivers seat after LSU beat Bama on November 5th, with Oregon and Stanford making a run as well. Then, in the span of a few weeks, all of them lost. Ok. State lost to a 6-7 team, which would be the equivalent of Bama getting beat by Vandy. Now, if Bama had lost to Vandy this year, I don’t think Bama would have had a shot.

        But the voters and coaches, along with the BCS formulas, the same ones you were touting that had LSU number 1, decided that when it was all said and done, that Bama was deserving of the number two ranking, by the slimmest of margins. Ok. State had to overcome moving from 5th to number 2, with one game remaining. If there was an outright conference championship game for OK state to play in this season, it would have put them over the hump. But since they did not, record wise, they were in the same position as Bama, except for the differences of the loss. Bama lost in OT to number 1, Ok. St lost to an unranked team.

        Most voters agreed that Bama was deserving of the number two ranking, and the BCS Championship Game is all about the number 1 and number 2 teams playing. Was it the right thing to do? Well, that is debatable. But with the system being what it is, put the #1 team vs. the #2 team like it it was supposed to do.

        Would it have been fair to play the number 3 team vs. the number 1 team? Hell no. That was what the BCS was created for in the first place, because of the controversy of that happening. What is interesting is that Mike Slive proposed a +1 game several years ago, with approval of the ACC as well. But who didn’t want it, and rallied the most against it? The big 12, who feared that it would lead to an all SEC national championship game.

        So blame who you want on the system, how it failed, how it wasn’t fair. But 2011 is in the books, and Bama beat the hell out of LSU and won the title. Maybe it will bring some change to the system. But for now, Bama is the BCS Champs.

      • 8
        DAMAGE INC.





        KNOW YOUR ROLE — YOUR TEAM SUCKED — true they are a formidable opponent — but we haven’t seen you in the in-zone in A WHILE.


        CRYSTAL. 😉

  4. 9

    Where’s the outrage???

    A Bama fan “teabags” an LSU fan while a bunch of other Bama fans laugh and watch …and there is no condemnation from the CR? If it were another school …like Auburn …the CR would have come out with about 4 paragraphs of trumped up lies to condemn Auburn ..and there would already be about 50 comments from you rednecks on here agreeing with the comments.

    I purposely waited till now to see if the CR would do the right thing ..but nope …typical, arrogant, biased, hypocritical Bammer actions.

      • 11

        What’s your point? OR ..are you not able to express yourself intelligently.

        I’m talking about the hypocrisy on the CR. Stay on subject. Just take a little bit of that brain power that you use for Nicky love and use it to focus.

        Now …breathe deep and try again to discuss the subject of my comment…..

    • 12
      The Flash

      You’re not the only one to notice it Hoppie. See below

      Published on: January 16, 2012 | Written by: Clay Travis

      ….Alabama football and Kentucky basketball fans are the leaders in the insecurity clubhouse — quick to jump to anger in the face of anything other than blatant homerism, nearly incapable of, as a whole, laughing about their team. (There are thousands of exceptions to the overall rule from both these fan bases so stop with those emails.). But after seven years of traveling to games, writing about teams on the Internet, and interacting with fans on a daily basis I have a pretty good sense for the collective fan atmosphere……

      • 13

        Here you go ‘my little bitch’:

        “In every sense of the word, Monday night’s BCS National Championship Game was Nick Saban’s masterpiece.

        Granted, it didn’t come by accident, or come out of nowhere. We’ve known the 2011 Alabama defense was going to be really good since before the 2010 season even ended. Just looking at the depth chart this past summer led plenty of college football nerds like myself to elicit “oohs” and “ahhs” and say stuff to our buddies like, “Wait, that guy still has eligibility? Oh my.” The names were as familiar to us as most NFL Draft scouts: Dre Kirkpatrick, Mark Barron, Dont’a Hightower, Courtney Upshaw, Josh Chapman. New names like Quinton Dial and Jesse Williams were sure to impress.

        From the beginning there was no doubt this Crimson Tide defense would be good, and by the end of the end Penn State game in Week 2, it was clear that they’d be one of the best units in the country. But it wasn’t until the Tide showed up in Gainesville on the first Saturday in October, it was clear that we could use the word “great” with them too.

        That’s because as easy as it is to forget now, at the time Florida was considered to be a real threat to Alabama. The Gators were 4-0, ranked in the Top 15 nationally, and had just beaten up Tennessee a few weeks before. Entering that Alabama game, there really was a belief that Florida might beat the Tide. If they didn’t, they’d certainty keep things close.

        And to the Gators credit, they did keep it close…for at least one possession anyway. That’s because after John Brantley hit Andre DeBose with a 65-yard touchdown bomb for Florida to go up 7-0, the next 59 minutes were simply a coronation of the Crimson Tide’s greatness. Alabama held Florida to just 157 yards the rest of the night, and gave up an almost unfathomable .5 yards per carry, winning 38-10. To put it in a different perspective, they outscored Florida- the No. 12 team in the country at the time- 38-3 after the first play of the game. Think about that for a second.

        From there, the rest of the season provided a tough challenge for college football writers like myself: How to find unique ways to describe this defense without being overly hyperbolic. After all, there are only so many ways you can say “Alabama completely dominated the opponent,” and after a while adjectives like “physically imposing,” and “overwhelming” became boring too. That tends to happen when you’re giving up less than 10 points and 200 yards of total offense every Saturday.

        So really, we had no choice but to get creative in our description of one of the best defenses of our lifetime. Was it too much of a stretch to say that “Alabama put more people in the hospital than the Ebola virus?” An exaggeration to say that the defense “gave us all nightmares?” If it was, I’m sorry, but as I said before, after awhile we all just ran out of ways to describe this team.

        Of course, it’s one thing to say those things, but in reality, it all would’ve been for nothing if Alabama didn’t win on Monday night. Even though the Crimson Tide were the best defense I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes, what would it mean if they’d lost to LSU not just once, but twice?

        That was the reality entering Monday night’s game for Alabama: There was a chance for immortality, and a chance to be completely forgotten. But there was little chance that they’d be remembered somewhere in the middle.

        Still, it did feel like entering this game that a few too many people had forgotten just how good Alabama was during the regular season. As I mentioned in my column on Monday, all the discussion entering this game was on LSU; where they fit in with the “all-time” great teams, what it would be like to win a third title in New Orleans, things like that. For Alabama, every story line centered around abstract things that were out of their control; whether they deserved a second chance at LSU, why a rematch was good or bad, how a team that couldn’t even win its own conference (or division for that matter) could get a shot at a National Championship. Nobody- I mean NO-body- was talking about the Tide in football terms.

        Well, it’s safe to say that they’re talking about the Tide now.

        To put it as simply as I can, Monday night was one of the most dominating performances in major college football history. End…of…discussion.

        First there are the stats, which really do nothing but make your jaw hit the floor. LSU entered the game averaging 38 points a contest. They scored zero Monday. LSU averaged 215 yards rushing this season. They had 93 yards of total offense Monday night, and just 39 on the ground. Want a quick way to know just how dominating Alabama was on Monday night? LSU got nearly 20 percent of their offensive output on one single 18-yard pass from Jordan Jefferson to Odell Beckham in the third quarter. Twenty percent! On one play! Alabama wasn’t just dominating Monday night. They were some word that has yet to be invented in the English language.

        And really, it all comes back to Saban.”

        • 14
          The Flash

          That’s one my little bitch Brando, but you ran your mouth and said you would post 10 to my one, so where are the other 9? Did your mouth overload you ass again?

          • 15

            Actually, I did post ten links, but you can’t put ten external links in a post here. But don’t worry, I will post them for you as I see fit. Do I really need other peoples opinion to reinforce my beliefs like you so desperately attempt? Why no, I don’t. It doesn’t take much more than watching the replay of January 9th to see who Miles’ daddy is. And what is funny, none of your words, links, opinions, can ever change that fact. So, reality check: If Miles doesn’t win the National Championship next season, we will be gone. Either because the neurotic fan base does it, or he does it on his own to get away from Saban.

        • 18
          The Flash

          And your not a bama homer Damage? But we should listen to or believe what a bammer homer writes but not a Tennessee homer? Is that how it works in delusionalville? And my intelligence is questionable!?! LMAO

  5. 19


    Until Auburn takes responsibility for Cam, cheating, unreported rapes by football players, drug cartels, we do not care what Auburn has to say on the matter. Do you find it questionable Mike Dyer won’t release a statement why he, an All-SEC back, is transferring to Arky St? CLEAN UP YOUR OWN BACKYARD FULL OF CORRUPTION AT AUBURN. You DON’T WANT those details released. And stop your conspiracy theory whining over the “REC” Chicken Little

    • 20
      FBJ Lives

      Drug cartels??? I’m just wondering if ol Dre’s eyes are gonna be red from all that weed homeboy been smoking.

  6. 21

    The REC helped convince the NCAA to waste months and embarrassment chasing your little conspiracies. By your own admission, the NCAA spent a lot of time and money looking at Auburn and found nothing. The rest of thw NCAA world has realized their mistake. Why? ..because there was nothing to find. Instead you are still living in that world.

    I’m talking about the hypocrisy that anyone can read most every day on the CR. Meanwhile you are still parroting some conspiracies that were de-bunked long ago and trying to tell me that I should not point out your obvious hypocrisy based on the writing in this blog because of those de-bunked rumors? You have serious thought process issues. I hope that you don’t do anything important for a living.

    IF you graduated from Bama, then you musta got some liberal art degree, because you have no ability for rational thinking.

    • 22

      First of all, it wasn’t the REC, it was Cam’s dumbass father who openly admitted to soliciting money. That was the number one reason for an investigation. Plus the fact that Auburn was committing so many blatant secondary recruiting violations, and then the fact that 4 ex-Auburn football players got on TV and accused Auburn of pay-for-play. Sorry, but if that happened at any other school, the NCAA would investigate. So, congratulations on coming out without any sanctions. But it was no one other than Auburn affiliates and coaches that caused the investigation. Quit being the typical dumbass Auburn fan who blames Auburns troubles on the REC.

      • 23

        Cam’s daddy did that at MSU ….not Auburn.

        Those 4 players would not testify to the NCAA. I guess it is easy to lie to Yahoo, but lying to the NCAA will get you sued.

        Brando …I see that you can’t keep on my topic either. Why aren’t you outraged at the Bammerneck’s teabagging of the LSU fan? I guess you will say that it didn’t happen.

        • 24

          MSU…Auburn, it does not matter. Cecil openly admitted to soliciting money. What school did Cam go to again?

          And the Bammer Teabagger? I don’t know the dude personally. But he is probably going to end up in some serious trouble. Do I care? No, not really. Am I outraged? No, why should I be? I didn’t and wouldn’t do such a thing, not even to you or our LSU friend Flash. It is really a perverted thing, and that ain’t the way I roll. The dude deserves what trouble he gets, as far as I am concerned, but he doesn’t speak for me nor does his actions reflect on me in any way. Pretty stupid fan, if you ask me. Auburn has their fair share, like any fan base does.

          But I thought your topic was how the REC was involved in Auburns investigation… like it wouldn’t have happened. All I did was show you all the suspicious incidents that led to the investigation. Bama has turned you into a bitter paranoid Auburn fan. Wait… that is how most of you guys usually end up anyways, so nevermind.

  7. 25

    So …where’s the outrage? I’ve pointed out something that Bear Bryant would seriously condemn and all I hear from the CR is …crickets……

    Back in the 60’s (when Bama Nation did actually have class …and before you were hi-jacked by a bunch of trailer-park rednecks) …this would have been seriously condemned. I pointed out this issue and what happens …you attack me.

    Bear Bryant would not approve.

  8. 26

    poopie the outrage is from you awbaroids that are pissed about being in your rightful spot, the back seat get used to it your program only has to pass Arky, LSU, and Bama (in that order) to be at the top of the west it shouldnt take that long should it?

    • 27
      The Flash

      Yellowhammer I know as much as you bammers would like to rewrite history, LSU won the west and the SEC, I know because I was in Denny Bryant Stadium on Nov 5th when LSU beat Alabama! So until bama, Arky or Auburn takes that away from LSU I believe the correct order that Auburn would have to pass would be Arky, bama, and then LSU!

      Yea yea yea I know you tied the series with that game on January 9th some 35 days after the season was over, but that’s not what you were talking about here was it?? So don’t go trying to change the subject now. If Auburn want to climb to the top of the SEC West and the SEC then like I said they will have to pass Arky, bama and LSU in that order. FACTS or FACTS get yours straight Yellowhammer, other wise you are just pissing yellow! Roll TIED!

      • 28
        DAMAGE INC.


        • 29
          The Flash

          Wrong Brain Damaged – LSU won the SEC Championship – You know, the conference bama plays in! But hey if you can’t be right are refute my arguments with facts, just call me a name. It’s what you bammers do best, along with making perverted sexual comments! Roll TIED!

          • 30
            DAMAGE INC.

            I’m so sorry — YES YOU WON THE SEC — WHO CARES?

            NO ONE!


            You just can’t “accept” ANYTHING — HERE’S MY PERVERTED SEXUAL COMMENT — — I’m PROUD to call you a fagget — thank you very much — class has BEEN out of session.

            No worries — the “hat” will take care of you — you know, especially how Gunner bolted for Notre Dame — the “hat” will take care of ya — PISS OFF!!!

      • 32

        Bama was the best team at the end of the season, when it coated the most.

        Flash, your excuses and shit talk doesn’t matter anymore, because the season is OVER, and there is nothing LSU can do about the outcome of losing so badly.

        And I love it that you are already counting Bama out for next season. Tell me this, how disappointing is it going to be if Bama goes into Tiger Stadium and wins again? Not only would it break the tie breaker with Saban and Miles giving Saban the overall edge, but it will likely be the end of Miles at LSU. Sure is a lot riding on next season, and the tough talk has already started. And we seen how LSU handled it when it mattered the most already. So go ahead, bring on all your tough talk and predictions for next season. But you should know better than to count Bama out of the picture, so soon after that ass-whoopin LSU took.

  9. 33


    I AM staying on topic; however, before I answer your question, answer mine first: What are you and the rest of the Auburn fans doing to clean up your tainted University’s back yard?

  10. 34

    Hoopie, I.e. Chicken Little,

    Is Joe Kines the Godfather of the REC? Conspiracy theorist. Is Bobby Lowder the Godfather of the War Eagle Club?

  11. 35

    Since there is still no answer, I now assume that you guys were impressed by what that low life Bammer did to that guy.

    Sadly, you don’t even have the guts to admit it. It would be classless to condone such behavior and it is gutless to hide from your condoning of it.

    By the way, I don’t believe any skies are falling and I haven’t posted anything along those lines. So once again you are trying cheap emotional tricks that are devoid of logic.

    Too bad that Nick doesn’t have the guts to call that guy out like he did the tree killer. I hope that Bammerneck gets charged with sexual assault.

  12. 36


    As Nasty as that was, only Auburn people are really keeping this digusting story alive. One sick, disgusting fan does not project a whole fanbase. Are youva racist too, Hoopie? Every time a murder or robbery occurs in the inner city by an African-American, do you give them the evil eye and still wish we drank from separate water fountains?

  13. 37


    I just realized there was another question besides if you are a racist, that you did not answer:

    What are you and the rest of the Auburn family doing to clean up y’all back yard?

    • 39

      Auburn’s backyard is clean. If it is not, then show me some video. My proof is the video and the fact that you rednecks have yet to condemn it. Stop deflecting the subject …you fool.

      As far as a racist? My wife gives a paid holiday to all of her landscape crew for Dr. King’s birthday. By the way, she has a small company, she isn’t the federal government that borrows money to pay bills. She does this because it is important to place emphasis on Dr. King’s philosophy of change through peace. I live in NW Ga. The various races get along pretty well up here. We go to church and birthday parties together. In particular, we are friends with the family of an Auburn RB from the 2004 team. Many of his family members have worked for my wife. These friends have attended social functions and eaten in my house many times.

      RC are incredibly biased. I don’t know whether you are a racist or not. Most heavily biased people are racist.

      My reason for coming on here is to point out your bias. I use your own words (or lack or words) to make my points. All you do is make unfounded accusations based on rumor. I suspect that if there is a racist in this conversation ….it is the person that has already been proven to be biased ….which is you.

  14. 40

    I’ll make this very clear for all the dumb asses from AU, LSU, or Okie St that troll this site:

    1. AU is dirty and ALWAYS has been. They received their first of 7 football probations BEFORE Bear in 1956, and they currently lead the SEC and are 3rD all time in NCAA history. Alabama is not even in Top 10 in that category. YES, they are now being heavily monitored

    2. Okie St: PLLLEASE!! You lost to a 6-6 Iowa St team. You won your weak ass conference w/o a championship game

    3. LSU: The National Title overrides a conference championship. Even your players and stupid coaches admit that. The only thing that will be remembered years from Now is how the LSU team prematurely blew their wadd and was shutout in NOLA. That, and the fact that UA was the better team that gave the game to LSWHO in the regular season by missing 4 FG’s

    • 41
      The Flash

      Of course you gave LSU the game in Novermber, because Alabama never get beat do they RC?

      You missed 4 FG’s because you couldn’t get close enough to the goal post to attempt a reasonably makeable FG with your terrible FG kickers. But if you want to believe you missed them on purpose in order to give the game to LSU, go ahead and believe that you moron.

      LSU beat bama at their best on their own home field. Bama beat and LSU team that didn’t show up for whatever reason, on a field where the crowd was just about even. Yes I was at the game in the Dome and the crowd was just about even. Props to the Alabama fans for that.

      Bama is champions of one game. LSU is the 2011 Champions of the best football conference in the nation.
      A National Championship does not override or wipe out a conference championship, they coexist. Nobody died and made you King.

        • 43
          The Flash

          Of course you don’t care about the regular season Damage, because bama got beat in the regular season and hasn’t been able to win the SEC in the last two years. But hey congratulations and finally catching up with LSU and getting your second CRYSTAL ball like LSU already has! bama is now TIED with LSU in that department also! Roll TIED!

          • 44

            Last 4 seasons:

            LSU 31-12 0 National Championships
            Bama 48-6 2 National Championships

            BAM! Bitch slapped AGAIN.

  15. 45


    Why are you more interested in the nasty tea bagging incident more than your own program’s sordid corruption?

    • 46

      Omnce again you mental midget ….I’m on here pointing out your hypocrisy that you make up stuff about Auburn and claim that we are so awful, yet when video evidence of a Bammerneck doing something awful shows up …you biased hypocrites say nothing. Even after I point out that you have yet to condemn the actions ….you still refuse to condemn the action ,,,instead you take your 5th grade mentality and try to transfer the issue to some other party using rumors.

      This is why I am here. I’ve only said it about 6 times now.

      Soooooo ….where is your condemnation of the event?

        • 48
          FBJ Lives

          That ain’t Tea Bagging, it’s just the Bama Nation celebrating it’s 41st National Championship the only way they know how, flinging their peckers out and hitting people with them. But only if they can’t find their sisters.

          • 49

            Be careful what you say FBJ, Flash has already given a lecture on that. According to him, you are now a sexually obsessed pervert.

            Read his comment further down for clarification…..

  16. 51


    Those ppl who always feel the need to publicize what they do for “those poor African Americans” are usually the biggest racists of all. “My wife gives them a paid holiday to celebrate Dr. King!” BWAHAHAHAHA…Typical hypocritical arrogance

    you’re showing your bias talking about a nasty tea bagging incident on a rival fanbase forum. It has nothing to do with the rest of the Bama fanbase like those Auburn players who robbed the trailer parks have nothing to do with the rest of the football team. Robberies in the ghetto does not represent my people either, so what is your point, Hoopie.

    Hoopie, did you know an OU fan tried to castrate a Texas fan in ’07? GOOGLE it. Furthermore, what about the opposing Chargers fan who got pummeled in San Diego this year? Have you or any other biased AU fan crossed into other states besides GA and AL? Buy a clue

  17. 52


    You must really enjoy looking at that disgusting tea bagging video. On more than 1 occasion, we’ve called it nasty…You’re like that hypocritical preacher who watches tons of porn but later claims it was all for “research.” I hope you’re not stroking yourself while watching that guy pull out his balls

    • 53
      FBJ Lives

      You still got a real trashy mouth I see RC. Good to see some things never change, after all, every good messege board needs a good glory hole….

    • 54

      I’ve only seen the blurred versions. I also read the NOLA news reports that say the Po-Po are probably going to file sexual assault charges.

      …and all you do is call that nasty. That ain’t condemnation. If this was Auburn you, by yourself RC would have posted about 30 times condemning every Auburn in existence. I’m only calling out the biased CR and all you biased hypocritical Bammernecks that regularly post on here.

      I think that you need to be calling for him to give himself up to the NOLA police. Go raise some money to help find him. Call your buddy, the NCAA investigator and get him to go find the kid.

  18. 55

    Don t feed the trolls. They are only here because they don t have a real life and can t win football games. They are irrelevant. By the way sounds like one of the some of my best friends are black routines

    • 56
      The Flash

      Hey Chuch,
      I believe LSU won 13 football games this year against the toughest schedule in division 1. How many did bama win against a much weaker schedule? Oh yea 12! But hey win has a bammer let facts get in the way of their comments or delusional thoughts! LMAO at you!

      • 57
        The Flash

        Oh and by the way one of those 13 wins was against Alabama on in their own stadium in front of 95,000 gumps like you! You should have been there then you would know that.

        • 58

          Oh yeah, and that 1 loss LSU took, was a shut out in their own back yard! What does it say for LSU to when 13 games, and lose the Championship? Sucks for you guys, right? I would much rather have 12 wins-1 loss and the BCS crystal, than to have 13 wins-1 loss and no BCS crystal. To get beat by Saban, when it counted the most has to be a humiliating feeling for you guys. But you are hanging on to a 9-6 OT win, like that game equals to the 21-0 beatdown you guys took. Anyone with half a brain who watched both games knows who has the better team and coaches between LSU and Bama.

          ‘Toughest Schedule in Divison One!’
          But you didn’t beat Bama in the end. Since you think you were so good, when Bama beat you guys convincingly (it was NOT EVEN close), then what does that make Bama? Thats right, you know the answer.

  19. 59


    This is all so humorous to me how these trolls think tea bagging is the biggest story of the New Year. Yes, Hoopie is the typical New South apologist that my kind hate, “My wife feeds those poor Africans on their holiday” or “several of my best friends are black!”

  20. 60

    All the Barners and Corndogs are calling it “sexual assault”. Kinda going a little overboard with it.

    Yet, they can screw their sheeps without consent and THAT’S OKAY….

  21. 61
    The Flash

    If the Barners were really ignorant to be running around screwing their sheep or other farm amimals you would think they would be ignorant enough to be the ones talking about it, but it is alway the bammers that talk about such perverted things and are the ones whose comments almost always include some perverted sexual remark. I think it is the bammers, based on their own comments, such as this one by Whoreeagle, and the many by Crimsonite that are the sexually obsessed perverts.

    • 62

      And that my friends is how the low IQ mind processes information.

      Flash, you are special….. and a Homosexual (ooops, there goes my sexual obsession again.)

      You need to lighten up, buddy. If this offends you, why do you keep coming back? It is a Bama board, after all.

      • 63

        He absolutely loves to be abused. But what he is doing right now is digging, trying to find something he can say to us mean ol bammers that makes him feel superior. He is hurting right now because Les Miles’ daddy Saban took away LSUs manhood away. This must be the only outlet he can find, because he sure wouldn’t go out in public seeking out a Bama fan to run his goober smooched to.

        • 64
          The Flash

          Better than being a bama fan and going out and doing what bama fans did in that viedo.

          Beleive it are not Whore not all bammers on this site are like you and the other perverted bammers, there are some decent Alabama fans that know they have a good football team and program, but are not completely biased, delusional and perverted like you.
          And they can actually have an intelligent conversation/debate about college football and the LSU/Alabama rivaly without showing their ignorance like you, crimsonite and others.

          If this is only a “Bama Board” why don’t you get CR to say that, because I sure haven’t it read that anywhere? What’s the matter are you scared of someone not wearing crimson glasses coming on here and pointing out facts to you!

      • 65
        FBJ Lives

        I see what you mean Whore, so we are all perverts here now. I beg to differ with you Flash. Save for RC, the rest of us are actually civil, sane people.

        • 66
          The Flash

          Yea thats the same argument Charles Manson uses everytime he goes up for parole. LMAO FBJ. Civil? go back and actually read some of WhoreEagle’s post. Just the fact that he calls him/herself Whore says enough doesn’t it? But hey nice try.

          • 67

            Yes, please read my past posts and look at how all of them are sexual in nature. I say one thing about sheep and Flash goes insane.

            So Flash, please go back and read all my posts and then point out all of the ones that are sexual in nature…..If you have the guts.

            You need to back up your arguments….

          • 69
            The Flash

            To the contrary, I factually point out the nature of many of the post on here, and look at the sensitive responses from you.

            Why am I not surprised that it was an bama performing a perverted sexual act on another drunk passed out human. LMAO What more evidence do you need to support my comments.

            Wine some more Brando?

          • 70

            What does that guy getting tea bagged have to do with Bama beating LSU’s ass to take away the National Championship in their home state?

            Those are the facts you have factually not pointed out.

  22. 71


    why don’t you give up Freddy Weygand, aka, “THE BAGMAN” first, then I’ll join forces with you and OJ to find the real culprit

  23. 72


    Thanks for playing, but every dildo knows a National Championship overrides a conference championship. Just ask Les Miles the size of his bonus compared to SaBear’s. I said “bonus,” Flash, not “boner.”

    • 73
      The Flash

      Well theres another difference between Miles and Saban, Miles doesn’t do what he does for the money, unlike Saban who will sell his sole to the team with the highest offer! That’s a fact he’s proven at least twice now that you can’t argue with and he and probably will again before he is done. Oh that’s right you are ALABAMA, he would never leave ALABAMA because he was born there and went to school there and has lifelong ties there.

      • 74
        DAMAGE INC.

        Saban sell’s his “sole”?!? That Louisiana education has got that best of you (notso)Flash(y) — it’s selling the “soul” not sole — which is the bottom of my foot which kicks your fucking ass!!!! HAHAHA

      • 75

        That is the typical Saban hater reply right there.
        FACT: The reason all you guys hate him so much, is BECAUSE he left. And if he wasn’t a very good coach, you wouldn’t still be so mad about it.

        He took a pay cut when he left Miami, and right away at Bama he donated millions to a scholarship fund for students who are the first in their family to go to college. So much for the claim he ‘sold his sole’. Sure he regretted leaving LSU after building up a good program. But now that he has built an even better program at Bama, why would he want to leave and regret again? And the way you LSU people have acted about it has been the real joke. He still has friends in LSU, but the way the fans are, I can see why he left. The man wins you guys a NC, has a drop off the next season, and y’all meltdown about as bad as any fan base could. Just look at the LSU fan reaction after Saban beat y’all on January 9th. After seeing what Saban has done at Bama, every LSU fan is envious and wished he would have stayed. Watching him beat your team for the NC is really tough on you guys. And for the older LSU fans, this is The Bear vs. Cholly Mac all over again.

  24. 76

    I bet hoopie has watched the tea bagging video and whacked off to it as bad as hes infatuated with it!!! Hoopie whatever u do don’t try and tea bag one of the smoontas that work for ur ol lady raking leaves !!!u might just violate their civil rights ya fukk nugget!!!

    • 77
      The Flash

      Another bama fan and his comments that Saban and the Bama nation can be proud of. Way to represent bamatruth!

      • 79

        Man, Flash. That beatdown in New Orleans has really affected you. You just need to accept the fact that it happened and move along. All this preaching and venom will not change anything.

        • 80
          The Flash

          It especially wont change the class and character of most of the bama fan base like you, will it Whore?

          It was just one game in New Orleans and it hasn’t affected me at all. Was I disapointed we loss, yes of course because I am a fan. But it did not affect me nor define who I am, unlike how bama games seem to define the life of many bammers, including you “WhoreEagle” why eles would you have such a screen name? To me if was just a game, it did not make you better than me or anyone eles. Hell it didn’t even make the bama players (which I know you were not one) better than the LSU players. I’m all ready looking forward to next years rubber match game. So like usual you are wrong again Whore.

          Its only preaching and venom to those with a guilty conscience.

          • 81

            “But it did not affect me nor define who I am, unlike how bama games seem to define the life of many bammers, including you “WhoreEagle” why eles would you have such a screen name?”


            “Its only preaching and venom to those with a guilty conscience.”

            Are two comments that I know did not come from someone with a psychology degree. I think I get dumber from every comment I read from you.

            Flash, getting your panties in a wad over this stuff, proves you need help. LOL! (I know I said the word “panties”, so analyze that and tell me what it all means….LOL)


  25. 82

    Flash tell the truth that was your passed out corndog ass getting tea bagged at krystal!!!! That was a real “sack full”!!! Btw flash who was the first coach to win one of those shared crystal footballs at lswho??? That’s right good ol nick saban! Btw how many of the two that hes won at bama have been shared????? ZERO!!!! The entire nation knew bama was waay better than lswho even tho bama fukked away the first game they still dominated that shyt hole of a football team ya got down there in button rough looserana!!! Its ok flash its ok……THERES ALWAYS NEXT YEAR LMAO YA FUKKIN LOSER!!

    • 83
      The Flash

      Grow up punk. With a vocabulary like that Crimsonite must be your Uncledaddy. You must be trying to become the leader of the gump nation.

      Yes Saban was the LSU coach when LSU won its first Crystal Football and Miles was the coach when LSU won its second Crystal Football, proving the LSU progam is more than just its coach. Who won bama’s two crystal balls, oh yea Saban because bama isn’t good enough to win one without him.

      “The entire nation knew bama was waay better than lswho even tho bama fukked away the first game” LMAO rumblings of another delusional bammer gump.

      Yea there is always next year. Roll TIED or is that now
      Roll High TIED in the light of Dre getting arrested for pot.
      At least at LSU we test our players during the season, obviously bama doesn’t. LOL

      • 84

        “bama isn’t good enough to win one without him.”

        Flash, do you really want to stand by that comment? Or do you want me to go ahead and point out the obvious?

        Are you really this stupid? Serious question.

        • 85
          The Flash

          Yea Whore exactly how many BCS Crystal Balls did Bama win before Saban? Serious question. And we will have to wait and see what the bama programs does after Saban leaves. For your sake I hope its not as bad as it was after the Bear and Stallings left.

          • 86
            The Flash

            And don’t try and answer the question by telling me how many mytical national championships you gumps claim before the BCS era where now you have to win the crystal on the field in a championship game.

          • 87

            Bama has won National Championships before the BCS, and will after the BCS is gone. Just because the BCS didn’t exist before doesn’t discount Bamas historic National Championship wins. I have seen Bama win 5 in my lifetime, with THREE different coaches. So, Saban will retire at some point. Every coach will. The question is, what will happen at LSU when Miles is gone? For your sake, maybe it won’t be as bad as the Archer and DiNardo days when you were the perennial bottom feeder in the SEC.

  26. 88
    Indiana Vol

    Why is there no mention on this site of the arrest of one of Nicky Satan’s prized players who was busted for POT possession in Florida?

    Typical Bammer Updyke Moron THUG!!

    • 89

      Yeah, if we are not careful we might win the “Fulmer” cup.

      Its a prize that all the SEC fanbases are aware of..

      Want me to explain it to you, Vol?

  27. 90


    Alabama won a National Title in ’92 with Gene Stallings. Les Miles’ Title in ’07 came with MOSTLY Saban players & recruits. Miles inherited a great Saban program at LSU, Saban inherited crappy programs and rebuilt them at LSU & Alabama. Miles has proven he can’t win the GAME THAT MATTERS with his own shitbirds, and Saban’s title this year was HIS OWN TEAM. Saban is BETTER than Limp Dick LES.

    As far as thug players, how many LSU players stomped on that Marine? Remember Willie Lyles? STAY TUNED LOSER! 21-0!!!!

    • 91
      The Flash

      RC bama was voted the National title in 92, they did not win it on the field in a National Championship game. And I’m pretty sure they did not give out crystal balls in 92! Pay attention to the conversation and question at hand if you are going to try and answer it. But hey STAY TUNED LOSER! 9-6!!! ON YOUR OWN HOME FIELD NO LESS!!!!

      Saban also won his first title at bama in his third year there just like Miles did in his third year at LSU. So I guess that means Saban won that title with mostly Shula players & recuits, right? Or are you a hypocrite?

      Despite the bullshyt you bammers want ot believe to make Saban your lord and savior, the facts are the LSU team Saban inherited had won the SEC WEST two out of the four years before Saban got there. He also inherited some very good players and recruits from Dinardo who recruited very well. In fact there were as many players go pro that Saban inherited as the ones he recruited.

      In November all you gumps and the nation was saying that Nov 5th game counted, and Les won that won didn’t he. Bama got lucky and got a rematch by less that 8 one hundredths of a point. And because of it Saban got an unfair advantage of an extra week to study and prepare while his players sat on their ass while LSU had to play in the SEC Championship game and beat another team better than all but one or two on their schedule all year.

      If according to you “Saban is BETTER than Limp Dick LES” then why is he only 3-3 against him, especially when you consider how much better Saban’s recruiting classes have been over Miles’?

      Oh yea and I guess that game last year, when Miles out coached Saban and won, didn’t count either right? You remember the one where if bama would have won they would have gone into the iron bowl with only one loss and would have been playing for the SEC West and a spot in the national championship game.

      With his own shitbirds, as you call them, Miles went undefeated for 13 straight games against the hardest schedule in the nation this year. That’s better than Saban was ever able to do with his own shitbirds at LSU! You think it had anything to do with Miles finally getting all of Sabans shitbirds of the team? NO cant be because you gave Miles credit for winning a national title with Saban’s shytbirds! Miles has proven he can win with his own shitbirds or somebody else’s shitbirds. I say that makes him a damn strong coach.

      And I know your have limited brain capacity RC but don’t get other’s comments mixed up with mine. I never said bama had thug players, and I don’t know how many players stumped on that ex-marine. But based on what he did in the bar before he was kicked out, if it had been my girlfriend or friend I would have stomped on his head too. I fully support our military, but just because you are a marine doesn’t mean you are perfect and never do anything wrong that deserves you getting your ass beat.

      • 92

        A few semantic points. Yes, Alabama won it in the national championship game against Miami. That was the first bowl coalition setup that allowed #1 vs. #2. in the Sugar Bowl that season.

        Furthermore, they did get a Crystal Football as it adorned the top of the Sears Trophy that looks essentially the same as the present Coaches’ Trophy.

      • 93

        Actually, Saban did win a NC championship with Shulas recruits, or what was left of them after 2 years of Saban. He did run quite a bit off, and some of his freshmen were big conributors, but you are right. He won with a lot of upperclassmen that were Shula’s recruits. Same goes for Miles in his third year. The upperclassmen on that team were all Sabans recruits.

        But this season, this was the first class of ALL SABAN recruits, that he won with. So, he has won a NC with his players, and with someone else’s recruits. Sounds like a solid coach to me.

        The game on November 5th evidently was not enough to keep Alabama from being the number 2 team, so quit bitching about it. The game that mattered the most was the championship game. Bama redeemed themselves from the first game when they totally dominated LSU from start to finish. Wasn’t even a close game. 9-6 sounds really weak from you in the face of 21-0 in the BCS Championship.

        And bragging about last year (2010)? That was a close game as well. Yes, LSU won, but did they play for the National Championship? All LSU did that year was ensure Bama didn’t play for it. This last LSU-Bama game is one that people are going to remember above all the others, because of what was at stake.

        So, after all of your chest thumping, Miles and Saban are at 3-3. Saban has 3 BCS Championships to MIles 1. And Saban has only been at Bama 5 years, won 2 NCs, compared to Miles at LSU 7 years, with 1 NC, and did it with Sabans upperclass recruits.

        When you say Saban couldn’t win that kind of schedule, that is just your opinion. You have no proof to prove that is a fact. What Saban did at LSU was good, but trying to compare it to what he has done at Bama is where your logic is flawed. Saban has done better at Bama than he did at LSU. That is FACT. Since Saban has been at Bama, he has had more success than LSU with Miles. Another FACT. Just compare the trophy cases.

  28. 94

    Hey flash tell the class how many losses lswho had on 07!!! Can ya count to 2???? It was a fluke ass season for your pastel purple pussycats that team will never amount to shyt y’all will won 9 games and finish 3 rd or 4 th in the SEC y’all aren’t contenders ur fukkin pretenders!!! Now go wash that ball sack smell off the back of ya head you’re smelling up tha joint! !!

    • 96
      The Flash

      Hey bamatruth tell me how many teams in 07 had less than 2 losses? 2 and LSU was better than both of them and proved in on the field in the national championship game. So what’s your point?

      Talk about flukes or luck. Saban has now gotten two teams into the national championship games by less than 25 one hundreths of a point, COMBINED!!!

      As for as your wishful biased prediction for next year, I go with these from much more reputable sources than some gump:

      • 97

        Honestly, I said at the time that Georgia was playing better football than LSU in the 2007 season. LSU made the BCS game because it lucked into facing Phil Fulmer in the conference title game instead of Georgia.

        This is the biggest problem in the SEC. You can’t get a real champion since teams play such different schedules. Have you seen UGA’s schedule next year? Honestly, Alabama, LSU and Arkansas are going to be better than anyone in the SEC East, but UGA will get a chance because of its schedule.

        • 98
          The Flash

          One major semantic point to your comment CR. With regards to this past year, LSU and Alabama played basically the same SEC schedule with the exception of one game each. Vandy for bama and Kentucky for LSU. I’m sure you will agree neither one of those teams made a difference to the determining the outcome of the SEC champions for this past year and could have been interchanged on each teams schedule with no difference in outcomes. So where as your point might hold some validity in previous years, it does not for this year. LSU is the true and undisputable SEC Champions for 2011.

          • 100
            The Flash

            Very professional response from the editor, manager, bloger of this site! I now see if you have no higher standards for yourself, why you have the type of bama poster you do on this site.

            But thank you for agreeing with me with your first statement and let me correct you CR on your second statement, all LSU fans give a damn and most of the fan bases outside of bama give a damn by being glad that it was anybody besides bama as SEC Champions for 2011!

          • 101

            Facts are Facts. What good does that SEC Championship do you, when the BEST team in the SEC beat your team down, shut them out and TOOK the BCS trophy from you in your own back yard?

            Bama is the true and undisputed National Champion of 2011. Which trophy would you rather have, if you had to choose only 1?

            It just serves to give Bama motivation for next season…

  29. 102


    STOP WHINING. NOBODY CARES about the conference championship, you little pussy boy.THE AP & BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP OVERRULES a conference championship. You can keep posting your drivel how an SEC title means more from now till doomsday, and we’ll keep putting you in your place. You have to be a major fukin idiot to keep arguing that point on a rival’s message board after your team prematurely blew its wadd all over their back yard 21-0!!!!

    I mean, it wasn’t even close 21-0 LOSER!!!

    • 104
      The Flash

      Again with phrases like “your team prematurely blew its wadd all over their back” from a bammer like RC, is it really suprising to anyone that it was a bama fan that did what was done in the Crystal. The kid is probably a poster on this site or the child of one.

  30. 105

    Lol take media sources predictions all u want but gunner kiel told ol les than zero miles to kiss his yankee ass to go to frealing notre dame!!!! And exactly how many crystal balls did lswho win before saban? All of your rebuttals are redundant! 9 games ya jack wagon 9 games!! Bet your years supply of corn sogs and KY on it boy!

    • 106
      The Flash

      You bammers are so full of yourselves. The No. 1 QB in the nation may not be coming to LSU, but he is also not going to bama either is he? He may have changed his commitment from LSU because mama wanted him to stay closer to home, but he did stongly consider and even commit to LSU at one point.

      Thats more than you bamers can say especially considering Saban and bama was recruiting him also.

      • 107

        Hell, it looks like all Bama needs to beat LSU is McCarron. Bama was initially one of the leaders for Keil. And actually, after he de-committed from Indiana, he did look at Bama again, but Bama had cooled on him and moved on. So, ALMOST having the number one QB commit and back out, is like ALMOST winning a National Championship now? Nice stretch. Maybe he seen Bama destroy LSUs offense, and decided he didn’t want to be part of that rivalry.

        • 108

          Where does Flash get this stuff?

          “but he did stongly consider and even commit to LSU at one point.

          Thats more than you bamers can say especially considering Saban and bama was recruiting him also.”

          This is suppose to make us angry or something? Dude needs to go back and get his GED.

  31. 109

    I do not live on this board. And am not long winded as most of the guys that stay on here. But as to why this young man left LSU anyones guess. But I have a strong feeling that after watching the Alabama-LSU game,he didn’t want any part of the SEC. One other thing is 9-6,42-14 and 21-0. Count ‘um up! RTR

  32. 110


    • 112

      LSU fans = drunken transvestites that talk funny, and stay in constant fear of Saban, and compare everything Miles to the man the fear the most.

      You talked about 2 Bama fans, I just discribed at least 50% of LSUs entire fan base.

      • 113
        The Flash

        Tree Killers and Tea Baggers are the 2 bama fans, perverts are the other 75% of bama fans.

        Brando proving once again she can’t read! LMAO

  33. 114

    Poor FLASH,

    hate to tell you this, but the tea baggin and tree killin don’t stick in our crawl. Those were the actions of 2 dumb ass individuals. Do you think African-Americans like myself should pay for the individual actions of SOME of my people. I mean the news media is always over-reporting our crimes? Are you a racist, Mista Flash? I’m pretty sure you and Hoopie are. ANYBODY who projects the actions of certain fans across an ENTIRE fanbase will do the same thing on other issues such as race and culture. Both you and Hoopie need to get your heart right with God


    • 116

      RC, there is no doubt that much of this hate comes from bigotry. I have pointed that out more than once.The lumping of a group because of the actions of a few is the very definition of stereotyping. It is the same thing as when people on here refer others as redneck white trash just because they are from the south. Stereotyping others as being stereotypical is bigoted. poopies “some of my best friends are black” comment explains it all.

        • 118

          Flash likes to “LOL” and “LMAO” a lot. Especially, with his own comments.

          This man has no friends and has never talked to a woman. You can just tell…..

        • 119

          if I hated Auburn I would troll pro Auburn blogs and make comments continuously, obsessively, relentlessly . However I dont ever go to any sports blogs except for Alabama. I guess that comes with not caring about what other fan bases think. The “hate” you pick up on is for trolls ahem…that…well you know where I’m going.maybe?

  34. 121

    Oh,and by the way. I watched some clips on this young man from Texas coming to ‘Bama Wonder if McCarron has? Alex Morris looks pretty darn good. And runs good also. RTR

  35. 122

    21-0….Now that is PATHETIC for a team that was proclaimed the best team in college football history 21 Seconds before kickoff!

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