Alabama Football: Nick Saban comments on departure of Sal Sunseri

Here are official comments from Alabama about the departure if assistant football coach Sal Sunseri.

Comment from Alabama head coach Nick Saban:
“Sal is an outstanding coach and really did an excellent job with each and every responsibility he had while he was here at the University of Alabama. Although we hate to see Sal go, we understand this is an opportunity for him to grow in this profession and take on the role of defensive coordinator. We appreciate all that he did in terms of his time and his dedication in contributing to the success we’ve had at Alabama.

“We’ve worked together a total of four years, including the last three seasons here, and we appreciate all Sal did to improve the program. We wish Sal and Rox the best and I’m sure he’ll do a great job as he always has.”
Comment from Alabama freshman defensive back Vinnie Sunseri:
“I love my dad, this is a great opportunity and I’m really happy for him. In terms of my status, the University of Alabama is the place for me and that is what my heart and my mind tells me. This is my home and there is no place else I’d rather be. I’ll root for him every day of the year except for the third Saturday in October.”