VIDEO: Highlights of Alabama’s win over LSU in SEC basketball play

Watch these video highlights as Alabama defeats LSU 69-53. Alabama improved to 13-3 and 2-0 in the SEC.

The highlights include some of the best plays from both teams and go about one minute.

Alabama basketball head coach Anthony Grant talked about the game. Quotes via UA Media Relations:
Opening statement:
“Well it’s always good when you can get a win. Obviously now in the SEC we get to take our record to 2-0 in the league and I’m pleased with that. There were a lot of things today I think we did do well and things we didn’t do well that we have to improve upon.”

On working through some early mistakes:
“Yeah I thought our defense really carried us. When you look at the defensive numbers, that was key for us. We understood that they were a very explosive offensive team in terms of guys who shoot the three-point shot and then guys on the interior that can score and be very effective. So we felt like defensively we would have to do a great job and I felt like our effort tonight on the defensive end was pretty good and I thought rebounding was another key for us. They got 13 offensive rebounds which is too many, but had a +10 advantage on the boards, so those things are always good. Fifty percent from the field is always a good number.”

On the offensive struggles tonight:
“Yeah I felt like we were out of rhythm in a lot of different ways. We have players like JaMychal who is trying to get back into a rhythm so he can get back to where he normally is. We just need to understand that it is going to take some time with the amount of time that he has missed to get himself back in the rhythm. But overall, we just have to make better decisions, just in terms of what we are doing with the basketball and how we do it. We cannot afford to make some of the mistakes that we made in the first half, and even in the second half.”

On Trevor Relefords play:
“I thought Trevor did a very good job throughout the game. I think his approach over the last several weeks with the way he has come prepared to practice and getting himself in the gym and understanding the opportunity like he has to lead this team has been a big reason for his success over the last several games. He has been a beneficiary of things that some of our guys have been able to create on defense as well. It’s always going to be a team effort and Trevor would be the first person to tell you that.”

LSU HEAD COACH TRENT JOHNSON talks about the game:
Opening Statement:
“We simply didn’t play well tonight. We weren’t able to execute most of our plays. For some reason, we weren’t able to play like we’re capable of and that’s my fault. It took a while to get going and attack the rim. I’m going to look back at the videotape. I didn’t like the way we competed tonight. I’ll look at the tape, see what went wrong and fix it before we play Arkansas.”

On the athleticism of the Crimson Tide:
“What game did you guys watch? Our kids missed open shots and committed 15 turnovers. It is what it is.”

On the team’s first SEC road opener:
“It’s just basketball. Sometimes you have your good days and sometimes you have your bad days. We had guys who missed wide open shots. We needed to settle down earlier on in the game. We put ourselves behind unfortunately. That’s the bottom line. It would have been different if there were no turnovers, we attacked the rim better, and forced more steals.”

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