DEBATE: Alabama’s Nick Saban or UConn’s Jim Calhoun?

You can expect more debates and discussion about where Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban falls in the pantheon of coaching greats. It is understandable. Saban just led Alabama to its 14th national championship (ninth of the poll era) and the third of Saban’s career (LSU 2003 and Alabama 2009 & 2011). By any measure, Saban has accomplished much. Other coaches have too.

So, Total College Sports Analysts Sean Salisbury and Tim Doyle compare the careers of Alabama’s Nick Saban and Connecticut’s Jim Calhoun.

The debate centers on Calhoun’s building of UConn versus Saban’s winning at schools like Alabama and LSU that already had a tradition of producing NFL players and championships.

Is this a fair comparison to make? Can we compare across sports like this? And more interestingly, is one point made in the debate—that Alabama’s Nick Saban is getting close to Bryant’s standing in college football. What do you think? What will it take for Saban to challenge Bryant’s standing at Alabama?