REVIEW: Eli Gold & Stan White provide excellent sports radio

One thing separates 97.3 The Zone’s morning show from every other morning sports talk show in Birmingham—the hosts are prepared. Eli Gold and Stan White prepare for their show and bring that prep work into the studio. They know their guests and ask interesting and informative questions.

Compare that with other morning sports talk shows where the standard conversation is “Uhm.”

Over the last couple of weeks, I listened to several hours of the show and came away impressed with both Alabama’s Eli Gold and Auburn’s Stan White.

Eli Gold’s interest in sports is deep and diverse. He can speak intelligently about a range of sport topics. One segment featured college football (with an emphasis on the Alabama and Auburn coordinator searches), pro football and baseball.

The coordinator situation at Alabama allowed Eli and Stan to discuss potential ramifications on the BCS National Championship Game.

One of the best examples of Eli’s ability as an interviewer happened last week prior to the Poinsettia Bowl game between TCU and Louisiana Tech. Eli asked Louisiana Tech broadcast crewmember Dave Nitz about the difference between Sonny Dykes and former coach Derek Dooley. The answer provided insight not only on Dykes, but on Dooley’s serious and business-like approach to coaching. It was a small detail in a larger interview about a college football game, but it provided insight into the psychology of a rival SEC coach.

Stan White always has something to contribute to the conversation. Want to talk about conditioning for LSU heading into the BCS National Championship Game? Stan White is prepared to offer his opinion from a football player’s perspective. Want to talk about tonight’s bowl game between Baylor and Washington? White will share his thoughts that RG3 will dominate. Want to talk about concussions in football? Stan White has experience with that and will share his opinion on that too—players in the NFL are paid for taking the risks associated with playing the game.

This is one reason that Eli Gold and Stan White work. They can have an intelligent conversation about sports without resorting to the nonsense on display on certain other morning shows.

Your football intellect improves when listening to Eli and Stan.