REVIEW: Eli Gold & Stan White provide excellent sports radio

One thing separates 97.3 The Zone’s morning show from every other morning sports talk show in Birmingham—the hosts are prepared. Eli Gold and Stan White prepare for their show and bring that prep work into the studio. They know their guests and ask interesting and informative questions.

Compare that with other morning sports talk shows where the standard conversation is “Uhm.”

Over the last couple of weeks, I listened to several hours of the show and came away impressed with both Alabama’s Eli Gold and Auburn’s Stan White.

Eli Gold’s interest in sports is deep and diverse. He can speak intelligently about a range of sport topics. One segment featured college football (with an emphasis on the Alabama and Auburn coordinator searches), pro football and baseball.

The coordinator situation at Alabama allowed Eli and Stan to discuss potential ramifications on the BCS National Championship Game.

One of the best examples of Eli’s ability as an interviewer happened last week prior to the Poinsettia Bowl game between TCU and Louisiana Tech. Eli asked Louisiana Tech broadcast crewmember Dave Nitz about the difference between Sonny Dykes and former coach Derek Dooley. The answer provided insight not only on Dykes, but on Dooley’s serious and business-like approach to coaching. It was a small detail in a larger interview about a college football game, but it provided insight into the psychology of a rival SEC coach.

Stan White always has something to contribute to the conversation. Want to talk about conditioning for LSU heading into the BCS National Championship Game? Stan White is prepared to offer his opinion from a football player’s perspective. Want to talk about tonight’s bowl game between Baylor and Washington? White will share his thoughts that RG3 will dominate. Want to talk about concussions in football? Stan White has experience with that and will share his opinion on that too—players in the NFL are paid for taking the risks associated with playing the game.

This is one reason that Eli Gold and Stan White work. They can have an intelligent conversation about sports without resorting to the nonsense on display on certain other morning shows.

Your football intellect improves when listening to Eli and Stan.


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    Auburn Grad

    I think Stan White’s knowledge of the game was best displayed that day when AU beat Florida and he called Herbstreit, “Kirbstreit”

  2. 3

    I couldn’t argue w/ your review. Forget all the babble that spews from most of the “other” stations mouths, just tune in to hear the difference they bring, plus good for your heart and bp to not to have to listen to 2 fan bases fight over the radio.

  3. 4

    The problem with this show – is that the both of them work for their respective universities. I don’t expect a whole lot out of the Joxsters – either. They all have agendas – except for Tony. His struggle is to show up sober.

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    AU Eagle

    Thanks for not taking a swipe at Stan White as this is sometimes a painfully Bama biased blog. I will listen to them more. Thanks.

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    Tommy Jones

    Stan is good on the show, but he is undoubtedly the biggest whiner and gripper I have ever heard on a radio football broadcast. To listen to him, “it’s Auburn against the whole world, particularly officials.”

  6. 8

    I could not agree more. Stan White is tolerable for an Alabama fan to listen to, doing more on the air than spouting Auburn bias and propaganda. Can’t say the same for Al DelTaco on Jox, and Jay is just simply ill-prepared on a daily basis.

    People call with recruiting questions and he has no idea what they’re talking about. This could stem from the “upper classman” mentality that veterans of a school have toward new talent…that because they’re unproven on the college level they barely deserve your attention.

    Whatever the case may be, Eli’s and Stan’s show is head, shoulders, upper and lower torso above the crap Jox airs every morning.

  7. 9

    The deal on Jay – is that he is Mr. Evans. They allow him to take off as much as he pleases – they don’t have to pay him. In fact – he is considered part -time by HR. The grapevine whispers that Al and Tony privately – hate this. Who can blame them ? Jay won the damn lottery.
    I like Eli – but he is handicapped by his employer. I am going to be honest about Stan. He is another no talent that copped a job – because of his Auburn connection. Hell. There are a lot of ex- athletes that live off their careers……

    • 10

      i remember eli from the early eighties with his “calling all sports”. he was great (to me) then. he does a great job with nascar. he is very knowledgable about a wide spectrum of sports. (unlike tim brando)

      he just can’t call a proper goddam football game.

      most alabama fans disagree. (some vehemently)

      but i challenge any thinking alabama football fan the next close game we’re in, shut off the tube and try listening to eli and phil.

      see how long you can stand it before you turn back on the tv.

      a good play-by-play man can create a picture in your mind.

      i know it’s blasphemy to say this here but jim fyffe was one of the best.

      concerning barker, i must disagree, pluto.

      he stank before he met sarah.

      now he’s just the same sucky radio-talk jock who’s married to a hottie who turns everything she touches to gold.

      i hate jay for his role in luring paul from ERC.

      the days of the tonya harding refreshment chairman calls are sadly gone.

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    Auburn Grad

    Am I the only Auburn guy who thinks Stan White is a damn joke? They’re still scraping his carcas off the Legion Field turf

  9. 12

    I hear you. Ever since PFRN left ERC – the program has changed for the worst. He lost Vickers and the pandering to this elusive national audience – XM does not provide ratings – and working for the worst radio company in America – in succession – Citadel – now Cumulus. Forget the lawsuit – he’s stuck there for another year. Even if he moves to the Zone – it is going to be a 3 hour show – with a advertising load limit pushing 25 plus minutes. The show is going to be very scripted and tight with callers. It is anybody’s guess whether XM will pick it up. There will be an hour to make up……

    • 13

      “The show is going to be very scripted and tight with callers.”

      i would be very surprised to see paul in a tightly controlled environment. very.

      say what you want about the show now, but paul likes it that way. if he didn’t, it wouldn’t be.

      the thing that makes the show unpalatable now made it great then. the callers.

      the shows at wapi and werc had a smaller, more local caller base.

      roger from bessemer. steve from forest park. B. O. B. mike from center point.

      i never listened to JOX in those days because i never wanted to. i enjoy listening to those smarter than me.

      i went to the ’91 Auburn/Alabama game (the “bone” game) with Roger and Mike. we bought tickets from Auburn students and sat in the middle of them heckling away.

      i never had a better time in my life.

      listening to paul changed me.

      after the stallings/langham scandal in ’93, i stopped buying the company line out of tuscaloosa.

      (recall the presser where stallings told a reporter “i’m not a detective” when asked if he had checked into the story langham told him. after about five years of listening to paul religiously, i knew something was wrong with that quote!)

      i knew from the beginning mike dubose was not going to work out.

      (i’ll always believe stallings set up bockrath with that recommendation)

      ditto mike shula.

      listening to paul helped me see thru the coach speak and administrative clutter that covers up the travesty that was mark gottfried’s desperation that ended the nba lottery hopes of ron steele.

      (even though he was still covering for mark early on in that scandal in 12/06!)

      basically, paul helped transform me into the cynical rat bastard i am now!

      thanks paul!

      happy new year to all of you, kool aid drinkers and fellow rat bastards alike!

  10. 14

    Yes sir. I agree with most of what you post. Most of the callers are just horrible. Another problem is that the phone system cannot handle the volume . Another one of those Citadel – Cumulus things. Too damn cheap .

    • 15


      don’t know if you like to read. (i love to)

      just got thru reading s. king’s latest, 11/22/63.

      a lot of folks don’t read king and turn their noses up at him. i started reading king as a teenager and have been hooked since. he’s on of my favorite authors.

      i believe what one reads says a lot about them. reading king over the years can’t say much good about me.

      (king is a sick bastard)

      but this book is different. it is without a doubt his best since the stand.

      i think i know a little about your politics and i know you know a little about mine.

      i’ve been a fan of king’s long enough to bite the bullet and enjoy this.

      and i did!

      i KNOW you will. (well, i think i know)


  11. 16

    Yes sir. All knowing and somewhat seeing. I know the deal and appreciate you. I like the guy. All things must change and I’m beating that damn highchair …….

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