Elitists hate Paul Finebaum

Paul Finebaum’s radio show is relevant because people get to share their opinions. These opinions are often wrong, but that is the great thing about Finebaum and his show—he gives everyone a chance to speak their mind. Everyone includes doctors of theology, doctors of philosophy and averages Joes. It is the level playing field Finebaum provides which threatens the elites. After all, it was Finebaum’s show that launched the late Shane from Centerpoint on his quest to be a sports writer—something the sports journalists didn’t like because he had the temerity to do it without wasting time in some liberal College of Communication. The Finebaum show gave Robert from Waterloo, Iowa a venue to share his thoughts. And we are all better for listening to Robert.

Shouldn’t university professors like Wayne Flynt approve of the diversity showcased on Finebaum?

This openness makes Paul Finebaum’s show a true marketplace of ideas. When you have this type of open market, you get your share of nutcases.

However, the bigger nutcases are usually the guests (ie: experts) and not the callers.

Larry Langford? Tim Brando?

I’d take I-Man and Jim from Tuscaloosa any day of the week over those turkeys, err, experts.

But not Wayne Flynt. According to this story at Weld, Flynt doesn’t care for the Finebaum show. According to Weld, “The main thing is that we should respect our enemies,” Flynt said. “But at the same time, we have to forcefully go after them in the public arena, because we can’t continue living in a society where opinion trumps information. I don’t want to see Alabama governed by the Paul Finebaum Show.”

Flynt continued, “Much of what these opposing groups say is so clearly absurd that no rational person can accept it. But as irrational and paranoid as they are, it behooves us to realize that this rhetoric is coming from a great deal of anger in their lives, and from a deep well of fear about the future. Many of them are not well-educated, or their jobs have been outsourced to other countries, and they don’t have the skills to cope with the new world a-borning.”

How can you “respect” your enemy and then spend so much time calling names? Paranoid? Irrational? Anger? Fear? Not well-educated?

Give me the Paul Finebaum Show over this paternalistic nonsense.

Or, as William F. Buckley once said, “I am obliged to confess I should sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of Harvard University.”

I’d rather live in a state governed by ordinary people than elites who believe different opinions are the result of fear, paranoia, anger and the fact we aren’t all doctors of philosophy.


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    Yankee Elitist

    “How can you “respect” your enemy and then spend so much time calling names? Paranoid? Irrational? Anger? Fear? Not well-educated?”

    None of those things are “names.” Only a moron, such as yourself, could possibly think “paranoid” or “anger” is a derogatory term.

    “Moron,” by the way, is a great example of an actual “name” in the sense you meant.

  2. 3
    Chris B

    This is by far the worst article and use of logic i have ever seen in my life. Also, you clearly have NO CLUE what diversity is.

  3. 4
    William Gordon

    When listening to Paul Finebaum I always consider the source. As of lately my favorite has been Greg Mcelroy who is very informative, intelligent, and takes any ribbing with laughter. Mcelroy is a gentleman so he stands out in Finebaums world of everyday men to circus freaks. Robert from Iowa has been the other anchor for me to utilize my listening ear and pretty much has saved the show. If it wasn’t for those two, I wouldn’t be listening. I am an Auburn fan so Shane never really had my respect sadly enough until he started battling cancer. The callers that become regular callers, well, they speak for themselves… there is a long list of ignorance and foolishness there, starting with Tammy.

    But unlike Harvey Updyke, I have enough common (very common) sense not to take the show personal. I agree its a sounding board for your average joe, but even an average joe can pick out a regular joe from a “1-can short of a six pack joe”…… and I am afraid that when I walk out of the Finebaum convenience store I may be missing a beer or two. Happy New Year and God Bless !!!!!

  4. 6
    Auburn Grad

    It’s not a secret at Auburn University that Dr. Flynt is a closeted queer. Just ignore him. He’s way past his prime. WDE

  5. 7

    You repeatedly show a lack of journalistic prowess with your nonsensical writing and unintelligible opinions. Thank you and War Eagle.

    • 8

      repeatedly? Does that mean you have repeatedly visited this site? Wait, let me guess, you come here because it is so mundane that you cant help yourself? Yes how predictable.

  6. 9

    Elitist describes flynt perfectly.

    He’s lived a life subsidized by those he looks down on.

    Juan McCain was another example of this thought process a few years back when he tried to ram an amnesty bill through Congress before the press and the public found out about it.

    But he wasn’t fast enough for Rush Limbaugh. Rush shined daylight though McCain’s smoke screen and got the phones jammed in D C.

    In his frustration, McCain was quoted saying, ” Limbaugh’s running the country. ”

    Like Nancy Pelosi with the Obama care (“we’llhave to pass it so you can see what’s in it”) McCain thought he knew better than the people what we needed.

    Ditto flynt. Wayne’s a big government Democrat who too thinks he knows better than the average “joe” what’s right and wrong.

    It should come as a shock to no one he made these comments in a bed wetting liberal rag like the “weld”.

    • 10

      you are an utter dipsh*t. and for the record i am an Alabama fan and a Finebaum fan. i wonder if you were critical of George W. Bush when he and his cronies rammed bills through or when he expanded government. i think Obama is a bad president but don’t condemn him for things you gave Bush a pass for. and if you listen to Rush Limbaugh do the world a favor and put a bullet in your head.

      • 11

        to begin with, you don’t know me and have no idea what i have or haven’t given bush a “pass” for.

        for example, i was completely against the prescription drug addendum to medicare.

        i don’t think the government has any business using my money to buy your drugs.

        two, i believe bush was extremely naive in thinking he could reach across the aisle and work with any democrat. a fact that became painfully obvious when after reaching across the aisle to, of all people, ted kennedy to help craft education legislation, he got his arm chewed off when democrats led by kennedy used the iraq war as a political football to try and unseat him in ’04.

        those are just a couple of examples off the top of my head.

        i will give bush credit for this. after re-election, he tried to take on social security reform. when looking over the political landscape and gauging the opposition, rather than twisting arms, buying out opponents and ramming through legislation by any means possible, (including breaking congressional rules and traditions) he backed off.

        as we get further down the road towards the coming insolvency of the social security system, (and rick perry is right, it IS a ponzi scheme) millions of americans are going to find that the money that was forcibly taken from them by big government to “help” them has been blown up a wild hog’s ass and they have nothing.

        that’s what i hate about big government democrats like flynt. he thinks he (big government) knows better what to with your money than you do.

        he pushes his pro-union agenda completely oblivious to the plight of states in this most recent economic downturn where big union has a stranglehold on in the workplace and government.

        i would posit the reason for flynt’s ignorance is due to the fact his never picked up a hammer or wrench and broken a sweat to make a living outside of his cushy, taxpayer subsidized position in academia.

        people like you assume people like me follow the rush limbaugh’s of the world blindly when (while speaking for myself) nothing of the sort is true.

        i’ve learned in the private sector there are consequences to your actions. when i’ve screwed up the day before i know i have to bust my ass my fix it the day after.

        in my dreams, i wish for a day when everyone had to pay their federal taxes like their cell phone bill.

        government, while railing against the greed of business, uses them to do their dirty work, collect their taxes. government gets “their’s” before you get yours.

        people are, for the most part, oblivious to the government rape of the fruit of their labor. this is by design.

        if you’re overcharged by the power company, you pick up a phone.

        if, at the end of the second quarter, you’re thinking of the disrepair of the interstate system while looking at the tax bill your paying, do you think (like john mccain) the government wants to hear from you???

    • 14

      The comments by folks like “finebammer” only further proves Flynt’s point. As is also proven by who is running the state. “Columns” like this embarrass me as a citizen of Alabama. All Flynt has done is document and advocate for poor Alabamians of all races, sexes, and religions…and has shown why they should be proud. Educate yourself.

  7. 15

    I certainly agree that Flynt”s work on exposing the power structure in this State – and his steadfast support for poor people – Is a great thing. However – you can on occasion – over talk – over think a situation. That is the case with PFRN. I listen to a lot of talk radio – the concept of “caller driven” format – is unheard of and scorned in the radio business. The fact is – Paul let’s it happen. That in itself – is remarkable……

  8. 16
    Rogue Elephant

    “Finebaum gives everyone a chance to speak their mind,” even though it is painfully obvious that most of his callers don’t have one.
    At least, that’s the way it used to be.
    I completely stopped listening to him years ago and haven’t missed him one bit.

  9. 17

    How many “poor” people has Wayne Flynt taught to fish??

    Those who can, do.

    Those who can’t, teach.

    Flynt has made himself quite a living on the backs of Finebaum callers he looks down his nose on.

  10. 19
    dumb rednecks

    Correction: People with half a brain hate Paul Finebaum. If you listen to that show, then I seriously question your intelligence.

    And to the people that listen to him, call in constantly, or don’t realize that he has used the state of Alabama as a running joke for the rest of the nation to see…..please, don’t reproduce.

  11. 20

    Finebaum gives special access to his “special” callers. I know someone that was called and offered this. He wants to antagonize everyone to keep Jerry Springfield type arguments going on. He plays the regulars and most ignorant callers and makes fools of them. Many times reasonable, intelligent callers aren’t allowed on or if they can trick their way onto the show, he quickly dismisses them.

    Finebaum is vile …he uses people. Stoopid rednecks think it is great that they get to have a “voice”. Finebaum doesn’t give the rednecks a voice ….he let’s them open their mouth and prove their ignorance so that everyone else can laugh at them. I guess rednecks can’t see that ..thus the typical blather from the Capstone Report.

    • 21

      “Finebaum gives special access to his “special” callers. I know someone that was called and offered this.”

      ok hoop, i know this to be crap.

      name names. prove what you’re saying.

      anybody can call that show. the only “special access” is for guests to the show.

      that’s the hypocrisy of flynt and is ilk. if flynt were such an advocate of the common alabamian, you would think he would favor giving them a voice.

      but it’s not their voice he wants to hear.

      it’s his own.

      flynt only wants to hear the voice of the poor, common man when it parrots his own.

    • 22

      Actually I, for one agree with you Hoopty. The show has always lived by the Jerry Springer mentality with the callers. He has always had some ‘regulars’ since the beginning, that seem to get priority and are ‘staged’ to some degree.

      There is another side of it, with the quality of the guests he has on his show. I like that part of it, it is the baiting of stupid callers and allowing of the back and forth between Bama and Auburn fans, with him stirring the pot. I quit listening to that part of it years ago.

      How much publicity and notoriety did Finebaum get with the Harvey Updyke story? Yet it was the presence of this show that practically creates a situation where any unstable person can be hooked into the show, (the crazier the better) and go and do something stupid, and Finebaum profits.

      But, like I said, there is more to the show that is intelligent, and there are great guests on there at times also. I wish there was more content of that nature than the hours of free-for-all idiots taking shots back and forth. Finebaum has no allegiance to Bama or Auburn. He has flipped from one side to the other numerous times, just to keep both fan bases’ fringe lunatics coming back for more.

  12. 23

    “I knew we were making progress when the lunatic fringe reappeared, as it had in the education reform debate.”
    Opponents of the constitution issue claimed it was a plot to remove the words “under God” from the 1901 document and would pave the way for a United Nations takeover of Alabama’s government. (“With all the problems in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East,” Flynt writes, “I was unclear on why the U.N. would want to add Alabama to its list of dependent states.”)

    o k, wayne.

    united nations takeover.

    i will admit to not being a big fan of the state constitution.

    but the concerns i’ve heard expressed were that big government types like flynt might have too much influence in the process and use it to raise taxes and expand government.

    i follow politics, state and national. i’ve NEVER heard anyone state an opposition to rewriting the state constitution over fear of a possible U N takeover.

    sounds like something i might hear on fineb………….


    • 24
      Darren Franks

      Remember that thing called freedom of speech people?i love the Finebaum show.Iits opinion based and If you dont like it dont listen and why does everyone get so offended about what other people say?We gotta change our name from the United States of America to the United States of The Offended

      • 25

        Yes ..freedom of speech . Flynt is allowed freedom of speech and his opinion ..so what’s your problem?

        I guess you want to stop that huh? ..hypocrite!!!

        Finebaum plays to the ignorant, biased, hypocritical rednecks. The CR support of Finebaum is an example.

        • 26
          Darren Franks

          Look Hoopie you jackass.Did i say Fiynt did not have the right to freedom of speech??!! No I did not.I certanly think think everyone is entitled to his or her opinon.Why dont you read what is written before you comment? RTR!!!

          • 27
            Darren Franks

            And o yea Hoopie.Why the hell are you even on CR if you cant stand the people on here and you have the nerve to call someone a hypocrite?You need to look in the mirror “hypocrite”!!! You moron!!!! LMAO

  13. 29

    Yeah. He has become wealthy and what is wrong with that ? It is unfortunate that the Hot Dog callers – tend to get the spotlight. I can’t stand them.

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