Top JUCO cornerback Travell Dixon announces it’s ‘Bama

As the Alabama Crimson Tide prepares to play for its 14th National Championship, and in the wake of getting good news from Trent Richardson’s likely heir apparent (T.J. Yeldon), tonight Bama got even more good news.

Travell Dixon, the top JUCO cornerback in the land, dispelled rumors that he had shifted to Florida State, announcing instead he’ll finish his college career at the University of Alabama. Dixon had over 40 scholarship offers.

Making his commitment via Twitter and facebook, above you see the message Dixon and his family sent America.

Dixon is 6’2″, 200 lbs. and figures to factor into Nick Saban’s plans immediately. Bama may lose as many as three defensive backs to graduation or early entry into the NFL draft.

One reality that’s worth pointing out, Dixon is the second commitment to Bama coming during the NCAA’s mandated “dead period”, which takes place during the bowl season.

Could it be that Alabama’s Nick Saban has again rewritten the “how to” book of recruiting, rendering his competition helpless from trying to hound, badger and pressure his recruits?

In other words, prevent Auburn and their ilk from pulling a “Cyrus K”.

Whatever the case, Nick Saban is rewriting the record books in Tuscaloosa, maintaining the relentless talent train that has put Alabama at the top of college football, figuring to keep them there for years to come.

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  1. 1

    Saban has had great results from Juco’s. Hope the streak continues. It won’t help us overtake Michigan in though since the stupid bastards don’t count Juco’s. Just read where Oklahoma is 2-1 to win 2012 BCS. Bama is 5-2 and the Corndogs are 3-1. We need to take the Bookies in this country to a Proctologist and have Oklahoma extracted from their asses. You can’t pass a phucking season without those bastards being favored. And when was the last time they won anything? Who the hell even remembers? Plus they looked like warmed over shyt this year. By the way the majority of the Books now have Bama at (-1) in the Tigers Lair on Jan 9th. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  2. 4

    Oh and congrats to the Basketball team. They put a old time ass whuppin’ 69-52 on OSU who you know was drooling to extract some revenge for their football team. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  3. 5

    like i said at kickoff u want the money on lsu – in our favor will be the payout if lsu wins with lsu a 15:1 to win nc in 2011…the books don’t lose …it’s all about the ledger

  4. 6

    This is great. Way to go Mr. Dixon. Young man you made the right choice. And you have a nice looking family also. Now roll with the Tide.

  5. 7
    The Flash

    I love the cream of some young guy in my coffee on the daily!!! I know absolutely nothing about college football I just love watching all thoae mixed breed coonass mens grabbing all over each other it males my kok n balls feel o so fabulous! !!! LSU = Licks Sacks Uncontrollably

    • 8
      The Real Flash

      Another bammer fraud using someone else’s screen name to prove that bama fans are inbred redneck perverts with nothing but football and perverted sex on their minds, not necessarily in that order, 24/7.

  6. 9
    The Real Flash

    “Trent’s not coming back, but if he does come back just to win the Heisman, he better hope Matt Barkley doesn’t come back.” – Just a Fan December 19, 2011

    “Fag you dumbass moron, Barkley has already said goodbye.” – Crimsonite’s reponse December 20, 2011

    Once again Crimsonite you proved you are a liar and/or you don’t know what the phuck you are talking about.

    YOU are an ignorant moran and you porve it everytime you open your mouth and put in down in black and white for everyone to read. LMAO

    December 22, 2011:
    “LOS ANGELES — Quarterback Matt Barkley will remain with USC for his senior season”

    Baww Waaa Waaa!!

    • 10

      Trent doesn’t need to come back. For his sake, you can’t pass up that kind of money. Matt Barkley isn’t in line to earn Trent Richardson money.

      Bama’s ground game will be outstanding next year, regardless. Lacy, Fowler, Hart, now Yeldon, not to mention several others.

      Yep, we’re shaking in our boots over Trent leaving.

  7. 13

    honey badger most overrated player in cfb history – horrible vs run and pass….nick saban is honey badger takes what he wants and no one else

  8. 15

    Well actually Barkley may be. He was predicted to go 10th. That is why he was advised to declare. According to all sources he had decided to declare. Then when he called for a presser today all the Condoms at USCw were shitting razor blades. There was a collective West Coast gasp when he chose to stay. The poor motherphuckers think he is gonna lead Lame Kitten to the 2012 National Championship. They are even claiming USCw will teach Nick Satan how to play offense. Stupid bastards don’t realize that we play offense very well. It’s those dumb phucks who don’t play defense. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 16
      The Flash

      “According to all sources he had decided to declare”

      LMAO! You phat phuck liar! YOU said “Barkley has already said goodbye.” I challange you to post a link to just two “Sources” that said Barklye had already decided to declare before you made your first comment on December 20th.

      You are a typical looser bammer Crimsonite.

  9. 17

    To the dork who was bitching about our basketball teams offense last night. I would suggest you do a little research before you yap. We started 3 freshmen a sophomore and a junior because our best player All SEC JayMichale Green was injured and did not play. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a true freshman replacing an All SEC senior can be an alarmng experience. Yet still we beat the dogshit out of a very good OSU who usually has their way with us. Give’m a break ok. RTR!

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