An Open Letter to Coach Nick Saban on Strategies for the BCS Championship Game

BCS 2012 Championship Logo; Alabama vs LSU

BCS 2012 Championship Logo

This was posted by one of our regulars here, and I couldn’t resist making it a featured article. Enjoy. I’m sure it will fuel some conversation today. Read it and share your thoughts on what Alabama should do in the rematch against LSU.

Dear Coach Saban,

Congratulations on your team making the BCS championship game.

As I’m sure you know Coach, we’re accustomed to playing for championships around here.

Those guys represented by the statues at Bryant-Denny Stadium have taught us a few things about championship football.

One, was paying attention to the details.

Here’s a few off the top of my head for you to work on:

(1.) If you win the toss of the coin, defer to the second half, kick the ball to them and play defense first. I won’t bore you with the details on why, just rest easy in knowing the other Statues were real big on that, so it must be important.

(2.) While we’re on kicking, don’t kick to Tyrann Matheiu. It will increase our chances of winning exponentially.

(3.) Teach A. J. to quick kick. I don’t know if you’ve noticed (no joke) but our punter sucks. Everybody says he’d make a great linebacker.

Put his ass there.

(Timely reminder time: don’t kick the ball to Tyrann Matheiu)

(4.) According to the rules (I looked it up) you get 3 timeouts per half, but there’s a catch. The one’s you don’t use in the first half don’t rollover.

(I know what you’re thinking: how is that fair, my cellphone minutes roll over but not my first half timeouts?! Sometimes Coach, life’s not fair)

If you use them for nothing more than to contemplate the wisdom of dropping A. J. back to pass inside our own ten yard line, we’ll understand.

Which leads me to #5.

(5.) Don’t drop A. J. back to pass inside your own ten yard line. A. J.’s a sophomore. He doesn’t understand that he can’t drop back and hold the ball back there all day against one of the nation’s best defenses. He needs guidance from our offensive co-ordinator on this.

(or maybe our offensive co-ordinator needs the guidance)


Until he’s a junior or senior and has proven the ability to realize that, my advice is just hand the ball to our Heisman candidate, Trent. if we don’t make a first down, punt the ba………wait, remember that quick kick thing??

(6.) Did i mention don’t kick the ball to Matheiu??

(7.) In the first half nov. 5th, Brad Smelley was a heck of a weapon for you. In the second half, he didn’t touch the ball. My advice?

If you’ve got something that’s working in the first half, use it in the second half. There’s no rule against that. It CAN rollover!

If something’s working, use it until they stop it.

(the Statues were big on that too!)

I know this is getting a bit long-winded and you have things to do, so I’ll wrap this up as quickly as possible.

(8.) Stay away from overtime. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings on this one, Coach, but the fact is your record in overtime ain’t that great. (in fact, it sucks too) If you were to find yourself one point down after scoring a touchdown late in the game and went for two and didn’t make it, you’d hear some grumbling from some corners,but I would understand.

(9.) Should you ignore my advice (I know, perish the thought) and find yourself in overtime, tell A. J. to take the snap, turn and HAND THE DAMN BALL TO TRENT!

(sorry. Didn’t mean to yell, Coach. I got excited)

(10.) Just to make sure I’m clear on this, don’t kick the ball to Tyrann Matheiu.

In closing, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you were in the championship game against the best team in the nation. Of course that means they’re from the SEC. We’re not playing a team from the Pac 10 or the Big 12 or the Big 10 where the athletes and coaching are inferior to ours.

You’re not going to be able to get away with the mistakes or depend on the opposition’s coaching errors of, say, the ’09 BCS championship game.

These guys are good. Real good. It will require everything you’re asking of the players from the coaching staff and game plan as well.

Coach Bryant let it slip one time that it was his sole responsibility to put his team in the best position to win.

We’ve kind of taken that to heart around here.

I don’t mean to pressure you, but we expect that of you too.

In closing, don’t bother thanking me. I know your time is limited. Just trying to do my part as a concerned and loyal fan.