BCS Drama: Coaches Poll has Alabama #2, Oklahoma State #3

AP poll also released with Alabama at #2. Two computer polls show Alabama at #2 ahead of #3 ranked Oklahoma State.

The Coaches Poll was released by USA Today via twitter today. Here is the information you are interested in seeing: “USA TODAY coaches poll (points): 1. LSU (1475) 2. Alabama (1399) 3. Oklahoma State (1367) 4. Stanford (1286) 5. Oregon (1232)” (Source).

The AP Poll was released this morning too with results on Twitter. According to the AP’s Ralph Russo, “AP poll, just to add to the conversation: 1. LSU. 2. Alabama (38 second-place votes 1,418 points. No. 3 Okla St (22, 1400).” Also, “22 AP voters switched from Alabama to OKlahoma State this week at No. 2” (Source). The AP is not part of the BCS formula, but it is interesting and an important part of the conversation of college football.

News from the realm of the BCS computers include word that Alabama is ranked #2 in the Sagarin computer formula, according to the rankings published by USA Today. (Source)

Speculation via twitter from Andy Staples is that Alabama is #2 in at least one other computer poll, the Wolfe rankings. According to Staples, “Got e-mail containing Wolfe rankings (another part of BCS formula): 1. LSU, 2. Bama, 3. Ok State, 4. Arkansas, 5. Kansas State, 6. Oregon.” (Source) Also, “Yes. Bama No. 2 in two that we know of. At least one of those counts. RT @Sunthas: highest and lowest computer poll dropped. right?” (Source)

So, are you feeling more or less confident right now?


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  1. 2

    When your ONLY loss is to the No. 1 team AND it was that close versus losing to an unranked team, come on. Bama and LSU are clearly the two best teams in the nation. If you did not like the first game, you just don’t like college football. Roll Tide!

  2. 3

    Clearly, no one wants to watch a re-match and another Bama loss. This is OSU’s year and it will be devistating if they do not get the support and votes to play for the title. They earned it. And they will beat LSU.

    • 4
      # 1 al. fan

      Who says that no one will want a rematch of Bama and LSWho? I believe you underestimate the true fans. If you watched the first game you can’t help but see what I mean. Clearly LSWho and Bama are the two best teams in the country and if LSWho should best Bama again then I will tip my hat to them cause they will have done a good job in playing and coaching. As for OSU, they had a good team this year also, however, they couldn’t beat LSWho either,

      • 5

        “Anyone who doesn’t win their conference, has no business playing in the national championship.” – Nick Saban in 2003. I sure don’t want to see a rematch. OSU has had more quality win, in both bow teams, and top 25 teams. It is not even close. There is a media bias toward the SEC because it has been the best conference the last 10 years. Part of that is self perpetuating, because the SEC teams always start off the season ranked high. Those in-conference victories carry more weight than they should.
        Alabama had it’s shot. If there are going to be mulligans, let’s have a playoff system. Alabama might be the 2nd best team, but Saban was right in 2003

        • 6

          Too bad that quote isn’t true. I think it is really sad that Oklahoma State/Auburn and LSU fans are pushing a fake quote in their bid to keep Alabama out of the championship game.

          Your argument that a Alabama had its shot is a good argument. Don’t sully it with BS quotes.

          The reality is this is the real world and what is fair isn’t what happens. In general everyone agrees Alabama is better than Oklahoma State, and there is a reason for this. The Little 12 is a freaking joke of a conference.

          • 7

            I wouldn’t call the Big XII a “joke of a conference”, but I do agree that this year the two best teams are Alabama & LSU. It’s not even debatable, because while OSU did beat some ranked teams, they didn’t exactly do it in impressive fashion. They survived against A&M by 1 pt, and gave up 45 to KSU on their home field. Meanwhile, Bama not only beat their ranked competition, they destroyed them – AND took the #1 team in the country to overtime. An LSU team that no other team in the country has managed to stay within 13 pts of all year.

            The only reason Bama didn’t win their conference is because they weren’t given a shot – because LSU and Bama are in the same division. That doesn’t change the fact that the two best teams this year just happen to be from the same conference, as well as the same division.

            I don’t want to see a championship blowout based on principle. I don’t want to see Miami clobbering Nebraska, or USC hammering Oklahoma. I want to see a Texas vs USC type of game. I want to see the two best teams fight it out, both equally matched. This year, that is Bama & LSU.

  3. 10

    Okie St. won’t beat Bama much less LSU. Not in favor of a rematch but it’s clear that Bama and LSU are the two best teams out there.

    • 11

      That’s honestly where I am at — I would rather there not be a rematch, but I want the two best teams playing for it all. This year, that is LSU and Alabama.

  4. 12

    OSU got beat by Iowa St. 2 weeks ago and in modern
    times that is like getting beat by Vandy or Ole Miss.
    No freaking way do the pokes deserve to play for the
    BCS championship. Alabama is by far the best team
    beside LSU in the country. RTR

  5. 13

    I don’t see Ok St putting points like that up on LSU,BAMA.it will be one sided if ok plays LSU.I would much rather see a boring battle in the trenches than a boring blowout.

  6. 14
    Bama Dave

    Alabama finished 3RD in the SEC. Oklahoma State WON the Big 12. Alabama lost to LSU at home. Couldn’t score a TD and missed 4 very easy field goals. Bama is NOT a complete team. Oklahoma State is a complete team. Their Special Teams alone is 1000x better than Alabama’s. In 2006 you all cried when Michigan was in the same spot as Bama is today. The SEC preached you shouldnt play in the BCS NC game if you don’t win your conference. But now you change your minds? Looking at the schedule alone it is easy to see that Bama’s non-conf schedule is nothing better than a high school football schedule with N Texas and Div 1AA Georgia Southern…

    • 15
      # 1 al. fan

      Hey everybody loads up on the ‘high school’ types. They help pad the lesser endowed schools bills! Its gone on for years…….RTR

    • 17

      OSU barely survived (by 1 pt) against an A&M that couldn’t hang with Arkansas. LSU & Bama both demolished Arkansas.

  7. 18

    Every highly ranked coach in college football and most of the legit sports analysts have said, that if you did not think the first LSU Bama game was a great game, then you do not know football. Okie State plays in a conference that for the most part, lacks any defensively sound teams so of course, they should put up big numbers! I am also tired of the OSU were grieving argument for their loss to Iowa State. It did not seem like their grief was affecting them when they had a 17 point lead at one time during that game!

  8. 19

    Jessica = Dumbass broad that doesn’t know shyt! Don’t know Damage. I was under the impression that the coaches were our strongest supporters. They should know best and be less biased except for teams in their own conferebce. The AP media was too close for comfort. The Harris is laced with media who tend to be stupid biased and have their own agenda. I’m concerned about the Harris. However, OSU was supposed to blow us away in the computers. If we are still ahead in 2 and maybe 3 which is half of them, then we just may have this thing in the bag. RTR!

  9. 20

    They continued focus by some of comparing losses and not wins is very telling. The same people know that when you begin to compare wins and SOS, OSU’s resume is head and shoulders above. If Bama gets in after OSU’s domination last night, college football as a whole will take a monster step back.

  10. 21


    Compare this…
    LSU-No losses
    ISU- Six
    So not only does the six hurt Okie St. but the fact that Bama lost to a none loss team that actually beat the Big East AND PAC-12 champions during the regular season in blowouts would show you who the best 2 are.

  11. 22


    I just compared wins and losses in simple form. To say it doesn’t matter who you lose too is bull..period no one wil buy that arguement I’m sure you’ve made it some point in time. So I showed a different side….the teams they have lost too…who did they lose to and have beating? Bama makes the strongest case hands down.

  12. 23

    Hay Bama Dave you faggot. Get off this board with that screen name, and you can follow him with your nose up his ass Joseph! And by the way we are 2nd in the SEC and Arky is 3rd. Georgia is 4th and OSU would be 6th behind So Carolina. Also dipshyt, we held that mighty LSU to 2 measly field goals. Are they also a sorry assed team like us? Phucking retards! RTR!

  13. 24

    Another thing that voters are probably considering is the Big 12 resume as a whole. The SEC’s top 5 teams have 1 – count em 1 loss outside the conference and that was to #6 Boise St. Arky lost only to #1 and #2 in equal blowouts and they beat Tex A&M worse than OSU did. Forget the 5 overrated Big 12 top 25 teams that OSU beat. Their new signatue win is over #19 OU who actually played like #60. Bama’s signature win was a blowout over #7 Arky. Now those are the facts that really matter. FYI don’t you have a dying Eagle and his likewise dead roosting trees to be taking care of. This is none of your business troll. RTR!

  14. 27

    The SEC is the toughest conference in college football… OSU would Lose against LSU and everybody would see that the Big 12 and every other conference besides the SEC is like high school football….

  15. 29

    Hey you guys please keep us updated on the poll results. I’m on my cel today and it’s a bitch keeping up. I will find a tv at 7 for the BCS standings. But first need the Harris and other computers when released. Thanks. RTR!

  16. 36

    Neither the Harris Interactive website nor USAToday Sports which carries the Harris Poll have updated their sites yet. Last week Harris ddn’t update their own site until about 30 minutes before the BCS results were released. If anyone knows where it can be found sooner please inform us. I used to have a link to all six computers till my cell was stolen.

  17. 37
    Jim Welch

    “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own set of facts.”

    First, Alabama finished with the 2nd best record in the SEC – 11 and 1 with the only loss to LSU by a Field Goal.in overtime.

    Neither team scored a touchdown. Both defenses were that good.

    Regarding Bama’s schedule, it made OK State’s look like Ned and the 1st Reader.

    Surely you aren’t proud of winning over teams like Tulsa and Lousiana-Layafette, are you? Was that some tough competition for you?

    And, having Iowa State spank you and send you home is nothing to stick your chest out about.

    BCS Championship is about having a knock-down drag-out between the 2 best teams in America, and this year those 2 teams are Alabama and LSU.

  18. 39

    Ala deserves to play LSU. Why. The teams they have played have won more games than teams osu have played. More of Ala opponents will b in bowl games than osu opponents. Ala only lost to the #1 team. Osu lost to unranked te

  19. 40

    SBN (Son of a Bitch Nation) is predicting OSU. The report of Wolf going for Bama I can’t confirm. Hasn’t been updated that I could find. Sagarin and Massey have gone Bama. Billingsley, Colley and Anderson/Hester have not reported, but they went OSU last week. Hard to figure they would change. Harris is critical. No way to know which 2 will be eliminated in computers since no way to know which is high and which is low in. Don’t know if Bama will go 3-1, 2-2, 1-3, or 0-4 in the computers. Time moves on!

    • 41

      The Massey numbers aren’t the BCS formula. That won’t be released until later.

      However, with Alabama 2 in Sagarin and 2 in Wolfe then that puts Alabama into a strong position relative to the votes needed in the Harris Poll.

      The Wolfe results aren’t posted online, but Staples got his hands on a copy via email that contained the results. I tend to trust his report of the numbers.

      The early returns are definitely in Alabama’s favor.

  20. 42

    How do you know the Massey results aren’t the BCS formula. That’s Massey’s purpose, to provide rankings to the BCS. They are the same type of results they have always shown and the header said ‘Results For December 3rd 2011 – 54 teams ranked’. Looks legit to me.

  21. 43

    Many of the computer polls have two or three different rankings. Like Sagarin. The computer polls used by the BCS cannot contain score differential, etc. I believe you have to go to Massey’s BCS page to get the BCS computation, and that is not posted until later tonight per BCS rules.

    At least, that is my understanding of it.

  22. 44
    Just a Fan

    #1Al fan
    You don’t know for certain that OSU couldn’t beat LSU, but everybody in the nation knows and saw that Alabama couldn’t beat LSU, even on your own home field!!

  23. 45

    Just a fan, if you don’t have anything to add to this besides stirring the pot,just leave it alone. Don’t you have some alligator to hunt or some gumbo to cook right aboit now?

  24. 46
    Just a Fan

    Oh the anguish coming from Alabama fans!

    If Alabama doesn’t make it, please pray for the women of Alabama. Support the cause to stop domestic abuse.

  25. 50
    Just a Fan

    How ironic, an Alabama fan saying get over yourself! LMAO

    Hey fat die dont sweat it too much, I’ve gotten word from the SEC office that if bama doesn’t get in, they will give yall a rematch next year!

  26. 51

    The BCS should be used to determine the top 8 teams for a playoff, not to determine the teams for the Championship. BCS= Bull Crap System.

  27. 52

    Nah I’m not sweating it big guy, you guys are gonna have to work for that NC.We already know u got out played already,sure you got the w and that’s what counts.spin it how you want to sucka, y’all are praying you get OK state.

  28. 54

    That quote NEVER was said by Saban. Since we are going off unconfirmed and unverified reports, I guess Auburn fans did roll Toomers Corner when Bryant died…2 can play this game

  29. 57

    Reports are that we are NC bound jerry palm and Alabama bcs Facebook group both said that inside sources have let them. Nola Jan 9th

  30. 58
    Just a Fan

    You complain about a quote that may or may not be true because somebody can’t support it and then you make a statement, “in general everyone agrees Alabama is better than Oklahoma State”, that you can’t support as true.
    Very hypocritical of you! Maybe In general everybody on Alabama agrees with that, but I’m not sure if even that would be a true statment!

    Jakefreedom, you’re wrong, Alabama got it’s shot to win their conference on November 5th!

    • 59

      That quote from Saban is horseshit, Even the incompetent Phillip Marshall used the quote and then apologized for it. The quote is a fabrication. A lie.

    • 61

      Not hardly. I didn’t make up a quote to serve my purpose.

      My comment is an opinion based on the preponderance of BCS coverage in the last month. And, right now the data shows that most everyone in the college football world (at least the ones that matter) agree with my statement, ie: coaches and media via Coaches Poll and AP poll.

      Now, no survey data exists, but everyone who knows football knows the best two teams are in the SEC.

  31. 62

    Yes it is a bullshyt lie used by assholes with an agenda to dis Bama. Finally today an LSU alumnus admitted that it was an LSU football player who actually said it. Phuck it anyway. Here we go. ESPN just projected Bama to New Orleans and OSU to Arizona. More and more pundits are projecting Bama and with good reason. You hair lip phuckers can quit saying OSU has a batter resume cause it aint true no more as of today. With the final positioning according to the coaches poll the SEC has 5 top 25 teams and the B.ig 12 4 The SEC has 4 top 10 teams to the Big 12’s 2. Bama has played 3 top 25 teams – #1, #7 and #23. OSU has played 3 top 25 teams – #10, #14 and #19 pitiful OU. And #10 Kansas State ran out of time at OSU’s 5 yard line behind by 7. This is why Bama is still ahead in several computers since the SEC is now the toughest conference and Bama now has the better resume. OSU’s only hope was the computers and now the computers are Bama’s. It’s all over dudes. LSwho is ours. RTR!

  32. 64

    Over on the OSU Rivals site where I have been almost singlehandedly defending Bama, there is an innundation of cocksukers from Barnturd U, the Corndogs, Gayturds, Semiholes and even phucking Wolverheinous from Michigan all backing up OSU and dissing hell out of Bama. It’s real easy to discover who the inbred shyt headed motherphuckers are in the SEC. They are much worse than the OSU fans, who you know are pretty laid back or I would have been banned in 15 minutes. Bwaa haww haww! I actually hope they get the Fiesta. It’s a damn good bowl and they are a cinderella with an old man at QB. Much better than phucking Texas. Hell I got banned the same day on OU’s board and I went there as a friend till some asshole got stupid. I look at it as the Red Badge of Courage to get banned on as many Rivals boards as possible. Bwaa haww haww. That’s around 10 now. 6 in the SEC. Was 7 until Tennessee relented. RTR!

    • 69

      I know Ass-Whooping Day really hurt, and now Bama gets to play for a National Championship. It is like salt in the wound. Auburn fans are All-In on being crybabies again. Y’all keep it up! We love to see you cry! Go Virginia!

  33. 70
    Hate Smurf Coach

    If Bama wins I think it should be a split NC or another rematch. After all is losers get to call for a rematch after they got beat in their own home field, then LSU should get a split.

    Alabama team is great, Alabama fans suck.

    • 71

      If Bama wins, Bama is National Champions. Sorry, but that is usually what happens when you play in a National Championship game. Your disappointment and crying about it makes it all worthwhile. Cry some more! You can’t change a thing.

  34. 72

    Losers didn’t call for a rematch,the voters did. You don’t sound too sure of your team smurf. Your tears taste sweet.

  35. 73

    Hey Fan, I’ll lay off washing my dick for a couple of weeks so you can enjoy it more. I never start the nasty shyt, I JUST FINISH IT! If it wasn’t for shytheads like you and Flash and Hoopie and Mandyke on OUR board, I wouldn’t have to getnasty. I’m really kind of a likeable guy. Sort of. Yeah, we’ll be crying all the way to New Orleans just thinking about all you bastards hating us and the mean ol’ thngs you said. NOT! Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

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