BCS Drama: Coaches Poll has Alabama #2, Oklahoma State #3

The Coaches Poll was released by USA Today via twitter today. Here is the information you are interested in seeing: “USA TODAY coaches poll (points): 1. LSU (1475) 2. Alabama (1399) 3. Oklahoma State (1367) 4. Stanford (1286) 5. Oregon (1232)” (Source).

The AP Poll was released this morning too with results on Twitter. According to the AP’s Ralph Russo, “AP poll, just to add to the conversation: 1. LSU. 2. Alabama (38 second-place votes 1,418 points. No. 3 Okla St (22, 1400).” Also, “22 AP voters switched from Alabama to OKlahoma State this week at No. 2” (Source). The AP is not part of the BCS formula, but it is interesting and an important part of the conversation of college football.

News from the realm of the BCS computers include word that Alabama is ranked #2 in the Sagarin computer formula, according to the rankings published by USA Today. (Source)

Speculation via twitter from Andy Staples is that Alabama is #2 in at least one other computer poll, the Wolfe rankings. According to Staples, “Got e-mail containing Wolfe rankings (another part of BCS formula): 1. LSU, 2. Bama, 3. Ok State, 4. Arkansas, 5. Kansas State, 6. Oregon.” (Source) Also, “Yes. Bama No. 2 in two that we know of. At least one of those counts. RT @Sunthas: highest and lowest computer poll dropped. right?” (Source)

So, are you feeling more or less confident right now?