VIDEO: Highlights of Alabama basketball game against Georgetown

The Alabama Crimson Tide basketball team lost to Georgetown 57-55 on a last second three-point basket. Watch these video highlights of the game, and read what Alabama basketball coach Anthony Grant and Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson III said about the game.

Here is what Alabama basketball coach Anthony Grant had to say about the game in his post-game press conference. Quotes courtesy of UA Media Relations
“Well, give Georgetown credit. I thought they played extremely well. Obviously there were some timely shots at the end. A big shot at the end won the game.”

On coming back multiple times in the second half:
“I thought our guys did a good job of fighting. I think it was a nine point deficit with about three minutes to play and we were able to fight our way back – some big shots, some good stops on the defensive end. I thought for the most part we did a pretty good job defensively most of the night. I think it came down to just too many breakdowns – too many uncontested threes that they were able to get and too many layups in terms of how we were supposed to guard them and what we were doing from a defensive standpoint. They’re too good, too talented, for us to have the breakdowns that we had.

On the play of the team in the first half:
“Obviously we dug a hole for ourselves in the first half without any ability to execute and make shots. In the first half when your score 16 points in the half, if you had told me that Georgetown averaged 82 points coming into the game and we hold them to 23, I would have thought we would be in pretty good shape in the first half. The zone really bothered us. We’ve got to obviously do a better job in terms of our preparation and making sure that we’re doing what we need to do when we see zones. Obviously tonight is an indication we’ll probably be seeing a lot of it.”

On Georgetown’s last possession:
“We had some breakdowns during the play. We talked about what we needed to do from a defensive standpoint in the timeout but unfortunately we didn’t get it done on the court.”

Here is what Georgetown HEAD COACH JOHN THOMPSON III said about the game.
On Georgetown’s final possession:
“Basically, we tried to get three guys on one side of the court. We wanted to get Jason Clark to come off the screen set by Henry Sims. We knew we were in the one-and-one, and tried to get the ball as close to the basket as possible. If not, we’d try and get Hollis to move into the inside paint, and then get him to transition into the corner. We couldn’t get the first part of the play done. They defended the first part very well but Hollis was able to get open and do what Hollis does.”

On Georgetown’s zone defense:
“It worked very well. I think that our guys were pretty attentive to their scorers. That’s a tough team in Alabama. Nothing comes easy when your team is on offense. They’re a very good defensive team. You have to stay focused and do things correctly or you’ll start taking bad shots. At the offensive end, they do a very good job of getting the shots they want. I thought our guys were attentive to their scorers but had a few lapses at times. We have to get better at rebounding out of the zone. There were key points in the game where we had good defensive possession but couldn’t grab the rebound. Overall, our guys were attentive in the zone defense.”

On their team’s early success:
“I’m not sure. This is our third game against a team in the Top 15 so we’ve had a few tests and battles. To come in here and win against a team that’s so well coached; on a court where they don’t lose is a huge win for our group. I don’t want to get into where we thought we would be at this time. Our guys have a lot of room for growth. We’re playing a lot of young guys and they’re going to have to help us before the season is over. All our guys are going to have to stay hungry in order to improve. I’m not looking into trajectories or anything like that. We need to take care of ourselves and everything else will fall into place.”

On the play of Tony Mitchell:
“Tony Mitchel is a terrific basketball player. I haven’t checked the numbers yet. 20 points. That’s a good game, huh? He’s a diverse player. He can do a lot of different things and is very explosive. Coach Grant does a great job of getting the ball to him in order for them to have success.”


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    After an amazing cmeback I couldn’t believe the nations best defense let them make a damn 25% shot with 2 seconds left. Disappointed.

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