CBS’s anti-SEC stance is baffling

Tim Brando is a clown and has lost all credibility in recent years. The only thing he enjoys more than hearing his own voice is someone else picking up his mantle regarding Boise State’s right in the BCS picture.

His incessant annual campaigning for Boise State, a team whose schedule isn’t as difficult as Troy’s, is so tiresome that he has become a caricature of himself. When you think of a talking head with an agenda to push, you think Brando.

He’s the kind of fellow that if he tells you the sky is blue, you better go outside and check.

And then there is Gary Danielson. I once couldn’t stand Gary, who has a troubling habit of manufacturing controversy over non-stories (remember the Terrence Cody helmet thing?). In recent years I’ve come to appreciate Danielson’s analysis more, but still he has a way of not knowing when to let the game speak for itself.

And Verne Lundquist? Bless his heart. Half the time he doesn’t know what stadium he’s in, and hard things like pronunciation of a player’s actual name are just too much to ask.

I will never forget Verne’s admiration for the Alabama linebacker “Orlando” McClain…during the 2009 National Championship campaign…of which “Orlando” was the dominant player (we’re not talking about a walk-on here). I wonder if Auburn’s Nosa Eguae enjoyed his family name being bludgeoned the entire game last Saturday?

But let’s be reasonable. An entire week is just not enough time for someone to learn how to say the pronunciations of names you’ll be covering on Saturday.

But, this isn’t about Verne. We’re talking about Tim and Gary here.

CBS’s affiliation with the SEC has been longstanding. The network, that by the way has been run off the road by ESPN/ABC/Disney, hobbles along during college football season, waiting for the NCAA basketball tournament to get here.

But still, there is an affiliation. Once CBS decides to join the rest of the world–a full TWO WEEKS into the college football season following its broadcast of the U.S. Open–CBS has first dibs on the top SEC football game of the week, usually airing at 2:30 CDT each Saturday.

In fact, it also has an arrangement for one primetime SEC game of the fall, and this year even successfully jockeyed for position to gain a second helping of such a game…both involving the University of Alabama by the way.

So you would think a network whose bread is being buttered by the SEC would understand good football. You would think personalities from CBS, a.k.a. Tim Brando and Gary Danielson would be able to look out across the landscape of college football and be able to clearly identify who the best two teams are, and who the best player is.

And going even further, if they DID have a bias in one direction over another, you’d expect them to lean toward the SEC…since, in Gary Danielson’s case, it’s the only games he actually sits in a broadcast booth and covers.

But if you expect this, I’m afraid today you’re sorely disappointed.

Tim Brando will not openly admit that the two best teams in college football are still Alabama and LSU, both of the SEC, and that the best college player in America deserving of the Heisman is Trent Richardson…of Alabama…of the SEC.

Instead, you’ll hear Brando opining for Baylor’s Robert Griffin III for the Heisman, and anyone but Alabama-LSU for the BCS title game.

You’ll hear Danielson balk at the thought of Alabama-LSU again. In fact, as heard on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network this week, you can even hear the disgust in his voice when forced to think about it.

Like a child ready to take his ball and go home, on the Finebaum show Gary made it clear that if Alabama does get the rematch and does defeat LSU, then it should be a split title with LSU taking the AP, since they’d both have won one game.

It just seems ironic to me that these men, paid handsomely to know something about college football, have totally missed it.

The phrase “too close to the forest to see the trees” may apply here.

Love it, hate it or indifferent, the purpose of the BCS National Championship game is to pit the two best teams in the country against one another. And if you can’t see that those two teams are Alabama and LSU, you should really be doing something other than analyzing college football.

Brando’s disgust for what we all consider to be obvious is much more out in the open than Danielson’s recent irrationality, but both men can’t seem to see…or say…what the rest of us know without a shadow of a doubt is the truth.

Trent Richardson may not win the Heisman. Andrew Luck is a good quarterback with skills any NFL team needs. And Robert Griffin III is a good player as well. But you would think a representative from CBS would be leading the way for an SEC player, considering the fact that he’s the only one of the three major candidates that Danielson has actually seen in person. Richardson can change a game, one first down at a time, and Gary Danielson has seen it with his own eyes.

But no one on this planet whose profession is to cover college football can rationalize anyone but Alabama and LSU in the final game.

Unless, that is, they have an agenda to push. And if you’re sitting in the SEC office, it may be time to question those agendas, and whether or not your league most benefits from an affiliation with CBS.

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  1. 1
    Gametime fool

    Ask the Patriots if they deserve a share of the 2008 NFL World Championship. They went undefeated through the regular season, Beat the New York Giants on the Giants home field( by 3) in the REGULAR SEASON. Then Split with them later that year. They deserve a share don’t they? 1-1, no 3rd game, better team…etc….. Ohhhhhhhh wait a minute. It was the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME THEY LOST. Say it with me….. Championship game. The very definition of a “winner take all” scenario. Every team in college football is given the rules b4 the season. No one is trying to change anything now. The BCS sux, but it is the system all teams agreed to play in. So Gary D, Pat Dye, Clay Travis… Quit whining because the team you all hate on is going to get a chance to win a legitimate championship on the field…. BCS & AP

    • 2
      The Flash

      Hey Moron,
      A rematch is fine if there is a playoff system like there is in the NFL, but there is not one in college football right now.

      So you using the rematch in the NFL as an example is comparing apples to oranges.

      What you fail to mention in your comparison, is that if there was a playoff in college football, like in the NFL, the Va. Tech, Stanford, Ok. St. and others would also get a shot and there might not be a rematch with Alabama!

      You Alabama people or some of the dumbest in the world.

      • 3

        No it is not a stretch. If Bama and LSU play for the BCS National Championship, and LSU loses, guess what? Bama WILL be the BCS National Champion. There will be no split. The BCS is the recognized National Champion right now. SO, until there is a play-off, things like this happen. If OK. ST won against the lesser ranked team they were beaten by, they would be playing for it. Same goes for Va. Tech, Stanford, etc, The fact that Bamas only loss is from the number one team, by three points in OT, gives Bama the ‘best loss’ out of everyone. So it is fair, and the best two teams at the end will play for it all. You don’t want to play Bama again, and I understand that. I think a lot of LSU players are feeling the same way. They know they were fortunate to escape with a win the first time.

  2. 6

    Brando is an LSU homer, so of course he would rather LSU play anyone else other than Bama, just like the rest of the LSU homers. If Bama wins the re-match, it WILL be for the BCS National Championship, and it WILL be winner takes all. If Bama wins, the LSU homers will cry about this one for decades.

    • 7
      The Flash

      And if LSU wins and beats Bama twice in the same year, they’ll make up a hundred excuses as to why they lost, like Crimsonite has done non stop since Nov.5th.

      • 8

        No, LSU is a great team, and if Bama loses again, my hat’s off to the Tigers and Les Miles, who I think is an outstanding coach.

        But you and I both know that won’t happen.

        There’s a reason you’ve soiled your undies every day since realizing this rematch was happening.

        You. Want. No. Part. Of Bama. Again.


        • 9
          The Flash

          Speak for yourself ITK,
          I do not know that won’t happen. Unlike you, who could never admit that there is a possibility his team/Alabama could lose, just like you couldn’t before Nov. 5th, I realize and admit that anything can happen in a football game and the best team does not always win. Do I think LSU is the better team than Alabama, yes, and did the best team win on Nov 5th, yes, but I also know they COULD lose the next game. Unlike you with your statement, “you and I both know that (Alabama losing) won’t happen”. That’w why I never made a prediction for the first game and won’t again if Alabama gets lucky enough to play the best team in America again.

          All of the bammers, including you ITK, are back to being cocky and thinking their team can’t lose just like they were before the first game and don’t think their team could ever lose three in a row to the same coach/team just like you didn’t think your coach/team could ever lose two in a row to the same coach and team before Les Miles and LSU proved you wrong.

          Given the fact that Alabama has only beaten three division one teams with winning records all year long, your inflated sense of greatness and can’t lose attitude is really laughable.

          • 10

            Alabama could lose. How many times do I have to praise LSU and Les Miles? I personally like both of them.

            But is there a better coach in the country than Nick Saban when he’s focused on one team? We both know that answer.

            But I like LSU. It’s just their cockroach fans that need to be exterminated.

        • 11
          The Flash

          LMAO ITK,
          Was Saban not focused on just one team, LSU, during the two week period he had to prepare for LSU? Yes he was, weather you want to acknowledge or admit it or not.

          So the answer to your question is YES, there is a better coach than Saban when he has only one team to focus on – LES MILES! So if that’s your answer then we do both know the answer.

      • 12

        I agree. if LSU beats Bama twice, LSU deserves to be recognized as the best team this season. You won’t hear me complain about it.

        But if Bama beats them soundly in a re-match, Bama should be considered as the best team also. There isn’t a LSU fan around that isn’t going to whine and cry about that for years.

        Flash, we know you don’t want a re-match. Bama outplayed you the first time and just barely came up short after numerous chances to win the game in regulation.

  3. 13
    # 1 al. fan

    I totally agree with that statement!! But I’ll bet it won’t be because ol Lester Miley’s not grazing at halftime!! Still LMAO! RTR

    • 14
      The Flash

      Hey #1 al. fan,
      How is it that you are LYAO, when Les Miles has beaten Nick Saban and Alabama two years in a row now and 3-2 since he has been at Alabama. If you were trualy the #1 al. fan you wouldn’t find that funny no matter what the oposing coach was eating. But you go on laughing and keep thinking ol Lester Miley is a clown, and he’ll just keep on beating your team and it’s most powerfull coach/man in college sports with it more talented team. Maybe one day you’ll wake up and smell the coffee and realize you are the one who is the bafoon.

      Just ask yourself this, If Saban is the best coach in college football, and he has had the number 1 recruiting classes 3 out of the last 4 years, how is it possible that “ol Lester Miley” could bring a less talented team into Denney Bryant Stadium for the game of the century, with over 95,000 screaming, pom pom shaking gumps in the stands and beat Alabama! Especially after everyone in the nation was saying “ol Lester Miley” had out coached him the year before in Baton Rouge, and that Saban never lost two in a row to the same coach, much less to someone like ol grass eating “Lester Miley”. You still laughing? All LSU fans sure are! LOL

      • 15

        Give Saban six uninterupted weeks against an opponent and it ain’t pretty.

        Ask Clemson.
        Ask VaTech.
        Ask Texas.

        And in 40 days, ask LSWho.

        Clorox may get those stains out of your shorts, Flash.

        But it won’t stop the inevitable.

        • 16
          The Flash

          You do know IF you do get to play LSU again, you we do have a winning record unlike 7 of the teams you played during the year right?

          You do realize you only beat 3 division one teams with winning records all year long, and that includes Penn St. and Auburn in those three wins?

          You do realize you said before the last game nobody beats Saban two times in a row, right?

          You do know Miles’ record in bowls and with time off before a game is better than Saban’s right?

          Just want to make sure you have all the facts before you right a check you ass can’t cash.

          • 17

            We all know you would rather play ANYONE but Bama again. You act like LSU just dominated Bama, when that is clearly not the case. Bama moved the ball on you guys pretty well. LSU, not so much. As I recall, Bama DROPPED two TD passes in the game. I don’t think LSU came close to the endzone at all, until OT. So get your facts straight, Bama can beat LSU, and to deny that as a very real possibility makes you look stupid.

          • 18
            The Flash

            Hey Brando,
            Please explain to me exactly how I act like LSU dominated Bama when I didn’t say one word about the game, except for the fact that we won.

            You morons make up more crap, just so you have something to talk about.

          • 20

            No Flash. First of all, you were here telling us that there was no way a re-match was going to happen. Then you said LSU beat Bama on their home field, so of course that means they will do it again in NO. I say Bama beat themselves more than LSU did, and a lot of people in the nation agree. hence Bama being number 2 right now, and the re-match is very likely.

            But go ahead and try to change the subject. You don’t want a re-match with Bama. You don’t have the guts to admit it here.

            And the receiver (and tight end) has played pretty well this season. I was pointing out to you how close it was to a loss for LSU. LSU didn’t even come close to the end zone, much less an opportunity to even drop a TD pass.

            I didn’t make up anything. You act like LSU can’t be beat, keep trying to argue Miles is better than Saban, and otherwise just being a complete dickhead.

          • 22
            The Flash

            And Iowa also? Remember he lost to them after a long period to prepare with the powerhouse LSU team and program he supposedly left to Les Miles. LMAO

          • 23

            Utah, you mean the consolation game after we lost the real NC game against Florida in ’08?

            Yeah, that’s the same.

            You don’t want Bama Flash, but we’re coming. Change your shorts.

          • 24
            The Flash

            ITK bring on your mighty bama team with its 3 wins against winning teams this year.

            That’s some weak ass shyt there, we aint scared of that.

            Who’s Alabama’s signature win this year ITK, Penn St or Ga. Southern? I know you don’t want to claim overated Arkansas who only beat one good team all year and either loss or struggled to win all there other games.

    • 27
      The Flash

      And there you have it college football fans, a perfect example of the dellusional bammer fan. Regardless of the facts (loss to LSU two years straight, only beating 3 divisional 1 teams with winning records) they are King of the Mountain! And everybody else is butthurt, including NO. 1 and unbeaten LSU!


      Hey Hannah there is maybe help for your, and the other gumps disorder. Maybe you should check into it.

    • 31
      The Flash

      When you’ve got nothing intelligent to say, or can’t, act a fool and prove that you are wrong and have lost. LMAO

  4. 32
    The Flash

    Oh and btw I shove corn dogs up my ass and spend my spare time in my moms basement attempting to school alabama fans about college football! Got to go now my daddy is touching me again!

    • 33
      The Flash

      Nice fraud post, typical of bammers who can’t support their positions so they pretend their someone their not.

      Your a fraud like your team is a fraud, having only beaten 3 division 1 teams all year and calling yourselves one of the best two teams in the nation.

      • 34

        Take your Prozac, Flash, before you get too worked up.

        BTW, we aren’t 2nd best team in the nation….We are the best team in the nation. That LSU game was fluke.

  5. 35

    If Bama and lsu are in the BCS game then the winner is the champ period.
    Danielson may see th valid argument of what everyone else is saying here and that is one team is just as good as the other. But clearly the season want matter when ONE team wins the BCS game. And one team will. And what that should mean is that on that day the two best teams played and won of them won the title.
    Smane as in boxing and every other sport.

  6. 37

    Commentary, IntheKnow’s columns December 1, 2011 CBS’s anti-SEC stance is baffling

    “Tim Brando is a clown and has lost all credibility in recent years.”


    Tim Brando has ALWAYS been a clown and NEVER had
    any credibility.

    when David Hobbs was the basketball head coach and it was obvious to anyone with half a basketball brain he wasn’t up to the job and needed to be replaced, Brando was defending him.

    Ditto Mark Gottfried.

    Ditto Mike Shula.

    Brando doesn’t give a rip about any program. He simply wants the next interview.

    You will NEVER hear Brando criticize a coach. He might want to talk to him next week.

    Brando knows a little about everything and a lot about nothing.

    If he was worth half what he thinks he is, you’d never hear from him again.

    he’d be retired to his own Carribean island.

  7. 38

    Before I get started, I’m tired of Coonass Flash With A Dick In The Ass posting bullshyt stats. So here are the NCAA Stats. All Time Record vs LSU 45-25-2, In T-Town 21-16-2, In Baton Rouge 24-9. Points Bama 1414 – LSU 923. Bama in the State of Louisiana 49-22-6. In 78 years of the SEC Bama 351-162 including forfeits and vacated wins. LSU 282-205. Nick Saban at Alabama 54-12. *includes 7-6 first year with team on NCAA sanctions. Les Miles during same period 52-12. Nick Saban overall record 145-54-1 .730. Les Miles 103-38 .730. *Saban took over rebuilding challenges at all four of his college head coaching jobs or his winning percentage would be higher. Miles took over rebuilding only at OSU. Corndogs count the ’07 win for Miles to be 3-2 against Saban. Truth is it was Shulas sanctioned team, not Sabans, and it was an LSU National Champion against an Alabama team with a losing record. We came within 2 minutes of beating them. Now that that’s cleared up. Phuck the Corndogs, Flash, the Bama haters and any media who tries to get their phucking ratings up at the expense of dissing Bama and or a rematch. These are the facts and all their bitching and excuses won’t change them. – There are no BCS rules against rematches. Therefore using rematch as a phucking reason or reference to eliminate Bama is not a valid excuse or argument. Using records against top 25 opponents also is not a valid argument since there is no speculation that OSU could beat Bama. Bama would have slaughtered every team on OSU’s schedule. Hell, Vanderbilt would have a winning record in the Big 12. Also Bama has slaughtered #8 Arkansas and OSU has not played a top 10 team, and if they beat OU they still will not have beat a top 10 team since OU will drop out of the top 15 after the loss. The only valid schedule comparison is the fact that OSU stunk up the place against ISU while Bama lost an inconclusive 3 point game to #1 LSU. The entire purpose of the BCS is to pit the 2 best teams in the nation against each other, Percieved fairness is not a part of the equation and neither is a rematch. If you want to bitch about fairness then go talk to Auburn in ’04 or Alabama in several of Bear Bryants seasons. Penn St has a few bitches, and so does USCw. There are precedents. Although none of the circumstances are exactly the same, they still involve anomalies and unfairness to some other team with interests. In 2001 Nebraska lost their last game of the season by a phucking score of 62-36! They did not play in the Big12 Championship Game and they jumped #3 and #2 who was Oregon with only 1 loss. Now that sports fans was the biggest crock of shyt in BCS history. In 2003 LSU was involved in another excuse me fiasco. LSU lost to Florida, USC lost in triple OT to Cal, and Choklahoma was slaughtered 35-7 in the Big12 Championship Game by a mediocre Kansas St. In the final poll USC got royally phucked and jumped by both LSU and the ass whipped Sooners. Go phucking figure. Here we have TWO phucking Big 12 teams who were shyt for the privilege of playing for the National Championship, and yet they did. Jesus Christ sports fans, can you fathom losing your last game 62-36, not playing in the conference championship and still going to the BCS? Can you fathom losing your conference championship game 35-7 to a mediocre team and still going to the BCS? No, there wasn’t a rematch involved. That is of no importance. A rematch is within the scenarios allowed by the BCS rules. A rematch is not a valid excuse to eliminate a team. Especially not compared to the bullshyt of 2001 and 2002. Both involving the Big 12 by the way. And by the way the Big 12 got bitch-slapped in both those BCS games. What goes around, comes around and the Big 12 can just shut the phuck up! So here we go again with the Big 12 involved in another controversial National Championship. OSU lost 2 weeks after Alabama. OSU does not have a quality win equal to Arkansas. Actually Arkansas beat Texas A&M worse than OSU. OSU has a geometrically worse loss than Alabama. OSU has the 105th ranked defense and the worst part of their defense has been the inability to even slow down the running game. Oppps – Trent, Eddie and Jalston field day! If this thing goes South for Bama there will be repercussions. The voters have an opportunity to right 2 horrible, horrible wrongs from 2001 and 2002. Do they have the balls? Do they remember? Do they even care? There is a lot of heated horseshyt being stirred up the closer Sunday gets – and phucking OSU hasn’t even beat OU yet. Dare we consider that T. Boone Pickens has used his money, influence, connections and pressure to fraudulently attempt to secure OSU a spot in the BCS? You know how crooked all Billionaires are. No scruples. Step on the little man. Step on anybody who gets in your way. OSU is his University and his Baby. Just Saying. If this suddenly goes South after all the past BCS bullshyt and the simple fact that a rematch is NOT a valid excuse to eliminate Bama. In 48 hours OU will help them decide. Boomer Sooners!!!! RTR!

  8. 39

    Before some dumbass Corndog says anything, you know those two BCS clusterphucks were 2001 and 2003, not 2002.

  9. 40

    I can already smell Flash That Asses computer frying its Random Access Memory chips. He’ll be here any moment. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  10. 41

    Hey, you phucking ratturd Corndogs and Barnturds. Got a message for you. If you’re on a computer just let your mouse pointer rest on my Avatar a moment. By the way. where are the Barnturds. FYI is the only one who had balls enough to show his face. Oh where oh where are you Mandyke, and Hoopie and FBJ and LOL and Indiana Vol, etc, etc, etc. Com’on guys we haven’t had our fill of bitch slapping you yet. You slimy cocksuckers lived on here since October 2010. Whasamater? RTR!

  11. 43

    You know it’s always such a pleasure to whip LSWho’s ass because your fan base is so low class and the dregs. But it will be so much sweeter when we whip it and take the National championship away from you. And then Sabear will be 3-3 against the grass eater. What is it they call grass eaters? Goats? Jackasses? That’s what I thought. Bwaa haww haww RTR!

  12. 44

    Got to go for a while. Got to watch Bama whup Georgetowns ass. That sounds good doesn’t it? Been a while since we’ve been able to expect something like that. You Go Coach Grant! RTR! Speaking of Georgetown. With all this bullshyt talk of a split National Championship if Bama were to beat the Corndogs. Remember Georgetown – Villinova? Naw, most of you weren’t even born yet. But i watched it. Ol’ Georgetown whupped ‘Nova’s ass 3 times during the regular season and again in the Big East Championship Game. 4 times in all. They met a 5th time in the National Championship game and ‘Nova took their ass to the cleaners. Guess whose in the record books as the only National Champion that year? By the Corndog’s way of figuring ‘Nova wouldn’t have split, they wouldn’t even have won shyt! Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  13. 45

    Flash calls Alabama people dumb?? Wow,,,,Really ????? You know i do not know who will win the game when and if there is a rematch…But i hope and pray Bama does so this guy will go away..He is like a flea who jumps from your arm to your leg aggravating as hell….I can only guess he was booted from other boards and kicked out of mom”s house..But to really call Bama people dumb shet i hear on that fat ass buddy suck miles ass show in baton rouge is some sick shet..These DUMB ASS tiger fans want to hang miles the last two years and run him out and now he is the best thing since sliced bread…..But you know you tiger fans have suffered enough for four years and no BCS BOWL so have fun while you can because the party will end ….Then you and the rest will be on the outside looking in once again wondering when will the party start again…..Enjoy for now…KARMA IS A BITCH….RTR!!!!

  14. 46

    Flash is going back and reading all his posts from previous days so he can try to scramble them and try to repost them and try to make them sound different.

  15. 49

    Poor Flash. I knew he had to an abused child. On another note. Ya’ll need to read this mornings USAToday artical by Steve Wieberg. It is refreshing and unlittered by homerism and hate. Mostly just facts and the truth. Covers the whole front sports page and the whole nation will get to see it just in time. If you access it on the website I think it is under someone elses name since he probably edited it for the net. He reveals a lot of info about rematches and the real sentiments and reasons behind a Bama-LSU rematch without the slightest touch of favoritism, homerism or hate. The only problem I have with it is that although he pretty much put to rest the horseshyt about rematches, he left the conference champion question pretty much untouched. He certainly should have included reference to the two Big 12 fiascos in ’01 and ’03 that I laid out in my posts above last night. However, I feel that this artical which will be read on a national level will pretty much nail it for Bama. I did email him my thoughts.

  16. 50
    Just a fan

    Y’all like to bash the Flash, but I’ve noticed none of you Bammers have answered his question as to which game do you consider to be Bama’s signature win this year? The mighty Penn St., Arkansas, who only beat one good team all year, or Georgia Southern from Division 2?

    Just curious why not? Are you imbarrased of your weak schedule?

  17. 51

    Naw cum slurper, we generally try not to indulge retarded assed questions from inbred trolls. However, since I’m not busy. I would say the defensive signature win was over a Penn St team who two weeks ago had a two game lead for the Big 10 championship game before scandal ripped their school apart and their icon coach of 45 years was fired. I’d say the offensive signature win was over #8 Arkansas which is also the only top 10 team you’ve played other than the one where Bama outplayed your Corndog asses. As for Ga Sou, they are only about 250 times better than that phucking what was it Norteastern State or some shit like that, who is ranked like #850 out of 175 universities. Bwaa haww haww! Don’t worry inbred troll. At about 11pm tomorrow it will be offical that LSU is going to get their asses curb stomped in New Orleans. So you can get those Chicken necks and gizzards and shyt ready to sacrifice to Marie Laveaux. Maybe VooDoo can save your asses. RTR!

  18. 52

    Does not matter now does it Fan ?? We are in the Ship game Betch….Maybe you and Flash can get together and paint each others toe nails …since both of you sound like little Betches….RTR

  19. 53

    Just a fan, we all love to “bash ” the flas cause he loves to give out the bashings himself.I am just curious as to why you think we don’t deserve a rematch and why you are obsessed wirh playing ok state? That’s the real question.Now break down you guys awesome schedule beaides SEC teams the who played,I’ll let you break it down so you can convince us fan.

  20. 54

    I guess Herr Von Flasher and his suck buddies are occupied with Gaw Gaw. Wonder what Dog board thery’re molesting this morning? I seriously doubt Gaw Gaw has any sites like Capstone, so there’s a good chance they’ve already been banned. Bwaa haww haww! The Dogs still remember how the BCS and LSWho screwed them in ’07. This could be a better game than most people think. In one sense it would tickle me to see the Dogs beat the Corndogs, but on the other hand then we would have to listen to Boise St’s bullshyt whining for the next year. Man there’s a lot of nasty shyt going on against Bama. Don’t know how it will affect the voters. Just hope OU wins and nails it for us. OSU sucks. It would make more sense if we were up against Va Tech or Stanford. There’s a reason the human polls both have OSU 5th. We’ll know in 15 hours. RTR!

    • 55

      LOL !!! Come on Nite give ’em a break. Maybe their hips,legs or necks. And The Vol went back to Sparta. And The Flash lives on Sawdust street/road in Roseland. Run Trent Run.

  21. 56

    The phucking Corndogs on LSWho Rivals are still insisting Saban is heading to Texas. They claim Brown is going to retire after the game today and Texas is paying Saban 50 million. Only problem with that is there is no one on the Orangebloods boards who know anything about it, except 1 poster who read something somewhere that was posted by a Corndog. Same shyt LSWho started 2 years ago about Saban going to the Cowboys. Phuckng retards! That LSWho site is full of some of the biggest dumbasses in all of football, like LSUWhiggs, MrDarcy, etc. If things aren’t the way they like it, they just make shyt up and post it like it’s fact. Phucking MrDarcy has been on the OSU site all week stirring shyt up against Bama. It would be no great loss if Al Queda would nuke Louisiana. RTR!

  22. 57

    ^^ omg! Looks like LSU won’t get to play Houston in the NC game like they wanted. There are some really good high school football teams down here in South Alabama, maybe thay will be more of a challenge for the who. That’s what they want isn’t it? Hell Handley just won yhe state championship,tell Miles to set up a scrimmage to see.gow awesome the who really is fan and flash!

  23. 58

    Way to go USM. They knocked Keenam’s Heisman dick in the sand. RGIII has only had an average game but Texas is trying their best to make him look good. Assholes. And phucking LSWho. The bastards are trying to sabotage us. Corndog phuckerts! RTR!

  24. 59

    Thank you Corndogs. For a while there I thought Bama was gonna have to lend you some playmakers. Bwaa haww haww! Won’t be long now, Herr Von Flash and him side suck Fan-tasy will show runnin’ their mouths. Brace yourselves. RTR!

  25. 60

    I can see why OU lost to Texas Tech and Baylor. They are one of the worst football teams I’ve rver seen. Stoops already is called Choklahoma. He should be fired. OSU is a pretty good team, but they haven’t beat OU. OU is just commiting suicide and the Cow phucking bastards may be killing Bama too! sorry bastards!

  26. 62

    If ok state plays lsu for the championship Mike Gundy thinks they will put up 36 on LSU defense he is fucking crazy. Nice quote by the coach after the game,he might be eating those words,just sayin.

  27. 64

    Don’t know if your interested or a phucking troll. Everybody in the nation has been aware and sensitive to that for 4 years. Gaddamn people, what the phuck happened last night? It was close to the Perfect Storm for OSU. Ou laid down for them. Ou was the worst coached and prepared team since Mike Shulas last year at Bama. We could have easily survived the blowout of OU. After the LSU game they didn’t even mention OSU in New Oeans anymore. Then OU laid down and took it in the mouth, cunt and ass like a $2 French whore and the debate began. But it was phucking Va Tech who may have did us in. Now there is no one else to take 3rd place votes away from OSU. The Bastards! At the 11th hour we were a lock. If we have to go to the Sugar Bowl I don’t know how the team will react. Life could suck at 7:30 tonight. RTR!

  28. 65

    Look, OSU is a good team. But Georgia and Arkansas are good teams. OSU is no better than either. I’m still flabbergasted. Not by how good OSU was, and I hope the voters aren’t either, but by how uttery shytty OU was. VANDY would have stompped their asses. 5 unforced turnovers leading to 5 TD’s. Receivers cattching screen passes and just falling down before they started running. At least 15 overthrown and dropped passes. The D never once pressured OSU’s QB. Missed tackles like blind people. Sorry asseed pass coverage that left recievers so wide open that they caught over a dozen poorly thrown passes. They were playing against the worst run defense in the country and had an offensive run package called the Bell Dozier; yet they passed the whole damn game. They put in the Bell Dozier for 1 phucking play and run 40 yards for a TD. Fire Stoops ass!!! RTR!

  29. 66
    The Flash

    Hey Crimsonite,
    You trying to convince yourself? LOL
    You sound as dumb and cocky as ever but no where near as confident as your were when you were talking shyt before yesterday!

    Hey I just crossed into Alabama on my way back from watching LSU win the SEC Championship by destroying Georgia aftergiving them a head start like we did with no.3 Arkansas. Funny thing happened though when we crossed the state line into Alabama, all of our watches and clocks in the car changed to 5:51 or otherwise known as 9 to 6! LMAO

  30. 67
    The Flash

    Crimsonite if you’re doing this much whining before the results are known, I can’t imagine how much butt hurt whining you will be doing if Ok. St. does jump Alabama.

    We may not know who the second best team is in America and there may be debate, but one thing is for sure, EVERYBODY knows who the BEST and NO. 1 team in America is and thats Coach Les Miles’s

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