Iron Bowl Preview: Alabama at Auburn

By Tony Carter
The #2 ranked in the BCS Alabama Crimson Tide (10-1) takes on the weekend the 24th ranked Auburn Tigers (7- 4). Saturday’s game marks the 76th meeting between the Crimson Tide and Tigers. Alabama leads the series 40-34-1, however losing last year’s meeting 28-27 in a come-from-behind victory by Auburn.

After coming off last week’s game in which the Crimson Tide gave up its most yardage of the year, the Alabama football team looks to rebound defensively against Auburn this weekend. Auburn’s offense comes into the game averaging over 180 yards/game on the ground while the nation’s #1 ranked defense is giving up over 100 yards less (74 yards/game). On the other side, Auburn’s defense is allowing 193 yards per game while Alabama is averaging just over 220 yards per game. Interior line success should play a heavy role as the game progresses.

Auburn must find a way to convince the Tide defense that they’re a threat with the deep pass to make room for the running game. And then when Auburn is on defense, the Tigers hope that Alabama doesn’t decide to pass. Auburn is the league’s worst against the pass.

If the Tigers struggle to have any sort of a passing attack and are forced to reduce the flag football playbook of Gus Malzahn, it could be long day for the AU offense as a whole.

Keys to the game: Watch for a big day for Alabama Crimson Tide rushers most notably UA LB Courtney Upshaw against AU tackles.

Moseley has been sacked 14 times already in his short tenure this year. The Auburn offensive line must give Moseley adequate time to find receivers. Auburn over the past few Iron Bowls has reduced UA running backs rushing production substantially. The Alabama offensive line appears to be as healthy as a unit as they have been in several weeks. If Alabama can get the run game going early, it should open up the AU defense for big play possibilities off play action.

Historically, this game has been extremely tight, as 19 of past 23 have been decided by 10 or fewer points. This year, however, on paper this game shows the Tide having a significant advantage in almost all major statistics.

Storyline: The Tide has a distinct recollection of last year’s game and is hungry to wipe that from the memories. Don’t expect this Alabama football team to come into the game looking ahead…this game is the season. No dime packages for entire 2nd halves of games (which proved to be the undoing of last year’s fallout), expect 3-4 base (aggressive) defensive scheme. Also, Richardson and Lacy should have big days. Don’t be surprised to see McCarron have one of his best games ever as Auburn will inevitably bring one or two more into the box if UA run game is as successful as anticipated.

Prediction Alabama 34 Auburn 17


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  1. 1
    The Flash

    Just for you Crimsonite, Brando, Hannah, Fat and ITK:

    74-17 = The Hat’s Overall Record at LSU

    41-15 = The Hat’s SEC regular season record

    44-4 = The Hat’s record against unranked teams

    32-1 = The Hat’s record against non-conference teams

    16-1 = The Hat’s record in games after a loss

    5-1 = The Hat’s Bowl Record

    43-6 = The Hat’s Home record

    31-1 = The Hat’s home record in Saturday night games

    20-1 = The Hat’s record in night games away from Tiger Stadium

    30-13 = The Hat’s record against Top 25 teams

    20-12 = The Hat’s record against Top 15 teams

    12-8 = The Hat’s record against Top 10 teams

    7-6 = The Hat’s record against Top 5 teams

    10-4 = The Hat’s record at home against Top 20 teams

    23-9 = The Hat’s road record

    22-7 = The Hat’s record in November

    26-9 = The Hat’s record against the SEC West

    70-7 = The Hat’s record when LSU rushes for 100 or more yards

    50-4 = The Hat’s record when leading after the 1st quarter

    59-6 = The Hat’s record when leading at the half

    69-9 = The Hat’s record when scoring 20 or more points

    58-5 = The Hat’s record when scoring 25 or more points

    43-3 = The Hat’s record when holding opponents under 100 yards rushing

    4-0 = The hat’s record against the Pac-10

    4-0 = The hat’s record against the ACC

    1-1 = The Hat’s record against the Big 10

    1-0 = The Hat’s record against the Big 12

    3-0 = The Hat’s record in the Superdome

    6-2 = The Hat’s record after November

    2-0 = The Hat’s record in BCS Bowls

    3 SEC West Titles

    1 SEC Championship


    Won the SEC West outright for the first time in LSU history….Today marks the 2nd time

    Only LSU coach to ever post 3 straight 10 win seasons

    Only LSU coach to ever post 3 straight 11 win seasons

    Only LSU coach to ever post 3 straight Top 5 finishes

    Only LSU coach to win at least 11 games more than once, (Has five 11 win seasons)

    Only LSU coach to go 12-0 in the regular season

    Only LSU coach to beat Alabama, Auburn, and Florida in the same season, (he has done it 3 times)

    Only LSU coach to beat Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, and Florida in the same season, (he has done it twice)

    Of all the LSU Coaches to coach at least 25 games, his winning percentage of 81.3% is the highest of All-Time

    Has come from behind victories over:

    #15 Arizona State
    #4 Alabama
    #15 Auburn
    #11 Florida
    #8 Tennessee
    #9 Florida
    #17 Auburn
    #17 Alabama
    #14 Tennessee
    #1 Ohio State
    #10 Auburn
    #12 Florida
    #5 Alabama
    #2 Alabama
    #3 Arkansas

    Ranked in the Top 25 in 107 of 111 polls

    Ranked in the Top 20 in 107 of 111 polls

    Ranked in the Top 15 in 102 of 111 polls

    Ranked in the Top 10 in 85 of 111 polls

    Ranked in the Top 5 in 50 of 111 polls

    Ranked in the Top 2 in 25 of 111 polls

    Ranked #1 in 15 of 111 polls

    Received 1st Place Votes in 34 of 111 polls

    Has beaten 7 National Championship coaches:

    1. Larry Coker
    2. Phillip Fulmer, (2 Times)
    3. Steve Spurrier, (2 Times)
    4. Urban Meyer, (3 Times)
    5. Nick Saban, (3 Times)
    6. Jim Tressel
    7. Gene Chizik , (2 Times)

    Another fun stat:

    The Hat had a want to go for it on 4th down 90 times and has made it 59 times, including 15 of the last 16 times over the last 2 seasons


  2. 8

    And once again, Tim brando proves what a no-nothing idiot he is.

    In speaking of the Alabama/auburn rivalry, he stated John Forney called the ’85 game for the ‘bama broadcast network.

    No dimmy, that would be Paul Kennedy.

    (who was better than Eli then)

  3. 9

    One must wonder what this coaching staff is thinking.

    Brad Smelley is running over people proving they can’t hang.

    Yet McElwain insists on running this west coast offense.

    We drop back to pass on first down inside our own 10 w/ a sophomore QB and give them a touchdown.

    And finally we have them backed up deep in their own territory and let them off the hook by not using at least one of the three timeouts we have in our pocket.

    You’d think after last year, we’d have learned something.

    Dear Coach Saban,

    Give the damn ball to our backs and run these blue and orange chumps out of Lee County.

  4. 15

    Considering they have two first downs in three quarters it doesn’t really matter what the phuck we do. But it is pissing me off that this could be a 60-0 game and we’re kind of screwing around on offense. Jesus Christ, it’s almost like Saban is running out the clock when these phuckers can’t stop big plays and everybody wants a worse ass whipping. Dammit!

    • 18
      The Flash

      Please tell us Crimsonite why is it exactly that OSU cannot beat OU? They beat them twice when Miles was the coach at OSU. Are you saying its because they don’t have a coach as good as Les Miles, to beat Oklahoma? You can’t be saying its because Oklahoma’s players are better, because Oklahoma’s players were better than Oklahoma State’s when Miles was there but he still beat them twice. So please give us an intelligent reason why they can not beat them? Texas Tech beat them didn’t they? Your a moron Crimsonite.

  5. 19

    Flash comes here and uses the term “ironic”!

    Flash, what’s truly ironic is a member of a fan base, (LSU’s) who’s regarded across the conference as the most drunken, debauched, vile, profane fan base in the conference and likely the nation would come here and lecture us on sensibilities.

    (not to mention stupid. Recall those who in the face of the historic hurricane, against the recommendation of President Bush, stayed there. Those weren’t Tulane fans. Then they pile into the Super Dome, trash the place, rape and pillage, then point fingers at the federal government for not saving them. Of course that was to be expected, they were dumb enough to elect Mary Landrieu and Ray Nagin)

    ( those same fans were recently bitching about scheduling denying them their precious night games where they can spend all day drinking then show up rip roaring drunk at the LSU game)

    Think about these things the next time ole flash, representing the tiger hoard, shows up here pretending to hold some moral high ground.

    And just so you know I know, flash, it was more than just a few drunks trying to be rid of the now hall of fame coach you boast about.

    I personally heard more than just a few claiming Nick Saban was going to leave Tuscaloosa and come “home”.

  6. 20
    The Flash

    What a low life you are Finebamer to bring up a tragic natural disaster such as hurricane Katrina. But let me give you a geography, economic and a history lesson.

    First of all LSU is in Baton Rouge not New Orleans and not everyone who lives in New Orleans is an LSU fan.

    Second, at least 24 people in the state of Alabama died as a result of Hurricane Katrina. If I was as stupid as you I would say they were all Alabama fans and were too stupid to listen to the same warrnings you mentioned. But I’m not as igonrant as you.

    Third, I agree its a shame that all of the people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama did not have the where with all, are economic means to leave their homes and get out of the way of one of the, if not the worst hurricane in American History. If you do, then count your blessings and don’t be so full of yourself and ridicule those who are not, especially those who have suffered in a disaster.

    Finebammer, did you make fun of the Alabama people that didn’t live in structures strong enough to survive the tonado that recently went through Alabama. IF someone did make fun of them they would be as much of a low life as you are for the comments you made here.

    Didn’t one of your own players get injured and his girlfriend killed in that storm while she was with him and listening to him that everything would be ok? Did you make fun of them also? If I or anyone else was to make fun of that, we would deserve to be called a POS like you are for making the comments you did here.

    But you see unlike you did in your first paragraph of your post, I didn’t have to make up things here about Alabama fans like you, you demonstrated for yourself and for everyone else to see by your own words why the truth is that evereyone knows Alabama has the worst fan base in the country.

    • 22

      And by the way,flash, the alabamians affected by the tornadoes are picking themselves up by their bootstraps and rebuilding rather than standing around drunk looking for a government trailer and some cheese.

      • 23
        The Flash

        And so did the all the Cajuns you like to make so much fun of.

        And if you think FEMA isn’t pooring millions of dollars into Alabama as a result of that storm, you are as dumb as your post sound.

    • 24

      “………. economic means to leave their homes and get out of the way of one of the, if not the worst hurricane in American History”

      Yeah flash, they didn’t have the cash to get on all those buses we saw sitting in New Orleans.

      Stupid corndogs and their elected officials.

    • 25

      And just so you know I know flashy poo, I’ve been to Baton Rouge many times.

      If anything, it’s a bigger shit hole than New Orleans full of the same democrat corn dogs.

      If Katrina had jogged west, it would have been the same result:

      Too drunk to get on a school bus and get out of the way.

      • 26
        The Flash

        With every word you prove what a low life human you are. Its a shame good people like your players girlfriend were killed yet you were spared Finebammer.

        Maybe because of your attitude, next time you won’t be.

  7. 27

    You retarded Piece Of Shyt. You don’t get 2 or 3 days advance warning with a tornado. Hmmm, 24 from Alabama died. Yeah, probably while trying to save dumbasses from Louisiana. In any case 24 Alabamians and 4976 Louisianians is about the right ratio and they were probably all Awbarn fans. Phucking dickhead. RTR!

    • 28

      Why crimsonite, didn’t you know???

      That mean ole President Bush hated corn dogs and blew up those levies to kill them!

      It was a conspiracy!

    • 29

      Ok flashy poo, I just realized how insensitive I’ve been about New Orleans, corn dogs and those buses.

      I just remembered the only time corn dogs get on a bus is to go vote!

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