Coaching icon Joe Paterno sacked in ignominy

With 409 victories at Penn State, Paterno has won more games in big-time college football than any other coach in the history of a sport dating back to the late 19th century. Only a handful of other coaches, such as the late Paul "Bear" Bryant of the University of Alabama, are held in such reverence.


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    This is devastating news. I have a great deal of respect for the work that Joe Paterno has done.
    I dont believe he knew anything for sure about the allegations and he passed them on.
    Now… (stick with me here.)
    Raise your hand if you have a freind who is a pedophile.
    No takers huh?
    Raise your hand if you think Pedophiles should be taken out and shot on pay-for-view. (I just raised my hand.)
    My point is this….. None of us want to believe anyone we know is a child molester. I am sure Joe Pa is in that boat.
    He didnt know, or have proof beyond a reasonable doubt so he passed it on to be investigated. And whoever he passed it on to, needs to be flogged. Due to thier inaction our loved sport has lost an icon and someone that we all liked (at least until now.).
    I believe Jo Paterno is an honorable old man. And either way this is a damn shame.

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    “Surma added, “We don’t yet know all the facts and there are many details that are yet to be worked out.”

    in other words, this is gonna get worse.

    Joe Paterno was the most powerful man on campus, the one most able to put an immediate stop to this.

    he didn’t, along with others.

    others have been charged.


    not so much.

    this reminds me a lot of the Gene Stallings/Antonio Langham scandal.

    everyone around Stallings fell on their sword.

    in the wake of that situation the only one to skate scot free was Stallings.

    he still enjoys wide popularity within the “Bama Nation”.

    and judging by the student reaction on campus, so will “JoePa”.

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    This is just wrong. It’s what happened when the mob mentality takes over and people start rushing around, not sure what to do.

    I agree 100% with your take almightytmc1. The man was 74 when he came upon the info, and passed it on to the President. Had he seen it happening himself the personal burden he felt would’ve been greater, but I agree that when shocking news falls into your lap like this about a longtime friend, it is hard to process it. You don’t want to believe it, and so you’re not going to be as militant as some want you to be in hindsight.

    But don’t miss this: JoePa wasn’t the one in the showers. He’s being painted like he was the one ushering the boys to Sandusky, and that just isn’t the case.

    Sandusky should be de-balled with a dirty butter knife. JoePa should’ve been given the exit he earned and deserved.

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    Like it or not JoePa could have done more and even he admits that. So he is responsible for he’s demise. So he’s gone and Penn St has started it’s move forward. The question now is who will replace “The MAN”. I think not many would want to, even without the current events going on, much like replacing Coach Bryant. So I can see a merry-go-round of coaches until they find the right one, much like we did at Bama.
    Just my thoughts

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