Bama plummets to #3 in the BCS standings

I’ve got a news flash for you. The current system of determining a national champion in the FBS is broken.

With the Crimson Tide’s narrow loss to LSU Saturday night, Alabama plummeted from its second spot in the BCS poll…to third.

Now don’t get me wrong. While the game was a kick in the pants for Tide fans…one of few kicks that found its target Saturday night…Sunday night’s news of Alabama’s grip on the national championship hunt was music to their ears.

New Orleans Jazz, to be exact.

But is it right for a team that will now not only not win its conference but be runner-up in its own division to compete for the Crystal football?

Stanford would say no. The unbeaten Cardinal trails Bama by a narrow margin in the poll at #4, but remaining games with #7 Oregon, Cal and Notre Dame could widen that gap.

Boise State would say no. The joke of college football still faces TCU, San Diego State, Wyoming and New Mexico…the equivalent of Mississippi State and three Ole Misses. But no one in their right mind would put an unbeaten Boise State, having faced one ranked opponent in twelve tries in front of a once beaten Alabama…the only loss being to LSU.

Oklahoma State sits at #2, and if they hold on they’ll play for all the marbles. But they face Texas Tech, Iowa State and #6 Oklahoma down the stretch. Texas Tech can’t beat Okie State? Tell that to Oklahoma.

Alabama faces Mississippi State–winless in most SEC games the last two years when the opponent isnt’ Ole Miss–Georgia Southern and #20 Auburn. Alabama will crush these last three foes, and yes, that includes Auburn.

Look Tiger fans, if LSU couldn’t find the endzone, you won’t either. Your defense resembles powder puff football, and really so does your offense. Your dipsy-doo, trickeroo offense lacks one key element to beating a true, primed Nick Saban defense…Cam Newton. This game in 19 days could and probably will resemble the curb stomping you received in 2008. Christmas shopping would be a better idea for you that day.

There is the outside chance LSU could stumble against Ole Miss (happened not too long ago) and #8 Arkansas, but by outside I mean somewhere in the middle of the frozen tundra. Still, the Tigers somehow seem to struggle with the Hogs every year, and while one stumble wouldn’t help Bama into the SEC title game, it would soften the top to make things a little more interesting.

Odds are, if Oregon beats Stanford the ducks would jump to 4 or 5; they wouldn’t pass Alabama. But if Oklahoma defeats Oklahoma State, if all stays the same between now and that game on December 3, they could. But it is unlikely.

The consensus most pundits believe is that Alabama and LSU are the two best teams in the country, which is why the rematch talk hit an epic level even before the game took place. Requiring overtime to determine a winner only heightened that thought.

But while the system could play into Alabama’s favor, let me again take this opportunity to remind us all that we desperately need a playoff in college football. Bama could have sealed the deal Saturday night, but as we all know, like a Cade Foster field goal attempt, Bama fell short.

Now they have to depend on the misgivings of everyone around them to have a shot. And friends, that’s no way to win a championship.

But under the current broken system, Alabama fans would take it.

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