Bama plummets to #3 in the BCS standings

I’ve got a news flash for you. The current system of determining a national champion in the FBS is broken.

With the Crimson Tide’s narrow loss to LSU Saturday night, Alabama plummeted from its second spot in the BCS poll…to third.

Now don’t get me wrong. While the game was a kick in the pants for Tide fans…one of few kicks that found its target Saturday night…Sunday night’s news of Alabama’s grip on the national championship hunt was music to their ears.

New Orleans Jazz, to be exact.

But is it right for a team that will now not only not win its conference but be runner-up in its own division to compete for the Crystal football?

Stanford would say no. The unbeaten Cardinal trails Bama by a narrow margin in the poll at #4, but remaining games with #7 Oregon, Cal and Notre Dame could widen that gap.

Boise State would say no. The joke of college football still faces TCU, San Diego State, Wyoming and New Mexico…the equivalent of Mississippi State and three Ole Misses. But no one in their right mind would put an unbeaten Boise State, having faced one ranked opponent in twelve tries in front of a once beaten Alabama…the only loss being to LSU.

Oklahoma State sits at #2, and if they hold on they’ll play for all the marbles. But they face Texas Tech, Iowa State and #6 Oklahoma down the stretch. Texas Tech can’t beat Okie State? Tell that to Oklahoma.

Alabama faces Mississippi State–winless in most SEC games the last two years when the opponent isnt’ Ole Miss–Georgia Southern and #20 Auburn. Alabama will crush these last three foes, and yes, that includes Auburn.

Look Tiger fans, if LSU couldn’t find the endzone, you won’t either. Your defense resembles powder puff football, and really so does your offense. Your dipsy-doo, trickeroo offense lacks one key element to beating a true, primed Nick Saban defense…Cam Newton. This game in 19 days could and probably will resemble the curb stomping you received in 2008. Christmas shopping would be a better idea for you that day.

There is the outside chance LSU could stumble against Ole Miss (happened not too long ago) and #8 Arkansas, but by outside I mean somewhere in the middle of the frozen tundra. Still, the Tigers somehow seem to struggle with the Hogs every year, and while one stumble wouldn’t help Bama into the SEC title game, it would soften the top to make things a little more interesting.

Odds are, if Oregon beats Stanford the ducks would jump to 4 or 5; they wouldn’t pass Alabama. But if Oklahoma defeats Oklahoma State, if all stays the same between now and that game on December 3, they could. But it is unlikely.

The consensus most pundits believe is that Alabama and LSU are the two best teams in the country, which is why the rematch talk hit an epic level even before the game took place. Requiring overtime to determine a winner only heightened that thought.

But while the system could play into Alabama’s favor, let me again take this opportunity to remind us all that we desperately need a playoff in college football. Bama could have sealed the deal Saturday night, but as we all know, like a Cade Foster field goal attempt, Bama fell short.

Now they have to depend on the misgivings of everyone around them to have a shot. And friends, that’s no way to win a championship.

But under the current broken system, Alabama fans would take it.

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  1. 1

    This is GREAT news IMO — Okie St. has to travel to Norman which means a LOSS IMO — this will propel us — I believe the Stanford vs. Oregon game will impact that obstacle — the human element WANTS the rematch — it’s a simple as that — maybe it’s as simple as just wanting to see a touchdown from either team — I’m telling you — don’t be surprised if we still come out on top — phuck the AP — only thing that matters is the Harris / Coaches polls — MOVING ON — ROLL TIDE ROLL MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

    • 2
      Damage Control

      Beat me, cut me, slash me, run me through a wood chipper, bury me alive, just don’t BORE me to death with another BAMA/LSU snooze fest. The human element will demand a lobotomy if it there’s a rematch.

      • 3

        Your right!!! LSU should just walk into New Orleans,(louisiana, mind you) and make the BCS game one of those that is finished in the rdd quarter. Because LSU is slaughtering a hapless, hopeless and outclassed opponent.
        Yeah. that would be top dollar entertainment to me. I know I would love to spend money as a fan, or for an advertising spot in that game.

          • 5
            DAMAGE INC.

            Exactly as I said in my other post — people want to see a REAL game that will last into the 4th quarter — not some blow out like Stanford or even Okie State which shouldn’t even be in the discussion since they will lose to Oklahoma.

      • 6
        DAMAGE INC.

        Dude, WTF ever — no one wants to see LSWho and Stanford in New Orleans — give me a break — AMERICA wants the rematch — they want to see a REAL NC game — not some match that will be over in the 3rd quarter — it’s clear that Alabama controls their destiny within the BCS rankings — we’re number 3 and we can make it to number 2 by the years end — middle fingers ablazing noControl.

        • 7
          The Flash

          Just how damaged is your brain?

          Alabama controls their own destiny? LMAO

          If Stanford or Oklahoma win out Bama is out!

          You had your shot to control your own destiny but you blew it.

          Put your middle fingers up your own arse!

  2. 8

    Yep, the Barnturd’s are pissing in their Cheerios today. Their fantasy hasn’t yet come true like they thought. And the Corndog’s gift is now bitter sweet knowing they may have to play a very pissed off Bama – again. While you’re on the soapbox for changing the BCS how about urging the NCAA to get real with the overtime format. What we saw Saturday night was pure bullshyt. Maybe it works ok for teams who go into OT tied at 35-35, but it is a good old fashioned phucking for teams like Bama with a great defense. Defense is what put the game in OT. Defense is what only allowed LSU in scoring position twice in 4 quarters. Defense is what may never have allowed LSU in scoring position again if they played non-stop for two months. So how do you justify taking defense out of the phucking game by giving LSU the ball on the 25 yard line in OT where they don’t even have to run an offensive play – just line up and kick a relatively easy 42 yard field goal to win the game. That is pure bullshyt. OT should start at the 50.

  3. 16

    This game was the poster child for why we DON’T and SHOULDN’T HAVE A PLAYOFF in college football. An extant playoff system would have completely diminished the “all or nothing” aspect of this regular season game. Why is that not obvious?

    “Oh, it doesn’t much matter if we win or lose — we’ll make it to the playoffs.”

    A playoff would be the worst thing that ever happened to college football. It would destroy the meaning of the regular season; destroy age old rivalries; and ensure a powder puff out of conference schedule. Why risk a loss to a tough OoC foe if all it does is reduce your chance of making the playoffs? Why does logic fail when it comes to a playoff for college football. Why can’t otherwise thoughtful people see the destruction that would come to the sport from a playoff?

    So, please, please quit advocating for the ruin of the only sport I love. If you like playoffs, watch the NFL where Peyton Manning sat out a regular season game because they had already clinched a playoff berth. That’s not what I want for college football and it’s mind boggling to me why anyone else who says they love the sport, would.

  4. 17
    Jim Craig

    It will be difficult to execute, but here it is.

    We divide the country into eight distinct geographic regions each having eight teams. The regular season would consist of a round-robin schedule within the league, thus each team would play one another giving a potential of seven games within the league. Any traditional rivalry games that wanted to be kept by fans could be scheduled outside of the round robin as we would leave one slot open for each team… .So, the regular season would consist of eight games. (Does Alabama really need to play Georgia-Southern and UTCHatt each year??). So, each game would be meaningful and probably TV worthy.

    At the end of the regular season, the teams would be ranked within their division based on their records. In the event of tied records, head-to-head would be first tiebreaker, followed by other rules.

    The rankings of the teams would then place them as seeds in a 64 team tournament selected by a tourney committee like the NCAA.

    This would create:

    1. Week 1 – 32 games
    2. Week 2 – 16 games
    3. Week 3 – 8 games
    4. Week 4 – 4 games
    5. Week 5 – 2 games
    6. Week 6 – Championship game….

    To preserve any bowl affiliations, the bowls could bid on which game they wanted to support and even call it that if they wished… Based on geography, for example the orange bowl could choose to always be one of the games in week 4 or 5, but they would have to bid on the rights to have it. The bidding process could be done just once at the creation of the league and the affiliations persist, or could be done every year at the beginning of the season… probably easiest just to do it once….But, many of the big bowls would do real well with this system… however, some of the smaller bowls would not… That is the point….. Who really wants to see the BBAVPCompass Chick Fil-A bowl in Bham in the rainy cold winter? So, keep the good bowls. They would have to put their money where their mouth is by taking some financial risk up-front with the bidding process. Of course, they would make back multiples afterwards, but this might weed out all those crap bowls.

    Essentially, we have almost 6 weeks of bowl games as it is, and with the shorter regular season, the most any team could play would be 14 games, the least would be nine.

    At each week level, there would be equal revenue sharing for the teams participating.

    These are the divisions we drew up. This only includes 64 teams…. Let’s be honest.. does the other half of the FBS really don’t do much. I am sure we could write in some procedure whereby someone petitions to be in the league, but, another team would have to agree to leave and we would want to keep geographical consistency… The other 50 or so teams not included here would be absolutely free to do as they please …. could form another league, could disband their programs, have bowl games every game… doesn’t really matter to me what UTChatt decides to do with their football program… they have no business playing Alabama other than a fat check we give them to show up and be our homecoming tackling dummies….. Just a waste of time, money, and no-one cares…. (except for the poor sap who tears his ACL padding his stats against Wyoming)…. So, send those schools to the wind…. Remember, this is for football only. The volleyball leagues could still stay intact as they are!

    During the regular season, I really don’t see how the TV money would change much, other than there being an initially shorter season…. The stupid games (like UTChatt) are not televised anyway, so no loss there. ESPN would still cover the lion’s share. CBS would still get one really good one/week. They might even improve their ratings somewhat by moving out of the south from time-to time and expand their geographical reach. NBC could dump that ND contract and increase diversity..

    I think the networks and ESPN really do well with the playoffs however….essentially you would probably have a bowl game/playoff game at the same time from about weeks 2-6. These would NOT be meaningless games as everyone is playing to stay alive… Really, what is the TV viewership on some of these stupid bowl games now?? Other than than the homers, probably zero… Make the game count, and, a lot more people will watch during weeks 2-6 which just happens to fall within the thanksgiving to New Years Season….. Also, the championship game would by necessity HAVE to be played on New years Day. That is my rule. Who wants to watch the BCS championship game in late Jan/early Feb??? Just get it done and preserve the momentum of the football season…..

    1. West Coast Division

    a. UW
    b. WSU
    c. OU
    d. OSU
    e. USC
    f. UCLA
    g. Stanford
    h. Cal

    2. Oil Patch Division

    a. UT
    b. Texas A and M
    c. UH
    d. TCU
    e. TT
    f. BU
    g. SMU
    h. LSU

    3. Mountain West Division

    a. UA
    b. ASU
    c. Nevada
    d. Boise St.
    e. CU
    f. CSU
    g. Utah
    h. BYU

    4. Dixieland Division

    a. Ole Miss
    b. MSU
    c. Alabama Crimson Tide
    d. AU
    e. Georgia
    f. GTU
    g. FSU
    h. Tennessee

    5. Great Lakes Division

    a. Minnesota
    b. Wiscy
    c. UM
    d. MSU
    e. Iowa
    f. Notre Dame
    g. U. Ill.
    h. Northwestern

    6. South Atlantic Division

    a. Miami
    b. Florida
    c. USCe
    d. Clemson
    e. UNC
    f. NCSU
    g. UVa
    h. VTech

    7. Heartland Division

    a. Nebraska
    b. Kansas
    c. KSU
    d. Iowa State
    e. Oklahoma
    f. OSU
    g. Kentucky
    h. Arkansas

    8. North Atlantic

    a. Ohio State U.
    b. PSU
    c. Pitt
    d. WVU
    e. Boston College
    f. UConn
    g. Rutgers
    h. Maryland.

    So, that is it.. I would also like to be commissioner…

    All criticisms appreciated….


    • 20
      The Flash

      Yea Hannah you better pull for all these other teams becuase your’s couldn’t get the job done like you said they would. After the big game in T-Town LSU is still holding and enjoying that number one ranking that you said we were just holding for you and that you were going to take from us! Now look at you, you’re reduced to cheering for the hogs, and teams from other conferences so thay maybe you can get another chance to do what you couldn’t do on your on home field!

  5. 22

    Actually it was a 6 yard loss. That essentially ended any chance we had to score, so he should have run it or pitched to someone or threw a pass even if it was intercepted. Shyt, we weren’t gonna kick a 53 yard field goal anyway. Foster ‘aint Tiffin. RTR!

  6. 24

    I sure would have like to see ole Les and honey badgers faces when the BCS came out, OH it would have been a site to see. I really don’t know what everybodys bitching about. The 2 best teams should play in the championship game, period, but still Bama still has to complete it’s schedule, and they are a little broken rite now. Lets just see how they comeback from this loss. Do you guys believe Stanford or Oky State are better than Bama, and Boise ain’t even in the picture. How can they say they will play anybody, but they want the other team to play millions to play them. Hell, if you want to be considered one of the big boys take on some of the big boys and quit being ridiculous. You earn respect it’s not given.

  7. 25

    I think an undefeated OSU or Stanford absolutely deserves a shot over a one loss Bama. Bama had there chance, in there own stadium. I think LSU would beat either of those teams, but you never know until you play the game. (see Florida against Ohio State when many thought UM was the second best team) How do you know bama is one of the best teams?

  8. 26

    I agree Cahill. They had to shyt a brick seeing that there is, at least in my opinion, a 60-40 chance they’ll have to face us again. If there is a next time you can bet McCarron will be a little calmer and won’t miss all those critical throws, and maybe the coaches will use their phucking brains and call passes instead of Richardson off tackle on those critical plays inside the opponents 35. I mean Jesus Christ, they never came close to stopping the pass. We just didn’t use it enough. Both Oregon and WVU expose their pass defense and we were abusing it too. Don’t understand why they had to be so phucking hard headed macho and insist on running. Hell, Richardson broke 3 big runs and we should have proceeded from there with passes, not beating our heads against a stone wall with phucking off tackle shyt that backed us out of our field goal range every time. Let’s face it, the Corndogs have a very good defense. But it can be thrown on where ours cannot. If Oregon or WVU had defenses like ours they would have curb stomped LSWho. Although not as proficient as those two teams, our passing offense is second only to Arky in the SEC. If Saban and McElwain would use it to its fullest combined with our defense we could easily whip the Corndogs in New Orleans equal to my original prediction. Of course that would depend on McCarron hitting a half dozen or more open receivers instead of missing them like Saturday. He damn sure is capable. He is (was) the most accurate QB in the SEC and Saturday he had the best protection of the year. Don’t understand him. If we do make it to New Orleans, Bugger Bear is a marked man. He’d be better off smokin’ a joint and getting his ass suspended for the game. RTR!

    • 27
      The Flash

      A 60-40 chance in your opinion Crimsonite? Is that a better opinion than your opinion that Bama was going to beat LSU 31-6??

      “If the is a next time you can bet McCarron will be a little calmer and won miss all thoses throws” – Just like you said we could bet that Bama would beat LSU 31-6?!

      You’re talking out you ass again Crimsonite just like you did the last two weeks leading up to the game you just lost. You would think you you learn, but then again you are an ignorant moron and you’re proving it again just three days later.

      If you don’t think you used the pass enough take it up with the “best coach is all of college football”, Nick Saban. But you would think he would already have known that if he is the best right?

      Yea both Oregon and WVU exposed our pass defense and got beat worse than you did. Is that what you would rather Crimsonite?

      Lets see after Richardson broke off on of his long runs, 24 yards I think, the next play Nick called a pass and it was intercepted! So much for your theory, dumbass!

      If McCarron is so “damn sure capable” why didn’t he do it Saturday night Crimsonite? Was it bad coaching or maybe it had something to do the team on the other side of the field. Had to be one of them. You pick.

      Your threats are empty and weak just like your mind Crimsonite!

  9. 28

    You are absolutely right Vol. Bama did lay an egg. Made enough critical errors at critical times to last a whole phucking season. But I’d rather lose from laying an egg and knowing we were the best team, than by getting our asses stomped and going home with our tail between our legs like SOME other teams in the SEC! And we just might get the chance to rectify those mistakes yet. These phucking trolls are coming over here and flaming on us like they thought their beatup team won 40-0. I don’t blame them for running their mouths, although I don’t think any Bama fan on this board would go do the same thing on Corndog boards if we had won They seem to forget that their team was completely inept and trailed or was tied the whole of regulation and only won because in OT it isn’t necessary to face the opposing defense unless the opponent scores a TD first, which we didn’t. But it damn sure wasn’t the Corndogs fault. It was McCarron’s fault for missing a wide open Richardson who had run by the defender at the 10. One chip shot pass missed. One National Championship down the tubes. Nobody wants to say it so I will. It was our sophomore QB who had worked himself into being considered the second best QB in the SEC, who cost us the game. He had the best protection of the year and yet he just flat missed at least 6 wide open passes that would have either kept drives alive or won the game. He also failed to read the defense and change the play on several running plays where Richardson or Lacy were thrown for losses. Some of those plays were just plain ignorant. Everybody and God could see a Corndog man lined up and completely uncovered and on the same side of the field that the run was going too. I just don’t understand how anyone could be that stupid to not see that man and change the play. I don’t care what anybody on here says. i don’t care what anybody anywhere says. I’ve now watched the game 3 times, and I’m telling you that as good as his potential is – AJ McCarron is solely responsible for losing that game. Yeah, I’m throwing him under the bus for one game anyway. ‘Course the D could have bailed him out by stopping the Corndogs at their 5 with 4 minutes left. Shyt! RTR!

    • 29
      The Flash

      According to Crimsonite –

      1.) Bama layed an egg.
      2.) Made enough critical errors at critical times to last a whole phucking season
      3.) Doesn’t like OT (but didn’t complain when Bama won in OT 3 years ago at LSU)
      4.) It was their sophmore QB’s who cost Bama the game
      5.) QB missed 6 wide open passes
      6.) QB failed to read defense and change plays
      7.) Play calling was ignorant
      8.) Everybody could see what McCarron couldn’t
      9.) He doesn’t understand how anyone could be that stupid, as McCarron.
      10.) McCarron is SOLELY responsible for losing that game.
      11.) He’s throwing McCarron under the bus (wonder where he learned that from)
      12.) The defense (great as it is) didn’t bail him out by stopping the Corndogs at there 5 with 4 minutes left.

      And that’s all from just this one last posting.

      Hey Crimsonite maybe you should eat a corndog or send some to McCarron and your defense! LMAO at this idiot of your’s Bama Nation.

  10. 30

    Hey Flash you cumslurper, why don’t we just check out your phucking team too? Lee was slammed on his ass constantly and returned to pick six mode and had to be replaced. Jefferson was bottled up for all intents and purposes. You had two interceptions and one would have ended up costing you the game if Upshaw hadn’t landed on a Corndog from behind and got penalized. McCarron didn’t throw that interception after Richardson’s run. It was Maze’s first pass of his 4 year career and even though I agree that the officials couldn’t overturn the call the fact is if you watch the replay, Williams ass did touch the ground before he started juggling the ball and therefore he WAS down. And that play which would have given us the ball on the 1 foot line is a Gaddamn long way from the questionable interception in your own territory by Petertsen which would not have changed who won the game. That’s all I’ve heard since the game is you bastards still crying about a play 3 years ago. Ya’ll should all get in bed with Ole Miss and phuck each other and cry a river together! See you in New Orleans asshole! RTR!

  11. 31
    The Flash

    Crimsonite your the one with Nick Sabans man juices leaking from the sides of your mouth.

    Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda all you won’t Crimsonite, your Bama boys didn’t get it done against the Miles Clown and his over rated team again!

    I never said McCarron threw the interception after Richardson’s run. Learn to read better or to read at all. I said a pass was called instead of a run, like you were advocating for but it didn’t work out the way you acting like it could have you ignorant moron.

    How stupid is Saban if he asked Maze to try his first pass of his 4 year carreer in a critical part of the “game of the century”? Watch the play all you want with your crimson glasses on, but the way you see it is not the way the officials on the field saw it, nor the officials in the replay booth saw it, nor the way the announcers saw it, nor the way any non partial fan watching the game saw it. Unlike the Petterson interception two years ago. Choke on it Crimsonite!

    And I beleive it is you who has been doing the crying since Saturday, while we have been celebrating! So maybe you should get out of your sisters bed and get in bed with Ole Miss you inbred igonrant moron.

    You may see us in New Orleans but it will most likely be on your way out of town after the Sugar Bowl while we are on our way in for the National Championship Game! Asshole!LMAO

  12. 33

    ‘Smatter cum Splash? Ran out of your own ignorant bullshyt? Now you’re linking equal bullshyt from a dumbass blogger on Bleacher Report. I also write for them under another name. Real professional opinion you referenced there Boy! And give me some names of all the impartial viewers you polled to come to that assinine conclusion dickhead. And we were there inside your 5 twice and had lady luck go against us. How about giving me a recount of how many times the Corndogs were inches from a TD dumbass. How many explosive playsdd you have in regulation dumbass? I’ll tell you – one. It was a pass where Lee got his ass planted three feet under the turf and for that the ball was lofted and so underthrown that a wide open for a td receiver had to run back up field to it and then fell on his ass to catch it. One of many times your QB’s were harrassed and or plastered. Contrast that to McCarron being affected by the Corndog rush only once in regulation which resulted in him keeping it for a 2 yard loss. Stupid bastard.

    • 34
      The Flash

      What an idiot you never got inside our 5 yard line once.

      You don’t count when your player almost catches a ball, nor do you get to count a play that you had a penalty on.

      Nice try depshlyt, now go play with the girls and see if you can convince them. LMAO

      Alabama got to LSU’s 17 yard line on their first successful field goal late in the 2nd quarter but never got inside LSU’s 25 yard line at any time during any other part of the game. Alabama ran exactly 4 plays the entire game, including the field goal, from within LSU’s 25 yard line.

      LSU got to Alabama’s 2 yard line before the half and to the 7 in OT.

      And you dumbass it was Jefferson who threw the ball to Shepperd who had to come back to the ball and catch it falling down at Alabama’s 7 yard line, otherwise it would have been a touchdown.

      And if McCarron wasn’t rushed the whole game except once, then why did he suck so bad? At least by your own omission, there was a reason our quaterbacks didn’t have a good game.

      Now who looks like the stupid bastard when the true Facts are revealed? YOU!

  13. 35

    ‘Smatter cum Splash? Ran out of your own ignorant bullshyt? Now you’re linking equal bullshyt from a dumbass blogger on Bleacher Report. I also write for them under another name. Real professional opinion you referenced there Boy! And give me some names of all the impartial viewers you polled to come to that assinine conclusion dickhead. And we were there inside your 5 twice and had lady luck go against us. How about giving me a recount of how many times the Corndogs were inches from a TD dumbass. How many explosive playsdd you have in regulation dumbass? I’ll tell you – one. It was a pass where Lee got his ass planted three feet under the turf and for that the ball was lofted and so underthrown that a wide open for a td receiver had to run back up field to it and then fell on his ass to catch it. One of many times your QB’s were harrassed and or plastered. Contrast that to McCarron being affected by the Corndog rush only once in regulation which resulted in him keeping it for a 2 yard loss. Stupid MF.

  14. 36

    Hey Bammer’s here’s a couple of interesting news flashes from today. The ol’ Nutt just got his walking papers. You all know what he’s famous for don’t you? For upsetting top 10 teams of course. Now wouldn’t it be a gas if for his Swan Song he kicked the Corndogs ass? And the other item concerns Mr. UpDyke. Seems the state doesn’t want to accept his argument that by State Law the trees were worth only $20 each so that it would only be a minor misdemeanor. Instead they want to claim that the trees were venerated. So his attorny among other more legalese arguments said that the term venerated by definition means profound respect. He asked how does rolling the poor trees with shit paper show profound respect? Bwaa haww haww haww haww!!!! ROTFLMMFAO!

  15. 37


    Let me try to make this as simple as possible for you. It doesn’t matter what you think of the tradition or whether you think it is worthwhile. The fact that it means so much to so many people is all that matters. You’ll probably never understand, which is just fine with me. But for you to make fun and laugh about it shows what or worthless piece of trash you are. You are a little person with a very shallow sense of right and wrong. You are apparently devoid of compassion and class. I truly feel sorry for you, that you take so much pleasure in the distress of others. As I have said so many times before: I have all the respect in the world for the University of Alabama, but have absolutely no respect for you. I hope that one day you will find some light in this world so that you can let go of some of this hatred and anger. Grow up and act like a human being.

  16. 38

    An AU fan told me that if the trees die, he wants to die too?! Listen. As bad as Updyke made Bama look on ESPN last night, all the crying over dead oaks make Auburn people TWICE as weird. It’s a damn tree, not a human. Gain some perspective

    • 39
      The Flash

      And how much crying would there be from Alabama fans if an Auburn fan destroyed the Bear Bryant Statute that you worship at, even though it’s not a living thing of any kind?

    • 41
      The Flash

      One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest was also a very entertaining movie. Sometimes mentally challenged people like Crimsonite can be very entertaining.

  17. 42

    It’s not pissing me off. It’s making me feel sad for those of you who take pleasure in it. You must live very unfulfilling lives.

  18. 43

    FYI, I’m not quite that bad in real life. But you are on our board by our leave only. We have the right to say and or think and or give our opinion about Aubie or the Corndogs or whatever, for our own edification. And we don’t have to permit Flash or Fan or Poopie or Mandyke or anybody to come here and dis and harass us. But we do let you. What I say on here is retribution for all the shyt we put up with and what ya’ll deserve. That being said – me JOKiNG about UpDyke is not shyt compared to you bastards urinating and defecating on Bryants grave, nor as bad as the phucking Bear skeleton bullshyt ya’ll display at football games among other absurdly disrespectful ignorance you people display concerning Bear. So – find somebody who gives a shyt about your opinion. RTR!

  19. 44

    Don’t know what’s the story behind the sudden disappearance of Fan and Flash. Maybe they’re lost in bed together, or maybe they’re banned. But if you’re still there Fan – asshole. You were so adamant that no Corndog would have said they weren’t sure they could beat Bama again, even though they were quoted in the NY Times. Well fart blossom here’s another quote from a Corndog during the post game presser. Just to let you know, Sabans theme for Alabama football is to be the team that is so vicious that nobody wants to play them. Your own #18, safety Brandon Taylor said, and I quote: “I wouldn’t want to play them again, they are a tough team.” Also I can’t reference who said it but I read where another Corndog player said “I’ve never played in a game with hitting like that. Everybody is beat up.” Bama is a little banged up too, but everybody will return for Miss St, and no Bama players made statements like that about LSWho. RTR!

    • 45
      Just a fan

      Corndogs 9 – Alabama 6

      -6 yards for the game once you got to our 30 yard line.

      I treid to tell you before the game you redzone offense sucked. But you made all kinds of excuses.

      More Alabama players were hurt during the game than LSU players.

      Flap your gums all you want redneck, you had your shot on your home field in front of 95,000 of you closest gump friends, including your cousin Harvey the tree killer, and you lost!

      Your chances of getting to play the best team in America again is slim to none.

      And just in case you did, Miles is so smart he’s got his players making comments like the one’s you referenced just to play mind games with the Alabaama players.

      Glad to hear you’ve got everybody back for Miss St, that way you won’t have any excuses if they beat ya’ll. Lets see if I’m correct ya’ll are an impressive 3-2 over Miss. State the past 5 years?

      LSWho is who just beat your ass last Saturday night in Denny Bryant Stadium in front of the second largest tv audience to watch a college football game in a very long time. And what did they see? Les Miles out coach little Nicky Saban and beat his team 9-6 on their own home field. They laughed at all the talk before the game about nobody ever beating little Nicky twice in a row, yet there was Miles doing it. They laughed at all the comments before the game about little Nicky always winning the big game, yet here he was losing the “game of the century”!
      It was an imbarssment for Alabama Football.

      The Alabama idiots were so overconfident they predicted Alabama would win by scores like 31-6! The chocked on the biggest stage in their own home. LSU is the Alabama state champs for 2011 after beating both Auburn and Alabama.

      Corndogs for everyone!

      And Crimsonite you can take your and shove it up that fat ass of yours while you are praying that Stanford, Olkahoma State lose. The problem is if Oklahoma wins people and the voters might would rather see LSU vs a 11-1 Oklahoma rather than Alabama. Or maybe if Oregon beats Stanford and wins the PAC 12 championship game they would rather see a rematch of the game that started it all to see if Oregon has improved over the course of the season. But the funny part is no matter what happens in both of those games, Alabama could lose it chance for a rematch that it doesn’t deserve.

      PS, but you are still the luckiest SOB’s around. The Penn State mess has at least taken your imbarrasing home loss off the front pages of the sprots pages this week.

    • 46
      The Flash

      I’ve been off enjoying my teams victory over the bammers! There was no need for me come on here everyday like you and make excuxes for why my team lost, because we beat your asses and you already know how dumb you look with all your crap you talked before the game, including you GUARANTEED 31-6 victory.

      Your coached sucked in the big game with bad decision after bad decision!

      Before the game your mouth wrote checks you ass and team couldn’t cash!

      Now go talk trash to the Miss. St. fans, befor they even the series 3-3 over the last six years!

      You are pathetic Crimsonite.

  20. 47

    Hey Bammers. Lost in the wailing and knashing of teeth on Sunday morning was the magnifcent return from injury of Julio for Atlanta. Geez Louise. 3 receptions for 131 yards and 2 TDs and 2 rushes for 33 yards. Hot damn man that’s 164 freaking yards of offense on 5 plays. Actually on 4 plays cause 1 play was a 1 yard reception. He had a 50 yard TD pass and an 80 yard TD pass and run where he took a 10 yaed pass and outran the defense for 80 yards. Go Julio! RTR!

  21. 49

    Bama won’t get a re-match. The folks that want a CFB playoff (which includes everyone at ESPN) consider this to have been a semi final playoff game.

    Bama lost. Get over it and quit whining

    • 50

      No arguments here. Bama had its shot November 5. The re-match may happen, but if it does it is because everyone else lost, which again in my opinion is no way to win a championship.

      Oh we’d take it, shoving fourteen fingers in your face, reminding you that it takes a friend to lend a hand in order to show you (using fingers) how many we have, while you can easily show us your two on your choice of either of the hands that God gave you.

      But still, no whining here. We missed our chance for an easy road to New Orleans. Now if we get there the hard way, it’ll be your job to whine.

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