VIDEO: Highlights of LSU 9 Alabama 6

Watch these video highlights of the SEC's Game of the Century between #1 LSU and #2 Alabama.

Watch these video highlights of LSU winning over Alabama in the Game of the Century.

It was a battle of field goals, defense and special teams.

It was a battle won in overtime.

Highlights include a few big passing plays, missed field goals, and a dramatic overtime kick.

LSU improved to 9-0 on the season.

Alabama dropped to 8-1 on the season.

Alabama Crimson Tide football coach had this to say about the game: “I actually think that was a heck of a football game. I’m really proud of the way our players competed in the game. I thought we played hard and physical and we played with a lot of toughness. It was a very physical game on both sides. We had a lot of opportunities that we didn’t take advantage of. The missed field goals, or the opportunities that created the missed field goals, an interception penalty that takes us out of field position, a possible touchdown that turns out to be an interception and not being able to take advantage of the field position after that to score points. Those are two great teams. LSU has a very good team, they’re number one in the country for a reason. They played a heck of a game and our guys played a heck of a game. We had a lot of opportunities. Our team is going to get better from this.”

LSU Coach Les Miles had this to say about the game: “Two very physical football teams played tonight. It definitely didn’t go by script. The most interesting thing is that you just have to keep fighting and finding a way to win. There are the two interceptions by [Eric] Reid and [Morris] Claiborne. There’s the punt by [Brad] Wing. There’s some six yard runs. Just a lot of great tackles made the difference. In overtime, Drew Alleman comes in and kicks it for the win. Congratulations to Alabama though for having a great football team. This was a great night. Tough football. Not necessarily a pretty game but it had a nice ending.”


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  1. 1

    right now a lot of people arent feeling too good.
    It was ours to lose. We all know in our hearts that our stats were terrific. I mean come on if someone would have said LSU only scored 9 points. Most anyone would have thought bama won. But instead a shitty kicking game and some shitty decisions cost us a National Title. Thats what is boils down to.
    We will finish strong.. And beat the living hell out of everyone else we play. And years from now people will wonder how close it could have been if there was a rematch. But unless God leaves Auburn’s side and makes the sun shine exclusively for Alabama. People will look back at this team for years to come.An feel a sick feeling.

    I have nothing to feel ashamed of. In the long run, it just wasnt our day.

    I am sure some jackass like IV or Hoopie or one of those crap rags will come and try to rub it in. It doesnt matter what they say. And just by taunting in the slightest they show thier deep seated envy.

    But still….damn this loss hurts……..

    • 2
      # 1 al. fan

      I agree almightytmc, it hurts plenty, but we had our chances and blew it big time, Coach is gonna have to get a kicking game installed and soon cause there are gonna be more of these type of games. As I’ve always said, when Coach Bryant roamed the sidelines, he would say in his weekly show that it starts with the kicking game, from what I saw, the kicking game was ok, but definately needs improvement, granted those were long field goals, but I still feel that there are some guys out there that could have made them,….. still…. its over now till next year………

  2. 3
    Salsa Shark

    I’ve never heard so many ifs, ands, buts, could’ves, would’ves or should’ves in my life. Just say you lost to a better team and move on. Your little complex of thinking you’re better than everybody else is why the world hates bama fans.

  3. 4

    Pete Thamel of the NYT — an excerpt:

    ” … L.S.U. offensive lineman Will Blackwell said. “Alabama is big, physical and strong, and we’re just about evenly matched. It would be a tough challenge for us to beat them again.”

    A dream scenario — Okie St. losses and Stanford losses — plus an Arkansas win — it’s THE only way a re-match would happen — I sure as hell would want one — going to be hard to wait 365 for another one (lmao).

  4. 5

    1 LSU (59) 9-0 1499
    2 Oklahoma State 9-0 1398
    3 Stanford 9-0 1369
    4 Alabama 8-1 1334
    5 Boise State (1) 8-0 1288
    6 Oregon 8-1 1184
    7 Oklahoma 8-1 1138
    8 Arkansas 8-1 1107
    9 Clemson 8-1 979
    10 Virginia Tech 8-1 885

    Respectable. I give the AP credit.

    BUT — here is 1/3 of the equation:

    1 LSU (59) 9-0 1475
    2 Stanford 9-0 1378
    3 Oklahoma State 9-0 1359
    4 Alabama 8-1 1286

    1378 pts to 1286 —- hmm…

  5. 6

    Go away you piece of shyt troll. Only a retarded inbred would call LSU a better team. They got their asses pushed all over the field for 60 minutes. The only 2 scoring opportunities they had netted them 6 points. Bama had 6 scoring opportunities. We could have played for two days non-stop and LSWho may never have gotten close enough for another field goal, but Bama damn sure would have. The only way the Corndogs won is the only way they could have won -the phucking overtime rules set you up in field goal range so you didn’t have to deal with our defense. Lucky motherphuckers. KMA Corny! RTR!

    • 7
      The Flash

      And only a inbred idiot asshole, that after predicting and guaranteeing your team would win 31-6 and then only scores 6 points itself would not give his opponent credit and call them lucky motherphuckers! You bragged about how you had correctly predicted the scores before, well holding your team to 25 points below what you predicted is more than luck jerk. I’ve been telling you for two weeks that Miles was a better coach than you are willing to give him credit for. Tell me Crimsonite, who is responsible for recruiting and coaching or hiring assistants to coach kickers and all other special team players? Both Miles and Saban went to Acadiana Louisiana and evaluated kickers, but Miles got and coached the better player as proven on the field Saturday night. Again Miles out coached Saban.

      And it was your offense that lost 10 yards against our defense in the overtime not the other way around. Our offense actually moved the ball to the 5 yard line against your mighty defense when it counted most.

      Go cry yourself a river Crimsonite!

      • 8
        Just a Fan

        News Flash Crimsonite,
        All of the Voters in every poll today called LSU a better team than Alabama. Not only that the majority of them think Stanford and Ok. State are also better than Alabama. Hell one even thinks Boise State is better than Alabama. Hell Alabama’s offense couldn’t get in the red zone all night against what you called LSU’s over rated defense who hadn’t played anybody all year!

          • 10
            The Flash

            Yea but what happened on the field Saturday night meant pleanty didn’t it bitch! And after all the things that came out of your mouth and the mouths of Crimsonite, BamaBrando and Crimson Hannaha in the two weeks before that game showed how little intelligence you all have, right bitch? *** middle fingers ablazing back at you loser***

    • 12

      I’m sure he is around.

      However, his point is right. In betting, you win much much more often than you lose when you bet on Belichick, Saban and similar coaches.

      • 13
        Just a Fan

        Nice try to cover up for him capstonereport but you are wrong again, he didn’t say “much more ofter often” he said “EVERYtime” because when EVERYthing is on the line Saban ALLways wins. Well EVERYthing was on the line Saturday night and Saban DIDN’T win.

        If you want to win more often than you lose bet on Miles he is the one with the better winning percentage than Saban.

        • 15

          Considering he wrote something, I think it is clear he is around.

          Second, everyone knows Miles isn’t as good as Saban. Despite your wishing to the contrary. LSU fans wanted the guy fired not too long ago.

          • 16
            DAMAGE INC.

            Yeah cappy — remember those days the LSWho fans were pissed that they even LOSS Saban to the “bammers”?!?!? I remember those days — now they’re happy with Les(thanMild) — kinda like the Aubarn fans — booo00000 — we wanna winner, not a loser!!!!

            Middle fingers as usual to the kool-aid drinkers.

          • 17
            The Flash

            Everyone, everyone?!? Really Capstone? You are so full of shit you probably think you won the game Saturday night, don’t you?

            How does everyone know that when Miles’ overall winning percentage is better than Saban’s? And thats over a 10 year period Capstone! The only idiots that still think Miles isn’t as good as Saban is the bammers like you who are brain washed and refuse to accept the facts.

            But even if you want to ignore the facts that Miles has a better winning percentage than Saban, and that Miles’ bowl record is better than Saban’s or you still want to think Miles won some of those games only because he was playing with Saban’s players, YOU can’t ignore the FACT that Miles has beaten Saban head to head 3 out of 5 times, the last two with none of Saban’s players.

            So know you idiot “everyone” does not know Miles isn’t as good as Saban. Just look at all the comments by you own fans on your own site as proof.

  6. 18

    I got half the score right. I told you your half assed offense would only score 2 field goals. And not only is that all you scored, but it is the only scoring opportunities you had. As for Bama we had 6 opportunities and LSWho’s defense only stopped one of them with the luckiest and most questionable interception I’ve ever seen. I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t take into account phuckups like the field goal attempts or two idiots blocking in the back on Barron’s interception return to the 5. If not for that shyt the score would have easily reached 31 when Miles got desperate and started putting the ball in the air. Regardless, you were badly outplayed and made it to OT only because of a series of unfortunate events by Bama. And OT is the only reason you won since you never in hell would have been in scoring position again if OT rules hadn’t given you the ball in field goal range. But that’s all right. You bastards had best channel Marie LaVeaux to help Ok St. You don’t want any more of Bama’s ass. RTR!

    • 19
      The Flash

      How many time did your offense and great running back get inside the redzone against our overated defense Crimsonite?

      And if we had lined up for a field goal everytime we crossed midfield we could have counted additional scoring oppertunities like you do also Crimsonite

      We only stopped one of them??? LMAO Every time you tried to sniff our redzone we stopped you. And don’t forget we blocked one of your field goals.

      If, if, if. IF your aunt that you sleep with didn’t have balls you wouldn’t be gay you inbred idiot!

      Miles got desperate? No Saban got scared, especially at the end of regulataion when he had a minute and 25 seconds and never called a time out or tried to even attempt to go win the game in regulation.

      WE were “badly outplayed”?! LMAO What were you smoking or watching. Our overrated defense held you team and its great running back to under 100 yards while we rushed for 150. Your team was held to 3.1 yards per carry while we gained 3.6 per carry. Yes you had more passing yardage but you could only get inside our 20 yard line once, while we got inside your 20 yardline 4 times. So much for our comment that OT is the only reason we would have got in scoring position atain.

      We don want any more of Bama’s ass????? Is that what you were saying for the last two weeks Crimsonite?? Get a new schtick you ignorant inbred redneck asshole!

      Miles owns Saba, get used to it!

  7. 20

    Bullshyt you cumslurping motherphucker. Our field goals were all from the 33 or closer. You only got inside our 40 2 times during regulation and YOU can’t kick 57 yard field goals asshole. You really are a retard aren’t you? We should have scored the winning points when Barron returned the interception to your 5 yar line. You had nothing to do with stopping that. Upshaw fell on an LSU player from behind and got penalized, and that player had already been left behind by Barron. You blocked Shelly only because he was trying to replace Foster and was kicking way out of his range. He had to kick the ball low to get more distance. You are a lying sack of shyt! Richardson had 170 yards running and passing which is only 45 less yards than your whole phucking offense produced in regulation. You only had 130 yards rushing in regulation, and you ignorant mudbug your pathetic offense only got close enough for a field goal twice during regulation which means you only got inside our 40 twice and one of those was set up by McCarron’s only interception.. Stupid bastard! See your asses in New Orleans. RTR!

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