Alabama vs LSU: Postgame Notes as Tide falls to 8-1

LSU defeated Alabama 9-6 in Tuscaloosa.

Here are the official game notes courtesy of UA Media Relations:


WORKING OVERTIME: Tonight’s game against LSU went to overtime before deciding a victor. It marked the first Alabama game to require overtime since a 27-21 Alabama victory at LSU on November 8, 2008.

OVERTIME RECORD: With the loss, Alabama is 4-8 (.333) all-time in overtime games. Alabama has lost seven of its last 10 overtime games. The Crimson Tide is 4-7 (.364) in overtime games against SEC teams. Alabama is 2-5 (.287) in overtime home games. The Crimson Tide is 3-5 (.375) in single-overtime games.

THE ALABAMA-LSU SERIES: With the loss to LSU, Alabama’s lead over LSU in the series is now 45-25-5. The Tide holds a 21-16-2 mark at home against the Tigers.

LOW SCORING FIRST HALF: Alabama entered the locker room at halftime tied at 3-3, marking the lowest scoring first half in an Alabama game since the Florida State Seminoles and the Crimson Tide went into the intermission scoreless on Sept. 29, 2007. Alabama and LSU ended the first half with 7-3 scores in the previous two meetings before tonight’s clash.

GAMES WITH AN INTERCEPTION: With two interceptions against LSU, Alabama has recorded at least one interception in eight of its nine games this season. The only game the Tide did not record a pickoff was against North Texas (Sept. 17). Alabama recorded an interception in 11 of the 13 games in 2010, putting together a run of 18 games with a pick in its last 21 outings. Eight different Tide players have tallied an interception in 2011, with Dee Milliner, Mark Barron and Robert Lester leading the way with two apiece.

ALLOWING 14 POINTS OR LESS: Alabama only allowed 9 points against LSU tonight. Alabama has not allowed an opponent to score more than 14 points during the first nine games of the 2011 season and 10 straight games dating back to the 2011 Capital One Bowl against Michigan State. The last time Alabama held its opponent to 14 points or less for at least nine straight games was 1992 when the Tide did it that many times to open the season. The school record for consecutive games holding an opponent to 14 points or less is 31 from 1960-63. The Crimson Tide did it in the last three games of the 1960 season and all 11 games of the 1961 and 1962 campaigns before the streak ended in the seventh game of the 1963 season when Mississippi State scored 19 in a 20-19 UA win.

ALLOWING 10 POINTS OR LESS: With the 9 points yielded to LSU tonight, the Crimson Tide has held opponents to 10 points or less 31 times since the start of the 2007 season, including seven times in nine games this season. Last season, Alabama held opponents to 10 points or less eight times and limited opponents to that mark seven times in 2009 and 2008. In 2007, the Tide posted two games in which it held opponents to that mark.

FIRST HALF DEFENSE: Yielding only 3 points in the first half against LSU, Alabama has allowed seven points or less in 13 of its last 14 first halves of play. Over that span, the Crimson Tide has surrendered just three points or less on eight occasions, including four shutouts. UA had a streak of nine straight games of allowing seven points or less before allowing 10 points in the first half to Florida on October 1.

RICHARDSON ECLIPSES 1,000 YARDS: With 89 yards rushing on 23 carries, Alabama junior running back Trent Richardson became the 11th Tide player to rush for 1,000 yards in a single season as he ended the LSU game with 1,078 yards rushing this season. That marks the 15th time that an Alabama rusher has achieved that milestone. Richardson entered the game with 989 yards on the season and was able to eclipse the coveted benchmark on the first play of the game, running for 18 yards over left end.


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    • 2

      Imma say this once… LSU is SHIT and got luckier hen I’ve ever seen. Oh wait I saw em get lucky the year B4. Bama could’ve ended the game if they tried. thats the thing… were not a bunch of try hard get lucky as fuck Lucky State University bitches

      • 3

        Try hard and fail then? Game was different result you’d be singing a different tune. Learn how to accept your team’s lost. Believe me they probably don’t care as much of your workday as you do theirs.

  1. 6
    Uncle Dick

    Hate losing when u give the game away. Doesn’t matter now, but was the lsu interception on our 1 a blown call? Love to see another replay of it.

  2. 7

    Blown call. No a blown call was in 2009 with the peterson interception. This was an original call. That was flat out robbery as the call was overturned.

  3. 8

    Well, I can eat my crow. Mostly well-executed, but poorly coached game, especially at really important points in the game. The call at the one was obviously blown – must have been a make-up from ’09 – Williams’ back was on the ground with the ball firmly in his grasp, not being bobbled as Verne and Gary wanted to believe. Bama won every statistic but the score. Should have been a win, but – once again – special teams screws it up. Never should have been in overtime, never should have been this close. I am on the record predicting a Bama blowout, and I was wrong. This – IMO – was a once in a lifetime opportunity to really set the program on a higher plane, and they just couldn’t get it done against a team that was not as talented, but wanted it enough to allow one of their “stars” to attempt to cripple Dre Kirkpatrick (the POS Badger should have been thrown out of the game – thanks for covering for him Verne and Gary!), and again Bama allowed Jefferson to channel Cam Newton enough to win the game. Hey – can we recruit a real kicker now?

    • 9
      Just a Fan

      Hey Pete just one question, you say the it was a poorly coached game and I agree with you and I agree with you I think Saban made a couple of really bad decisions. You also say LSU was not as talented as Alabama. Well if you believe those statements why can’t you accept and say or at least consider that Les Miles might just be a better coach than Nick Saban?

  4. 10
    Uncle Dick

    Oh well…This was also a horrendous called game by the announcers! How can these fools be allowed to call such a huge game?

  5. 11

    LSU won the game and our kicking game broke
    our hearts, but crazy things have happened in
    the past. Remember we own the barn a freaking
    beat down for last years game. Both the OC and
    special teams coaches have to go after this
    season for losing this game. RTR

  6. 12

    Pete, I have to agree! We would never even have gone to OT if that pass was ruled completed on the 1 yd line, instead of bogus call of interception? Williams had that ball all the way to the ground. Saban should have challenged! If we get bumped out of #2 it will be crime! We deserve another shot at LSU!

    • 13

      As far as the rankings — you can forget about staying number 2 — Stanford will get it — and they don’t play anyone!!! The nation loves the Luck kid — he’s the epitome of a football player.

    • 14
      Just a Fan

      The play was reviewed so Saban didn’t need to challange it. The ruling on the filed was “confirmed” meaning the officials in the booth saw evidende to comfirm the call as opposed to ruling the call on the field “stands” which would have meant there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn the call. That’s a big difference, so can I get you some cheese to go with your whine?

      • 17
        DAMAGE INC.

        Yeah I know — we had our chance — I’ve said this from the beginning of the year that our kicking game sucked and if we didn’t improve on it — our field position and games that would be “tight” in the future would succumb to this — I just didn’t want to believe myself — what’s done is done — time to move on —-

        At least we just didn’t “give it away” to you guys like Aubarn did — haha!

        Sucks to be a Bulldog — that’s for damn sure.

  7. 18

    The interception on the 1 was a hairline call and they did review it and replayed it several times. I agree with call since they couldn’t have overturned it because there was not absolute evidence. There were other plays in the game that gave it away which had nothing to do with LSWho or the officials. The stupid block in the back on Barron’s interception cost us a TD or a chip shot field goal. McCarron overthrowing Hanks when there was an uncovered man on the other side of the field cost us a TD and the punt hitting a TV wire and going over Maze’s head may have cost us a winning score since we would have had the ball around the 50. There were lots of unlucky things that happened. All four field goal attempts were from 49 to 53 yards and nobody can make all of those. Few teams can make any of them from that distance. Just have to swallow the bitter pill and hope the 3 teams behind us lose a game, or two teams behind us lose and Arky beats the Corndogs. Hell, why not, they did last year. RTR!

    • 19
      The Flash

      Crimsonite I can’t let you off the hook that early with all the shit you talked before the game, espcially gaurnteeing a 31-6 victory. Call us by the stupidest nickname in the world if you want (make you look stupid and childlike more than it bothers us) but call us winners of two straigt against Alabama and the coach who used to be considered the best. Miles has not only out coached Nick Saban and beaten Alabama two years in a row he beat an Alabama team this year which I believe you called the best in the history of Alabama! I heard you make several excuses but not once give your opponent and its coach the respect and credit it is due. If you’re not man enough to do that then all I can say is that I would rather be the corndog than the asshole! Hey at least you go one half of your predicted score right – the 6! LMAO

  8. 20

    Well. That’s just the way it goes. LSU got some breaks., and you have to get some of those to win a championship. The TV announcers and the rest of those chumps were all up LSU ass the whole game. Hell, I wanted to turn the vol. off after I turned on the radio. It seemed like ole all Eli & Co., could talk about was neg, things about the Tide, he was just as bad. So I turned the TV back up. I would like to issue The TV bunch and Eli & Co., and official FU.

    • 21

      Yeah I noticed that myself — I got mixed feelings about Verne because he’s called a LOT of Alabama games pretty much all my life — but it’s time for him to step down — he’s just not as sharp — with Danielson — you’re going to get what you’re going to get — he was a good QB on a bad Detroit Lions team and he’s a BIG-10 guy — go figure …

      • 22
        The Flash

        Cahill and Damage not everyone looks at everything through crimson colored glasses. Alabama got as many breaks as LSU did. Some breaks you make yourself. With regards to the missed field goals, each coach is responsible for recruiting and coaching all players on the team including special team players such as kickers, its part of coaching and its part of the game. With regards to that, Miles out coached Saban again. Both went to Acadiana Louisiana and evaluated and recruited kickers out of there, Miles got the better of that head to head match up as proven Saturday night on your own field!

  9. 23

    Yea what was crazy is the announcers talking over and over about the past games and turnovers then bam! Maze throws the interception at the 1 . It was a rough game but hell of a game to watch. I am not holding my breath on a rematch but who knows,after last nights game crazier shit can happen. ROLL TIDE till the day I die.

  10. 24
    Indiana Vol

    Hey Bammer,

    Rammer Jammer Yeller Hammer; LSU JUST BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!

    Let the BAMMER MORON EXCUSES commence!!!

  11. 25

    No idiot Vol phag, 3 points in OT is not getting the hell beat out of you. However, 37-6 is. Now go hump your sister. RTR!

  12. 26
    Indiana Vol

    Hey EGG HEAD, If Bammer wins by one, you BOOBS use that “JUST BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU” on the opposition!

    What good for the goose, is good for the gander, er, BAMMER MORONS!!


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