AP VIDEO: Defense Could Decide LSU, ‘Bama Winner

VIDEO: AP College Football Writer Ralph Russo previews the meeting of No. 1 LSU and 2nd-ranked Alabama, a game that features two of the best defenses in the nation.

The AP’s video analysis of this game looks at both defenses and offenses.

“Both teams are incredibly athletic, very strong, very powerful teams,” Russo said.

Another interesting point, Russo believes neither team has a great quarterback.

“Both teams are getting really good quarterback play, but you don’t necessarily have great players at the positions,” Russo said.

Russo even examines the ramifications for teams like Oklahoma State and Stanford. What will happen to them and what happens to the Alabama-LSU loser?


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    I dont know…. its going to be a good game. Several questions concern me.
    1. LSU has an awesome pair of recievers.. These are the type of guys who catch the ball and make plays. the Bama secondary is no joke though. I have to give 14 points to LSU just for thier reciever.
    2. Bama gives up a field goal. That is 3 points. for LSU. they make’em.
    3LSU gives up a field goal. Thats more than likely 0 points for Bama.
    4. We will lose the filed position battle all day long on punts and kickoffs. that is scary too.

    1. Bama is extremely physical and it will show up in the third quarter.
    2. Bama has a good offense. they dont do a lot of things but they do the things they do very well. And once they start running downhill, look for punishment.
    3. McCarron is unde rated. He (like his predecessors), manages the game. Make nice little completions that move the chans and keep a balance on the offence. Mac may not have a break out game but he will keep the team in the game. If he makes no big mistakes and the offense has few penalities, they should do nicely.
    4. The Alabama linebackers will have a knockout day. Highlight reel hits everywhere and they will make the LSU running game look pitiful.
    Which leads me back to the LSU recievers. Can they win the game alone? My better sense says I doubt it.
    I think of it this way LSU looks liek a dream team.
    Bama looks terrifying.
    I have to go with terrifying.

    Last year Bama beat their own selfs. I dont look for a repeat this year. They will hit this game hard and fast and they will be prepared.
    Bama wins by 10 . 27-17 maybe more.

    • 3

      Agree, almighty. I heard an analyst describe watching Bama play being like watching someone kill for money. They are relentless this year and won’t wait for the offense to win the game. I am also encouraged that Bama won’t get a lead and just sit on it like they did so much last season. I like seeing the starters in there through the 3rd and 4th quarters even with a strong lead. I see LSU’s conditioning start showing in the second half, like it has in the past 2 seasons. Bama didn’t take advantage of it last year, but I remember LSU players laying all over the field after a play in ’09 while the Bama offense made their way back to the huddle. Bama also needs to get to Lee early and often and get ol Bad Ankle Jefferson into the game as soon as possible. There is no way this year that any QB beats Bama’s D with his legs. LSU may find themselves working with a 3rd string QB before this game is over.

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    The key to alabama winning is very simply to not turn the ball over. Our secondary can hang with their receivers, our d-line and linebackers can stop their running game. They have been living all season on turnovers. If we deny them the short field they dont have the firepower to drive on us consistently. We are more dynamic and just better overall on offense than they are. Our o-line outweighs their d-line by about 30lbs per man, which should tell by the 2nd half. Our running backs are as big as their linebackers, so i expect some good yards after contact and lots of inside running. There will be lots of blitzing from their defense, and lots of opportunities for passing to our runningbacks, which is fine because they are all good receivers. I think we will win by about 10. If we start knocking their players out of the game it could be more.

  3. 5

    Quick, anybody know how to Tweet Richardson or get him a message somehow? In yesterdays USAToday LSWho had two defensive players quoted talking about Richardson. Defensive tackle Barkevious Mingo said: “We’ll have to pursue and tackle him in groups. You’re not going to bring him down with one tackler”. Nice quote. But the other one was just plain stupid. Linebacker Ryan Baker said: “Oh yeah, I can tackle him. I can tackle anybody in the country. Don’t need any help”.Ok guys, this is real locker room material. Richardson needs to see it so he can go and properly introduce himself to Mr. Baker and then help his ass up off the ground. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  4. 6

    I’m out traveling this week and it sure is nice being a Bama fan. People see my Got 13 hat and come up to me and say nice things about Bama no matter where I am. A few days ago I stopped a at Valero Stripes store in some backwater Texas town and the manager started talking to me about the Game. He said his son asked him who was going to win and he told him, “You just can’t go against Nick Saban”. Then his son asked him “Pops where is LSU?” Bwaa haww haww! You just can’t make this shyt up! I did run into an oilfield worker in Oklahoma who saw the “BAMA” plate on my car. She came up to me and said “LSU is going to beat the hell out of Alabama!” I knew instantly she had to be from Louisiana, cause where else would you find a female oilfield worker who looks more like Mount Cody than Mount Cody himself does? Bwaa haww haww! I told you, you can’t make this shyt up! I was considering making a quick run to Louisiana and watching the game in Baton Rouge at Buffalo Wild Wings so I could bitch slap the crying Coonasses after the game. But I’m in my element here. I’m staying at a mountain rustic style hotel that sits alongside of a gurgling mountain river that runs out of Big Horn National Forest here in Thermopolis, Wyoming. It’s tranquil and pretty. Think I’m gonna stay here and watch the game in private. By the way, here I am. Any of you who don’t like me are welcome to come look me up so i can whip your ass. Bwaa haww haww! There’s only 1500 people and 10 small hotels here, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find me. 27 hours and counting! RTR!

    • 7

      smart move not going to baton rouge. i was living in Ohio in 2007, and the only LSU fan in the buffalo wild wings in the next town over ended up knifing an ohio state fan and then fleeing the scene during the championship game that year (and lsu won the game). LSU fans are the dregs, and you probably wouldnt havemade it out of the restaurant alive when alabama wins

  5. 8

    Just placed my bets on the Game. Took Bama and the 5 for $1500 at 7-2. And put $5000 on Bama to win by 19 to 25 at 13-1. So if I win the 5 and lose the other I still get my money back. However, if I win the 19-25 I win them both and pull in a cool $70,000. If I wasn’t sure Bama is gonna win by more than 5, I wouldn’t even place a bet. So for me it’s a pretty sure thing with which it would in my opinion take a major malfunction for me to lose both bets. Of course shyt happens – just not tomorrow night!!!!!! RTR!

  6. 9

    Jesus Capstone. 20 hours to game time and you can’t get anyone on the damn site? What the hell, are they all Miss St fans? RTR!

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