VIDEO: Auburn’s Gene Chizik explains the 4-3 defense

You can watch video of Alabama’s Nick Saban explaining the 3-4 defense here. You can make this video full screen in order to better see the X’s and O’s. In this video, Auburn’s football coach Gene Chizik explains why he likes the 4-3 defense. Chizik explains how the line plays and the options available for your linebackers. This is an excellent primer on the defense. He explains the characteristics of what he needs in linemen and in linebackers.


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    rumors on isaiah crowell failed drug tests b4 fla game apparently accurate – richt waits to suspend for nm game

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    Coach Chiz iz awezome.
    4 Nick Fairleys on the deffensive line. I would guess that 3 Nick Fairleys would make a good defensive line too.
    then if you can get 2 Cam Newtons 3 Micheal Dyers and then……..

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