Alabama vs LSU: Are Les Miles and Nick Saban different or similar?

CBS held a teleconference Tuesday to promote the Alabama-LSU game. One topic covered was that of the personalities of Alabama’s Nick Saban and LSU’s Les Miles.

Verne Lundquist said the contrasting personalities add to the drama behind the Alabama-LSU game.

“I think you have the image of the stern taskmaster in Alabama against the kind of looser personality of Les Miles,” Lundquist said. “I think Les has been embraced by the LSU community now after a couple of tough years and some game management questions, and Saban has been embraced by Alabama from the day he got there.”

But there are similarities too.

Danielson said he is “struck” by the similarities between Alabama football coach Nick Saban and LSU football coach Les Miles.

According to Danielson, Miles and Saban both “learned” football in the North, both play strong football and tough football with an emphasis between the tackles and both run programs that dominate in their states’ recruiting and excel at player evaluation.

What do you think? Are Alabama’s Nick Saban and LSU’s Les Miles alike or different?

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