Pro Football: Tim Tebow at his best in no huddle? Julio Jones injury problem?

Pro Football Weekly analyzed Tim Tebow’s performance in the Denver win over Miami. One big item standing out in a scouting view of the game—Tebow was much better out of the no huddle.

According to stats from the video you can watch in the above video player, Tebow was 45 percent completion percentage and 10.5 yards per completion out of the huddle and 60 percent completion percentage and 18.7 yards per completion out of the no huddle.

Speeding up the tempo is a key for Tebow.

Alabama fans saw Tebow in two consecutive SEC Championship Games. This gives you a unique perspective on Tebow. What do you think? Is Tebow going to win for Denver? Will speeding up the tempo of the Denver offense help the Broncos and Tebow?

Also, in the above player is a second video (Rookie Meter: Week 8 ) that looks at rookie performance in the NFL. Former Alabama football players Mark Ingram and Julio Jones are discussed.

Ingram was described as yet to get it going for the New Orleans Saints.

Jones has missed two games for the Atlanta Falcons. Jones remains one of the top two receivers taken in the draft with Georgia’s A.J. Green. According to the report, Julio Jones has important skills, but needs to be on the field and these injuries are a problem. “It was a problem we saw in college and a problem at the Combine,” according to the report.